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Batik fabric origin using traditional handmade

dakir February 17, 2018

Batik fabric origin. The source of Batik is uncertain. It is included in the first country that creates
the pattern of Batik. But Batik is very identic to Indonesia. Moreover, after UNESCO declared
that Batik is the heritage of Indonesia. In Indonesia, Batik is a fabric that has a picture or

Batik already exist and being Indonesian culture since a long time ago. Some people said it
already existed since the 17th century or formerly.

Motif Tirtotejo

Batik derives from the word “Tik” or titik (dot). By the definition that Batik made from the dotted.
Then it put together until it made a pattern. Batik is not only a fabric that has a picture. But, in
the making process of Batik, there is a high value. Because each pattern has a philosophy.
That is why Batik is very sacred.

In the past, the existence of Batik in Indonesia is only a few. But, as the development of Batik,
it spreads to several areas in Indonesia. Each region has its own name and character for their
Batik. The deployment of Batik has reached to the overseas.

For the first time, the art of Batik is only done by the Java women. They make Batik as their
daily livelihood. The skill of making Batik then become a tradition. Because it is only dropped
by the family to the grandchild. From that appeared the character from pembatik family.

Now, we (Batik Dlidir) are pursuing this historical art. We are one of several centers ofBatik
Tulis in Solo. We accepted an order from many countries in the world.

Batik fabric origin at Batikdlidir

Batik fabric origin at Batikdlidir with canting technique. This fabric is synonymous with ‘pakem’
technique. For traditional events such as weddings, ordinary people of Java use batik motif
‘pakem’. There are many motifs that remain sustainable until the time of this writing is made.

While for the material, We use primissima cotton. This cotton has the best construction. There
are two known primissima. The first Gamelan srimpi, has a common construction. The second
kereta kencana, has a premium class.

In addition to fabrich, the authenticity of a batik is from the process. Batik is identical to writing,
and write is identical to canting. For every batik we sell, we make sure to use original canting.
No one is using cap ( stamp ) or printing.

And we are ready to provide warranty for this authenticity. We can send you a video of the
making process. This is to assure you if the batik we sell is original batik. If we proved that our
batik is not original, we are ready to return your money 100 percent.

You can buy our batik by whatsapp me at +62 822 6565 2222.

This is the real batik, a long cultural achievement wong solo. Not just fabric, but a long history
of high-level witnesses artwork that is recognized worldwide. If some countries have an
amazing heritage, then solo (Indonesia) has BATIK. An intellectual property portrayed or
expressed in a cloth.