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Brexit and fall out of European Union (EU).

– Tropical analysis

The purpose of this article is two fold. Firstly to do a post-mortem analysis

of the Britain’s exit and secondly what are the future events likely
following the Brexit.

Background of EU.
The EU, formerly known as the European Economic Community, or
Common Market is the largest and richest trading bloc in the history of the
world, and current intentions are that it should slowly mature into a
political federation. It already ranks as a political confederation in which
each member has surrendered its sovereignty over certain important
aspects of policy. The EEC itself came into being as a result of the Treaty
of Rome which was signed at 6.30 pm on March 25, 1957 in Rome. The
EEC came into existence at 00.00 hours on January 1, 1958. The major
move towards political union took place under the terms of the first major
renegotiation of the Treaty of Rome, resulting in the Treaty of Maastricht.
The treaty was agreed at about 1.00 am on December 11, 1991 in
Maastricht and signed at about 5.30 pm GMT, February 7, 1992. The
Treaty was ratified “a few minutes after three o’clock” in the afternoon on
August 2, 1993, came into effect, under the terms of the Single European
Act, at 00.00 hours, on January 1, 1993 (11.00 pm GMT, December 31,
1992), Brussels. The chart for the EU is set for the formal an constitutional
inauguration of the Union, 00.00 hours, November 1, 1993, Bruxells,
Belgium. The members of the EEC/EU and the dates when they joined are;
Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, West Germany all on
January 1, 1958; Denmark, Eire, United Kingdom on January 1, 1973;
Greece on January 1, 1981; Portugal, Spain on January 1, 1986; East
Germany on October 3, 1990; and Austria, Finland and Sweden on January
1, 1995. The most substantial enlargement in the EU took place on May 1,
2004. The following countries joined like Cyprus, the Czech Republic,
Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.
The celebrations were held at each capital city at midnight. The single
official ceremony took place in Dublin. The EURO, the single currency,
assumed a legal existence at 00.01 hours on January 1, 1999.

The following is the tropical chart for EU.

You all are aware of the developments on June 23, 2016 where there was a
referendum by the UK whether Britain should exit EU or not. The polling
was conducted across 382 location in UK at 7.00 am and ended at 10.00
pm. The counting began at 7.00 on June 24, 2016 and results were
announced that the polling was in favour of Britain’s Exit from the EU. This
event shook all the markets around the world. The exit of Britain, I would
is just a beginning of break-up of EU. There are many corporates in the
world which has tremendous exposure in Euros and these companies are
very vulnerable in the future. Let us see, what are the future ramifications
of Britain’s exit from EU.

From astrological point of view, the main houses that gets impacted in
such an event. These are the ascendant, ascendant lord, planets in the
ascendant, 10th house (meridian cusp), 10 th lord and planets in the 10th
house. The 10th house is the governing body and ascendant is the EU
itself. Further, in any chart Moon should be free from affliction by malefic.

In the chart given the ascendant rising is 17 deg 27 of Leo. Moon is in the
10th house (at 24 deg 20, Taurus) under multiple affliction from Mars (24
deg 07, Scorpio) in opposition, Square to Saturn (at 23 deg 39, Aquarius)
from the 7th house (of allies, in this case Britain or any other member) and
opposition to Pluto (at 24 deg 46, Scorpio) in Scorpio.

The ascendant at 17 deg 27 at Leo is under severe affliction from Neptune

(18 deg 39, Capricorn) in Quincuncx and Herschel (at 18 deg 43,
Capricorn) also in Quincuncx. The ascendant lord Sun (8 deg 32, Scorpio)
is in opposition to 10th house cusp at 02 deg 01, Taurus. This opposition
means, the members (represented by the ascendant) will oppose the
governing body (10th cusp).

The 10th house at 02 deg 01 of Taurus, whose lord is Venus is also under
severe affliction by, Herschel (at 18 deg 43, Capricorn) is square, Neptune
(at 18 deg 39, Capricorn) is also square and Rahu/North node (at 4 deg 20,
Sagittarius) is semi-square.

The above are the promises that are depicted in the formation chart of EU.
Now that question is when will the above malefic configurations come into
effect. The malefic configurations are Conjunction with malefic, Semi-
square (45 deg), Square (90 deg), Sesquiquadrate (135 deg), Quincunx
(150 deg) and Opposition (180 deg). Configurations are geometrical
distance in degrees between any two planets. It could be between natal to
natal, progressed to natal or transit to natal. The answer is, this will come
into effect when the progressed planets (I don’t want to explain what is
progression here as you are supposed to know and if you do not know,
please get to know it) forms similar malefic configurations to natal
positions (like ascendant, ascendant lord, planets in the ascendant, 10 th
house, 10th lord and planets in the 10th house). Simultaneously, the transit
planets (i.e: as on June 23, 2016) also form malefic configurations to natal
positions (like ascendant, ascendant lord, planets in the ascendant, 10 th
house, 10th lord and planets in the 10th house).

The following is the aspects formed by progressed planets to

natal planets.
In the above chart, the natal ascendant at 17 deg 27 at Leo is afflicted by
the progressed 10th lord Venus (at 18 deg 12, Scorpio). This means that
actions of the governing body will not be welcomed by the members. The
natal ascendant is also quincunx to Neptune at 19 deg 10, Capricorn and
also Herschel at 19 deg 33, Capricorn.
The progressed Moon is at critical degree at 29 deg 01, Pisces in the 8 th
house. Whenever, progressed Moon is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house it plays
havoc in any chart.
The natal Venus (lord of 10th house) is afflicted by progressed Herschel
and Neptune by being square.
The natal 10th house is afflicted by Rahu/North node at 03 deg 08
Sagittarius in 4t house by being quincunx. The 4 th house is the house of
opposition members. The natal 10th house is also in opposition to Jupiter in
4th house at 02 deg 46 Scorpio.

Aspects formed by Transit planets to Natal planets.

The natal Venus (the 10th lord) is in square to retrograde Pluto in 5 th house
in 16 deg 33 Capricorn; Opposition to Herschel in 9th house at 24 deg 00 in
The 10th cusp is sesquiquadrate to Rahu/North node in 2 nd house in 16 deg
21 in Virgo; is also sesquiquadrate to Jupiter (lord of 8 th house of
obstacles, sudden developments, etc.) in 2 nd house in 16 deg 10 in Virgo
and semi-square to Mercury in 11 th house (friends, in this case friendly
relations amongst members) lord of 2 nd house (family, in this case
members of family) and 11th house. Mercury is at 17 deg 55 Gemini.
The natal ascendant at 17 deg 27 Leo is quincunx to Pluto in 5 th house at
16 deg 33 Capricorn. Pluto denotes end of everything and destruction.
Pluto is lord of 4th house which is a terminal house.

Aspects formed in 2017 between Progressed/Transit to Natal

What are the future ramifications.
In end of November to December 2016 or in 2017, the transit retrograde
Pluto (it will turn retrograde in transit in April 2017) will be at 16 to 17 deg
of Capricorn. This will form a quincunx to natal ascendant which is at 17
deg 27 Leo. This time even the progressed planets like Neptune and
Herschel will also make semi-square to natal ascendant. During this period
the natal Venus will also be under severe affliction by transit retrograde
Pluto square in Capricorn (at 17 deg) and transit Herschel Opposition in
Aries at 20 deg. Further, during November to December 2016 Rahu/North
node will be conjunct the natal ascendant at 17 deg 27 Leo. In the above
period (i.e: end of November to December 2016 or in 2017) you
can expect some more members calling for referendum and
exiting EU.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com, MBA (NMIMS, Mumbai)
2 year Jyotirvid and 3 year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (BVB))
June 24, 2016
Mumbai, 7.30 PM