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Analysis of Eight powerful earthquakes that shook the world – Common

parameters found

I have been studying the major earthquakes for the past 3 years and always wanting to find
out if there are any common parameters. This prompted me to take up study of major
earthquakes. I took up the study of previous earthquakes with a magnitude of 7 richter scale
and also in which major lives were lost or major damage was caused. The earthquakes of
Gujarat (Bhuj), Nepal (Katmandu), Nepal (Kodari), Indonesia (Sumatra), Chile (Bio Bio),
Pakistan (Muzafarabad) and Haiti were taken for analysis. In the analysis following
methodology/data were used;

1. The basic natal chart of the country was referred.

2. The axis of global solar eclipse prior to the earthquake

3. The axis of lunar eclipse prior to the earthquake

4. The next global solar eclipse after the earthquake

5. The next global lunar eclipse after the earthquake

6. The immediate preceding ingress chart of Sun before the earthquake

7. The immediate preceding new moon chart before the earthquake

8. The immediate preceding full moon chart before the earthquake

9. The number of days elapsed after the solar/lunar eclipse

The following were the conclusions;

1. Out of 8 sample size, 5 lunar eclipse was found to be in dual signs

2. Similar was the case with global solar eclipse

3. Lunar eclipse was seen as the main trigger as compared to global solar eclipse

4. The earthquake occurred from day 15 to day 59 from the lunar eclipse

5. In the case of global solar eclipse the earthquake appeared from day 1 to day 73

6. Out of 8 sample cases in 6 cases the earthquake appeared in shukla paksha

7. In all cases the 8th house or its lord was afflicted in the ingress chart. The 8 th house
denotes calamities

8. In 5 out of 8 sample size the eclipse occurred in 2/8 axis. The 2 nd house is marak and
8th house is calamities resulting in massive damage

9. Similarly the global solar eclipse occurred in 4/10 axis in 4 out of 8 cases

10. Saturn in Taurus/Scorpio was trigger point then Jupiter in Taurus/Scorpio

11. In 4 out of 8 cases, either Moon and Mercury were in same nakshatra or they were in

12. The number of planets near the Sun was also a trigger. It was found that almost 4 to
6 planets were near to the Sun. By nearer it means that either the planets were
conjunct Sun or in adjacent signs to Sun.

13. The new moon chart also needs to be given importance after the ingress chart of

14. Here again the 8th house or its lord was afflicted in all cases

15. The axis of eclipse in the new moon chart were in 1/7, 2/8, 4/10 or 6/12 axis.

16. Even the full moon chart also played important role where the 8 th house or its lord
was afflicted in all cases.

17. The eclipse occurred in either 1/7 or 4/10 axis of the natal chart of the country. The
4th house in mundane denotes weather conditions and calamities like earthquakes.

18. Affliction of previous eclipse point by malefic also triggers natural calamities.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Date: 13th May, 2015
Time: 12.30 PM, Mumbai