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NGW-1 NMEA 2000®

Actisense® aim to be the installer’s product NMEA 0183 Range 04
to 0183 Gateway

of choice by making navigation safer with the NMEA 0183 Diagram 06

QNB-1 30
most reliable boat electronic systems. NDC-4 08 Quick Network Block
NMEA Multiplexer
Our range of products are developed to industry Actisense® Software 32
NBF-3 10
standards and to a high level of quality and technical NMEA Buffer Actisense® Free Software 34
NMEA & EBL Reader
sophistication. USG-2 12
USB to Serial Gateway A2K NMEA 2000® 36
With our excellent Customer and Our in-house Research Networking
Technical Support, we offer the and Development Team DST-2 14
products and service you’d expect have created a range Active DST Module A2K Product Range 38
from an industry leading brand. of innovative,
intelligent products OPTO-4 16 Commercial Products 40
We take great pride in our intelligent that meet and exceed NMEA Opto-isolator
design and exacting manufacturing the NMEA standards. PRO-BUF-1 42
standards, ensuring the products we Product Accessories 18 Professional NMEA Buffer
develop are the products you want We also have a highly skilled and
and need. qualified Technical Support Team on NMEA 2000® Range 20
hand to ensure the best possible all
round service during and after the NMEA 2000® 22
purchase of your Actisense product. Network Diagram

Our collaborations with other leading EMU-1 24

manufacturers and participation on Engine Monitoring Unit
NMEA committees means we are well
placed to lead the industry with our NGT-1 NMEA 2000® 26
to PC Interface
advanced product designs.

Phil Whitehurst, C.E.O

2 3
NMEA 0183 Range

You can be assured our NMEA 0183 product range is

built to last. Our robust, high quality, intelligent design
surpass the NMEA 0183 specifications.
Actisense NMEA interfaces enable Actisense product from ground loops
users to get the most out of their and power spikes. They also feature
instruments and related on-board PCs. high quality screw connectors to make
wiring up quick and simple.
All of our NMEA 0183 products use our
OPTO-isolation technology to protect
both the NMEA ‘Talker’ device and the

What is ISO-DriveTM?
ISO-DriveTM technology is unique to our products and ensures each ‘Talker’
output is protected. ISO-DriveTM provides an isolated output, making
installation simple and free from ground loops. This substantially reduces the
risk of damage and hazards in connected equipment.

The ISO-DriveTM output is compatible with all connection types (RS422, RS485
& RS232), making for easy installation of an NMEA 0183 data bus system.

Outputs are separately isolated from each other and the input (Listener) circuit
and can ‘float’ safely up to 1500 volts D.C from system ground.

4 5
Actisense® NMEA 0183 Network Diagram
Build your NMEA 0183 network with Actisense products


NGW-1 Laptop
• Converts between
NBF-3 Chart Plotter
NMEA 0183 and
• Connects an
NMEA 2000
NMEA 0183 talker
• Use NMEA 0183 AIS to up to 6 listeners
products on
• Provides complete
NMEA 2000 networks Latitude
system integrity 50˚74’03”
• ISO-Drive technology Longitude MFD
through total isolation -1˚94’95”

built-in VHF
• ISO-Drive technology


• Multiplex or Autoswitch
up to five NMEA
0183 devices
• AIS compatible
• Configurable data filtering
• ISO-Drive technology IN/OUT
built-in Laptop
IN IN • The safest method to
connect a PC to
NMEA 0183
• ISO-DriveTM technology
NDC-4-ASW built-in
• Switches intelligently by
analysing data quality OPTO-4
• Special switching for • Adds isolation between
GPS and Depth an NMEA 0183 Talker
• ISO-Drive technology OUT and a PC DST-2
built-in • Enables RS232 • Digitises analogue
connection to transducers
NMEA 0183 • Range of frequencies

NMEA 0183
PC Smart Depth

6 7
Part Numbers: NDC-4

NMEA Multiplexer


Flexible multiplexing, with preconfigured versions for

Autoswitching or AIS operation.
The NDC-4 provides complete access to all
NMEA 0183 data sources, configurable filters to
• Multiplex up to five
remove unwanted data, as well as enabling an NMEA 0183 devices
on-board PC to read and add to the combined
• Filter unwanted data
data stream.
• Change data to a different
The NDC-4 and NDC-4-USB allow up to five baud rate
OPTO-isolated NMEA 0183 sources to be • Preconfigured versions for AIS
multiplexed into a single stream*. and Autoswitch operation

Separate ISO-DriveTM outputs allow • 

Connect to a PC with optional
USB Kit.
two different downstream Talker baud rates
to be created.

Factory pre-configured versions enable

the NDC-4 to be used out of the box for AIS Five OPTO-isolated inputs Talkers Listeners
operation (NDC-4-AIS) or as an Autoswitch Two ISO-Drive TM
(NDC-4-ASW). Intelligent multiplexing software
Flexible NMEA filtering IN IN

Configurable baud rates

and port priorities
PC configuration software
AIS compatible
Up to 115200 baud
1500V isolation on inputs & outputs IN IN

Four inputs on the USB version, as the USB interface acts as the fifth channel, overriding the fifth OPTO input.

8 9
Part Number: NBF-3
NMEA Buffer

Safely drive up to six NMEA Listeners, with power

distribution for the connected Talker.
The NBF-3 NMEA Buffer isolates and buffers
NMEA 0183 data, with the power to drive
• AIS compatible
multiple devices.
• Protects connected devices
Able to distribute up to six identical, amplified • Simple installation
streams of data from one source. The NMEA
• Can be used to isolate between
signals are buffered to ensure that each Listener
two PC systems
receives the data at the required voltage levels,
providing consistent data quality.

Isolation on the input and outputs ensures

the protection of the source Talker device and One OPTO-isolated input

Listening devices. Six ISO-DriveTM outputs Listeners

Compatible with RS422, RS232 and
ISO-DriveTM technology on the outputs and RS485 connections
OPTO-isolation on the input enables you to Pluggable screw terminals
connect the NBF-3 with complete peace of mind.
Power and input indicator LEDs

The NBF-3 has the addition of power distribution Power feed for single cable
installations to the NMEA Talker
for the NMEA Talker. By having power and data
from the same source, cabling requirements are DIN Rail mountable
reduced and installation is made simpler. Up to 115200 baud
1500V isolation on inputs & outputs
Optional power feed
500mA max Latitude
Latitude Longitude
50˚74’03” -1˚94’95”


10 11
Part Number: USG-2
USB to Serial Gateway

The USG-2 ensures safety and reliability when

connecting a PC to your NMEA 0183 network.
The USG-2 converts a USB port into a
bi-directional serial port suitable for connecting
• Inputs & outputs protected against
to a marine standard NMEA 0183 data bus.
over voltage, ESD & short circuits
It provides a far safer connection when • Simple installation
compared to compared to standard USB to
• Protects PC from damage
serial converters.
• Eliminates ground loops
Electrical isolation is provided by the
ISO-DriveTM output and OPTO-isolated input
making installation simple and free from
ground loops. NMEA 0183, RS422
& RS232 compatible
The input uses the Actisense OPTO-isolation ISO-DriveTM technology
circuitry to protect any connected equipment Isolated input (2500V)
from the most common system faults. The input
Isolated output (1500V)
can receive very low level signals that are often
Encapsulated electronics
too small to be received by a PC serial port.
High retention USB socket
The USG-2 is the safest way to connect a boat’s Diagnostic & power LEDs
data network to an on-board PC. Baud rates from 300 to 230400 bps
Bulkhead mount, with optional
DIN rail mount kit
Pluggable screwless connector
with locking latch & strain
0183 0183
HDG 350 N

12 13
Part Number: DST-2-150
DST-2 DST-2-170
Active DST Module

Breathe new digital life into transducers,

with digital signal processing technology.
The DST-2 digitises depth, speed and
temperature transducer signals into NMEA 0183
• Use with NMEA 0183 devices
data to deliver best-in-class seabed tracking.
• Can be calibrated
It works with NMEA 0183 compatible devices,
• T
 rip data available with
such as chart plotters, radars or an on-board PC. speed transducers
In addition, it can be calibrated via a PC to match
• Designed to replace outdated
various sensors and installations.
stand-alone echo sounders
The DST-2 can be used with new or existing • General survey
transducer installations. When used with an firmware available
existing transducer the DST-2 can provide a
secondary depth sounder as a back up to
a new sonar system. Features
Range of transducer
Analogue to NMEA 0183 Listeners
frequencies available
Flash upgradeable
‘future proof’ design
Generates the echo sounders ‘ping’
and analyses the returned signal
Digitises analogue signals into
NMEA 0183 data


14 15
Part Number: OPTO-4
NMEA to RS232 Opto-isolator

Isolate an RS232 (PC) port to protect against

ground loops.
The OPTO-4 provides a safe and low cost way of
connecting an NMEA 0183 system to a PC or any
• Protects PC from damage
other device with a standard RS232 9-pin port.
• Water resistant cable.
As a bi-directional NMEA 0183 to RS232 interface
cable, the OPTO-4 utilises OPTO-isolation to
protect the PC input and spike protection for Features
the PC output, providing comprehensive One OPTO-isolated input
isolation of PC hardware when connecting to One NMEA output
an NMEA 0183 bus.
Up to 115200 baud
If isolation in both directions is required, the Port powered
Actisense USG-2 offers bi-directional isolation in Shielded cable and case
a USB to RS422 (NMEA 0183) form.

The Actisense design integrates an over-moulded

case for excellent water resistance and a small
footprint for installation into tight spaces.

RS232 PC Tx
*White Wire

RS232 PC Ground
*Blue Wire

Cable Shield
*Bare Wire

NMEA Listener A/+

*Red Wire

NMEA Listener B/-

*Black Wire

16 17
Product Accessories

USB to DB9 Female RS232 cable DIN rail mounting kit for use with NBF-3
(non-isolated) and EMU-1.

9 pin, D type moulded cable assembly DIN rail mounting kit for use with USG-2.

Covers for NMEA 2000 Micro connectors, USB cable to convert an NDC-4 to an
female and male versions available NDC-4-USB (non-isolated)

18 19
NMEA 2000® Range

The simplicity of installing and configuring an

NMEA 2000® network can reduce costs, with power
and data shared on a single cable.
Actisense have been working with We have developed a range of
the NMEA to develop the NMEA 2000® products to make the transition from
standard since before it was officially NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000® as smooth
released. This makes Actisense a as possible.
go to authority on NMEA 2000®
Our Research and Development team
and our products are at the heart
have also created a range of interfaces
of the standard and its continued
to connect directly to and diagnose an
NMEA 2000® network. They have also
Actisense NMEA 2000® products developed the EMU-1 which is our
are NMEA certified so you can relax first analogue sensor interface for
knowing you have Actisense onboard. NMEA 2000®.

What is ISO-DriveTM?
ISO-DriveTM technology is unique to our products and ensures each ‘Talker’
output is protected. ISO-DriveTM provides an isolated output, making
installation simple and free from ground loops. This substantially reduces the
risk of damage and hazards in connected equipment.

The ISO-DriveTM output is compatible with all connection types (RS422, RS485
& RS232), making for easy installation of an NMEA 0183 data bus system.

Outputs are separately isolated from each other and the input (Listener) circuit
and can ‘float’ safely up to 1500 volts D.C from system ground.

20 21
Actisense® NMEA 2000® Network Diagram
Building your NMEA 2000 network with Actisense products


QNB-1 Chart Plotter NGT-1-USB

Battery Supply • Multi-drop interface • Allows PC software to
• Reduces installation costs use the data on the
• Ideal for areas of high NMEA 2000 network
instrument density • Compatible with industry
• Fuse protected power entry leading chart plotters
• Vital NMEA 2000
diagnostic tool


• Converts engine
analogue signals
NGW- to NMEA 2000
• Converts NMEA 0183 to • Share engine data
NMEA 2000 and vice versa on the network
• Allows NMEA 0183 devices • Also converts fluid level
• Pre-configured
to be used with an analogue signals
AIS version
NMEA 2000 network to NMEA 2000
• Enables bi-directional
• ISO-Drive technology
AIS data conversions
• ISO-Drive technology

NMEA 0183
Smart Depth AIS Engine


22 23
Part Number: EMU-1
Engine Monitoring Unit

Share engine information on the NMEA 2000® bus.

The EMU-1 enables the sharing of engine Benefits
data throughout the NMEA 2000® bus. It • No need to change an
digitises analogue engine sensors, enabling existing engine
all NMEA 2000® display devices to monitor
• Easy installation
the connected engine(s) on a vessel.
• E
 asy to configure to suit the
Each EMU-1 can be configured to suit the connected engine
engine it is working with, offering a flexible
Connect signals from fluid level
solution for multiple engine makes and gauges (that share a common
models. Capable of reading a wide range ground with the engine) to
of engine parameters, the EMU-1 will report NMEA 2000®
how the engine is operating and share the NGT-1
Optional DIN rail mounting
information across the network. kit available 12v

Total engine hours are logged by
Features the monitoring of engine Tach
Enables analogue signals to be converted to
(RPM) input A2K-TER-M A2K-TER-F

NMEA 2000® messages A2K-T-MFF A2K-MPT-1

Convert signals from two engines (that share a EMU-1

common ground) with a single EMU-1
Six gauge/parameter inputs
Four alarm inputs
Two additional auxiliary inputs
Customised case
Two Tach inputs
Wide power compatibility of 9 to 40 Vdc


24 25
Part Number: NGT-1-USB

NMEA 2000® to PC Interface

Interface your PC to the NMEA 2000® bus with

a functional firewall gateway.
The NGT-1 is an intelligent NMEA 2000® Benefits
gateway able to precisely transfer messages • Provides a rule-enforcing firewall
to and from the NMEA 2000® bus. between the PC and
NMEA 2000® bus
The firewall feature enforces the NMEA
2000® bus rules, so software manufacturers • Configure and flash-update
can create compliant software at a fraction Actisense products on the
NMEA 2000® bus
of the direct certification costs.
• U
 se with our FREE NMEA Reader to
The supporting Actisense Software help diagnose network problems
Development Kit (SDK) helps to reduce the (see page 34)
required development time.
• S
 ends and receives pure
NMEA 2000® data
The diagnostic NMEA Reader software
(no conversions are applied)
allows viewing of NMEA 2000® messages
with configuration options, enabling the
set-up of all Actisense products on the
NMEA 2000® bus.
Vital NMEA 2000® diagnostic tool
USB version – isolated USB A2K-TER-M A2K-TER-F

Professional Invitation
ISO version – OPTO-isolated input
and ISO-DriveTM output
Actisense welcomes enquiries from
Up to 115,200 baud data
software manufacturers who would like to transfer rate NGT-1
incorporate NMEA 2000® and the NGT-1 1500V isolation on both
into their software. input & output

26 27
Part Number: NGW-1-ISO
NMEA 2000® Gateway NGW-1-STNG

Hook up to NMEA 2000® whilst keeping currently

installed NMEA 0183 devices.
The NGW-1 provides an uncomplicated way Benefits
to link between a boat’s data networks and • Upgrade your NMEA 0183
converts NMEA 0183 data into NMEA 2000® equipment to NMEA 2000®
data and vice-versa.
• Allow NMEA 0183 devices to
Multiple NGW-1 units can be used to receive vital data from the
multiplex numerous NMEA 0183 devices NMEA 2000® bus
onto the NMEA 2000® network, using the • Use the NMEA 2000® bus to
network as a means of combining and multiplex several NMEA 0183
transferring all data from one place signals together
to another. • Configure using NMEA Reader

Features NMEA 2000® NMEA 0183

One OPTO-isolated input One ISO-Drive TM
output Up to 115,200 baud

Integrate seamlessly with Raymarine® products
The NGW-1-STNG enables users to NMEA 0183 Data

convert NMEA 0183 data into SeaTalkNG Autopilot


and vice-versa by combining a standard

SeaTalk NG

NMEA 0183 Data

NGW-1-ISO with a Raymarine SeaTalkNG GPS

SeaTalk NG

adapter cable to interface legacy Terminators

instruments to the NMEA 2000® SeaTalk NG


based SeaTalkNG bus.

A pre-configured version is available for AIS conversions (NGW-1-ISO-AIS).
28 29
Part Number: QNB-1

Quick Network Block

Fault-free, NMEA 2000 backbone connections.
The QNB-1 and QNB-1-PMW provide Benefits
alternatives to multiple connectors, reducing • One unit provides six NMEA 2000®
the cost of an NMEA 2000® cable installation. drop connections
Perfectly suited to areas of high instrument
• Power feed is fuse protected
density, as six drops can be connected.
• Simple installation on Mini and
The LEDs provide information for the installer Micro networks
during set up and to indicate the presence
of data, power status, power reversal and to Features
show whether the fuses are intact.
NMEA 2000® barrier strip
The QNB-1-PMW version is fitted with
six standard NMEA 2000® M12 (micro) Backbone connections for both Mini
and Micro cable
female connectors allowing ‘plug and play’
connections for quick and easy installation. Four power LEDs & one data LED


Use to replace unused cable glands
on the NDC-4 and QNB-1
12v QNB-1-PMW
30 31
Actisense® Software

At Actisense we develop software tools to enable

users to configure their system and to view
and diagnose any potential network problems
quickly and easily.
Our NMEA Reader is a vital diagnostic
tool that allows you to view and record
information from NMEA 2000®
or NMEA 0183 networks.

EBL Reader allows “.ebl” log files

recorded by NMEA Reader to
be viewed and analysed, helping
users diagnose network issues and
connection problems.

Actisense are continuously updating

and releasing new tools to help Newsletter
users get the most out of their
To keep our customers
Actisense products.
informed of the latest
updates, we produce a
newsletter ‘Actiscope’ which
includes all the latest Actisense
How to get your software product information. To sign up
Actisense software is completely for this free service, simply visit
FREE, just visit the website the Actisense website

32 33
Actisense® Software

NMEA Reader ActisenseComms SDK

The NMEA Reader PC software allows The ActisenseComms SDK has been
NGT-1 owners to view NMEA 2000® data Features developed to help simplify the interfacing ActisenseComms
directly from the NMEA 2000® network, Receives and displays NMEA
2000® messages
of compatible Actisense products into a SDK Access
helping users to identify potential problems. developer’s software environment.
For further information about the
Receives and displays NMEA ActisenseComms SDK please visit
It breaks down the unreadable binary 0183 sentences The SDK package contains all the the website
NMEA 2000® messages into easy to read Provides detailed information on the documentation, C/C++ source code and Please contact the Support Team
parameter values. You can also display currently selected message example (Visual Studio) projects necessary at the following e-mail address
NMEA 0183 information, either through View multiple connections to understand and integrate the, to discuss
simultaneously your project requirements and
the USG-2 (see page12) or any other safe ActisenseComms DLL. It should obtain the passwords necessary to
connection to a PC. Record log files of received data allow a software developer to create access the files.
as EBL files for viewing with EBL a communications interface to any
This powerful diagnostic tool helps the user Reader at a later date
compatible Actisense product in a short
to understand and identify exactly which Access configuration options for
period of time.
devices are active on the NMEA 2000® both the NGT-1 and NGW-1 devices A solution for Mac and
network (providing the details of each one) Actisense products currently compatible Linux developers is
and what data they are sending. with the ActisenseComms SDK are the available but will require an
NGT-1 (Page 24) and the NGW-1 (Page 28).
NDA to be signed.
EBL Reader The SDK forms the first level of support
The EBL Reader utility software in using the ActisenseComms DLL to
allows EBL log files recorded by NMEA Features communicate with the NGT-1 and the
Reader to be viewed. NGW-1. Two useful software programs are
Displays log files saved by
NMEA Reader of time-stamped also included, ‘Demo Project’ and ‘Test
These recorded data files enable basic NMEA 0183 sentences or Project’. To further support integration the
NMEA 2000® messages
diagnostics and analysis of NMEA 2000® ActisenseComms VB.Net Wrapper and
and NMEA 0183 networks to be performed. Provides detailed information on ActisenseComms CS ‘C#Wrapper Test
currently selected message
Project are also available.
Log files can be analysed by the installer Displays text files of NMEA 0183
and also sent to Actisense support to aide sentences
a support ticket.

34 35
NMEA 2000® Networking

Our range of NMEA 2000® Micro connectors and

cables has been designed using our specialist
NMEA knowledge.
The ‘A2K’ range is developed This specialist range of products
alongside our other products to ensure work seamlessly together with other
optimum performance and 100% manufacturer’s products that use
compatibility is maintained DeviceNet standards.

36 37
Product Range

Power T (Micro) Bulk Cable Reel 100m (Micro)

• 3m UL Certified cable • Part numbers:
Dual Ended Cable
• Part number: A2K-BULK-100M Starter Kit (Micro) Assemblies (Micro)
A2K-MPT-1 • Contents: • Part numbers:
1 x A2K-MPT-1 A2K-TDC-0M25
1 x A2K-TER-F A2K-TDC-0M5
1 x A2K-TER-M A2K-TDC-1M
2 x A2K-T-MFF A2K-TDC-2M
1 x A2K-TDC-2M A2K-TDC-3M
• Part numbers: A2K-TDC-4M
Terminators (Micro) Panel Mount Connections (Micro) A2K-TDC-8M
• Male & Female connections, waterproof seals A2K-TDC-10M
• Male & Female connections
• Part numbers: • Part numbers:

Field Fit Connectors

Straight & right angled Male or
Female field fit connectors (Micro).
Gender Changer Cable (Micro) • Part numbers:
T Piece (Micro) • Female to Female and Male to Male connectors A2K-FFC-SF
• 2 Female and 1 Male connector • Part numbers: A2K-FFC-SM 4 Way Multidrop T Piece (Micro)
• Part number: A2K-GCF-0M25 A2K-FFC-RF • Part number:

38 39
Commercial Products

Actisense products have always been developed to

be robust and highly reliable, this same standard of
design and build quality is now being used to produce
a product range aimed specifically at the larger
vessel and commercial market.
Using the same knowledge and Pro products offer increased flexibility,
technical expertise we have applied with more inputs and outputs. Our
to both our NMEA 0183 and NMEA OPTO-Isolation technology and
2000® product ranges we have now ISODriveTM are built in as standard.
developed the Actisense Pro Range. The introduction of Ethernet and on-
The Pro products offer the same high board web server enables easy browser
quality and intelligent design expected based configuration. This makes our
from Actisense on a larger scale. Pro Range some of the most adaptable
products available today.

What is ISO-DriveTM?
ISO-DriveTM technology is unique to our products and ensures each ‘Talker’
output is protected. ISO-DriveTM provides an isolated output, making
installation simple and free from ground loops. This substantially reduces the
risk of damage and hazards in connected equipment.

The ISO-DriveTM output is compatible with all connection types (RS422, RS485
& RS232), making for easy installation of an NMEA 0183 data bus system.

Outputs are separately isolated from each other and the input (Listener) circuit
and can ‘float’ safely up to 1500 volts D.C from system ground.

40 41
Product Dimensions Part Number: PRO-BUF-1-BAS-R


Professional NMEANGT-1
0183 Intelligent Buffer

Highly flexible NMEA 0183 Features

Buffer with OPTO-isolated 2 x NMEA 0183 OPTO-isolated inputs

inputs and twelve ISO-DriveTM 12 x NMEA 0183 ISO-Drive™

isolated outputs
outputs, making ground
1 x bi-directional isolated serial port
loops a thing of the past and
1 x Ethernet port
keeping devices safe 1 x Alarm output
from damage. (N/O and N/C contacts).

Four pre-defined modes of operation.

PRO-BUF-1 is reliable, robust and provides
isolation on all inputs and outputs as User Configuration Mode

standard. With two NMEA 0183 inputs and Diagnostic LEDs

twelve NMEA 0183 outputs, a bi-directional (power, data in/out & alarm)
serial port and an Ethernet port, the
Designed for 12 and 24 Volt supply
PRO-BUF-1 is a perfect solution for larger
leisure vessels and commercial shipping.  luggable connector system supports
both screw and screwless terminals

Four pre-defined modes of operation are Isolation to battery supply

designed to suit the majority of NMEA
Browser based configuration tool
0183 systems making the PRO-BUF-1 ready
to go ‘out of the box’. The browser based  utomatic baud rate matching
configuration tool allows full customisation on inputs
Mode Name Description
and is compatible across all popular Independently configurable outputs 1 Buffer Mode 1 Input 1 -> outputs 1 to 12
Operating Systems.
2 Buffer Mode 2 Input 1 -> outputs 1 to 6, input 2 -> output 7 - 12
Future proof through easily
upgraded firmware 3 Autoswitch Mode Input 1 OR input 2 -> Outputs 1 to 12
Helpful LEDs indicate power, data in, data (outputs match input 1 baud rate)
out and alarm status to aid diagnostics.
4 Combine Mode Input 1 AND input 2 -> Outputs 1 to 12
(outputs match input 1 baud rate)

All features are preliminary and may change without notice.

42 43

Active Research Limited,

Unit 5, Wessex Trade Centre
Ringwood Road,
Poole, Dorset
UK. BH12 3PF

t: +44 (0)1202 746682


Award Winning NMEA Specialists

Issue 6 Actisense® is a registered trademark of Active Research Limited.