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tHe TUNE B°°K SS? Nad se Now andfor-ev May His presence il fi-mi-mate your (Mapent m many tenet you went) Great hand motions to do with each other with this song. See page 215 ‘STUMBLING HEAVENWARD. ‘By Saimond and Maer Bm 6 ar 0. Bm G ° ‘And woe still stumbling heav- en - ward, Andwe'e fly - ing like 2 crippled bind. Yet we 6 ar aA Gem A, know at we go theresa shin - ing___ light Guld-ing as we amok our way back 1870 mage Vi Musicr1963 veroed Publishing Inc. ll Fights Reser. Used by pemisslon. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN Stevan te (LISTEN TO MY HEART SONG) 6 &m é Listen, tis -ten, lis - ten to my heart song. Lis-ten, lis-ten.lis - ten to myheart sone. I wil 6 Em 6 ever for-get you, I will never for-sske you; oat for ~ ee Then bork , a ee wntagrely mmol mmatcnd eaugone? Fea Ha samc araiael tray Uhm tn (lp arturvrle. Becater oe bal i888 SONGS 07 Wheet peat gt Coens. me forget Ahr sragherle, P* BX 7 SAN ANSELMP.CA 9496 419 437 661° | coMMUNCATIONS COMFORT MUSE = GROUP OHMAMICS = SONCBOOKS ‘Art work by Willom Mitchell tHe TUNE BOK Po PLEASE NOTE! We recommend that you use this tunebook to learn how the tune goes and then to use our lyric book (Preferably large print) for leading singing. We do NOT recommend that you use this tunebook for leading singing. (Please read intro:) S°NG* Compiled by INN ANDERSON ‘A melody line Music COMPANION to the lyric songbook called “Songs” which contains ‘An eclectic lyric collection of more than 950 songs for most situations Published by AS°NGS AND CREATIONS inc. San Anselmo, Ca. Lyric Book and Recordings Available ‘Made in USA’ ABOUT THIS BOOK ‘This Tune Book Is a companion to the lyric Songbook called “Songs.” It contains a simplified melody line version of @ large malorty of the songs found In the “Lyric No Note"™ songbook, along with chords for piano and guitar accompant- ment, Beacuse of the contractual arrangements that some publishers have, we were notable to Include all the songs ‘musically found Inthe lyric book, These songs can be found by writing the pubiisher or ordering the sheet music through Your local sheet music store. All musle not included Is avallable in that fashion. | hope you wil find this “tune book” helpful in learning the liter known songs. Recordings are available to help the accompanist, whether guitar, chord organ, ‘oF piano, get more ofthe "flavor" of the tunes. Oftentimes the way a person sings the songs or hears it on a record is not the way its notated on a musioal score. | sincerely hope you feel the flavor of the tune and catch the content of each ‘song In ofder to understand the “mood” of what that song is communicating. DO NOT PLAY THE TUNE. Teach the song through voiee. Play chords on plano or organ; | suggest a moving kind of chord and the basic drection of how the tune ‘9008 rather than a literal interpretation of music notes. A strong lead voice is much more important. Remember, the song Teader and instrumentalist are only the catalyst in the group sing process. Because we are in the “sit and stare T.V. age” where one watches the performance, we as leaders need to work hard at not doing all the work and being facilitators more ‘often. Our personal message of truth In God needs to combine wtih the medium in which that message is communicated ‘and this ls one ofthe points that this process can take. ABOUT THIS NO NOTE™LYRICHORD BOOK (The Chords or Key Usted ar forthe bs aroun singing range Gutta shold be raed toa standard pile or concen pic othe kay will not make any sense.) Most people want to sing and can, but are usualy frustrated due to pressures of technics music expectations. This book wil help create an atmosphere of freedom forthe individual alone or in a group where thet person can get beyond the first line of a ‘song, where the lyrics are seen as a “total” whole in context without the interference of notes. Tis, of course, means that some- ‘one needs to know the tune, and | encourage the purchasing of sheet music, records, songbook portfolios which are readily avalable through the various publishers listed inthis book. ! hope you become acquaintad with our melody line music book and « ‘stereo recording of 750 songs found in the book. New tapes and revisions are being made constantly. Since ‘people lear by listening, and 85% of the population cannot read notes, this is primarily lyric songbook for group singing. With no ‘tes we are saying: Just let go and sing. You don't have to be technical. Now you have a chance to look atthe lyrics instead of trying to look back and forth Batween iyrcs and notes, Get the favor. Group singing increases nearly 70% when there are no notes and tho tune is not played. “This songbook tres fo retlet all of ite under Gods therefore, all kinds of music about Ife are included, since God's creative acts shine on everyone, whether they know it or not. Hymns, folk songs, current popular, and “olgies" are ali mixed together and are ) Grin Again Gang 2058 (13) Growing Richer is?) 6) Guide Me: O Thou Great Jehovah 34 00) H a Hag The Gangs A Here 7 Hallelu, Hllelu sa U3) Halleujakt What a Savior 14) Hammer Sony H aL a) Happiness 50.) Happy and Healthy i190 (15) Happy Wanderer Che) Ms 6) Title # clave Hard To Be Humble (ts) oa Hark the Herald Angels Sing 7 03 Have You Ever Kissed a 215 Go) Have You Seen Jesus My Lo: iv) He Called Me Friend 154 (20) He Calls Us Each By Name 173A (12) He Has Made Me Glad 136A (19) He Is Lord wa He Lives 164A (12) He Turned the Water into Wine 1913) Hear Oh Israel 83 (6), Hello! My Baby 1488 (16) Help Me Ist 3) Herbie the Worm 165 (12) Here Comes Jesus 36) Here Am, Lord 209) He's Alive ios He's Bigger iba Ail of My Sin 203 UD He's Everything to Me 12 Q) He's Got the Whole World in His Hands . 4 ), Hey, Ho, Nobody Home 146B (16) 1 Jude 59, G) Hee acacia Sag ER sHley Now Everybody Can Sing x ‘eHighway for the Remnant 66A (3) His Banner Over Me Is Love TIA (6) His Blessed Name 114A (8) His Name Is Jesus 1671 His Name Is Wonderful 3A (14) His Sheep Am 3°) Ho! Everyone That Thirsteth 133A (15) Holy 12. a) Holy Books (The) 211A 8) Holy, Holy 152A Home on the Range 146 (15) Honey T'Think its Over LB pe. 171) || IBA 1D, Hope Set High 334 House of the Carpenter 206 (20) House of the Rising Sun ss) Hovering (There Are Angels) i344 (id) How Beautiful 110 (8), How Can Anyone 218 (20) How Can I Keep from Singing “CB inside tle page) 7 Qo) How Do I Look 198A (13) How Fim a Foundation 1A) How Great Is Our God. 154A (16) How Great Thow An 1065) How's About a Boa? 8A a) Humble Thyself 14a Q) Hush Little Baby 5 (4) Hymn 21 Q) Hiymn to Joy (oyéul, joyful) a 1 ‘an Lovable wad Capable 5 5 1 Am Not Skilled. 21 2) TAm the Light ofthe World i T Am the Lord 126 (9) Am the Resurection a) I Believe 105A (8) I Believe in Jesus 4 ‘1 Believe in Music 7 6) Tales You, 0 Lord Toe (1h, I Call You Friends 8a 7) 1.Gan Do Anything 3A 20) I Cant Help But Wonder a ©) 1 Didat Thnk It Could Be Toa (15) I Feel Good BIA (1) 1 Got a Name 1990 (5) I Had A Dream Dear 146A (16) [Have Decided to Follow Jesus 16a) 1 Have the fo 23a U8) Heard the Voice of esis Say 132A 0) you dont Find the song on the page lited, Keep tring because it wil be on ne of he ullowing pags that hat the same page aumber With ether A.B, or C beside 1 Hear Music 2A 1 Know Where I'm Going U7 I Like Bananas 15a 1d 1 Like Your Style 1324 (17) I Love You 8A (3) I Love You Lord 32 I Love You Lord 21 ay I Love You Son 2094 (18) I Love You Truly 1468 (16) I Love You wath the Love of The Lord |. 142A (15) I Need the Lord to Help Me Be 8 1 Never Disappointed One Day 136 (17) 1 Sr the gi a av the Light (12) 1 Shall Be Released Tw 1 Sing the Mighty Power of God 135 (10) Used to be Sh 204A (13) 1 Want to Be Like (De Fade) 150 (18) LWant to Praise You Lord Ba Us) #1 Will Follow (LB only, pg. 133) (18) LWill Magnify the Lord ia a7) #1 Wish I'Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free Sse 1d Like to Teach the World to Sing 49, 4 Td Rather Have Jesus 26) IfT Could (E1 Condor Pasa) s/w) IT Had a Hammer in If] Were Butterfly to If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee || 112 If Youre Happy and You Know It 212A Ue TU Fly Awa 40a" (ia) U1 Never Find Another You (There's ‘New World Somewhere) 6 Tm A Free Spirit 131 Tm Gonna Sing IAQ) Tm in Love with a Big Blue Fro 187A (16) Tm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover |. 147A (16) Immoral, Invisible, God Only Wise... 112 (8) In Christ There Is No East or West 137 (10) In flis Neme 47 Ga) In His Time BA (ia) In Moments Like This 1298 (19) In My Merry Oldsmobile 1458 (16) In the Good Old Summertime 149A (16) In This Room 217 0) In This Wide World 65) Inside Out inside back cover (13) Into His Marvelous Light 1624 (5) Island in the Sun RA Isnt He 21 ItDont Matter 1994 (17) IIs No Secret 14a (13) Its. Brand New Day 598 Its a Happy Day BA), Its a Joy to Get to Know You 5 tw ts Amazin 154A (19) Ws Hard to be Humble as) Ws in Everyone of Us 131A (13) Ws Just You 1594 (12) Ws You (That Makes the World Go"Roumad)i67A (16) Ws You 45a (19) Ws Your Life 124) Ive Always Wondered 1384 (16) Te Been Working on the Railroad 1484 (16) Ive Found a Friend, Ob Such a Friend || 122 (9) We Got'A Smile 225 @0) 4 Jeobs Ladder or Jamaica Farewell B®) Jamaica Lord's Preyer 2A) Jamaican Me Crazy aA 9) Jean vr Jehovah ret 140A Jesus Came Back 2024 7) Jesus F Am Resting, Resting 102 (8) Tit 4s Light Our Way to Peace ae Light the Fire re {193 Jesus in the Morning 38A (14). Like a River Glorious 120A (9) Jeaus Is The Answet va OS Lie the Bodigal Son Ton (D> Jeats [s-the Light BAG) Lily ofthe Valley (The) BA Jenus [s The ROK aie Rois’ My Titen to My Head Song... inside front cover (2) cs An BA ©) inten tothe Song (C8 pe. 161) ro Jesus, Lord of Creation 144A (11). Little Boxes o1 Loy Jesus Loves Me 3 GB) Live, Live, Live TOA (6) tesus Loves Me Alicia Ba ®Litipop 30's Medley ie Jesus Loves the Litle Children 1sea (13) Loaves & Fishes 2 an Jesus Made You fo be Bemus eA (13) Silonely People BB & ‘iews Met the Woman atine Weil... 13.) Lene Road to Freedom 36 Seay ord dave au Seem BB [oor Ail Around You ise oo Tenis, Name Atove All Names a. 8 Sook! or Love (L3 only, pe 08)" (it) Jens Walked That Lonesome Valley |. 116A (3) Toad Be Gigrfes ea) tin Check’ In 219A ora Pik Your Name on High 1. 34a John 16:24 TRA 14) Lord Is My Shepherd rhe), (Psalm 23) .. 80 (6) Johnny B. Goode 22) Lord, Keep Your Hand on Me 78a 3) Josey 213 (18), Lord of the Child 60 (20) fost a Lord ot the Dance © ide ae isy Ho Lord ot the Wine Boa (33) Joy (Down in My Heart) STA, Lord's My Shepherd (The) nn 6 Joy to the Worl VTA (13) Lord's Prayer 30. G3). Joyful, Joyful (Hymn to Joy) 8 (7) -* Lord, Teach Us to Pray 11 (13) Joys and Concems Song 26 (20) Lord’ You Are sa 19) Just a Closer Walk with Thee 40A (3) Losin’ Is Winnin’ 161 (16) Just 4~1 Am, Without One Plea 124A (9) fui, Louie (LB only, pg. 212) 3A a, Love For Me (Eucharist) 9A (19) Sor or Love Ham in te Morning (Ail Day Song) 24A° (2) K-K-K- Kat 148 16) Love Is 192A (7) Kids of the Kingdom 132A (15) ®Love Is a Rose 192A (13) King Jesus Is All 41A (14) Love Is Surrender 103 (8) King of Glory (The) i tio Love [ited Me Iga (dy fins of Siege Fr Love Me Tender a King of the Road 66 (3), Love Minus Zero/No Limit 43 a Known Only to Him 144A (16) Love One Another . is Qo) Kum Ba Ya i’ Gy ove the Lord a8 {1 Love to Our Music 196 8) L Love Wont Let You Go BB tra Ba TR [ata Ls 1 ca u Labels’ CB = Pg i6i) 160A (19) ic Peany Tay ‘Lend ofthe Ling soa. Matesy 2 (18) fs Manantas i) Make Me's Channel of Your Peace’ =! 170) Laughter, the Cosmic Roar 138A (19) Make Me An Instrument SBA (14). Lay'My Busnes Down a 8 Make Me fike's Child Again, a8} etn on Me a Mananes Dont Let Your Babies Teaning onthe Eveiasing Arms i ao “Grow Up to be Cowboys 2 ©) Leaving (But Not Really ) 150 ap Man Gave Names to All the Animals 158 (16) Leaving on a Jet Plane S3A (4) Marvelous Toy (The) 76 (6) Leathe Past Behind 157A (16) Mary Had a Baby Boy (LB pg. 175)... 176A 1D Lem See a (Marys Boy chit THA 3, Less of Me 141 (10) Master Musician 41 a4) eLet It Be 101 (8) Matilda the Gorilla STA (5). Let It Be a Dance 127 (5) #Matthew's Blues 138 (10) [et Me Be There BA U8 Meaitevon 3A) Cat My light Shine Bright a Meet Me in St Luis i 1 [et My Bbple Go & Lonesome Vaicy Messaney of Love tea 8 Medley 116A (9) Micah 6:8 RA 14) Let Something Good Be Said 83 (6) Michael, Row Your Boat 35A 3) Let There Be Peace On Earth 109 Mo' Betiah Life aA Oy Let the Redeemed Say So fA Monster inthe Closet tee (18) Ist he Words 150A Moonlight Say 197A Uo) Letin Go SA’ ao SKoorstedese 2 Let Us Break Broad i Gp More About Jesus BA Ist Your Love Flow 24a 8) Mor bite no 13a (3) Lets Forget About Ourieives (We Have More Love ae us (Come ‘into His Howe ) nA 4h Moming Yias Broken a fy Lets Get Topetet oe Momuing Sen ub Life Anew iba Moses Muneal Rap fo 18 Life fa Dance BA (I>) Most of All isa Uo) [aft Every Voice and Sing ir We Mouriog Ins Dancing Be 1} Lift Up the Gates 1a (13) Move Of Ba 0} © ‘Tune not available Iyie only» see Songs & Creations yc books (LB) #100, #102 or #137 for lyric and chords This song is ony in this Tune book Title Page # Cape i) Braise God Calypso Doxolosy) 26A (3) raise the Lord Together Singing sa Mr. Bojangles 3 Pras the Seve oR Mas. Tip-Toe : 2034 (10) Praise You Father 20a) Mu the Tragic Wagon DA Os) Prayer Is, 1S4a 20) Manipal Protest Frain Assoc, Song’. 48° (4) Prepare Ye 109.) Music of the World A-Turnin & & Precious Lord, Take My Hand 2038 (10) May'Bonni Lis Over te Osea in & Promised Land a & fy Brother, My Friend a OH Proud Mary Ha {th My God saa 135, ab, Pealm $ (a) Hope fs Built Bea {10} Psalm 8 6A 8) fy Jeaus Rose on Easier Morning las” (13) Psalm 19 cay My Life Is im You 40a Paalm 23 (the Lotd is My Shepherd) <2 8 @) My Peele iio” @ Psalm 25 (Unto Thee Oh Lord) 2 G4 f} Rhinoceros 217 i) Peal 33 (Sing # New Song) % G My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord Soa a) Psalm 91 n 6 Psalm 92 lie Psalm 100, BA Reriame neat ore Psalm 100 (Psaim of Praise) 108, 8) Never Doubt 30" ab) ink 103 (Aste ann From he Wen 2234 @Niskel Song (LB only, pg. 107) r sal 133 (Dwell Together Noakes Sens C8 only Ps a Palm of ae : ie 8 No Fear 130A (19) Pull The Magic Dragon. iy (3) Not By strength Nor By Might 20° U8 Puta Lite Love in Your Heart dan Belong to Jesus is {12 Put On Your Clothes Of Love iso” ag) Now Let Ur Sing 7 ut Your Hand in the Fan 206 (18) *Nowhere Man n 8 ut Your Hand in the Hand se) Q BR 0 Christmas Tree TEA CTY Radical Man TIA U9 © Gome All Ye Faithful ws Ratlronders Lament (500 Mile BAG) © Come fet Us Adore Him Sta. (8 Raindrops Keep Fallen’ on My Head |. 163, (il) © For A Thousand Tongues i294 {1 Reach for the Child Ma) © God, Our Help in Ages Past 5" U0) Red Red Blood i G3) © How I Love Jesus 1 ® Red River Valley i & © Little Town of Bethichem we Gb Rejoice a Od © Love That Will Not Let Me Go 201) Remember Me Be U0) © The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus A Rest in Him 20a. &) © Wondrous God: How Great You Are | 13°} Return Again S50 (18) ©, Worship the King 8 Rhythm Guitar 201" a, O'Yahwelt 19 (13) Rich Man Spiritual so © Holy Night in ub Riddle Song 203 10) Oh Go tn Beauty 209 Riders in the Sky io) (Oh) God is Good 64a) Right on Moses 13a (1) Oh Suzanna 1478 {16) Rise and Shine IsiA (3) Oh You Besuiful Dol WP sy River of Jordan 36°) Ole Folks at Home 149A {I6) River of Life 3a Old Grey Mare (The) 15a (8) River to the Ocean Ba 08) Oleana 208 Oh Rock-A-My Soul aa On Eagist Wings iss (i Rock Me to Seep sy On The 2 Dove IBA (9) Rocky Mountain High 19 (5) On Top of Old Smoky aA. (15 Rocky Top op 1b One Bread, One Body i 7 Rol Jorden, Rei 132M One Man's Hands 2% Rooster Crows 15 One Shall Become a Thousand aosa (ie) Rove (The) 198B ey One Tin Soldier ios (8) Row, Row, Row Your Boat so) You 106 (0) Row That Boat TA IN Onstard Christian Peopie 12 Go Rush Elohim 185A (13) pen My Eyes that t May See 1a {10 Rum by Gum sow) Open Our Eyes BA Us) Run, Run, Run ® 8 Obr God Relgns 3 8) Our Lords Prayer i311) s Smet 7 p Scarborough Fair 20a) Sam WOn TT Search My Heart Boa Pass My Love Around Be {10 Secret Ambition ut Peace Be With You 209) See How They Love 33a an) Peace is Floving Like a River i333) See the Wonder of Livin’ ga D Peace Like a River 1371) Seek and You Shall Find BA G Peace My Friends 38 Oh Seek Ye Fist 3A) Pentecost 00a (1D Servant of All aca) Perspective 208A Serve (See LB Pg. 206) i708 Phartoh Pharaoh ioa (12 Shalom Bo” GB Phoenix (The) 20a OD Shel Be ri Rode Nuns 3° Playing Right Field aie Go) Shenandoah igsa (12) Power of Our Risen Lord cise 8 Shine a Lite Ligit SBA. (19) Ifyou dont fad th vng onthe page liste, keep taming because it will be on one ofthe following page that has the same page number with ther A,B, or C beside Title Page Tae Shine Jesus Shine 89 ay Shine on, Harvest Moon 147A (06) Shout Hellelujah 30A 3) Shout the Good News 136 an shower the People 105A Shut De Do 2A ap silent Night, Hoiy Night i 11) silver & Gold 92 as) Simon Peter 100) Simple Gifts 3 & Simple Song of Freedom 1 esi 144 0) Sing A New Song 204A 17) Sing a New Song (Psalm 33) 6G) ing Alleluia to the Lord 1) ing Hallelujah 3583) Sing My Song (Don't Be # Fool) 212 8) singin’ A ©) Sister Butter 6 sittin on the Dock of the Bay BIA 6) eSixteen Tons 6 3) Siva Hamba 219 Skip to My Low IA @) Slow Me Down Lord 207) Softly & Tenderly 14a (15) Solid und 219° 3) Some —ays Are Diamonds Some Days ‘Are Stone) 150, (16) Somebody Touched Me 165A (12) Something Beautiful 2A U4) ® Something to Believe In 131 Song Is Love (The) 13 aD Song of God's Presence Tiga (9) Song of the Soul 49) Song Sung Blue 6 Songs in the Daytime 4G) Soon and Very Soon 6 as *Sounds of Silence (The) 4 sSparrow in a Tree me 7a 5) Special People 2 Q) Speedo 29 aa) eSpirt of God 10a) Spinit of the Living God 87) Spunt Pushin Me Like the Wind (Whais, | tant in My Life) spint Song Hoa OR Stand By Me 213A (18) Stand By Me (ym) a3 a8) Standin’in the Need of Prayer 37,3) Start 117A @) Stee, \f Love Be do) *Ste vy Step 1A Sipping Stone (1'm Not Your) 218 Strength 38A 3) Stumbling Heavenviard’. inside front cover (14) Sunshine-on My Shoulders 2G) Surely Goodness and Mer sa) ‘Surely the Presence "(CB only, pe 23) Surrender to Me 193) Sweet Song of Salvation 3G) Sweet Surrender i602) Swing Low 1 @ L = Me Home, Country t ake My Feet 10a Take My Hand, Precious Lord 203B (10) Take Our Bread 39° 0) Teach Me How to Pray. I 154 3) Teach Me Lord, to Wait 4 @) Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord 120A @) Teach Your Children 138A (10) ‘Tears in Heaven 10A Tell a Friend Tell Me Why Tell the People I Love Them Thank You 's All Right Thats OK Thanksgiving he Bind Bayed Oa 3¢ Banquet ihe Bulg biccd tery So The Carpenters Sen The Color of My. Soul The Carsilistas Song in th Steet Bridge Sone (sin roo) The Frat Noci The Fox ‘The Gift of Song The God of Abraham Praise * The Great Pretender The Greatest Thing The Happy. Wanderer The Holy Books The House of the Rising Sun The King of Go The Lis of the Valle The Lord Is My Shepherd The Lords My’ She The Marvelous Toy The Old Grey Mare The Power of Our Risen Lord She Rose the Song is Love The Sounds of Silence Son The Univeral Soidier The Wedding Banquet The Word The Wreck of the -iobn °° There Are Angels (Hoverin) ‘There Is Love (Wedding Song) There Is a Tavern in the Town, ‘There's a New World Somewhere There's 2 River Theres Something Abo Th Name Therefore the Redeemed They Cal Him Love They Call the Wind Maria They Hang Him on a Cross They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Lave . 6 Things Men Do (The) Think This Day This oy Fathers Wor is Is My Father's Wor This Is the Day This Is the Day that the Lord Has Made This Is the House This Joy Th dip You and This Lite Light of Mine This Train Those Who See Light Thow Ar Worthy Though the Love of God Our Ssvior Thy ng Kinds thy Word. ps 190) THAI My Repl ae One Tl Happened to Me (1 Dida Think I Could Be) Til You Opened My ies 90 109A A 33 @ 15 &8 (© Tune pot available /Iyrics only - se Songs & Crestions gre Books (LB) #100, #102 or #137 for Ics and chords * Thi song it only inthis Tune book Title Pare # claps 9 Time 7 Times Thy Are’A-Chsngin ae 9 Tip Toe (Mrs) 203A (0) Te God Be the Gioiy is To Try Again Iss 1) stodky US Tom Dooley 67. () Touch of His Love 107 a9) Tramp on the Steet sf Tambis Tea {Py Tastand Obey 1 33 ‘host ine bord isa {93 2 Lite Kindoess BA Ty to Remember oo) Tukey Song Cho) 733, G6) stun ows isa 9) Tum, Turn, Tum 16 Q) Turn Your Eyes Upon isms wa Twelve Beye of Chrtinas ey Tenty Thsd Pein (A inierpetation) 203 (11) ¥ Cans Unconditional Love 194A (6) United in One Spirit 210 (20) Universal Soldier (The) 32 QB) Gato Thee Oh Leva san 25) se aid) Unto The Hills Around Do LLin Up ||. 134 (10), Ute Usa Child Ties Been Given dyne Book, pe 173) mA ay y Syeq aa Day wy ive La Compeanié. Vue 6 w an Water w Wat Sea (314) #Walk by Faith 682A (5) Walk to Emmaus: 185 an Walkin inthe Light Ba fh We Are a Rainbow 166 (16) WE Are Alloiged in Chis Tits We Ate Gods Commonty na” oy We Are Loved and reciated 100A (8). We Ae ty Pas EB pe) Isa (In We Are the Family of Go« 65 (5) We Ave One tn the Bond of Lave ©.) 4a ne Believe 8 We Believe Ia God 169 Qo) We Bring the Seenifice of Praise a) (Lyte book only, pg213) We Have Come Into His louse (ets Forget About Oursebves) 1A We Necd Time 13 flo) We Shall Not Be Moved 162 (12) We Stal Overcome ca) We Talk of the Time 145A (16) We Three Kings of Orgat Ave ie (15) We Wish Yous Mery Chasinas Hoa Ui Weave rs Weave Me the Sunshine 101 (8), Weavers. 166A (16) Wedding Banquet (The) 133 0) Wedding Song (There Is Love) 18 Q) Welcome Home 140A (15) Welt Wei. We a @ We're Gonna Live Forever 25, QB) Wete Turning 1 around isa (3) Were You ise? a) Wht a Friend We Have i Jers is (tp What A Goodly Thing (LB pg. 103) 139A (10) What Mighn’ Ged We See 208 What Child Is This 179 <3) ‘What If 100 (8) ‘What If What They Say is True 172 (19) What The World Needs Now Is Love 122A (9) What Would Jesus Do? 226 (20) Whats Going On 60 G0) What's Important in My’ Life Spirit Pushin fat Me Like the Wind) 2s a8) What's Real (LB pe.207) 2064 (12) Whats That I eat SA When I First Came to This Land sla) When {Look ia Ud n I Survey 4A (D) When the Saints Go Marching Tn MA to) When the Spirit 167A, When the Spirit Says Move 7 Q) When You Abide in Me ea db When We Meet There Is Love B0A (17) Where Are You Going with the Rain? 5A (6) Where Have All the Flowers Gone? 34 @ Where He Leads Me 7 Who Do You Say I Am? 129 (10) Who Is He in Yonder Stall? 84 ayn Whose Side Aze You Leanin’ On? a 3) * & Me, Lord 1s (13) Wide, Deep, Long and itigh NTA ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken? (Circie Song)153 (0 Wish You the Best Bf With a Little Help ffom My Friends ©1117 tay Without Clouds 0A Woke Up This Morning sr 15) Wonderful Words of Lite 82 6) Wonderin’ 103) . Wont You Come by Here 162 (1) Word (The) 173 (12) Worship 4 ay Worship Vou (8 pg, 139), 140 (18) ‘Wreck of the ‘John B' (The) a © xX rakweh, the Fantlul One 0 Yesterday 145) Yo Yo Yo 162A (19) You we 9) YoU Aint Goi Newbee SY Fe You Are My Hiding Place 6A (8) You Are My Wholeness 200, (18) You Are the Gift 1988 ‘You Decorated My Life 23 Us) You Fit In 225 (20) #You Were on My Mind sr) Young Life 524920 ce #Your Song il Your Will 4 oy #You've Goi a Friend > wo 1 you dont find the song on the page Hd, Keep ting esate i wil Reon on of he illowing page tht has the same page number wih citer A,B, of C Beside it | _—_— {829 ould not be aca hrouah— 1 verses and chor sion i) Chorur F 6 © am F 1 AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. ‘You peo-ple come and fol-low 6 “You ae the mystery light” ysl strates 6 c oAm C Am fol-low and love, youll lea the mys-ter- y of what youwwere meant to do and be. ing and the shepherds have found their way home ‘The work 3. To free the prisoner from all chains ‘To make the powerful care, 2. “ind the lost and lonely one, ‘se neal that broken soul with love Christmas is be - gun! 4. To bring hope to every task you do. ‘To dance ata baby's new birth, ‘To teed the hungry children ‘To rebuild the nations ‘To make muse in With warmth and good food, ‘With strength of goodwill, ‘An old person’s heart, ‘To feel the earth below the sky above! ‘To see God's children everywhere! ‘And sing to the colors ofthe earth ‘Words and must by Jim Stathdee In response to a Christmas poem by Howard Thurman. © 1989 by Jim Strahee. Controle by Desert Flower Music, Ridgecrest, CA All Rights Aovarved. Used by Pertlasion. 4 ‘Words & Muste by Kurt Kaiser } PASS IT ON son all those a - round cn warmup _w it with God's love once youve ex = pe-vivenced i You spred His ove = to ev - ty ~ one, You want «to pas it on. 2. What « wondrous time ia spring when all the trees are budding, 8, I wish for you, my friend, this happiness that I've found. ‘The birds begin to sing, the flowers start ther blooming. ‘You can depend on Him: it matters not where you're boun ‘That's how it ia with God’s love once you've experienced it: IT shout it from the mountain top, T want the world to know ‘You want to sing, “It's fresh like spring”; You want to pamsiton, The Lord of love has come to me; I want to pas it on. 23899 Lescon Muse ne Al Fights Reser Intron Copan Secured Used by Spell Pamison Peformance Mihi Lienee ouch A spark of truth gives movement." —— AWESOME GOD —— Wendy ean eM ic 6 Em (01) Em Our God (echo) isan Awesome God He reigns (echo) from heaven above 6 (em With wisdom powerand love err pos Em 67 En Sf Copygh cues Our Gou is an Awesome God. [iL Righs Reset Ud by Permiion Words & Musioby Joe South GAMES PEOPLE PLAY. a E A Oh, the games peo-ple play, now, ry night and ev'ry day, now, Never mean - in’ what they say, now, way the ho - urs ‘Till they're covered up with flow-ers In the back of black lim-ou - sine, La, da, dada, da, da,da. 87 A 87 E a, da, dada, da, da, dee. ‘Tallcin’ Bout you and me ‘And the games peo-ple play. 2. Ob, we make one another ery; Break a heat, then we say good-bye. Cross our heart and we hope to die, That the other was to blame. Neither one will ever give in. So, we gaze at an eight by-ten, ‘Thinkin’ ‘bout the things that might have been, I's a dirty rotten shame, 8, People walkin’ up to you, Singin’ “Glory Hallelujah” ‘And they’te tryin’ to sock it to you, Inthe name ofthe Lord, ‘They gonna teach you how to meditate; Read your horoscope, cheat your fate, ‘And; furthermore, to hel with hate; Come on, get on board. 4. Look around, tell me what you see, What’ happenin’ to you and me. God grant me the serenity To remember who Iam. ‘Cause you'r givin" up your sanity For your pride and your vanity. ‘Turn you back on humanity; And you don’t give ada, da, da, da, da By Joe South ©1968 & 1970 by Lowery Muti Co, ne. .0, Box 967, Atlant, GA. 90919, Al Rights Reserved, Used by Permiason “Possibly you are the only ‘Bible’ someone i reading” ‘Dorr JUSTICE ‘Tratonal ALL MY TRIALS. Ws late, my brothers, i’ tate; Dut never mind c Em Am Dm? 6 cl ce ‘was a thing that money could buy, the rich wouldlive and the poor would die Em__Am Om? o7 all, all my trials, Lowd, sor be os wee 2. Thad a litle book; it was given to me. 8 Thnk, you people, don't you ery. 4. Seo the land across the sea ‘And each new page spelled liberty. ‘My Lord condemned not, nor do I. ‘And the people eying, “Come set us free.” ‘All all my tials, Lord, soon be over. All all my trials, Lord, soon be over. ‘All all my trials, Lord, soon be over. “When men speck il of you, live so that no one wil Believe them.”"—Socrates Bychet Powers LET'S GET TOGETHER: <= ‘And fears the way we die. — Love is but 4 song we sing, ° ois You ean make the mountsing ring Ormake the an - gels ery, ° cis ‘chorus TH°"the bird ison the wing_____And you may not know | why. ¢ A ° s A D a Cmon peo-ple now, smile onyourbrother. Ev-‘ry-bod-y get together and love one another ight now! 2. Some will come and some will ¢, 3, Ifyou hoa the song I sing, ‘And we shall surely pas. You will understand. ‘When the one that left us here, ‘You hold the key to love and fear ‘Returns for us at last; In your trembling hand, ‘We are but a moments sunlight, Sust one ey unlocks them both, Fading inthe grass. (Chorus) Ws thereat your command, (Chorus) By cat rower, ©1989 by ning Mule B.A, gts Conte by ALMO Puicatons, Hlrwood, CA Maden S.A. Al gts sere. Used By Donovan CATCH THE WINI 2 ° Gmaig o lov iting 2. To catch =the wind, 3. When sundown pales the sky, 5. When rain has hung the leaves with ters want to hide a while, behind your smile, want you near to kill my fears, ‘And everywhere Td look, your eyes 4 find ‘To help me to leave all my blues behind. 4. Forme tolove you now, 6. Standin’ in your heart Would be the sweetest thing Is whore I want to be and long to be. "T'would make me sing. ‘Ab, but I may as well try and eatch the wind. ‘Ab, but I may as well try and catch the wind. ‘©Copyright 1985 by Donovan (music) Lid London. Sole Seling Agent Southern Music Puliahing Co, nc. Used by Permission. Ecclesastes=ch. 1, 14; cR.2:1, 17, 28 N44 6,1 oe John 38, With he new converant™—The Wid opr catches us to Qvo us cur tus sires. 2 Words ana Music by Paul Simon _—_——_— THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE- 1, tHello, darkness, my ol fiend. In restless dreams walked alone 3nd inthe naked light Ta {ve come to talk with you, gain, ‘Through narrow streets of cobblestone, ‘Ten thousand people, maybe more, ‘Because a vision softly creeping Beneath the halo of a street lamp, People talking without speaking, [Late is soods while Iwas sleeping. Turned my colar the cold and damp People hearing without listening, ‘And the vision that was planted ‘When my eyes were stabbed by the flash People writing songs that voices In my brain Of neon light [Never shared— Sail remains Split the night No one dared— Within the sound of silence. ‘And touched the sound of silence, Disturb the sound of silence. 4. "Fools!" ssid 1, “You do not know 5, And the people bowed and prayed Silence ikea cancer grows. ‘To the neon god they made. ‘Hear my words that I might teach you, Ad the sign lashed ovt its warning ‘Take my arms that I might reach you.” In the words that i was forming ‘But my words like lent raindropsfell And the signs sad, “The words of the prophets (Ob, ob, ob) ‘Are written on the subway walls And echoed inthe wells of silence. ‘And tenement balls,” Pas ant Ps Seen mera Copy snaed anousheaves And whisper inthe sounds of silence. Sieg 0 "Mootgn By" Key of 0 WORSHIP. vies y Yohan Andean Chore : D s ° er SS. ————— SSS a. eo e Fi Pe ———— It’s abeau-ti-ful — momn-in’,_—_—————"__ it's areal fine day (=S= To wor ship the Lord ° == - > Ws a beau th ful be-gin inh A ‘And well wor ship the Lord to - gether in a spe - cal may. 1, Well, the day's begun and here Lam ‘With my brothers and sisters. What a wonderful plan ‘To wonhip the Lord with peace inside ‘©Copyright 1980 by Yonann Anderson {As we sng love's old sweet song: In God abide. -HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS ———___ or — Set pas S53 He's ot the whole world in His hands, He'sgot the whole wow in His hand, He's got the eo Ihands, He's got the whole world in His hand. in His 2. He's got the wind and rain in His hands, (3 times) 4. He's got the tle bitty baby in His hands, (3 times) “He's got the whole word in His hands. “He's got the whole word in His hands. 3. He's got you and me, brother in His hands, 5, He's got everybody here in His hands, (3 times) got you and me, sister, in His hands, e's got the whole world in His hands. e's got you and me, brother, in His hands, He's got the whole word in His hands Sing moderately, nottootas, ike apa! Words and Music by Paut Simon BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER. 1. When you're weary, When you're down and out, 3. Salon, silver gi, Feelin’ small, ‘When you're on the street, Sail on by, ‘When tears are in your eyes, ‘When evening falls so hard Your time has come to shine. 1 dry them al; {will comfort you All your dreams are on thei way. Tm on your side. 1 take your part. ‘See how they shine. ‘Ob, when times got rough Oh, when darkness comes Oh, if you need atriend, ‘And frends just can't be found, ‘And pain is all around, Ts right behind. Like a bridge over troubled water Like a bridge over troubled water Like a bridge over troubled water will lay me dow. Twil ay me down. T wil ease your mind. Like abridge over troubled water Uke a bridge over troubled water Like a bridge over troubled water Iwill lay me down, will ay me down, Twill ease your mind, 2989 Fa sno, tran! CopyightSecsre. Made In U.S.A. A Rohs Reseed Wor lhe con Charing Croas Mute nc 114 Eee Sethe vor NY . ore controted by Casing “Let God sing thie song to you. Do you have frend you coud sing it 1, or thet could sng t0 you?” tat oiay baste EL CONDOR PASA (IF I COULD). A, Td zather bea sparcw than a snail. 2. [rather be a hammer than a nail. ‘Yes, I would. IfTcould, I surely would. Hom. He give the world its nddest sound, Its aaddest sound. 8, Td rather be a forest than a street. 4. Td rather fel the earth beneath my fet ‘Yes, Iwould. If could, I surely would. ‘Yes, would. IF only could, I surely would. (Chorus) (Bnd with vere 1.) Engliah ics by Pau Simon, Musical Arangomant, not Included, by Jorce Mlcbarg) © 188, 1963, 1870 Edward 8, Marks Music Crp and J Riana Engle yee tom Sharing Grose Musi, inc, Ha Eat SSN Se New Vor NY 1002 Com: and Joos kere IT’S A JOY TO GET TO KNOW YOU E 87 € Ws a joy to get to know you, It's a joy to get_ to know you, And I By Nathan Sega! FROM YOU I RECEIVE 8 c From you I re- ceive, To you I give, To goth-er we share, And from this we live, (©1000 by Nathan Segal Controlled, 220 Redwood Hy #118, Mil Valley, CA 84041, ‘THEY WILL KNOW WE ARE CHRISTIANS BY OUR LOVE Am We are one in the Spir- it, We are one in the Lord, We are one inthe Spir - it, Em Am We se one in the Lord. And we pray that Chorus am Em us nity may one day be re - stored. Am ‘And they'l know we are Christians by our love, by our love. Yes, they'll know weare Chris-tians by our love. 2. We wil walk with eachother, ‘We will walk hand in hand. valk with each other, ‘We will wall hand in hand. ‘And together wel spread the news ‘That God isin our lan. 38. We wil work with each other, We will work side by ide. ‘We will work with each other, We wil work side by sie. ‘And we'l guard each one's dignity ‘And mre each one's pride, ‘All praise to the Father ‘From whom all things come; ‘And al praise to Christ Jesus, His oniy Son; ‘And al praiae to the Spirit, ‘Who makes us one. We are one inthe Spirit, We are one in the Lord Wie are one inthe Spiet, Wie are one inthe Lord ‘And we pray that al uni ‘May one day be restored. (©1087 by FEL. Publlatlons Lid, Los Angele, CA. Utd by Pemlasion. From the FEL. Recording by Peter Scholtes. “Disciples iret nlcknamed Christans tn Antioch about (1 A.D, Acts 11:28, 36." Am 6 F ca ‘Blind -man stood on the way and cred; Am GF, ] Blind man stood on the way and. tied; sty in’ “Ob, F 7 e Dc, BLINDMAN —————————___________ 6 F 7 — show me the way, Show me the 2, Jenus stood on the way and said, (Repeat 2x) Seyin, “Oh, Tam the way, ‘The way to go home.’ Improvised, alternative version! ‘wayyy. Theway log nome. Rangeela Na Na Niele Neen pond even lg o he wat an aid aca I Verse and chorus ae same tune balcally 6A Kero PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND" * 867 Coe esis Chorus a ° ar Em Put your hand inthe hand of the Put your hand in the hand of the man who tilled the wa ‘man who calmed the sea ‘Take 2 look at yourself and-a you can look at oth - ers dif ~ rent - om ov Em ar ° s ° A ° L.Bv-‘ry time T look in-to the ho - ly book I wanna. trem ble ar Ome Geet) Fi o7 carpenter clered the tem ple, 6 or. > Em ar Foe the buy-ervand the sll-ers were mo dif-rent fel-las than what os op ——2 I pro-fess to be. Andit causes me pain toknow I'm not the person I should be. 2, Everytime I lok into the eyes ofthe One who loves me, ‘When I feel the touch of His hand in mine I wanna be free, (Oh, the times that He reached out and healed the sik ‘And He cased the blind to see— Well, it helps me discover what kind of person I shouldbe. (©1971 by Bescnwcod Musi of Canada. All US.A. ght assigned Beachwood Musle Corporation Vs. 2by Yohann I optional. I's not part ofthe og tal composition an wee sddea for is book oly. ©1672 byVOSAC. YOU ARE MY HIDING PLACE Based on Psalm 32:7, 56:3 Do in prose style ea Dev By Michael Leéner GT Crus, You Au-ways FL My a 7 evs You ARE MY UID-ING PLACE, Dn Ged 2 Heaer WiTH SONéS OF DE-LV-ER,ANCE WHEN-2V— ER Tm AFRAID, 1 WiLL TRUST IN You —, 1 Wilh TRUST W_YOU~ 1 — LET THE WEAK SAY 1 — AM STRONG IN THE STRENGTY OF MY LORD - ‘Se song my be sng ak round by Grow IT starting at mesure one ven Group 1 resches mature eight. 2.298) er 20 mens mate, 0 2a eights reserved. International copycisht Seeeheetty ord Muni by Yoana Andean ——— ABUNDANTLY a ¢ F 6 c Prom mount high, cool waters flow, Thesinging breeze, green meai-ows row. Shine tllpine trees, blue s eee Ap Em thy a= bore Are all ex-pres-sions of my Lord's love. And this one God, who made all thes, is . coc M® fn te eae . — = @eSepeys S222 aS tatiatod in gotund mess gna it ie lomabeue tne Nowa, mow Me 4 bandit 2 Godan Hecate Hei 2 Tn desing ans i se i, feta i a Poidistan toma toto ‘eC clon ope, Ea eat ey Tec et Bigg Ge en ety . ‘Datei oa oboe, “aca Godse hem, Teed et ‘Sumida me Novhey go er figment ost mato, SSE Seatac, Nef ie andy [Abundanty means, in Grek, “exceeding te usual numba “Lite bayond anything we could wxpac."—nypardive {© 1088, 1979 by Yonann Anderson. Controlled by Songs and Creations, Inc. P.O. Gox 7, San Anselmo, CA 94960, Phone 418) 4878810 Al Fight FRevord itn moety at Young Lte Camp, albu Canada, ano American Bapiat Seminary ofthe West and Forest Home Conerence Center, “Lam come hat they might have fe and that they might have it more abundantly.” —Jobn 10:10 ‘(Abandaatly meant “Flow over the Brin oF more tan enough) ., ‘Stine chord oversees chor. Words AMusleby Bb Dylan I SHALL BE RELEASED. © om Em Foy GC a SS ‘They wy evrythingcan be re - placed, —— Yet ov ry dis-tance in not new 6 c o bm em ef —= SS So, Ire mem-bere- ‘ry face Ot erty man who put me herw “1 aoe my ght Any day now, an-y day now, 2. They say ev't¥ one needs direction ‘They say ery one must fall Yet amear ace my reflection Someplace so high above this wall {By Bob Dylan, ©1967 by Owart Muse. Rights conte by Peer, Braun, Cashman, herman, Inc, Used by Parmisson. ll Rights Reserve. "God's process sabways towards the day/ligh.”" 1. Tm gonna buy me along, white robe, ‘Yeu, Lord, to help me home. ‘Dm gonna buy me along, white robe, ‘Yeu, Lord, to got me home. ‘And when I gat my heavenly gown ‘And Ilay my burden down, {fm gonna gt me along, white robe ‘Toot me home. 2. Tm gonna buy me two golden slippers, ‘Yeu, Lor, to walk me bore. {fm gonna buy me two golden slippers, ‘Yeu Lord, to walk me home. ‘And when I et my alipper of gold ‘Tye Lord will have my soul. Tm gonna gut me two golden slippers RICH MAN SPIRITUAL Word & Musloby Gordon Lightoot Ym gonna buy me two wings of sver, ‘Yes, Lord, to fy me home. {im gonna buy me two wings of er, ‘Yeu Lord, to get me home. ‘And when Leet my slvery wings ‘And an angel choi wil sing, Tm gonna get me two wings of ever ‘To getme home {im gonna buy me a poor man's troubles, ‘Yeu, Lord, to help me hom Tim gonna buy me «poor men's troubles, ‘Yeu, Lord, to help me home ‘And when [gt my troublin’ woes ‘Then homewsrd Twill go. ‘Tm gonme got little troubln’ woes ‘To walk me home. ‘To get me home, 5, ['mgonns find me a ania’ angel, ‘Yeu, Lod, to lad me home, [im gonna Gnd me «sin ange, ‘Yeu, Lord, to lead me home. ‘And when dhe takes me by the hand ‘Then, Lord, wel understand. (Slower) Tm gonna get me a sii’ angel ‘Toad me home. (©1904 4, Witmer & Sone. Al lghe reseed, Used by Pemlasion of Warer Bros. Music. Possible nterpratatin eta he song's about a pertn trying obey Into heaven but han in Ath voree repens and rocelves God's it inverse 5 and [Rivero 1 Gad Gcuesan woe the syibere manna tebe, nppers ss) sa “Where ara your riches?” What do you serve?” By Bob Kilpatrick ©G AmEm Om G 0m _G_C G_Am_Em_Dm s c In my Iie, Lord, be lo-titled, be orified. In my lif, Lord, be do-ri-fied to - day. 2. Inmysong, Lord, be Gori, be dorte. TInmy song Lord be lorie today. 8, Inyour church, Lon, be lorie, be eoife. Inmy church, Lord, be poified today. 4. Make wp your oun. Seman Prune tne, POBox 314, dng CA BY UBA. A Mts Revers. nematona opight Scud Utd by Pein How ca ou Je oo psn sos rom God ebay when ad naa sates are ory of aa? (Gorokee unt of recognition) I's OK to have things good. Kore ‘By John. Petersonand Allred. Smith ‘SURELY GOODNESS AND MERCY. pod - nes and mercy shall follow mel the days, all the days, of my ‘All the days, all the days of mye. (© 1888 by Singepratin, inc. Al RightsReserved. Uted by Permission, LORD YOU ARE When you're down and troubled ‘And you need some love and care ‘And nothing, nothing ir eng right, Close your eyes and think of me ‘And won I wil be there ‘To brighton up even your darkest night. Chore: "You jut eall out my name ‘And you know wherever am theome running ‘To we you agin ‘Winter, spring, summer, ofa ‘All you have to dois ell ‘And Tl be there, yo, Twi YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND- Words & Musleby Grol King the sky above you (Grows dar ad ful of clouds ‘And that old north wind begins to blow, ‘Keep your head together And call my name out loud, ‘Soon youl hear me knocking at your deat. Now ain't it good to know ‘That you've gota frend ‘Wien people ean be 9 cold. ‘They hurt you, yes, desert you ‘And take your soi if you lt them, ‘Ob, but dont you lat them, ones ee arte ee ere oe SSS S—= En. 8 SS S= SS Harken un tothe vole Lord, ia themom-ing will 1 rect my prayer un-to Thee and will For shat thou hearin the mom = ing, Oh 6 ar oo ook. up ‘©copyright 1975, by Maranatha! Muse. ll Rights Reserved. Intemational Copyright Secured. Used by Permission By Jona Bary and Don Back BORN FREE Born fee, as re asthe wind blows, ‘As re asthe grass grows, born fre to fellow you heat, Live fre, as beauty surrounds you, ‘The world stl astounds you ech time you lok a a star Stay tee, where no walla divide you, ‘You're treat a roving tide, a there's no ned to hide. Bora fre, and le is worth vin, ‘But only wort living cause you're bor re. John Bary and Don Black, © 188 by Screen Gems—Columbia Music Inc. New York. Used by Permission. Reproduction prohbited. Al Rights Reson. Sounds great 0 sing a cappeiaas a3 or4partreund. PRAISE THE LORD Tutar fs uved, jst play Gal the way soc Pane the Lord to = gether singing TOGETHER SINGING. coc 6 ¢ Go Gc {©1979 Sonny Salsbury, La Joli, CA. Administered by Songs and Creation 10 10 orEnbrackta depending on the tne a xdtona Ccuformoming Singsiow arn Gevng myth) By Jota Newton(trmery Sve sae, AMAZING GRACE once war lost, but now Tim found; War Mind, but now Ewe 2. "Twas gace that taught my hour tofear, 4. When we've been there ten thousand yeas, ‘And grace my fears lieved; Bright, shining asthe sun, How precious did that erce appear ‘We've no less days to sing God's praise ‘The Hou Isat believed! ‘Than when we frst begun 8. Through many dangers toils and sares, 5. Amazing Grace! How warm the sound have already come; ‘That ere new ie tome Wy ace that brought me sae thus fa, He will my shield and portion be, [And pace wil lead me home. His word my ope secures. (Optional Vere) “Additional tg canbe sung ater each vere to tune of ve got hat peactul enn feong* “78 My tle cousin, 2983, es to aay “wreck” nstnd of “wretch. wonder. Partial definition of grace is “unmerted favor. (Grace i our condition of Love before God and hopefully Before each other. {@a12tines sung as echo to group 1) ‘SING ALLELUIA TO THE LORD Sing Al-le - tu Ao} ew i, Sing Al-le = Wun tothe Lord - ‘Moke up own optional verses ie 8) Jesus is sen trom the den te. 1) We sve thanks to God our King te ©) Walling om the Lord of Lite, ete. © copyright 194 Lind Stason New Song Minis, P.O. ox 11682 Conta Mee, CA 2826 USA All Rights Reserved Iteratona copyright secured. Used by Poston ony. kere Words & Mutloby Gayle Caldwe SU tp ie omen oh kel te mee or Mee ‘That = wt mech ae 1 tae ued Though ly fool Ah pe ‘Atha Thandie Silt pt at wo ‘Temata ome wt toro Phy tga Tetons mary gee outa. st ny, Meyers eam ‘Be ing eet wre in oe Scan Tuaay ese Sep on eto Aodwwifeoedeamecone te Bi.pom jut donot mn, yaa cane, 6 ig Mane (Al ahead UMN min, Cnn Ame nt TEARS IN HEAVEN ° oe Am FC 3 1) Would You Know my name, if I saw you in heaven? ic eoene a PnaTAntir atc 6 ‘Would it be the same, if I saw you in heaven? * an En Gm A om Ti must be strong," and carry on ‘cause I know__ Oo c I don't belong_—__here in heaven. Wit oe Cope ¢ Go am Fo. o 2.) Would you hold my hand, if I saw you in heaven? ¢ Gam Fc ¢ ‘Would you help me stand, if Tsaw you in heaven? an En Gm 4 Til find my way" through night and day ‘cause Dm 6 ¢ I know__ I just can’t stay__here in heaven. ES on cn F = Bridge: Time can bring you down, "time can bend your knees. 2 om cm FB 6 ‘Time can break the heart, have you beggin’ please, beggin’ please. An, em “Gn A REPEAT Vs.1 to * (End with) Beyond the door there’s peace, I'm sure. om a7 c ‘And I know there'll be no more___tears in heaven. Cony © 1991 Mase Limi PRS) and Bl Sty Rie Songs ‘Mamncred by Unehupell Mase Ine (GN ineranane Copy Sure A Rigas Reserved u {To sing the “Sout style do steady moderately fat boat, [Gdingnetrn”ongerendeyncopating thee he z (Comey Here) KUM BA YAH. ce Fw Em f s Kum ba yah,my Lord, kumba yah! Kum ba yah, my Lord, kum ba yah! Kum ba nt 0 am batt yah, myLord, kum ba Someone's singing, Lor, kum ba yah! Someone's eryng, Lord, ku ba y Someone's praying, Lord, kum ba yah! Come by here, my Lord come by here! (Add oun vercer-sngfrely.) Kar.6 @rogreson) By Lee Hays and Pate Seeger Tt Thad a ham-mer, Td ham-merin the moma ing, 14 hammerin the eve - ning ry inland, 74 hammerout dan = ger, a hammer out warn ing, f 2 If Thad a song, 1" sing it the morning, 4, Well, I got a hammer and I got a bel, 14 ring it in the evening allover this In 14 sing tin the evneing allover this land; And I got a song to sing ll over this land. 1rd ring out danger, 1° ring out warning, 14 sing out danger, I'd sing out warning, es the hammer of justice, is the bell of| 1 rng out love between 14 sing out love between freedom, ‘my brothers and my sisters iy brothers and my sisters Rew aes whos os bee ‘All over this land. 0000, All over ths land. Oooo. my brothers and my sisters Allover this land. Oooo. Words and Muti by Lee Haya and Pate Seeger TRO, ©Copyright 1968 & 1882 Ludlow Muslc, nc, New York, NY. Ubed by Permission nA Word & MusiyJ.©. Fog PROUD MARY ——— Lett a good job in the cit-y, Work. in’ for the man every night and day; ‘And I never lott one in’ bout the way things might have been, 2. Ifyou come down to the river, 38, Cleaned a fot of plates in Memphis, Bet you gonna find some people who liv. ‘Saw alot of pain in New Orleans, ‘You don't have to worry ‘suse you have ‘But I never saw the good side ofthe city ‘no money, Until Thitched a ride on river boat queen. People on the river are happy to give. 2 ¢0pyah 1908 y Jondora Mus acta Etape t Redo Lusembough, Tangle; Alga and Benen convoia by Burington Musie Co. is, Landon SET Setured Made in USA. Al Might Reseed, Uned by Permission” "A slce of life keeps you honest” rkslay, CA $7410. All ight forthe WORLD (except North, Cantal & South America: France, Morocco, Angora, om ene si ana Copyright ‘Though He rul-eth o - ver land and se, What is that tome? 6 Em ¢ o7 aa Em © o7 bateNe tly = i= ty, Por it has splice im he to -ry, What i that to ‘TOL by faith I met Him face to ce ‘And I feltthe won-der of His pace, ‘Then I knew that He was more than just Godwho did-n'tcare, Who lived a way up there. And 27 by day, dest 1 atey, Helping me to find that nar row way. sty thing me. na wo pana diay dt 00 nap ua toa te ea 2h re cae cover an aon’ view Sphitta ieeteh about Godt nt nth chow perso aatonanp i eabtahed bya cara, zon Man Aa Rarer Cony Sse, Vn by onl Pari, Partomance isomed rough ASCK 87 David Grama ‘AH, LA, LA, LA. 6 ° ° 6 Gg s D> bel ew sie Acleclasleele Inet = ee des ws ia soc s o7 es ¢ cic s ° ce cle tnila sla et ie Aclela-la-la Jae = ate tu ia, Atala 12. Shake a neighbor's hand, 3, Play another hand 4. Twook a ends cheek, 8, Rub.beck, 6. Clap hnd 7. Jesus I you Mace up own vrs, Le: ©1978, Mute All Fights Reserved, Used by Permision. BA kevie ByRay Roop TILL ALL MY PEOPLE ARE ONE: ce F ce Am ce F c o ‘Stand to -geth «er for what you be- lev, Work tor what must be done, 4, Ta time D8. l fine Lore each oth - er in all that you do am f c an F s a 1. Speend the pence, my peo le, Spread ev ty ~ where, Amn Em F c F 6 Make the world know right from wrong: Help the world to cae. 2. Open your hearts, my brother; 3.__‘Know that He ie with us [Landa wiling hand; In everything we do; ‘Show the lonely andthe poor ‘Though hard tines may bie abead, ‘That Godin in our and, Peace will follow through. Cooyipte 967 K&R Muste Publiening, Trumanaberg HY 148 Used by Pemiason. From the recording, “Come Ave” by Ray Rep Al Fights Reserved ‘MICAH 6:8. ee do iust-ly, and to love mer-ey, And to walk hum-blywith thy God? Copyright 1870, 1980 Marana! Music. All RightsReserved. Used by purmiauon Bycant Engtanvarionbysomepe Bay 0 WONDROUS GOD, HOW GREAT YOU ARE!- Gg 6 o7 6 s 23 = = == a a a (© Won-trous God, when 1 your wor consid - ec, Which you have made by youral- 6 o 6 o7 s © When I per- ceive c-07 a o —— ‘Then soarsmy soul in joy- ful songs of praise, “0 Wondrous God, how gat you are!"™__ 2. When in the storm, I hear the voice of thunder 8, When from the storm I fle to find a shelter, ‘And lightning flashes ewite across the sky, ‘And see the lightning of your wrath set free, ‘When cold fresh winds blow in across the water, ‘Yet striking not at me the fallen sinner, ‘And rainbow glstens bright before my eye, ‘But flung agit Your Son upon a tee, 4. When storms are past, surpassing rainbow brightness, ‘You, Lord, shall bring me to a home set fee; ‘Then Iahll find that Lam in Your likeness (Of grace, atrophy forall words to vee. BA Kero JACOB'S LADDER We are climb-ing Ja - cobs lad dor, Weare climbing Jn - cob’s_—Iad- der, a F ¢, or c ladder, Soldiers of the crow _Bvty ung goes higher, higher. Seeker, do you love my Jesus? It you iove Him, why not erve Him? Knowin’ that our Father loves me Seekin’, knowin’ lovin’ servi’, ereer {Toe pase, ining Jac’ Leder means Lving—srgging wih as Goi wn us, Wa se i aymbolaly ons ner batwean Heaven and {EeficTovtsing Hineslt wit us nd guaranteeing our eur in Ye atuggte oie, Genesie 21022) yDiane att IN BIS TIME $$$ cpm 6 c Dm? or ¢ o —— as Lin His time, in Hie —_, Lord, plese show me ev- ty day Atyou'teteaching me your way That you do. just what you sty In your time—— 2 In your time, in your time, ‘You make al things beautiful "in your time. ‘Lord, my lite to you T bring: May each song Ihave to sing Be to you lovey thing ‘In your time. ‘©copyright 1978 Maranatha Music. All Rights Reserved. itemational Copyright Secured. Used by Perm 4 By Jona Fischer Aclasicsong JESUS MY LORD. 1. Have you ev = er looked at the sun-set With the sky (pause) you've seen Je - sus, my Lord. ‘And the cloudssus- pended tke feathers? Then, aay 4. Have you ever stood inthe family 2% Have you ever stood atthe ocean 3. Have you ever looked at the cress, ‘With the white foam at your fet, ‘With a man hangin’ in pain ‘With the Lord there in your midst, Felt the endless thunderin’ motion? {And the look of love in His eyes? Seen the face of Christ on each ther? Then Tsay... (pause) Then Usay Passer Then [say Passe) ‘You've seen Jesus. My Lord, (Peron) youtve seen Jesus my Lord you've seen Jesus my Lord dram wean, {©copyright 1070 by Songs and Creations, Ine, San Antelmo, CA G4B6D All World Righis Reserved Used by Permission. I God seems for amay..gss who moved? — 2 Sua Manbin —_— TEACH ME, LORD, TO WAIT ar ° = ‘They that wait up- on the Lon Shall re - new ° o7 up with wings “ ee = ees; mount Bm Ds 0, A> Go ‘Teach me, Lord; teach me, Lord, to walt, wee + ry; They shall walle and not faint 1053, enews 1981 by Haman Music Co. ne, PO, Bor 8118, Universal City, CA 91608 (ASCAP) International Copyright secured All Rights Reserve, Used by permiasion, 4A, BLESS THE LORD. . A 2 O25 6 coh,my soul; And all that Iewith- in me BlemHis ho - ly mame, Bless the Lord, REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS 1 A a E Steep nhs ape met prt urate we Sra inchowe au ee 27 Boron aise edie HUMBLE THYSELF Am__om am Lom Am 2 om —— Humble thy-olt in the aight of the Lod Hume chyaelf in the sight of the om Am om Am om ———— ee Humble thy-it in the ight of the Lond, © om ‘And He shall it you up. ‘And He hall itt you up.. ©Copyright 1078 by Maranatha Muse. Al Rights Reserved, Intentional Copysight secured Utd by Permission, "You don't have to remind the Lord once you ask— He has a good memory.” 15 Fiche LOOK ALL AROUND you —_——___"ew_ Retin 2 em s . em ” ° = SS SSS = = a} SSS ook ll a-round you and see what is real; “Hear whan time and be sure what you fe En ar ° all youbaveand be part. of God's plan. Bm 7 ar Life ie al-ways thal - low whenyou al to see That liv-ing for your- self will nev-ermake you free, 2. You may live lifetime ‘8, Life can be so meaningful Doomed to hate and fear, When you finally ee ‘Because you could not ste ‘That only in His love ‘Beyond your wtih tars, Will you be really free. (Great to nave folks touch nine tre of refrain) ‘©copyright 1880 by Songe and Creations Inc, San Anselmo, CA S4BE0. All Word Rights Reserved. SWING LOW. E A 87 e 87 1 looked - ver Jordan and whatdid 1 se Comin’ for to car- ry me home? A A 87 E 82, 6 A € band ofan = gels comin? af- terme Com. in! for to ex-ry me home. 2 you get there before do, 3. Ti sometimes up and sometimes down, Comin’ for to cary me home; Comin’ for to carey me bome;, Tallall my fends Tm comin’ too, But sill my souls lory bound, Comin’ for to cary me bome Comin’ for to carry me home. JESUS MET THE WOMAN AT THE WELL 1, Jesus met the woman atthe well, ‘Jesus met the woman atthe well, ‘Jesus met the woman atthe well ‘And He told her everything she'd ever done 2. He said, “Woman, where is your husband?” 4. Hes, “Woman, you've had five husbands,’ He said, “Woman, where is your husband’ He said, “Woman, you've had five husbands, “He said, “Woman, where s your husband! He said, “Woman, you've had five husbands, ‘And Tknow everything you've ever done. ‘And the one you have now isnot your own.” 38. Shesaid, “Jems, I have no husband,” B ‘She tai, “Jesu, I have no husband,” ‘She sald, “Jesus, Ihave no husband, ‘And you don't Enow everything I've ever done, ‘Cause Fie told me everything I've ever done.” ‘©Copyright 1964 Pepamar Music Comp. Al ighis Reserved. Used by Permission of Warmer Bros. Music. 16 (eanve org tn une ofA Lil Help Kents Mirae oetorne tone re Edatdinvatin andvorse® hanged Rove ene Arana Yann Anos a TO GOD BE THE GLORY. E 87 e Ft o ‘To God be the lo-ry, reat things He hath done, So loved He the world that He gave us His Son, Who e 87 E vield - ed His life, ana + tonement for sin, And opened the Life gates that all may goin. Retin f Praie the Lord, praise the Lord let the earth hear His vice; Prase the Lord, prase the Lord let the people re - joice! Oh, 8 87 E ‘come to the Father, through Je - sus the Son, And give Him the lo - ry, great things He has done. 2, To God be the gory, in the Lord we ae tre; Great things He has taught us, great things we can see. Ob, perfect redemption, ob, perfect delight, ‘And great our rejoicing inthe beam of His ight. ‘© Copyright 1971 by Songs and Creations ‘Acaptaton ana us by Petr Cookenstes 8 TURN, TURN, TURN. Ea 2 time for ers ry pur-pose un = der heay en, 7 [este + bom, 2 time to ce a ll, a time to heal; A time tough, 2 Ge to weep, 2, Aime to build up atime to break down; 3. Aime tolove, atime tohate; 4. A time to gain, atime to lowe; ‘A time to dance, atime to mourn; Atime of war,a time of peace; A time to rend, atime to sow; ‘A time «to eat away stones, ‘ may embrace, time of love, atime of hate; ‘A time to gather... stones together ‘A time to vefeain from ‘A time of peace, swear i's not cerning. too Ite. ‘Words tom the Book of Ecclasastes, Adaptation and Music by Pate Seeger, TRO. © Copyright 1982 Melody Tals, Inc, New Yor, NY. Used by Pemiasion 16a, 1'M GONNA SI Tm gonna sing, sing, sing; I'm gonna shout,shout,shout; I'm gor-na sing, I'm gor-na shout Praise the Lord cy 6 . A a0 When those gates are o-pen wide, I'm gonna sit by Jesus'side.I'm gonna sing, I'm gon-nashout Praise the Lord, 11. Gonna lay my burden down, (3x) 5. Swing low, sweet chariot, te, By and by, by and by. 6. Down by the riverside, 2. Ain't gonna run when it gets hard, (3x) ‘T. This trains bound for Glory, 3. T’m gonnastand on the love of God, (3x) 8. Make up your own verses, ‘4. When the Saints go marchin’ in, ete, Note: After singing the song, ide group into three, four or five roups and sing together el at once (ot: Arter singing the song vide group Into thre, four or lve groups and sing together alla once) “Be don't have to beg the Lord to be anywhere, The Lord's already there. Just help us be open.”” Basedon tt Coe 12,19 ByMarty Haugen WE ARE MANY PARTS: Fe rors: FCB) B46 (A6) Bb6(AS) FG) Bb 6 (A6) (6) _Bb6 (AG) We ale man - y parts. we ie all one Body. F@) FT (ET) BB(A6) 7 (87) — F() BG (A6) = —— amd the gts we he we we gv sen to are F() FL) B (AS) bo Fe may the Spir -it of Love make us one in dees Eb) Bb6 (A) —— Gre, the Love that, ye share, fone, cur Hope in des - pair Pa ee Cass (8) Fe) BOA) FE)! FO ROFE | cr ——— bre, the Cross that we bear ey, Gm9 (Fim) (to Verse) bea. Gm? (F¥7m) (Fine) Workingfor the Father's Son, c7(B7) F ©) BO(A) ‘work-ing that His will be done, let us lay our pits be-fore the Lord. (Chorus) 2. So my pai Ta your jo Allis brought together is pain for you, 8, All you seekers, great and small, is my joy, too, Seek the greatest gift ofall, the Lord. (Chorus) Ifyou love, then you wall now ‘the Lord. (Chorus) orm by etre mca Nah Amr, AB Rpts Reed, Canc ASCAP ely with wien boast of he Faber, Note ew bre Rach nee fo easy Aa Re, ites Copyright Senne. rade Cel Ser emer. raed hve ce (ou Watay, Femme n WHEN THE SPIRIT SAYS MOVE: Am c E SSS == Ss When the Spir-it says move, you've gotta move, uh, uh, When the Spirit says move, you got-ta_move, uh, uh. When the Any . Am Am = ze Spirit says move, you got-ta move. Oh, Lord, when the Spir-it says move, you got-ta_ move, uh, move, uh, move, ub,th. Suggestions: 2. Shout 6 Hicup 3. Sing 7. Tallemumble 4 Gap 8 Laugh 5. Listen 8. Make up own 10. End with Stop. “un represents action that corasponds tothe symbol being sung except in ist verse when you actually do movement when saying uh, uh, when Spint says shout you gt to shout (Shout, Shout), ‘Arranged by Yohann Anderson. ©Copyright 1972 by Songs & Creations, Inc. Al ighs reserved. Use by permission only. “The erulest thing you can tel someone Is thay they can't do somethin, inon-athleic, ee. Don't walk away from someone who's singing out of tune. Hel ‘them asa frend. Everyone can sng.” WE ARE MANY PARTS See Page 164 Wordsana Music by John Lennontnd Pau McCarey Key.c(Se0page tet on "ileledcotda écchorso tis ong) WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS: 1, What would you think if Tsang out of tune, 3, Would you belive in love at first sight, Would you stand up and walk out on me. Yes, Im certain that it happens all the time. Lend mo your ears and Il sing you a sone, ‘What did [see when you turned on the light? ‘And Il try not to sing out of key. ean’ tell you, but know it's mine. Ob, I get by with alittle help from my friends, ‘Oh, I get by witha litte help from my friends. Mm, I get high with alittle help from my friends, ‘Yea, [get high with alittle help from my friends, Vm gonna try with little help from my friends. ‘Tm gonna ty with ttle help from my trends 2. What do do when my love is away? 7 (Does it worry you to be alone?) ‘Do you need anybody’? How do I feel by the end ofthe day? [just need someone to love, (Are you sad because you're on your own?) Could it by anybody? [No, [get by with litte help from my fiends I want somebody to love, (Ob, I get high with ite help from my fiends, ‘Oh, I get by with alittle help from my friends, Tm gonna try with little help from my fiends, ‘Yes, get high witha litle help trom my friend. {Tm gonna try with alittle help from my trends Retrain: Alte help from my friends, yeh! Do you need anybody? need somebody to love. Could it by anybody? Twant somebody to love ‘Wows and Musle by John Lennon & Paul McCartney. ©Copyright 1967 fr the world by Norther Songs, Lid All Rights fr the United States and Canada contraled by Macien Mute, inc, co ATV Muste Group. 6236 Sunset Blvd, Holywood, CA 80028. Al Fights Reserved: Made in USA International Copyright Secured. Kore 1, How many roads must a man wall down Bafore they eal him a man? How many times must a white dove sil Before she can slep in the sand? How many times mus the cannonballs fly Before they're forever banned? ‘The answer, my fiends blowin’ the wind, ‘The anewer in blowin’ in the wind. BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND Words 8 Mu by BobOvian 2. How many years must some mountains exist Before they are swept tothe sea? (Yes, and) How many years must some people exist. Before they're allowed tobe free? (Yes, nd) How many times can a man tur his head ‘And pretend that he just doesn't see? (Oh,) ‘The answer, my fiend, is blowin” in the wind, ‘The ancweris blowin’ in the wind, How many times must aman look up Before he ean se the sky? (And) How many ears must one man have Before he ean hear peopl cry? (And) How many deaths will i take tl he knows ‘That too many people have died? (Oh,) ‘The answer, my fiend is blowin” in the wind, ‘The anewer is blowin’ in the wind, ‘The answer, my fiend, is blowin’ in the wind, ‘The answer le blowin" inthe wind. 14 Muse by Bob Oyan. Copyright 1962 M. Witmark & Songs, ll Rights Reserve. Usd by Permission of Warner Bros. Musi, ‘Who, what, where, how, ts the answer? ‘Maybe you are part oft." emacs WEDDING SONG (THERE IS LOVE)- ac cr AmiOm) 1, Hetenow tobeamont you ‘Ten what's be the ee ‘tar ‘KG! Sieh ‘At the cling of your ears. For tacoming min and wile? eer cir “amiDet Rest aed thi trobador leitove tat bene you bre, ‘aia biG) ‘si uacting on His pat. (Or fove tht binge you ie? ‘ic ‘The nlon of your spits ee ctr ich 216) Has cand Him tore 3. Forilosne isthe aoe, Entam) “Gicl ce eich For nherever two ot mre of you ‘Then who's the ding or? oer iG Emam cle) ‘Ave thre in Hi ame Do you tee in omeshing that Cie) GUC) A(O) CIF GLC) rn oie) ‘Tee nove, theres eee befor? Fr ici Af ct te (0h, there's owe, ob, thee lve tc) 216) ‘oer Dia 2. A mana ve is moter, (Oh, the marae of you spits here “a ‘ich iF) ciel ‘And » woman leave her home erga Hi roma, Eman cic) Eman) cic) ‘They sal ve om to where For wherever two of mre of you “irs ich cue ote) ‘The ew sal be ane, ‘Aue gathered in Hi me, ota ‘ci ‘ac. ‘Ast wasin oe betnnng, ‘Thee ove ob thew oe Co} lumoy, andl he ed Amie Sic) ‘Woman dams hit rom man cr ola) Andes ack ai, ch cic ‘And there ore, thee love ‘©copyright 1971, Public Domain Foundation, In. (ASCP. Al Rights Reserved, Used by permission. “You are mine and fem yours in love. Fam I and you are you tn thought. Independently we share our lives together.” rT Key. © (0407 lt fb! oun Inwowomen ey inkey ot vang Am provesson) by Sydney carter (Star siow ana a Mats LORD OF THE DANCE ¢ Am c am F s SS a TT danced in the morning when the world was begun. And I danced in the moonand the stars and the sun. And T ‘and 1 danced on thecarth At Beth - le - hem an c ———— = = =—— a= SSS aS ence, then, wher = wy - or youmay be Tam the Lord of the dance, id He, And TL ue c om 6 cor co é So Se FE Weed you al wher = ev- er youmay be; And 1M led you all inthe anon, ald He 2. danced forthe ese and the phar, 4. danced on Feidy (ow don) when they tuo Macks Batty would not dacs and they would’: {chur o ance wih the ord on your back ‘Sw me — “hey buried my body and they thought Pa gooe, {danced forte fihemen, for Jame and John: But Tam the dave and Tail goon. Reed op) ‘They ame ith me andthe dance went on. 8. They cut me down, and ep up ih [danced onthe Sabbath, and I cred the lam Tam he it thar never sever des {he holy people nid“ surly wes + ha, Hien youifyou eine Tey wiped td hy sipped nd hy Fe Thin the Lord o¢ the dance, He ‘nd hy af me ther on axes i atin (Most of ne song is payed with the chords png between Cand Am (orG and Em) ‘Soeen get boring that way) ng slower then ull up a vary speed By Sydoay Carte, ©Copyright assigned 1988 to Galland Ld. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted by permission of Galaxy Musi Corporation, NY, Singwithacatypsobeat ‘ABanamsn Taatonal Song BY THE RIVERS OF BABYLON. By the rivers of Bab - "'y-lon where we sat down hey, hey, we wept when we re-membered Zi on, (Repeat) But thewick -ed car-ry ur a-way cap - G ths we ty rec quir-ing of usa song Now how shall wesing the Lord's song in & or c Bre: pe ¢ strange land. (Repeat) Let the words of our mouth, and the med ita - tions pr ce br c of ow heart be ae = cept avble in Thy sight, here tonight. —__ (Repeat part Tmany times) 19a, Robert Cult OPEN OUR EYES: -pen our eyes, Lord, We want to me Je. mm —SC*To. am? Em ay reach out and touch Open our eyes, to we de ‘©Copyright 1876 Maranatha Muse Il lghts Reserved, nterratlonal Copyright Secured, Used by Perm Keys JESUS IS THE LIGHT. s o7 6 . Jes ar le thet, Hes the ght of the would (bom.bombom). Jess it the bt, He'sthe ih fee wort (bom, tem om) c s Jesu le the Mit, Hes the ht of the werd: And Hes ey er tins ng tm my al {Repeat as many tines as you want) ‘©Copyright 1878 Arangamant by Yohann Anderson Centrliad by Songs and Creation, Inc, PO. Box 7, San Anselm, CA S496.Al Rights Reserve, “Live your ight.” 2» PSALM 19. Words & Musicby Sony Salebury 1h, te none my mouth sedtemeds t+ Hon my hewt Doty ame ching for he en x fm. em ” trio tine) 8 the ge-ryee Gat. 12. Come the morning sun to male the darkness run Wodh may Sry anu €or Oy Su So ‘And sy the day's begun tothe glory of God. (ADvaontWed ne AE NaNG Read Unb Pema WA TE ‘And when the shadows fll and the ight winds cll, ‘They te telling one and all ofthe eory of God ALIVE ALIVE ‘Wy Totaan Pnderson Chorus Am © Am mt One SE, THE LORD'S come WACK (ECHO) A =Live, A= LIVE, A Com- PLETE. SUR ‘Bam Com one Verge FLESH AND GLO08,LIV-ING LOVE, WE COULD “TOUGH Wind ———— (REPERT) THe CRU-EL CROSS STIL LNGERS IN MY mem GA Fie OT i i = i ‘Toloueo Ap VEALED MY MEART WAT OVE AND ViC~ToR-¥ i i oF i FE is Fish sup mane vB sive COND cor-ig Sia Bue ie 5 i chorus 2 a "daoyewr Os Ae sowe, xeuoHT us A Sone THeT WE COULD g1NG— A-UVE, On UME, COME ALIVE, LET YOUR HEART LiGhT Sine RE- i ae eas i : ; i LIVE, A-LiVe, COME A-LIVE, GO AND TELL THE woRLD—. a = = LIVE, BLE, Come A-LIVE, SING MY Sous Se COVES 2, The years and the days they all went by so quickly. Still T got the message that I'd be what Ho meant ae to be. The road of Life tho’ rougher now, I's learning. The Holy Spirit, breath of Jesus, fills ae. (Chorus 1 & 2) (An all-year Easter Song from the first follower's perspective and hopefully ours). 2 singcrowsow vos une Sacer orvoizamaata, DWELL TOGETHER (PSALM 133)- Chore c 6 ° s ° pS SES © Saar CAFR tot, tow eoodandbow plasaat ku Fot pople to dwell to guh-er an ope, Be Coeuee es nae fees _ 2 = = Pe hold bow yoodand how pleacast tis For peopletodwel to-guher a om. 1 aid nat ° 6° Roe 5° set ca : = S=]S 5S ESS a SSE ee folka were meant for life; The war is 0 ver,nted no strife. ‘T-sad that T would give you peace. So, come on Jn and join the 2. Thave come to write no books with ink; 3 sean tobe this way; {vein folks to help them love and thinks Different people dwelling together each day. Thave come to make no image of gold: said Le in you and you live in me; Lam no thing that can be bought or sold ‘Together wel stand, together we'll be Inthe family, in the family. In the family, in the fail. End with Inthe family. ‘Chorus: horus) (End with) {© Copygh 1680, 1674 by Yohann Anderson. Contaied by Song Creations, no, Ali Rights Reserve. ee meat = ‘ONE MAN‘S HANDS: = : ¢ o c ert == aes ‘One mans hands cant tar apicon down, Twomens hands cont tear apron down, . ¢ a omg? oon a = ee + But it twound twoand fif-ty make 4 million, Well see that day come round, We'lsee that day come ‘ound ‘One man’s voice can't shout to make them hear, _4.-_One man's feet can't walk around the land ‘Two men's voices ean't shout to make them hes, ‘Two men's feet can't walk around the land, Butif two, ete BuLitewo, ete. ‘One man’s strength can't et the people fee, (One man’s eyes can' see the way shead, ‘Two men’s strength can" st the people fee, ‘Two men's eyes can't see the way ahead, Buti two, ete But if two, ete ‘Words by Alox Comfort. Music by Pete Seeger, @\Copyrght by Fal River Music In. Al Rights Revered. Used by Permission. ‘Hands ar the touching fingers of God." 224 CAUSE ME TO HEAR: ® . . 5 = es Crue me to shrow he way. wherein Thou was a ¢ . a eee SS as For {it yp my soul un-to Thee, 0 Lord, Andin Thee do T ast all the dey. cena 078 Fan of Life Minatres, Ruston LA ll Rights Reserve, by BIN Galther SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL: o7 some thing good; All my _con- fu - sion, Amc? om _¢ o icine G AIL T had to of-ferHim was. bro-ken-ness and strife, But He made some-thing beautiful ‘ot my lite. © RR AT tar 4 ouinar Adminiauad by Gata Mule Company, P.O. Bo 30, Alesana, Veseied ee op poise 204 SCARBOROUGH FAIR: bm cm ec % SSS Se Fe S Reap ae He ‘re sou o-ing to Set-bovcugh Fam? Paley, F fm 6 6S 5 mem - ber me to the one who lives She ‘Teller tomake mea cambric shirt: 3, Teller tofind me an acre of land: 4. Are you going to Scarborough Fae? Parley, sage, rosemary, and thyme; Parsley, sage omemary, and thyme; Parsley, sage, onemary, and thyme; Without no seams nor needlework, Between the salt water and the sea Remember me tothe ne who lives When she'l be a tre love of mine. strands; ‘there; ‘Then shel bea true lve of mine, She once was a tue love of mine, Ltrmeace “onwar) ‘*KADIMA- Kas dime, adi, bas dle evel. ey, ay, Madleme oe Ke a de a el ly k,l 2nd verve: Kasim Opawel eens forward iso eas) 3rd ore: nadie Yorcugeem lorward men of God) fy yore: Rac Yoon orwerd wih Jou), bysimstioeeh PRAISE YOU FATHER- ¢ o_o om ce f ao ' eet SSS See Pim you FO” Men pou HER Hype hk enor eng bn, en ge cree € on ar ce ‘ Prin you Puthoy lan you de-may Holy Spit hakyoutor beg, being, Lord ‘Scar reno Male lg Rast Cori Sve any Partin Bydeha Flechar REST IN HIM ""Gontenes ia brick covered with velvet Semmes Ma No Ra. rani en dy oi Poin are Ret a yKaren Gold, James Mason ‘and PauStootey HYMN. My mother ued to drs me up, ‘Aad while my dad was leepng ‘We'd wal down to your houte without speaking. 1. itd some houses where they aid that you wer ving, 2. Pasing convertion whee they mentioned your extence, ‘Ad thy lle 2 ot about you and they spoke about our gring ‘An the fact that you ha ben replaced by your stn ‘They peda basket wit some envelopes, ‘The dcusion wa theology and when they smiled aed turned come {just bd tine to wrt note, Al that Teould ay wat "alee in yo” ‘Aad al ita nas" bee you." 3, sisied your house agua on Chris ot Thanking, Sunday morning, very bh, ‘Anda blded mans you were den, the house would goon living. Tread your book by colored ht ‘erected posty and athe aw me wand tlre ‘That came int the pretty window picture, He hook behead and snd never ind you {ors and Muse by Karn ols, James Mason & Paul Stookey. ©Copyright 1068 PepamarMusle Corp. ll Rights Resowed Used by Pemiasion ot {Can be sung to 5am St. 8490 song InthekeyolGasinversaa) by Dora Greenwell 1 AM NOT SKILLED- SSS = Tam not sled to under stand what God hath F. © soo & only know at His ight hand stands. «one whois my Sav = tor 2 2 Ltake Him at His word indeed; ‘And was ther, then, no other way “Christ died or sinners," this ea. ForGod to take? I cannot say, ‘And in my heart, I ind a need ‘only bless Him day by day (O¢ Him to be my Sevior. Who saved me through my Sevior. 4. (For clterete tune: 59th St. Bridge~in Key of G) eget aati tre ‘That He would lave His place on high patel eriem) ‘And come for sntl man to die, ‘You coum i sranes? So once dif, Those chow (Verve 4) ar for atroate tne Before Tknew my Savior. (End of traditional tune.) gy nora Greenwel. Arranged by Yohann Anderton. ©Copyright Da da, da, da, da da, de... my Savior. ‘hatng by Sng inten Sahn Cx BRS AES ISN'T HE? By John Winber 2 Yes You Ae (te Yoo Ar) ait, awa, (BEAUTIFUL) Cera -FOL ieee 2 Beau, eau ys You are 20% Yous) Brine o eat, Sn of Got Bor we, Us-wi fe) eenur- PRINCE OF PEACE — ire ts wes Usa ee Fervor Yue net ‘Son oF Coo ISAiT WeY- Toner We, Teneo) rondera ° Sere wont ona a OF YORE) ent cam Wyou-Dee- FUL? (Won-DER-FOL) Won-DeR-FOL (WioN-Dee-FUL) Sounseiot Aish Cod yet You tre 7 ps = ‘Yes Ye ‘You are, — oni You 2 ASE =A > yet You ate, ee. soni wee smi ne) Byus- = motrin ou Sree omit MieHT-Y GoD. 2B ost aan “THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND- see ‘(THIS LAND) coo F co so c = aa ‘This land is yourland, this land is my land, From(al- i - for - nia to the New York Is - land, 7 F 6 6 Am o c Fromthered wood for- est tothe gulf stream wa - ters, This land was_made fOr you and me. 1. As went walking that ribbon of highway 2, Lrosmed and I rambled, and I followed my footsteps Taw above me that endles skyway, ‘To the sparking sands of her diamond deserts, Teaw below me that golden valley; ‘And all around me a voice was sounding ‘This land was made for you and me. “This land was made for you and me.” ‘Chorus: (Chons) ‘3. When the sun came shining, and I was tolling, : ‘And the wheat fields waving, andthe dust clouds rolling, ‘A voice was chanting asthe fog was iting, “This land was made for you and me.” (Chow) {Chords are same in verses a8 in chorus) eee {in Mawall you might want to say someting Hawallan i By Woody Gutnle, ©Copyright 1956 & 1968 Ludiow Muse, inc. New York,NY. Controlled by TRO, Used by Paission All Rights Reserved. “Protect this and We are Gods caretakers!” by Rogers and Hammerstein EDELWEISS- Edelweiss, Edelweiss, every morning you greet me. ‘Smal and white, clean and bright, ‘You look happy to meet me. Blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow, ‘Bloom and grow forever. Bdelweiss,Belwess, bless my homeland forever. ‘©copyright 1850 by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammertein I, Wilamaon Muse Ine, ownet of Publication and Alla gh for the Western Aeelopnae and pan iteratisnl Copyright Secures Al igh Revered Use by Porm BA byAlen sy Larner anaFreconcktoewe ‘THEY CALL THE WIND MARIA. Am Am em eles = SSS oe ie — Ma - si = a blows the stare a - round and sends the clouds a = =a 2 name, and heard her wailand whinin’, 3. Outhere they got a name for rain, for wind, and te only; hed me; and the sun was always shin’ ‘But when you'r lost and all alone, there ain't no word but “londy.” y Ulett my gi, [eft her far behind me; But I'm alos and lonely men, without a tar to guide me. goldatn lot, not even God can find me, Mati, blow my love tome; need my gil beside me By Alan say Lemer and Frederick Loews. © Copyright 1851, Chapel & Co. nc. Used by Permission. Al Rights Reserved. int GF ‘Bory spel og foray tg. Word Muse by Me Minbot SPECIAL PEOPLE Chorus F 6 care; ‘You can sing a love song om = ly special peo- ple By -‘y-body needs 8 fam- Ty we can call our own; part of something whole: ‘A. rend who you can talk to f ce Someone who will help you get your feet back on the grouny 2 [find it best to keep an open mind with folks T know; Brother Paul compared us al tothe flowers and the trees; ‘The good and bad in everyone are features of my own, ‘That we all need each other asthe branches need their leaves. ‘And Toe each to be unique, like diamonds on a string, ‘Buti the branch is broken, fst it withers, then it des; very facet shining back the many parts of me. It we won't love eachother, the same result applic. 4. S0,come and sit beside us now while we still have the time; ‘We can laugh and celebrate the gifts that touch our lives; We'l talk about the good times, wel tal sbout our fers; ‘With hope and love we'l build some trust, pechaps wel share some ears. ‘©Copyright 1878 Papa Mike's Music. Use by Permiasion. Al Fights Reserved, Witte to Gongs and Creators, In. for nfomation. 24 ‘Words and Musie by Jon Fehr ALL DAY SONG (Love Him in the Morning)- When you think you got to wor-ry, ‘cause it seems the thing to do, He's al-ways got time for you. &, ‘© Copyignt 174 Lexicon Music Ine. ll Rights Reserved, Iteratlonal Copyright Secured, Used by Speclal Permission. Petomance ghia ene trough ASCAP ie Ms “Remember, being hurried doesn’t make you look good! 25 by Lona Sth i. OUR GOD REIGN a Bm A ar How lor-ly on the mountains are the feet of Him_. Who brings good newi——. good news, An-nouncing peace, pro-claim-ing news of hap-piness. .. OurGod reign ourGod reigns... Chorus 9 om A ay ° OurGod reigns, our God reigns, cour God reigns, — ourGod reine. — 2. How lovely on the mountains are the feet of Him, Meek ata lamb that's led out tothe slaughterhouse, Who brings good news, good news, Dumb asa sheep before its shearer, His if ran down upon the ground lke pouring rain Announcing peace, proclaiming ne Saying to Zion, "Your God reign ‘Tat we might be born agi. 38. Hohad no stately form, He had no malesty, 6. Out trom the tomb He came with grace and majsy. ‘That we should be drawn to Him. His alve, He salve. He was despa and we took no account of Hi, God loves uss; se hore His hands, His Cost, His de Yt now He reigns withthe Mon High. ‘Yes, weknow He alive. i ‘©Copyrht 174, 970 by Leonard Sth Al Rights Rasorved, {was our sin and gull that bruised and wounded Him. una Bon 28, Camaboo, Nd 0008, Joa Une by Bernas Iwas our sin that brought Him down. ‘When we lke sheep had gone astray, our Shepherd came; ‘And on His shoulders bore our shame. WE'RE GONNA LIVE FOREVER. Recorded on tap: Fixing Our Eyes on Jesu, New Jere ‘Bear out et ana in unison, thon Sala up and harmonies, Repeat ‘many tee ond meatain) fon-na lvefor = er = ar Moderato Glorify Your Name ‘Words and Music by Donna Adkins c F cc Foc ¢ Fa - they we love You we wor ship and a - doe You c 5 Cc) Dmin G Chorus _¢ F Glo + ri-fy Your name in all the earth Glo. ie fy Your name E £7 _Amin Fooa7 Fr a Fac c glo - H-fy Your name Glo - ri- fy Your mame in all the earth 2, Jesus, we love You, we worship and adore 3. Spirit, we love You, we worship and adore You Glorify Yourname inall the earth. Your Glosify Your name in all the earth. , (Chorus) (Chorus) 41976, 1981 Maranatha! Music “When you love you should mot say ‘God isn my heat, but rather, ‘Tam inthe heart of God. 25a Sing eee got an bls ByRayReoo 1AM THE RESURRECTION. En A én c 2 pee gt = site S53 res = ur-ree-tion and the Tit; He who be = Teves in me wil I have come to bring yOu _—_——— you be = lev, then you shall le 2. In my word the world shall come to know; 3. Keep in mind the things that I have said: Itisiove which makes the spirit grow. Remember me in the breaking of the bread. Ifyou believe, then you shall live. (Cronus) If you believe, then you shall live, (Cnorus) Cyr 1885 KAR Mute: Used by parison ot KAR Mic Pang. Tomarcoag New Yor 1685, by Ray Repp ALLELU: AL se tal Forthe s °7 ceria milan appa ok o7 = ! 7s ¢ FS Bees Stee God sid He would vend His Son, Alle, Al-Ie-l, Andsal-vetlon wouKbe won, Alle = at @ ©. G_ 9, Omthe hard-wood of the cross, 4, On the third day He did rise, 1. Christ was born in Bethlehem, ” Attetu, Allele Allela, Aleta o” He vulfered and He died for us, Now He lives no more to dle, Allelu, Allela ‘Aleta! (Retain) ‘Alltalat c em c 7 8. Now we too can live anew, So that we would live again, ‘Ale, Alleta Auer Live ia Him and need all we do, Alleluia (retain ‘Alleluia! (Rotrain) Cepyigh £105 KBR Mate. Useabypemisonel KAR ae 2. ‘Thirty years He walked the land, ig Tabet Nos an eb Allele, Alletu ’ Tien youTove you should To all in need He lent his hand, Tihen yoalene oe To all in ay Cod a hmy heat ut rather," am in the heart of Ged.” ‘Kani Gibran 6 {Gog oe conesion son) LAY MY BURDENS DOWN: a Glo-ry, do -ry,—hal-le- te Ss ae down Glo-ry, glory, ables y= ah, When ay sy burdens down. 1. ‘T'm gonna be, I'm gonna be released Wien [lay my burdens down {Pm gonna be, 'm gonna be released ‘When Tlay my burdens down, 2 In the morning in the morning ight 1m gonna ley my burdens down, In the morning, nthe morning ight ¥m gonna lay my burdens dow, ‘copyright by Alton Peteren ny Bephaw who dain 1877 at ape 28 of cancer Conte by Songs & Creations nc. Al Rghts Reserved. “Let Got Dem burdens are alli your head anyveay.” sony JOYS & CONCERNS SONG 6 am 7 tan Anderson ble We bring or Joye, 10 You (Our concerns for Meal lag — We be-Devve— in You By Song Creations Al RightsReserved, aeons. by Yonann Anderson SING A NEW SONG: Psalm 33 2. Weare hee to elebate: 3, We ae hereto exlebeate: King of Kins; Lord, Lord of Lords Lorin’ eachother, Lin’ (Repeat) (Repeat) second. ‘©opyiant 172 by Yohann Anderson, Conllad by Songs and Creston, Inc. Al Rights Reserved A DOXOLOGY. ‘rn God om woo al ag ow, ak Gogo ae a he a he. Pre Goo) eee aaa i c — aoe ee ede Reeloeaea a nai? 7 es tme for us to leave this pce Dm pen eae cms? c (Gen -lykeep ut in Your cai? Femi? eae Dm > ha tie ae) nai c the thingtat You wouldhaveus be, © 7 . c oFmc ‘ul Youcallustackto- geth- er Senc aging int £1896 Sandy Stickney 2 (Rounayo the tune of, Sto anybody Home”) by Yonann Anderson CALL TO LOVE Love, ove, love, love, Christians this is yourcall: Love your neighbor as yourself,for God loves all 1. Inthe know - ing of His presence We me ~ fleet this mo - ment Em 87 Em D E of our _wor- ship, 0 pen ac - cord With our joys and tribulations “Mercy, love, and grace afford; Love from God our hearts ar feeling, Lore to our Lord. ‘© copyright 1972 by Yohann Anderson. Controlled by Songs and Creations, Inc. ll Rights Reserve. {ung tothe tune of “Scarborough Expoup wo rts or bet groups yYohann Anderson GLORY TO THE FATHER: (Scarborough Gloria Patri) AiG) Bm(am) Bmiam) DIC) BmiAm) | _DIC)EID) __BmiAm) Gio : And tothe $ = Asit was at first, for- ev-er Ho + ly Spi + i, Bmiam) ALG) 8m_A Bm A Bm aes World with-out end, for se it shall bo ever A + men {© Copyright by Yohann Anderson. Controed by Songs and Creations, ine. Al Rights Reserved ‘THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE — ESS Se "This is the day, this isthe day That the Lord has made, that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice, This is the day that the ry y A oa Let us re-joice and be lad in. it ‘This is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made. ‘©Copyright 1878 & 1980 Scripture in Song. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. (mins red by Maranatha! Music In he US.A) 2A, Words and Music by ‘Andee Crouch and Sanara Crouch JESUS IS THE ANSWER. > am 6 If you have some ques - tions in the cor-ners of your mind, Traces of dit - cour - age-ment and peace youean - not find, Re = flee -tions of your past, Seem to s 2 6 2, s > face youey- ‘ry day, But this one thing 1 do know: = Je -sus a the way. Je-susis the an-swer forthe world to - day. ‘A. bow Him there’sno oth- er, Je-sus is the way. fie Bm _G Ae) 6 > s Dn Je-sus is the an-swer forthe world to - day. -A--bove Him there's no oth -er, Je -susis the way. ‘©copyright 1879 by Lexicon Mesie ne, ASCAP, Al Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used by Speclal Permission Kore JAMAICA LORD’S PRAYER- Ss = who art in heay - en, Hal-low - ed be Thy name; ‘Thy A E 87 E == | Se aoe oS Hallow ed be Thy mame, 2. Asin Heavens on he ents 3. And forge us Father sllour bis; 4, ‘For Thine he Kingdom, power, and dory: alowed be Thy names Tallowed be Tay names Hallowed be Thy nun; " ve wo thi day our dally brad [A ne orgive all our debtors; Forever and ever and re the sm Mlloyed be Thy sume. alowed be Thy name alowed be Thy none or teee hallowed beThy oame.} {Oh Lord, hallowed be Thy name. {Oh ord allowed be Thy name. 1 “Inone” Celebration Song by Yohann Anderson G Am D7 Thanks, thanks, thanks to You Lord.— You have giv-en us— eve - oy thing ‘Thanks, tha. — thanks to You, Lord We cel - e- brate You, in jo- y we sing——— W/M ©1997 by Yohann Anderson ‘Adm. by Songs & Creations All Rights Reserved Words by John Denver SUNSHINE ON MY SHOULD! cc o7 SE San-hine on my shoulders makes me hap-py. Sun -thine in my eyes an make me cry. sc ec ce co c sc sc Gc Sun-shine al-most al-ways makes me ih An? 8m Lt T had a day that Lcould give you, Pd give to you a day just like to - Sam? am © GS Amgomc G Am? Bm ¢ MT had a song that Ieould sing for you, Ta ting a song to make you fee this way: 2, ItThad a tale that I could tell you, 4 tala tale, sure, to make you smile. UtThad a wish thet I could wish for you, Yd make a wish for sunshine all the while. ‘Music by John Danv, Mika Taylor and Dick Kris, © Copyright 1971. Chany Lane Music Publehing Co, ne. Intemational Copitght Secured Mace in Wi Al Fights Reserved. Used by Permiaion. byPaevarow DAY IS DONE: 1, Tell my why you are erying, my soo. 2 Do you ask why I'm sighing, my son? know you're frightened like everyone. ‘You shall inherit what mankind has done Init the thunder in the distance you fear? In sword filed with sorrow and woe. Will it help if Tstay very near? I you ask my why this ss, Tam here. Treally don’t know. Chorus: 8, Tell me why you're smiling, my son. ‘And it you take my hand, my son, 1s there asecret you can tll everyone? ‘Al willbe well when the day is done; Do you know more than men that ae wise? ‘Andi you take my hand, my son, Can you see what we all must disguise All wil be well when the day Is done. "Through your loving eyes? Group I: Day isdone. Group I: When day is done. Group I: Day isdone. Group I: When day is done. Group I: Day is done. Group II: When day is done. Group I: Day is done. Group II: When day is done. Words and Music by Peter Yarrow. ©Copyright 1980 Pepamar Music Corp. All Rights Reserved. Used by Perm on of Wamer Bros, Must, 28a, RIVER OF LIFE: (Spring Up, O Wel) eG of life fow-in' out of me, Makes the lame to walk and the blind 0 c o7 Te gotariv-er of lie flow-in' out of (Opens prison doors, setsthe cap -tives free; sme. Spring up, oh, 7 Ar 2, with-in my soul. Spring up, oh, well and make me whole Spring up, ob, ==] c s 07 wall and give to me Tat te 2 -bun-dant -y. “Sometimes, 0 cry isa sign of strength.” 29 yd. Phiip AM. Gila CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ ‘A the leaves are brown, and the sky ia greys Tveboenfor a walk on a winter's day Td be safe and warm it 1 wasn LA Calf -tor- nia dream-in’ ‘on such a win-ter's day. 2. Stopped into a church I pasod along the way, 38 All the leaves are brown, and the sy i ey. Got down on my knees, and I began to pray. T've been for a walk on a winter's dey. ‘You know the preacher knows its cold, IT dida’s tll her, 1 could leave today. He knows I'm gonna say. California dreamin’ on auch a winter's day. (California dreamin on such a winter da ‘4A. Allthe leaves are brown, and the sky is eey. ve been for a wall on a winter's day. 14 be safe and warm i were in L. A. California dreamin’ on euch a winter's day. End with Califia Dreamin’ repented as many times a8 you ke) ‘Church = meaning house of worship. Church is actully people. By J PHtipan, Glitam. © Copyright 185 by Wingate Musle Corporation, 8286 Bevery Bid, Loe Angeles, CA 90042, Al RightsReserved. Ubed by Pomlason. (tan and act macho white Snging th partLacles stand ‘Enda kaa brosdway musica) ‘SPEEDO: G ‘Will, my tsonds cal me Spee-do, but my real mame i Mis - ter Ear Baba -shoo-ba, ba -ba-shoo-ba © Gane: Well, my friends call me Spee-do, but my real name is Mit-ter Bat Ba-ba-shoobs, —_ba-ba-shoo-ba, Py SG soss, Well,I'm takin’ care of bus-ness and I'm tak-in'care of all the world, Ba-ba-shoo-bs, ba -bahoo-s. 294, sam cmt See, et FIVE HUNDRED MILES. chon Fim It you mist the train I'm youwill know that Iam gone. You can Fim im hear the whistle blow a hundred miler, A hundred miles, hundred miles, hun- dred miler, a honed miles, You can hear the whistle blows hundred miles. 2. Lord, 'm one; Lord, I'm two; Lord, I'm three; Lord, I'm four; ‘Lord, Pm five hundred miles away from home. ‘Away from home, away from home, away from home, away from home. ‘Lord, I'm five hundred miles away from home. 3, Nota shirt on my back, not a penny to my name, Lord, I ean go back home this way. ‘Thiscoway, thira way, thisa-way, thieaway, Lord, Tean't go back home thie-way. 1 Now York,NY, Used by Permiaslon. All RightsReserved. Charles Hansen Music & Books, By Hedy West, © Copyright 198, 1062 by Ata, Now York and lam! Bosch, Flora “Should we have more talents, or more virtues?” 30 CHILDREN OF THE HEAVENLY FATHER. = =. = we hil -dren ofthe heavenly Fa = ther Safely in His 6 — = = ee ee 2 Godtisown doth end and nourish; 9. Net ie nor death shallever_— 4, ‘Though He tn fsy courte they flow, From the Lard Hschtrensoer; God nen o'r fone From aller hinge He pees ther; Unto them His grace Heshowetn, ‘His the loving purpose sly, in eighty arms He bee the ‘AndthestonoweallHemowets.Topanve them pre an Wy, FaniatcPayer yan —— LORD'S PRAYER: cm on Cra? Om cna? __on7 ex? On? Ho -ty Fa = ther, hear our prayer, Keep us al - ways in your eae: Fai? Em? Fai? s maj? Om? Em? Dm? cmai7 May your King- dom come to us, And may we lee how to trust, 2, Do your wil among us now, 4. Keep us rom the things that do you wrong, ‘As we here before you bow; ‘When we're weak because we think we're stor Gir to us but what we need, Save us from our selfish desire; ‘As upon your word we feed. Fl us and with your love inspire 8. Forgive us forthe things that we have not done, 5, Honor, greatness belong to you, ‘When we've failed before we've yet begun; Lowe and peace and metcy, too! ‘And may we as children of Yours Praise to you again and agnin! Give forgiveness in return. Amen. lon, ne, San Anselmo, Ce 60. All Word Rights Reserved. Used by Parl ‘©Copyright 1980 by Senos andor By Salmond & Mulder NEVER DOUBT. Lively F ce Nev -er doubt in the dark-ness What God has shown you inthe light. 5, Nev-er doubt in the darkness What God hasshown you in the ‘light. sz, F a F cor Fear may come to trou-bleyou And you may notsce too clear-ly AS it trl totake the lit-tlefaith you know, c 5 87 ce So nev -er doubt in the dark-ness What God has shown you in the light! {Copyright 191 Image VII Music and Riverbed Publishing. All Rights Reserves, Used by prmiasion. “Prayer ta owo-way conversation. Don't SLAM down your recever."* 304 Chorus SHOUT HALLELUJAH: byDoug Goins A ong He pra a rs E EEE Na tons ap their bands, = E ee Ss eee Gol whore te eanh se 2. Powers the Lor’ peret in His hand 4. Abraham beled in heeding of the Lod; ‘Justice could now preval, Tt we kneel at His throne of righteousness ©Copyright 1972 by Doug Go MY SOUL DOTH MAGNIFY and my spirit hath re -joiced in God my Generations bless His name. rom His faith came Jesus Christin love, a oe Sa = vior, f mona fie S55 od 2 a ee 3 ‘Great t pay “monk ink” tye sing tana too good! by Larry Norman ee SWEET SONG OF SALVATION: 6 o 1. When you know a pretty sto-ry, Youdon' let it go un-said You tell it toyourchil « dren As you ce 6 si c A eee se- cret, You tell it to your friends, s o7 s 3 = SSS Be-causea life - time filled with hap - pi-ness Is like a street that nev-er ends. Chorus o Sing that sweet, sweet song of sal-va - tion, And let your laugh-ter (il the airy Sing thateweet sweet song ofsal-va o 6 hon, And ll the peo-ple ev -"ry-where, Sing. that sweet aveet song of sal - va ton To ev ty 2 6 6 s __s Ree Om eo 5 SS ae —] aa SS man and ever-y na - tion; Sing that weet, eweet song of sl-va - tion, And let the people know that Jesus cares. 2. Look around you as you sing i ‘There are people everywhere; ‘And to those who stop and listen ‘This sweet song becomes a prayer. ‘Cause when you know a wonderful seeret, ‘You tell it to your friends, Tell them that a lifetime filled with Jesus slike a street that never ends y Lary .©.opyrignt 1969 by Beechwood Musle Corporation. Love Pubishng Co, Hollywood, CA. Cntrllad by Colgems ne. "ed by Permission. Al Fight Reserve up 2 rato playin byEdwinor Ccapoup2tratsorplayind ence os 2 ar oo G o Cleanse me from er ty sin and set me (a 2. praise You, Lord, or cleansing me from sin. Fulfil Your word, and make me pure within. Fillme with fire where once I burned with shame. Grant my desire to magnify Your name. 31a byAuroy Mitr HIS NAME IS WONDERFUL- : fess; od Hig Name is Wondler-ful, His Name is Won-derful, His Name is Wonder ce Am om? 6 ¢ RieaeelGlueslOmiGareac ge == Do ee z He's the great Shepherd, the Rock of all a+ gee, AL might-y God it Hey_— === Love and a. dore Him; His Name is Won-der-ful, de -aus, my Lord. Repeat os propriate. Spero Manca Mane 211 Kemer Ave Burnt CASED neon CoPyGN Sau Al Ris Reser Und WE HAVE COME INTO HIS HOUSE puce (LET'S FORGET ABOUT OURSELVES). Bio cre o 1, We have come into His house and gathered in His name to wor -ship Him. We have come in- to His house and gath-ered in His mame to wor - ship Him. We have Wor + ship Him, Chri =the Lord. 2. So, for- 3 Let ue Lod 2, So, forget about yourself and concentrate on Him and worship Him. forget about yourself and concentrate on Him and worship Him forget about Yourself and concentrate on Him and worshi Worship Him, Christ the Lord Christ the Lord, 3, Let uit up holy hands and magnify His name and worship Him. [Let us lift up oly hands and magnify His name and worship Him {et us lft up holy hands and magnify His name and worship Christ the Lord Worship Him, Chest the Lord. 4 Let's forget about ourselves and magnify the Lord and worship Him. [Let's forget about ourselves and magnify the Lord end worship Him. Lat’ forget about ourselves and magnify the Lord and worship Him Ob, worship Him, Jesus Christ our Lord. ‘*Commonly sing verse 4 isnot part of original composition. (©1876 Sound I, In, 2712 W. 104 Terrace, Leawood, KS 64206 Al Fights Reserved, Used by permission, Key of 0 0G a8 in muse book, Tm gon-na lay down my sword and shield Down by the riv-er side, down by. the riv-er- side, 27 co G down by the riv-er-side'm gon-na lay down my sword and shield Down by theriverside, down by the river side c 6 7 Well, I ain't gon-na study war no more, I ain't gonna study war no more, I ain't gonna stud -y eo 6 7 s 2. Y'm gonna walk withthe Prine of Peace, ete. 8. Yes, 'm gonna shake hands around the world, “Be not overcome of el, but overcome evl with good."—Si. Paul (ake up your own versen) By Buty Sainte Mane ‘THE UNIVERSAL SOLDIER. He's ve Loot-two and he's six-foot four; He fights with mistles and with spears; He's all of thirty-one and be's only seventeen; He's been a soldier fora thousand years. He's Catholic, a Hindu, an atheist, a Jain, ‘A Buddhist, and a Baptist, and a Jew; ‘And he knows he shouldn't kill and he knows he always will Kill you for me, my friend, and me for you. ‘And he's fighting for Canada, he's fighting for France, i's Fighting forthe U. 8. A, and he's fighting or the Russians, ‘And be's fighting for Japan, and he thinks ‘We'll put an end to war thai way. ‘And he's fighting for democracy, he's fighting forthe Reds, He says it's forthe peace of al; He's the one who must decide who's to live and who's to die, ‘And he never ses the writing on the wal. But without him how would Hitler have condemned him at Dachau’? ‘Without him Caesar would have stood slone. He's the one who gives his body as a weapon of the war, ‘And without him all his iling cant go on. “He's the Universal Soldier and he really isto blame; His orders come from far away no more. ‘They come from him and you and me, ‘Ana, brothers, can’t you see, ‘This snot the way we put an end to war. Words and Musle by Buy Saint Mara. ©Copyright 1963 Caleb Music. Used by Parmlslon ofthe Publisher. Al Rights Reserved. 1. knew aman Bojangles, and he danced for you In worn out shoes. With aver hair, a ragged shirt, and bagzy pants, ‘The old sot shoe. He jumped so high, jumped so high, ‘Then he lightly touched down, Mr. Bojangles, Me. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles, dance. 2, Imet him ina callin New Orleans; was down and out. He looked at me tobe the eyes of age ‘Ashe epoke right out. He talked of life, tlle of life, He laughed, lapped his eg a step. MR. BOJANGLES: 3 By Jcry Jot Watkar 8. He sai his name, Bojangles, then he danced a ick ‘Across the cell He grabbed his pant, a better stance, oh, he jumped up high, ‘And he clicked his heels He let goa laugh, lt go a laugh, ‘Shook back bis clothes all around. ‘Ms. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles, dance. 4. Ho danced for those at minstrel shows and county fairs ‘Throughout the South. He spoke with tear of fifteen years, how his dog and he ‘Traveled about. His dog up and died, he up and died, ‘After twenty yeas be sil grieved 5. He said, “I dance now at every chance in honky-tonks For drinks and tips. ‘But most ofthe time I spend behind these county bars,” Hesaid, “ drinks abit.” . +e shook his head; and as he shook his head heard someone ask, "Please, . Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles, dance.” Words and Must Magen US. Al Rights Hose ey Jl ae. ©CoPygh 1988 by Colon Msn. 141 Bromaway, New York, NY 1028 JESUS LOVES ME: ymational Copyright Secured. “Bojangles was once alte bay. 4Je-susloves me, this I know; For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to. Him belong; They are weak, but He is stro so F, © Yes, Je-sus loves me, Yes, Je- sus loves me. cio ¢ pee ‘Yes, Je-sus loves me. The Bi-ble tells mew. c F, ‘8y Anna Warne in 1875 at West Point Miltary Acadomy. Music by Witlam Bradbury 334 JESUS LOVES ME D Guy? Jesus Loves Me this know D Gomi Lite ones to HORUS p| ‘Gai? 2 Able-be i Able» by > Gui? A Ablobe- ia, AL tet —— 2, aig Grace how ace oud tat fowl found was bing but now e.cHORU' Hien belong ‘Music by Yohann Anderson A G A Ew. te tls eso A c a He sro-ng— GA They Se weak, but A lata Allo, Abe bi (©1992 Arby Yohana Anderson HOPE SET HIGH—— ‘Words ané Music by AMY GRANT I've got my hope set high and. like a tar at night, out of the deepest dark, it shines the plrest light I've got my hope set high beyond the wong and right. [need to see the truth, [need to see the light, “cause I can Go my best and pray to the Father. But the one’ thing I ought to know by now: When it all G comes down, when it all comes down, if F c there’s anything good that happens in life it's 6 c from Jesus. You know that when it all comes down, when fall comes down, if there's F c - anything good that happens in life it's from Gad Jesus... {21901 Age to Age Masi. ne. by Reutca Mose Ge then All Righs Revered In © Scored By permisin c 6 I've got my hope set high; That's why Teame F 6 tonight. I need to see the truth. I need to see c the light. I've got my hope set high: That's why ede tonight. I need to see the truth need tse the light, And Ican So my best and Pray to the Father. But the one thing 1 ought to know by now: When it alfcomes down, When it allComes down, if there's anything good that happens in life it's from Jésus, You know that when tall comes dovén, when it ail comes down, if there's anything good that happens in life i's from G Jesus. 338 By Wayne Me Kiba RIVER TO THE OCEAN. 1. eat out for he triton, Si weno ot compro Bat bor they ad Comte Madi chino pes Kee toh =o an igh two by et wh = end o é ¢ = SSS FE hort coll oe We tiek to te ome a ato he ‘one S ‘You'egst lo cay tele wher ov ser yougo. Dont apn dies bare you renal a eke smedeour way Growhibe ery mom «ing ny Won-dtigittesun would shine to - de Bat aS pee Se 2S SSS Ss aoe ee ea pean or ‘Youve git casey tele wher 67 yon. Don pnd ale; 1 hat 04 1, ane Meni 18 eA 3, Se rin, CAA, gh Ree. bay peso. 4 SONGS IN THE DAYTIME: o e songs of de light, tion, time, songs in the night, Songs of devo o Mel - 0 -dies ring - ing, in my heart sing ~ ing, Je-sungives me a song, — nights were so long. One day bediev - ing, Jesus receiv - ing, My soul rocks witha song, ‘My soul rocks with 2 song. 2, Are youin trouble? Are you distressed? Ts there no singing? Allis unrest, ‘Reach out to Jesus; He came to free us. My soul rocks witha ong; my soul rocks with a song. Chorus: End with “Oh, ob, yeah!” ‘©copyright 1827. Renew 188 by Homae Grimes Assigned to Singspration, Ine. Adaped tonew music by John Guest New music and arrangement (5 SGRb by Singepration Inc All Fights Revered. Used by Permiston “What song do you sng?” I BELIEVE IN JESUS _a_ Words and Music by MARC NELSON D G 1—_te- fiwe in Je sus, TbebevelHe is the Son of God be-lieve He died and A D A rose & gain Tbelieve He paid for us all. G A D D7 c A sanding in our Ba 1 beteve— Hes bere ne ¢ a > Dr D midst Here with the pow + er to heal nto G A D (C)1987 Mercy Pub All Rights Reserved. Use By Permission Only. and thegrace tofor - give. International Copyright Secured 34a mart) Bysimmy Owene CLAP YOUR HANDS: L a Gap your hands all you peo-ple; Shout un-toGod witha voice of trl - umph! Clap your hands c F c ¢ ‘all you peo ple; Shout un-toGod with a voice of praise! Ho - sn - ma! Ho - aan mal Shout unto God witha voice of tri-umph! Praise Him! Praise Him! Shout unto God witha voice of praise! pena tener mune, ne ASCAP P0802, oda Hila CAE A geen national epyigh Secu Us LORD | LIFT YOUR NAME ON HIG ————— 6 c 2 OG ¢ WIM by Rick Founds Lord, I Lift Your name on high; Lord, I Love to sing Your do” «ac oC o cas c praises. I'm so glad You're in ny Life; I'm so glad You ° « 6) came to save Us. 6 c ° c 6 (Gr 1)You came from heaven to earth__(Gr 2) To show the way, c D c 6 (1) From the earth to the cross, (2) My debt to pay_ c D en t From the cross to the grave, From the grave to the sky; D 6 epyeaht 1989 and 1990 Maranatha mute Lord, 1 Lift your name on high! AU's ‘reered “internation Copyright Secured. “We are supposed to enjoy ur ride on spaceship earth." Why not! 38 Glog tic, Te tat ting nO a econ time In E and very fast) COTTON FIELDS E 7 A e When I was a litle bitty ba-by, my mama would rockmein the cradié—" In them old 87 E a a cot ton fields back home. When I was a lit-de bitty ba-by, my mama wouldrockme ja the In them old cotton fields back home, Oh, when them cot ton balls get rot -ten, You can't pick very much cot-ton Inthem old cot ton fields back home. It. was down inLowi - si ] A 87 e 8 EAE an-a Just a-bout a milefromTex-ar - kan-a In them old cotton fields back home, (Spoken) By Mike Mirabella ‘ALL GOD'S CHILDREN SING- 0, Al 0, =e See ee eee ees 5 : > ar 2, a > All God's chil -dren will live for + ever; they sing all o-verthis world, (Chorus Fol lowthem, for they have found Him; on -ly God's chil-dren will en- ter His door. 2. AllGod’s children can smell the flowers, dream for hours, tell His story. ‘All God's children, let's rai His glory and sing allover tis world. 3. _AllGod’s children who seok salvation, shun temptation, fel His healing, ‘All God's children who know the feeling, can sing all over this world. 4. AllGod's children love one another, work together, make things better. ‘All God's children, let's get together and sing all over this world. Jeaus sala "Let the citron come to me and donot stop them. Because the Kingdom of God belongs to (©.copyrigh 1970 by Papa Mike's Music ASCAP. Al Fights Reserved, Used by Permission. jh a hove." Mark 10:13:18) Mi-chael row the boat a - shore, halle - Iu - jah! Mi-chal,row theboat a - shore,hal-le = Iu - jah! 8, The vers deep and the river i wide, hall Milk and honey on the other side, hallelujah 1. Siste, help to trim the sll, hallelujah ‘Site, help to trim the sai, hallelujah! ze BS «tenting tent ts amen retires na = = exergetemmme oan . ae SING HALLELUJAH: Echo now to all re-ton, sing baleuJah, sing! ‘L.there'saword of | ex-ul- tation full of joy and “in -epirat o7 Em Em a7 2. Tis awordot ad-o-r-tion to the God of our sal-va-tion; Sing to ev. ‘ry tribe and na-tion, sing,haleu-jah, sing! Chorus 7 Em 87 Em ‘Sing ha-e-l jah, sing hallelujah, sing hal-lelujah, sing hale ah, sing hallelujah, sing hallelujah, sing bal-le-Iu-jah, sing! 87 Em 87 em 6 Sing halolujah, sing haHletujah, sing halletu Jah, Sing al-le-lujah sing habledujah, Sing hallelujah, sing hal-edujah, sing! ‘©copyright 1961 by Fred Book Muse Company. AX ght reened. Used by Permison 36 wart song ay Petervarrow RIVER OF JORDAN———_———_ [traveled the banks of the River Jordan 2. Every bade of grass on the mountain, ‘To find where it flows to the sez; Eyery drop inthe se ‘ooked in the eyes ofthe cold and the hungry, Every ery of a newborn baby, ‘And saw I was lookin’ at me. Every prayer to be free, wanted to know if life had a purpose very hope atthe end of a rainbow, “And what it all means in the en¢ In the silence [listened to voi ‘And they told me again and again. Every song ever sung Is. apart of the family of man; ‘And I tell you that means everyone. ‘There is only one river, there is only one se We are only one river, we are only one soa; ‘And it flows through you, and it flows through me. ‘Andit flows through you, and it flows through me ‘There is only one people: We are one and the same, Wie are only one people: We are one and the stme, We are all one Sprit, we are all one name, We are all one Spirit, we are all one name, We are the Father, we are the Son We are the Father, we are the Son From the dawn of creation; we are one. From the dawn of creation; we are one. We are one, we are one. Words and Musi by Petar Yarrow. ©Copytight 1072 Mary Beth M Inc. Controlled by Warner Bros, Music, Used by Permission. Al Rights Reserved. Traalional Not: Sing verse twice more each tine BySonny Salabuyy HERE COMES JESUS: " (2 a ey ou) © e en @ = sus, see Him wal in e ‘gh cy Be) on the 7) 7 er 8S git mg IN oat Om S = * May progress up astep for each verse. 2, Here comes Jesus, see Him walking on the water 3, Here comes Jesus, see Him walking on the water. ‘Hell litt you up, and He'l help you to stand. Hel lift you up, and He'll help you to stand. “lre comes Jesus, He's the Master of the waves that roll. Oh, here comes Jesus, He's the Master of the waves that rll. Here comes Jesus, He'll make you whole. Here comes Jesus... slowly) He'll make you whole. ‘By Sonny Salary. ©Copyright 1968 Sacred Songs. The lace Chureh (songbook) By Sonny Salsbury FIRST SONG I SING: ce Em Am om Gust G7 a F Let the first song I sing to-day be praise toyou, Let the mel o-dy linger all day long. Lat a Em Am On GutG7 Cem Gm7 c7 sanlle and kind deed show my prise to you, And en - courage some-one else tosing a - long, Singin’, “Praise the Lord,” Singin’ FAT Om Em £7 Am ite om or c “Praise the Lord," Singin’, “Praise the Lord,” Singin’, “Prise the Lord.” “Prase the Lond.” (To sing a8 round, grup 1 sing 1¥ times, ena r0up 2 group 2 walt untl group 1 fat then sng once through) ‘Copyright 1875 by Word Musle (A Dv. of WORD, ING}. Al Rights Reserved. ntrational Copyright Secured, Used by Permission, “When you et up singing (vena groan will do) the day goes much better.”” 3 Koy: STANDIN’ IN THE NEED OF PRAYER- fi SS [Not my mother, nor my fether, ut i's me, Lord, Stand-in’in_ the need of Not my sis-ter,nor my brother, but it's me, O Lord, Stand in’ in theneed of prayer. ‘Stand in’ in the need of prayer. 2 Not the deacon, not the preacher, but t's me, O Lord, Standia’in the need of prayer. Not the elder, not the teacher, but it's me, © Lord, Standia’ in the need of prayer. (Chorus) “Prayer sour miror..We sure find out ‘oho we are when we lten back.” WERE YOU THERE? Em = Were you there when they ent Were you there when they Fe oF 7 c oF c Foc Am oS —-—wometimes it caus exme to tremble, there when they eru-ci-fied my Lord? 2. Were you there when they nailed Him tothe tree? 3. Were you there when they laid Him inthe tomb? Wore you there when they ralled Him tothe tee? Were you there when they aid Him in the tomb? Ob, sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble. (Oh, sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble. Wore you there when they nailed Him tothe tree? ‘Were you there when they lid Him in the tomb? 4. Were you there when He rose up from the grave? Were you there when He rose up from the grave? Ob, sometimes I fee ike shouting, “Glory, glory, glory!" ‘Were you there when He rose up from the grave? 3TA Words and Music byHelon Lommel ‘TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS: F Tur your eyes up-on Je - sus, Look full in His won-der-ful face, Fm ce or ‘things of earth will grow strange - ly dim In the light of His glo - ry and _ grace Wordsana Music byMichaet 6. Haun L.They all Him Love, He made the moun - tains; ‘They call Him poco ‘Andthe truth is hard to see; 6 A poco But if we look hard enough, well find What love means for us to be. 1, They eal Him Love, He made the mountains; 2 ‘They call Him Wise, He aught the elders; ‘They call Him Love, He formed the sex; ‘They call Him Strong, for He worked with wood; ‘They call Him Love, well drink from His fountain ‘They call Him Peace with joy and laughter; For it's by Love that folks can be fre. ‘But most ofall, they eal Him Love! ‘©Copyright by Michael G. Haun, Route 2, Box 5, Upper Fat Crook Ra, Weaverville, NC 28787 Key:C or E FILL MY CUP- Fill my cup, let it 0 ver-flow. Fill my cup, let ito ~ ver-flow. Fill my cup, let it’ 0+ ver-flow, let it’ = ver - flow with love, “What counts for you in if” {hig na 9008 snaps tngore elap song without natruments) ‘GOD GAVE ME A SONG: Em c 7 Em © 7 (God has the pow-er in His hands. poy. ot God gave me a Repeat section Breryone (or Groupl}) shout Leader (or Group 2) POWER! God has the power in His hands. POWER! He's got the power in His hands, POWER! He made the leaves on the trees. POWER! Hee made the oceans and the ses POWER! God, he made you and me. He's got the power in His hands He's got the power in His hands Boeryone sing. Power of the world in His hands. Power of the world in His hands Power! God gave me a song! Shor changes o chant using D chord on Shaker Song Uae chord changes o chant using D chord ony MORE LOVE > Bm A 8m Em AD More love, more love, The heav-ens are bless-ing, The an geleare call-ing,O Zion, more love. A > I ye love not each oth -er In dai-ly com-mun-ion, How ean ye low God Whom ye have not seen? You are on the road to recovery you can atk and give with equal ease.” By Yohann Anderson Like standin’ fon the seashore, just you and me? i c 7 - Am i. = 5 == ‘With each day comes our strength through love When to-mor-row's dawn seems oo With each day: ‘comes our strength ‘through cam c Em s © love, ‘And to - mor-row's dawn will bring a fresh new way. 2. ‘The moon arisin’, the sun goin’ down, ‘The tide rollin’ in, the word all around. Is life this simple? Love wil make it be Like the sea rollin’ in, Touchin’ you and me. ‘Thin song was witen at iow tigen the art t Pacific Grove, Califor, whea the sun was tng exactly atthe tn the moon wat Pale Him, praise Him, Pale Himin the mom- ing; praise Him atthe noon - time. —— Praise Him when the sun goes down. Him, raise Him, Jesus, Jesus, Jess in the morning. Serve Him, serve Him, serve Him inthe morning. . Lote Him, love Him, love Him in the morning... ‘Thank Him, thank Him, thank Him in the morning... » WADE IN THE WATER- Chorus Em 87 Em miaeeL Wade inthe wa-ter.(Yougot to) Wade in the water, chil - dren. Em 87 Em t ¢ Em 87 Em Must be the chil-dren that Mo-ses led. Wade,wade,wade in the wa + ter. (You got to) 2, Who's that yonder dreasd in white? End with: Wade, wade, wade in the water, ‘Wade, wade, wade inthe water. (Zou got to) (ub! uh!) ‘Mast be the children of the Iralites, Repeat as many times as you with, and hold on lat water.) ‘Wade inthe water. (You got to) 8, Who's that yonder dressed in green? ‘Wade, wade, wade inthe water. ‘Mast be the hypocrites turning mean, ‘Wade inthe water. (You got to) ‘Adapted and arrange by Yohann Anderson, ©Copyright 1672. Contoled by Songs and Creations, In. Al Rights Reserved “Wye don’ wade n, get wet. no change takes place.” (Key of © ln yc Book) Unknown He is Lord, He ie Lord He is tis - en from the dead,and He is Lord. E 87 e Ev. ‘ry knee shall bow, andev-‘ry tongue con- fess That Je - susChrit is Lord, 394, Ker-eore MaTr.778 ‘SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND. Seok and you shall find. Kaoek and ‘the door shallbe o-pened. But I found life's great - est treas -ureWhen the love came a - tum-bl-in’ down. [fe slong, hard journey; and 4. know, forthe Lord has shown mi ‘To Him i mattors whare ends. (Repent 2) So, make the journey count, my trend, ‘And Lore will come stumblin’ down. 5. Lknow, forthe Lord has told me, (Optional vere) Gepent 25) « 8.” Thknow that the Lord is with us, TThnow thatthe Lord is with us. [know that the Lord is with us, ‘And the lore will come s-tumblin’ down! Ker.Cor0 (la Englan Meloy) By Charlee Wry ‘THE LILY OF THE VALLEY. have found » friend in Je-sus, He's ev-'y- thing to me, He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul © a F c o7 He's the lily of the valley, in Him alone T se All 1 need tocleanse and make me ful-ly whole, Chorus oF ¢, or In sor-rowHe'smy comfort; in trouble He'smy stay. He tells me ev ‘ty care on Him to roll, F ¢ 7 He'sthe Hl - y of the val-ley, the bright and morning star. He's the fair-est of ten thousand to my soul “Af God takes care of Liles and Birds... How comes ya worry.” fn key of "6" In Lyric Boo TS TRAIN: E ‘Thistrain is bound for glo-ry, this train zi ‘This train is bound for glo» vy 87 This train s bound tor do ‘This train don’t carry no gamblers, this train. ‘This train don't carry no gamblers, ths tran, ‘This train don’t carry no gamblers, = ‘No hypocrite, no midnight ramblers. ‘This tran is bound for dor, this train, 8. This tran is built for speed now, this train, ‘This train it built for speed now, Fastest train you ever did see, wow! "This tran is bound for glory, this train, Mots nd Must by Pat Yarow nd Pal Stoke. SCoPyGM 1082 “Check tout!” Ker:D = pe | GO WHERE I SEND THEE SAS ‘Thistrain is bound for glo - ry, this train AL this train. - ‘This train don't cary no lars, this train, ‘This train don't eary no liars, this train. ‘This train don’t eary no lias, 'No hypoeries, and no high flyers. ‘This train is bound Cor glory, this tain. ‘This train don't cary no rustlers, this tran. ‘This tain don't cary no rustlers, this train. This train don’t carry no rustlers, Sidentreet walkers two-bit gusters. ‘This train is hound for glory, this train. Repeat verse 1. amar Music Corp All Rights Reserved. Used by permission of Wamar Bos. Children go where 1 send thee; How shall 1 s == - sabe = ae = == One forthe Hite bit-ty ba = by was bor, bon, Bors in Beth le = hem. 2. Send you two by two; two for Paul and Sis. 38, Send you three by three; three fo the Hebrew children. 4. Send you four by four; fou fo the four tht stood at the door. 15. Send you five by five; five for the Gospel preachers. 6. Send you sx by six; six forthe six that never got fixed. ‘T._ Send you seven by seven; seven forthe seven that try to get to heaven 8 that stood at the gate, ‘Send You eight by eight; eight for thee G0 fori” 4a dn key ot G intyre Book) JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE oes o Justa clos-er walk with Thee; o F oe = Dall - y- walking close to Thee, 1. Lam weak, but Thou at strong. 2, Through the days of toll that's near. 3. “Jesus, keep me from all wrong. IT tll, dear Lord, who cares? 1 be stistid as long ‘Who with me my burden shares? ‘As walk, let me walk close to Thee. Only Thee, dear Lord, only Thee. When my troubled life is o'er ‘Time for me will be no more. ‘Then guide me gently, safely on ‘To Thy shore, dear Lord, to Thy shore. Words and Musiby Alber E. Brumley Some To 4 homeo Ged’s ce les - tial shore, 1 fy MM fy a-way, O go-y, 1M fly a+ way, When I dieyHalle-tu-jab, byandby 1 fly a= way. 2, When the shadows of this lite have grown, IU fly away. 3, Justa few more weary days and then IM ly away. ike a bird trom prison bars has flown, 1 fly away. ‘Tos land where joys shall never end, ly away. copy ht 1992 n Wonderul Message - Hartford Musi Company, Owner. Copyight 1960 by Albert E. Brumley & Sone, renewal, All Rights Reserved. Used By Bermission. Joshua fit the battle of Jer - Joshua fit the battle of Jer - aS You my talk a-bout yourmen of Gide -on, _ Youmay talk a-bout yourmen of Saul, But there’. Em 87 Em 87 none lke good, old Josh = u- a At the bat-tle of Jer - | - cho. on, 2 Right upto the walls of Jericho He marched with spear in hand. Old Joshua commanded the children to SHOUT, ‘And the walls came a-tumblin’ down, that morning. Last Chorus slow, blues beat, ending: ‘And the walls came tumblin’ down, Whisper: Joshua. BY FredLangston MASTER MUSICIAN. Mas = ter Musi. cian, moveme with your met -o - dy. F c 6 Mas ter a move me with your mel- 0 Vow » s 8 ‘A lot of peo-ple they have their mu - sic, ‘A lot of peo-ple they come - long, But the ab e » eb tune of the Mas - ter Mu - si - cian, ‘That'emy fa -yo-rite song. 2. Allo your lives you have heard it; 3. You know it's such a crazy worl Thope that you agree People sem to go their own way [t's the only song worth hearing; ‘The tune is the Master Musician’ You're gonna bear it through m ‘That's why I came to play. ‘©Copyright 1982 by Fred Langston contoles by Papa's Orear 4A ROCK-A MY SOUL: Rock- 2 my soul inthe bosom of | A-bra-ham, Oh, rock -a my soul. So high ya’ can’t got over it, 8. Rock, rock, rock iny soul. So low you can't go under i Rock, rock, rock my soal, So wide you can't get around it, Rock, roek, rock my soul ‘You must goin at the door. (Oh, rock my soul. “Oh yeah! Now~ KING JESUS IS ALL. King Je-sus is all, ‘my all in all, ‘And I know Holl answer me when I call, o7 6 fine Well, 1 went out tomeat the Lord, And 1 got down on my knees, 1 =e said my first prayer, ‘And the HolyGhost metme there. Well, stepped on a rock, the rock was sound: —~ The love of God came saved my soul Is {dug down deep and I found pure gold; And He's all, Chorus: wont out to meet the Lord, Oh yeah. ‘King Jessi all, my alin all got down on my knees; [said my very fist prayer. ‘And I know that He'll answer me when Teal. ‘You know the Holy Ghost met me there. ‘Walkin’ by my side I'm satisfied. Well, I stepped on the rock; the Rock was sound, ing Jesus in all; my all in all Oh, the love of God came a tumbling down. ‘The reason I know that He saved my soul Is dug down deep and I found pure gold; ‘And He's ll; King Jesus is all 4B ‘Sapo up 1 Ht forF In tane book rere GOOD NEWS: ‘There'sa long, white robe in the heavens, I know. There's long, white robe in the heavens, I know. 7 f ‘Theresa long, whito robe in the heavens, I know; And I don't want it toleavea-me be- hind. news, char- {ots com - in',And I don'twantit to leave a- me be - hind 2, There's a stary crown in heaven, know, 3, There's a golden harp in heaven, I know. (Repeat twice.) (Repeat twice) ‘And I don't. And [don't want, Good news.» Good news, GO FOR THE BEST: By Yohann Anderson (dedicated to Marin Young Life) Chorus c a c G Em G RATS IN A CAGE RUN-NING A MAZE SWEET "TALK- ING BLUES WHATS 1A G TRAPPED) c ° o7 G66 GC GIRL, G0 FOR THE BEST AND THE REST WiLL Fol-LOW. c GON-NA CHOaSE? = cana G © c @ “TURN A- Row TURN A-ROUND TURK A- ROUND AND SEE THE GOOD NEWS OF ce _o7 gree roma LiB-ER-TY= LOVE FINDS A WAY TO MaKe LT Wap. PEN ropes ROUND TURN A- OUND, TURN A-ROUND AND FEEL THE Lov-iNG Tou OF CS Ss, 2 GOD To HEAL IT's GON-NA BE AL-RIGHT JUST LOOK To-WaRDTHE ‘Light. 2. Turn around tar around turn around and dress 3, turn around torn around turn around inside ‘Doe visions you've already se Ther" cone to peas shen 70" Turn around’ turn around: torn around and ow Yourre wanted, loved and caved for s0 Don't et anyone use cr put You dow (Chores) © 1987 by Yonas {Eh 94560,” ALL rights Feserveds er be aleae (Chorus) ‘est Go for the best (fade ont) By LauretLear a he prom ed land an? oe ad = Whine ___to ds ea A a f 7 Newari Ton 83 And lore is all. a -round. —Itkjust__gottobe found. gotta be found. goto be foun 2 Arai7 Om? Ami? m7 __Amsi?_ Bon? anal? se 2 Ob, alas I Oh, tals, Ie Ta, 8. Ha got to be om Wegot to be there — han And fas 6 E ami? _p.c Ws jut et to be found 2 Let me tke you bythe hand ‘Thar rom for love and we ‘Ao lead you othe pombe land. ie ale hand in ban ‘Thee's gonna be all of Well be together inthe promised and ‘And many things to discuss ‘© Copyg 7 by Lal ane. Canto Song and Craton, ne Al igh Reseed BROWN EYED GIRL by Van Merton € ae @ 1.Hey where did we go,days when the rains came, _2. Whatever happened to Tuesday and so slow £ Ae 87 Bown inthe Hollow playin’ anew game, eee eee eee Laughing anda unning, hey, hey, skipping Standing in the sunlight laughin hiding and a om behind a rainbow's wall A i ping Slipping and a sliding all along the waterfall {n the misty morning fog with “our hearts a With you, my brown eyed girl. thumpin’ ‘You, my brown eyed gitl. And you, my brown eyed itl. 3.So hard to find my way now that I'm on my 87 ‘own fou, my "brown eye git I saw you just the other day. My, how you Chense have grown, o Cast my memory back there Lord. Sometimes Do you remember when we used to sing Y'm overcome thinkin’ ‘bout. é 4 e 27 é : Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-te-da (x2) La-te-da Laughin in the green grass behind the stadium With you, my brown eyed girl. You, my brown eyed gir! (©1967 Web IV Musi, Ine. All Rights Reserved Qa ———JAMAICAN ME CRAZY By Steve Angrizano G c D G cD lJamai can Me Cra - zy withthe way youg G c D cD Run around like a chicken with no head at all. G c D G cD Look at the — flow - ers bird up in the tree. G c D G cD ‘They don't wor- ry like you. CHORUS c D Cc and they look hap: py. If God—_He take care, theleast__ of these. don't youthink He gon- na D c D do that for youand me. Stop! Ja-maican Me Cra - zy just ease your mind. Em c D G c oD Eve-rything is fine 2.Look at the bird he fly up in the sky. He 3, Look at the flower, look at how she grow. don't reap don't sow but he eat just fine. He More beautiful than even Solomon's Robes. just fly around and he sing his song. Little God give the sun and then he send the rain. irdie he know he gonna get along. Little lower she know she gonna Be OK! CHORUS (CHORUS) Repeat v8.1 & CHORUSif e (©)1990 URB Music ‘Tate i sar 0 “Lord ofthe Dance” fata font {Gio up's rate Torban sng stong kay) ‘Tis a gift to besimple,tis L c Am c true sm = pis i= ty is guined Am c Am tum will be our do-light, TU by tum - ing, “Tha profound ts simp My love she speaks like silence Without ideals or violence, She doesn't have to say she's faithful, Yet she's tru, like ie, like fie, People carry roses ‘And make promises by the hour. My love, she Inughs lke the flowers; Valentines can't buy be In the dime stores and bus stations People talk of situations, Read books, repest quotations, ‘Draw conclusions on the wall. Some speak of the future; My love, she speaks softy, ‘She knows there's no success like failure ‘And that falur's no success a all, ‘SIMPLE GIFTS: itt t beftee; ‘Tis bm or ‘sit to come down where you ought to be. And s cor oc the val - ley of love and delight. ‘Am? o and to bend we shat be ashamed, Te, a7 c F © tum - ing we come ‘round right By Bob Dylan LOVE MINUS ZERO/NO LIMIT 3, The cloak and dagger dances, ‘Madams light the candles. In ceremonies of the horsemen Even the pawn must hold a grudge. ‘Statues made of match sticks Crumble into one another. My love winks, she does not bothe ‘She knows too much to argue or to judge. 4, The bridge at midnight trombles, ‘The country doctor rambles, Bankers’ nieces seek perfection Expecting all the gifts that wise men bring. ‘The wind howls ike a hammer, ‘The night blows cold and rainy; My love, she's lke some raven ‘At my window with a broken wing. ‘By Bob Dylan © Copylght 1985 M. Witmark & Sons All ghts Revseved, Used by Permission of Warner Bros. Mule eA LET ME BE THERE By John Rost Moderate > 6 > 1. Wher-ev - er you £0, wher-ev-er youmay wan - der inyour life, sure - ly you know _ 2. (Watch-ing you grow) —— ‘snd go-ingthruthe changes in your life, that'show T know. A 2 o7 1 al-wayswant tobe there hold-ing your hand and standing by 10 TM al-ways want tobe there when-ey er You feel {you need a ftiend to 6 A . catch you when you ‘fall; Jean on, hee Tam. in ey ry-thingyou do. you know [be there Let me be therein your mom - ing. Let me be there inyour night. Lot _me change 2 E A a 7 and make it right. Lat me take you through that_won = der land pec A o fon ty twocam share. AIL Task yous let me be there CODA c 2, DS. al Coda ° A = a 2. Wach-imyourow_ Lat me be AIL uk yu ntmete the (©1972 Pola Musi Lid, clo Ceci Halper & Co, Lid, 18 Charing Cross Rose; London, W.C.2, England All Rights for he U.S.A. assigned to Al Galico ‘Music Corp, 120 East S6in St, NIV, NY, 10022, "Internationa Copyright Secured. Al Fgnts Revered Used by per BUBBLIN’: Bubbubbubbub-bl-in’. _Bub-bubsbub-bub-b.i Bub-bub-bub-bub-bl- in ‘Bub-bub-bub-bub-bt in’ Melody: Jesus love bubbles in my soul, Basses: Bub-bub-bub-bubblin’,bub-bub.bub-bubblin’, ete Jesus love bubbles in my soul Jesus" Jove is bubblin’ over; Jesus love is bubbiin’ over, te. Jesus" love is a bubblin’ over. ‘Tenors: Jesu’ lve ls bubblin’ over; Jesu love is bubbin’ over, te. ( beats of rex) Yeah, yeah! Kec Byes MeKuen ‘THE THINGS MEN DO pee Caneel c mou Go G7 c Itmakesme cry to.see the things somemen do toone an-other,Makesme-cry toate the things some men do. eS 1. Buty street's a. bat-tle-feldand evry door's a jl F, [Nev-et the sword and not the shield can starvethe widow's wail, 1 Foc a ie c or 5, tun-der- stand Why fee - dom stum-bles in our land. cean-not understand, I can-not 3, Every nights lonesome night that lasts a lonesome year. — ‘Torches all Brighter burn to chase away the fea. Teannot understand, I cannot understand Why freedom staggers in our land. 2. Every road's biter road, songs are only songs. When in worship children kneel, they eannot right the wrongs. Teannot understand, [cannot understand ‘Why terror rambles in our and By Rod McKuen. © Copyright by Stenyan Music Co. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission {By naa Zakich (rventorof he Ungame) Kore BROTHERS AND SISTERS- Latisbe brothers, oh yes, Lat'sbesis- ters, oh yes, Walking and in hand, © Foc o c Fc eo ters, oh yes, Walkingto-geth-er all o-ver God’ I Lat’sbe brothers, oh yes, Let's be f c or SSS : 7 waa st ES ——————_ or ¢ c F, c 7 (0+ pen your heart, Hell show you the way, ‘Calseyouwon't have to-morrow if you don't love to - 3. Aburden’s not a burden ‘til you have to bear it, But I'm afraid it won't be our til we'e willing to share it. ‘A, let's open our arms to all those astray, ‘Cause we can't bear tomorrow if we can" bear today. 2. Lite ian life if you save it or lend Wonly has worth when you'r wiling to spend it. So, t's open our minds and think of the way, "Cause we won't live tomorrow if we don't live today. ‘8y Rhea Zakion. © Copyiight 1867 akich Musi, Garden Grove, CA All Rights Resered Used by Permission. rN By Tony Conat COME TO ME- o gd s 1 wile, bene you 1. Give to me The_bur-dens of yourhesrt, The dreamsthat fell a-part, The tears you've had to cry. Fim Bm Give to me The joy that makes yourlife ‘The love you want to share, Your gen-le peace of mind. 2, Sometimes it's hard ‘When there's no one thereto hold, And love's a tory told, ‘And freedom is jst a word. Sometimes it's hard ‘When your voice i seldom heart; ‘You need a triendly word, ‘You got nowhere else to turn. ‘©copyright 1981 by Tony Congl Al Rights Reserved by Tony Cong and Wooden Story Mute “Lose your ‘self and you'l find your ‘lf. 2y Stephen Schwartz DAY BY DAY (Godspell) Day by day, day by day, Day by day, day by day, Oh, dear Lord, three things I pray: Oh, dear Lord, three things I pray: ‘To see Thee more clearly, love Thee more dearly, ‘To see Thee more clearly love Thee more dearly, Follow Thee more nearly day by day, day by day. Follow Thee more nearly day by day. (Popeat as many times as you want. End with.) By Stephen Schwartz trom the production GODSPELL. ©Copyright 1971 by Valando Mush Maste Gop. 1700 Broadway, Now Yor, NY 10019, Used by Permision. Al Rights Resecred. Inc. (A Metromedia Musci Company) and New Cadenza PSALM GREAT IS THE LORD. > A ° 7 s > AAT ° Beau-ti-fulforsit -u- a-tion, the joy of the whole earth*, Is Mt. Zi-onon the sides of the north the cit-y of the great King {Repeat song and end withthe phane starting at *) Arrangement by Yohann Anderson 1970. By Yohann Anderson YOUR WILL- 1. Oh,God our Lord! Your will be done. Have no. four, © the. war is_ won, Lord Je - sus Christ, Your will be done, © - pen to know, your king-dom has come. Chorus € s o7 s ce s o7 6 = === eS SS SSS] al of our deeds, Lore and peace from You re - ceive, Put’ in- to per = spee - tive Ob, God our Lord! Your wil be done. In shining ight, Your hope has come. Lord Jesus Christ! Your willbe done, By Your peace, family of one. Retran nd) ‘©Copyright 1972. Songs and Creations, Inc. Al Rights Reserved. 45 ocean ca IT’S A HAPPY DAY. wma 8 tm ” ’sahappy day, and I thank God for the weather. Itkahappy day, and I'm livin'it formy Lord. AMAT Em ° AD s oj s ‘each day by the promises in God's Word, Weahsp-py day, and things are gon-na get bet -ter {© Copyright 1973 by Fred Bock Music Company. Al Fights Reserved, Used by Permission Liv. by Yohann Anderaon MOVE ON: en (come on) a the hing-dom of ore, Spirit mor=in'on the wings of 1 dove —— (210 Yruon Ancenn. ene nd Cnt a 2. Leon, & Suton Savon IT’S YOU W/M by Scott & Jamie Lisea Yaalig Ye- ah a Sha nana na nana ma namnanena na ATM nana— oa mane its Bm GA D Bo Yea 7 5 % zi Ss 2 Sb papas Sha nanana— na na— na— nanana Aaa D Bm GC ‘You— 0000-— 00 02 — 0000 4 ah na Tha manana nana its You cooa00 e000 ooThat makes me a theSon God. oul nterev mich mich more (Tate why we ag) {atoll se pen pou (©1962 by Set and amie Lise ‘Adm, by Songs and Creations beartto the King of Kings. He gives 4 aew ‘Song sing. (Tats why we sing) CHORUS « By Estate Levittand Don Thomas MUSIC OF THE WORLD A-TURNING c, 6 o7 c ce s g, 6 hear the mu-sic of the world a-turmin’.Can'tyou hear the sweet sounds of the world ¢ 6 c ‘Stop, look and lis-ten; you can hesrthingsa-grow-in’. You canhave music wher - ev = er you go. 1. Uhear the music of the world s-turin’ hear the symphony of the traffic inthe city. ‘There are some folks nughin' ‘There ae horns s-blowin’, ‘There are some folks cryin’ ‘There are heels wclickin’, ‘Kids playin’ i the streets sound eweeter than a choi. ‘Aah eans arti’ asthe sun begin to rise. ‘All you gotta do is listen to hear. All you gotta do islisten to heat. 8. The wind writes a special song foreach and every day. I's got the rin dancin’ And the tunder a-lappin’. a Don't just ignore it; there's a concert all around you. All you gota dois listen to hear. £y Extle Levit and Don Thoms. ©Copyright 1965 by Blackwood Musl, Ine, Contoliad by Robbins Muse. Used by Prmision Al Rights Reserved A tanger song. Mika wrote Sit utry for reared el as Words ana Music by Mike Mirabella ee SISTER BUTTERFLY (Carla's Song) 2, c 6 . S, 6 > 3 My sit-teris a buttery who neverleamedto fly. Her secret world is hidden in the sblence of her eyes. D fine Bm Fim s > c sc in my soul She often seems quite tant and 1 wonder if she knows How much Inil-ly love hr howT fel ber % c & a a Gm eee D Walk with me, TM teach you; tak to me, reach you. Don’ttum away or be fright-ened to say, Hey! 1 meed you; 2 pic o/s Dish D.C. al fine pve De o/s o oc cere you're beau-t- ful 1 ove you. : 2, Youcan look among the flowers, but I doubt if hei be found. 3, She's avery special butterfly, an angel in disguise. ‘Shel be sitting in a corner or be Muttering on the ground. Not everyone will lok for her, and few will even ty. ‘She isn't polished in her ways nor gaceful ike « dancer, Buti you find her, please be gentle when you hold her in your hands, [But she can sak you questions for which there are no given ‘Speak to her with loving hear I know she'l understand. ‘©Copylght 178 Papa Mika's Music, ASCAP, Used by Permission. Al RightsReserved SERVANT OF ALL FG) cio) SE =S- If you want to be great {in God's king - dom, Learn to be the ser - vant of all Gia) Fi) Gia) C(O) If you want to be great in God's king - dom, Team to be the ser - vant of all, Gia Gia cio) Learn to be the ser - vant of al, Learn to be the ser - vant of all. co Gia) FIG) GIA) CIO) If you want to be great in God's king - dom, Learn to be the ser - vant of all ‘©Copyright 1975 Maranatha! Music All Rights Reserved Used by Permission. FREE ATCAST Words & Music by Scott Cole Futon (Can sing in key of A oF eapo up ene or two rts fom a higher key) an 3 1. Thad a dream that all of God's children joined hands ‘And were standing together as one. SY e a e fn 1D Like one giant rainbow encircling the earth ind Gne and all lifting their voices in song. ‘ftw Rie fee o7 I ‘They were singing. . Chorus Chorus 2 Thad a dveam that a reconciled people. Free at last, free at last... Were sitting together at the table of peace. Thank God almighty we are free at last. Laughing and loving and breaking the bread Gone the chains of the past. .. Sharing as equals a heavenly feast. ‘Thank God almighty we are free at last. And they were singing. ..Chorus Bridge fet freedom ring from every hilltop and mountain fet freedom ring from sea to shining sea et freedom ring in every village and hamlet fet freedom ring in the song that we sing. Chorus {© 1905 by Scot Cole Futon, 24905 Ridge Foad, Damascus, MD 20672, (301) 253-2439, Dedicated to Dr. Martin Luthar King,Jr. and everyone's dream. ee aa Co Em FG? 3 Oo _~ 7 You and 1 cam climb ev ry mountain, 37 rink from ev-ry fountain In His name, Am Em F G7 Am Em F so? 4. Truth iegone, the world pro-lsims Nofoun-de-tion now remains. Yesterday cannot reurm;To-mor-row won't be the sume. But 2, Men hide their deeds from human eyes; ‘Their hopes in salt alone, Man's power fal, the light grows dim; Blind lead blind, {hear them wal. But. {©.opyignt 1878 by Bob McCook, Controle by Songs and reatons In. Al Rights Reserves GETTING IT TOGETHER: s or ce 6 Gotsting it to- goth er, how hap-py it will be. Gottingit to goth -er, how hap-py it will be. 8 Em am o7 5 Get-ting it to-goth - ex, howhap-py it will be Sing-ing,"Lord, how! love to be free.” 47a ‘capo up 2 tae fortune Book by Ren weser THANK YOU LORD, (For Giving Me) ss Thankyou, Lord, for loving me, Ror giving me thechanceso could see The Jove that You fel inside forme SSS Retrain faster s SS Twantto thank you, Stow; aftr lest verse Me eae T want to thank you, 2, Thank you, Lord, for being there; 8. Thank you, Lord: you're my fiend. ‘You take me through life, and you always care. You give me the strength to start over again [think about the times I needed ‘When life becomes hard, no one seems to car ‘You were always there to see me through, Teach out for you, and you've always there, ‘And I thank you, my Lord ‘And I thank you, my Lord. 4. When I'm feling down and out, ‘And I wonder what lif is all about; ‘When you feel ike erying out, ‘And there's no one let to ry about, want to thank you, my Lord. (repeat as many times as you wont, ‘towing down near end.) ‘By Ack Nelson. €\Copyright 1872 by Matragon Musi. Al Fights Reserved. Used by Permission “Our NAME ls who we are.” 48 By Jom Denver Ws by tar done, Tobe to in love with you andso a - lone ce F © F c F a Follow me whereI go, what! do andwhol know; Makeit part of you to be apart of me. ce Foe F — ‘Take my hand and say you'l fol-low me F 6 Follow me upand down all the way and 6 F ce Am s 1. It’s Jong been on my mind, youknowit'sbeen a long, ong time. Ill try to find the way that I ean make you under stand ‘The F ¢ F c Pech ebmatc F 6 ‘way [feel a-bout you and just how much] need you tobe there where can talk to you when there's no-one lie a-round, Follow 2, You see,1'd like to share my life with you and show you things I've seen, ‘laces that I'm going to and places where I've been, ‘To have you there beside me and never be alone, ‘And all the time that you're with me, then we wll beat home. ‘©Copyright 198 and 1671 Chery Lane Musi Publishing Co In. ntemational Copyright Secured. Made In U.S.A. All Rights Reserved, MUNICIPAL PROTEST TRAIN ASSOCIATION SONG- L Well, let me tell you the story of a man named Charlie, (On that tragic and fateful day. He put ren cents in his pocket Kissed his wife and family, went to ride on he M.T.A. Chorus: Well, did he ever return, noe never returned, ‘And is fae is still unlearned (wbat a pig) He may rie forever ‘neath the srets of Boston; He's the man who never returned. 2, Charlie handed in hie dime in the Kendal Square Station 4. Chatlie's wite goes down tothe Seulley Square Station ‘And a change for Jamaica Plain, ‘Byery day ata quarter past two. ‘When he got there the conductor told him, “One more ‘And through the open window she hands Charlio nicks ‘A sandwich as the tain comes rumblin’ through. Charlie couldnt get of€ that te 5. Now you citizens of Boston, don't you think it's «scandal 3, Now all night ong Charlie rides through the station How the people have to pay and pay! Crying “What will become of me?” Fight the fare increase, vote for George O'Brian, How ean Tafford to see my sister is Chelsea ‘And get Charlie off the M.A. (Or my cousin in Roxbury? Mostpanasieny, Backer, ‘Coon Greenaway I'D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING. 1. Tike to build the world a home and furnish it with love, Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow-white turtle doves. 2. dike to teach the word to sing in perfect harmony; Tr Uke to hold tin my arms and keep it company. 3. Td like to te the world for once al standin’ hand in hand, ‘And hear them echo through the hills for peace throughout the land. Refrain: ‘That’ the song I hear; let the world sing today ‘A song of peace that echoes on and never goes away. Optional Interude: Won't you stand beside me on that distant bill? Ifyou stand beside me, ererybody will. ‘Repeat ve. 28.3 and Retain, Enewitn vec 2. Words and Mus! by 8. Backer, 8. Davis. Cook,R. Greenaway. ©Copyright 1971 by the Coca Cola Ca. Copyright aselgned to Shada Musi nc, [ASCAP, 180 Broacwey, New York NY 10040. ntomationl Copyigh Secured: Made in US.A- Al Pights Reserved THANK YOU: E 7 E A ye 1. Thank you for giv-ing me the morming. Thank you for ev-'y day that'snew. Thank you that I can ea eo, =] ete. ach verse can be mung i step higher. now my wor-ries can be cast on you. 2. Thank you for all my ‘Thank you forall my friends and brothers. 4. Thank you, [see Your Word has meaning. ‘Thank you forall the men thet live. ‘Tank you, I know Your Spirit's here. ‘Thank you for even greatest enemies ‘Thank you, because You love all people ean forgive. ‘Those both far and near 3. Thank you, [have my occupation. 8. Thank you, O Lord, You spoke unto us ‘Thank you for every pleasure small. ‘Thank you that for our words You eare. ‘Thank you for muse, light, and dladness. ‘Thank you, O Lord, You eame among ut ‘Thank you for them al, Bread and wine to share. 6. Thank you, O Lord, Your love is houndles. ‘Thank you that Tam fll of Yor ‘Thank you, You make me feel so gad ‘And thankful as Ido. Leiyrld, Mute by Martin G:Schnelder. ©Copyigh 1964 by Gustav Bosses Veraa, ‘Words by Walter Van Der Hass, Peter Paul 9. vlan of MCA, ie By arangemen with Bosworth and C0, Lis, London, England AN ght (Germany, Sole Selling Agent MCA: Ml Reward A By Oren Jonnton HEY, NOW, EVERYBODY SING: Hey, now, ev-ty-bod-y sing: Ev-ry-body sing to the Lord our God. Ev-ry-bodky join in a song of praise, o c F c Evtybody sing, everybody sing, Ev-ty-bod-y sing. to the Lord our God. Everybody sing, ev ry-odey sing, Hey, now, everybody ig, Berybody sing, everybody sng, Bverybody sng to the Lard out Go, Byerybady sing to the Lard out od. Hey, now, everbody sings yerybody sing everybody sng, Brerybodysing to the Lord our God. Bverybody ing tothe Lord our God ‘By Oren Jonnson, © Copyright 1961 by Fred Bock Musle Company All lghts Reserved, Used by Permiston. “Thank You!” BAD MOON RISING by dena Fogery| {SEE THE BAD MOON A RISING. Thear hurricanes a blowing. 1 SEE TROUBLE ON THE WAY. I know the end is coming soon. 1 SEE EARTHQUAKES AND LIGHTNIN. I fear rivers overflowing, I SEE BAD TIMES TODAY. hear the voice of rage and doom. Chorus Chorus DONT GO AROUND TO NIGHT, Hope you got your things together WELL, IT'S BOUND TO TAKE YOUR LIFE. Hope you are auite prepared rode 2 6 ‘THERE'S A BAD MOON ON THE RISE. Looks lke we in for nist weather oc 6 Copyright 1969 by Jondore Music, Bakley, CA A (One eye is taken for an eye. Chorus Fights Reserved 50 Words and Musteby Kay Paul Pamesand Paul Eras HAPPINESS {s_——————————— (Chorus: (Guys) Happiness is, (Girls) happiness, (Guye) Happines is, (Girs) happiness, (Guys) Happines i, (Girs) happines is Ditent thing to different people; ‘That's what happines is. 1, Toa preacher, it's prayer payer, payer, 3. Onadesert, it's. drink, drink, drink: ! ‘To ashow gil, i's mink, mink, mink; eit rs bolednene ‘To a banker, lots and ote of dough; ‘To a daddy, it's a brand new son. ‘Toaracer,i'saG.T.0. 2, ‘Toaminer,* it’s his beard, beard, beard; 4, Tossallor, i's the sea, ‘To a monster, something weird, weird, w ‘To my mother, why it ‘To a night ow, It's « good day's sleep ‘To the birdies, its the sky abo ‘And in baseball it's a fourgame eweep. But to my mind, it's the one I love board, board, board; 4 chord, chord, chord; ‘ 5. ‘To an armpit, i's a bar of sp * Original song sad Beatle insteud of rock group, beatnik instead of miner, and Yankees instead of baseball. 1.5 onal and not part at Sie nly showing what one can do) “orga prg a ete tno ol gon, ti todo la, Yan oben rn nd uy Po Pare ent ‘Sony 005 a tants ne Used with Permian i Rights Reser RUM BY GUM: E a Dd dvd ‘A-way, a-way with rum, by gum, with rum, by gum, with rum, by gum. A -way, a - way with rum, by a E 7, e ‘gum the song of the temper-ance un - jon. Boom chick-ichiclel- boom, chick i-chick-- boom, chiek--ehiect- boom, 27 E a7 & 87 We never eat rut-eake be-cause it has rum, And one lit-tle bite tums a man to « bum. Now, can you im- 7 E € 27 ‘Thana man eating fruit cakeun - til he gets tight? sg-ine a sore = er sight “Chick Chik! la done In falsetto, 50 Jim Newton & Pau! Hit FORGET ME NOT Slowly Chorus 6. Em? Ay 8 Em ar Forget me not, Tl soonbe gone &- way. For-get me not, our time i pass -ing by. Ds Em? ar 8m? ol a7) | 0) stil can share to-day; 1, I cam re-mem-bernot so ver-y long a- go When 1 was young, as young as you. 6 AL Bm? 6 D, ar ~ Have youforgot-ten that the time will sure - ly come When you'll be old, bbe old like me. (Chorus) 2. have so very much to give before I die; ‘8. Tollve afraid to die is not to live at all; Ws hereto share with you. know the fear, the fear in you. Init too much to aak to sit with me awhile; Pethaps together we might lie to die in peace, Tes just agit, a gift from me. (Chorus) ‘Come, earn the way, the way with me. (Chorus) (©1961 Songweaver Publishing Co, Box 386, Bedford, Texas 7802, Al Rights Reserved, Used by permission. by Mary lee Hopking ‘CREATE IN ME- (G7) Cc) G7 Am Fo mG? c a7 Gre - ate in me —a-clean heart, © God, that I might serve You. Cre -atein me ach Am F 6 c Em Am Em Am F Dm heart, © God, that I might be re - newed. So, fill me, heal me, then bring me back to o7 ce 6 Am F Dm? G7 oc You. Gre - ate in me a clean heart, OQ God, that ‘I might serve You. (© 1904 by Mary Rlce Hopking 51 Key: © Progression C, Em, F,. By SymiaFicker YOU WERE ON MY MIND- 1. When I woke up this morning 3. An'Tgota feelin’ ‘You were on my mind, Down in my shoes, ‘And you were on my mind. Seid i's way down in my shoes. got troubles, ob ob; {got to ramble, ob, ob; {got wortes, oh, ob: got to move one, oh, o {got wounds to bind got to walk away my blues, 2. So, Lwent tothe comer 4. When I woke up this morning Sst to ease my pai, You were on my mind, ‘Tur to ease my pain ‘And you were on my mind. 1 got troubles, oh, ob; {got trouble, ob, o 1 got woris, ob, ob 1 got worties, ob, oh: Teame home agin 1 got wounds to bind, Buse ca ©copran eM, war Sor. Al lhe Read Usd by Parison of War Bes, Muse Caton HAIL! HAIL! THE GANG'S ALL HERE- ——— Hail, hail! the gang's all here! Hail, hail! the gang's all, ere! What the hack do we cate now? ROW, ROW, ROW, YOUR BOAT: Row, row, row your boat Gent + ly down the stream. Mer =i = ly, mer =i = Wy, mer- och = Iyy mer- is but a dream, SIA BYE, BYE, LOVE —She was my ba-by. til he skipped in; Good-bye to romance that might have been. — 2. Tm through with romance, I'm through with love: Tm through with counting the stars above, ‘And here's the reason that I'm so free: My lovin’ baby is through with me, sora senna, ct 1 ef mato ert AA epg er mc mnt om 7 yOvcer Brand Kor: WHEN I FIRST CAME TO THIS LAND: ce fatmeac Foo c F Gn Twas not 2 wealth-y man, So, I got my - sf 4 shack and c a6 ¢ When I first came to this land c F iG e 6 c I didwhat! could; Got a shack, broke my back; But the land was sweet and good and I did what 1 could. Got acow ...10 milk now. .. Got a duck .-. ran outa luck, Got a wife. run fr your lite + Gota son... work all done... peer {Bing ret of song ang more phraaes atthe end) (Make up own veron) Key. (6.4m, 07,0) BylanTys0n —_[——— Four stron win! winds that blow lonely, ‘Seven seas that run high: ‘All those things that don’t change, come what may; But our good times are all gone, ‘And T'm bound for movin" on, Tillook for you i'm ever back this way. A, think 1 go to Alberts 2. WL get there before the snow fies Weathers good there i the fll— And if things ate goin’ good, got some friends that I can go to workla' fr; ‘You could meet mei Isent you down the fare; Stil, T wish you'd change your mind But by then it would be winter, I Tasked you one more time, ‘Ain't too much for you to do, But we've been through thats hundred times or more ‘And those winds sure can Blow cold way out there. ‘©Copyght 1969 M. Witmark & Sons. Al Fights Reserved Usd by Permission of Warner Bros. Music = —— nacre orenee) eeese TL a aD Vis S ss ee = > aos ee — © my God, Trust in thee; Lat menot be ashamed Letnct my enamies triumph o-rer me. 2, Yea, let none that wat on thee be ashamed. 3. Show me thy ways, thy ways, Q Lord. 4, Remember not the sin of my youth ‘Yes, let none that wait on thee be ashamed. ‘Teach me thy paths, thy pate, O Lord ‘Remember not the sine of my youth ‘©Ccopyant 1971 & 1973 Maranatha! MusltChare F. Monroe. ll ght Reserved. Used by permission ————— | Love you toro by Laurie Klein A LOVE You LORD, AND 1 LIFT MY VOICE TO WOR-SHIP You, O my SOUL Re-SOICE, TAKE JOY MY KING,IN WHAT YoU, HEAR — =.MANIT @& A sweeT, sweeT SSunD IN Youa EAR. ©2012 tom of mre ae. tanta! mie, 81 cites stare eens igs EDS St oy S28 kere MEDITATION: m7 or By Linda Rich gtnts SS 1, It you tut me with ¢ = ter - ni-tyybut you to- mor - row'scares, but bear the ones to - day, Fm © trust_me with a oF snatch moments Em If youknow no peace, ean find no redease, and lve = SSS one (mae Tm the way, the truth the lit no man-comesun-to the Fa ‘Then there's some - thing wrong, you can’t trust for long ther but 2. Ifyou love me with your heart and soul and yet you find no rest, Ityou love me as you say you do but give me second best, Ifyou can find joy oa place to stop and lite is just a bore, ‘Then you've mised the ship, make a slip, and there's more. 3, you say you know what It you say you know about ‘sll about and then you never lve, ppiness but have never learned to give, you're searching or an unknown goa in a restles race from day today, ‘You've jut existing, you'll never be living this way 20 rom the alum “Pater by Unda Meh “The Truth ofthe “Than' — God's Revelation in History — ‘applied 10 the ‘Now’ of Today ts God's Word.” (RES COME. LET US A— DORE HIM. O COME DorE HIM. © COME LET US CURIST THE LORD. 2. For He alone As sorthy... Pubite domain. © COME LET US ADORE HIM A— poRE HIM 1970 by Linda Rich. Assigned to InterVaralty Ctin Faliowship of he U.S.A. Used by Permisson. ll Rights Reserved. A G, By J.F. Wade LET US, A- — 3. Rod He shall cone An glory... kere ‘TAKE ME HOME, COUNTRY ROADS: 6 Em D7 ¢ 6 1. Al-most heav- en West Vie - nia, Blue Ridge Moun-tains, Shen-an-do-ah Riv - Em 07 ce s = Life is old there, older than the trees, Younger than the moun-tains, grow-ing like a breeze. 1 heather volee in the morning: how she calls me, The ra dio re-mindsme of my home fara -way. And 2 c 6 2 07 D.Salfine driving down the road, I get a feel-ing that I should have been home yes-ter-day,___yes-ter «day. ‘An interesting thing todo for eiping group get acquainted i 10 sing yout towns namas or where you were Born Instead of West Virginie the chorus, Not avery tne though ‘By Bl Dan, Tatty Nivrt and John Denver. ©Copyright 171, Chery Lane Musle Publishing Co, ne. Used by Permission. ll Rights Reserved. 534 LEAVING ON A JET PLA! By John Denver ° Em ° Em Allmy — bags are packed; I'm ready to go ['m stand-in’ here, out - side your door; I hate to wake you up to sty, “good-bye? But the dawn is break ~ kiss me and smile for me, Tell me that you'll wait for me; Hold me like youl nev-er let me ‘Cause I'm env - in’ ona jet plane, Don't know when Il be back a gun; (Oh | nbn Te bees) (to) pote 206 Beker Te baal 2. There's so many times I've let you down, 8. Now the time has come to leave you. So many times I've played around, ‘One more time, lt'me kiss you, {tall you now they don’t mean a thing. ‘Then close your eyes; be on my way. Every place I go Tl think of you Dream about the days to come Every song Ising Il sing for you: When I won't have to leave alone, ‘When I come back, Il wear your wedding ring. About the time T won't have to say: By Jonn Denver. ©Copyright 1087 and 1971. Chery Lane Musle Publishing Co, Ine, Uned by Permission, Al Rights Reserved “When you meet someone always consider you ora representative of you will meet them aga. ‘Be polite. 54 baat WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE? _— Am F Am F Genre Am F owen gone? Long time 8 = go. Where have all the flowers gone? Young gils have picked them, s, F ce F s ¢ a erty one. When will they ev-er learn? When will they ev = er ear 2, Where have all the young gals gone? «.. 4. Where have all the soldiers gone? ‘They've gone to the young men, every one. ‘They've gone to the geaveyards, every one. 3. Where have all the young men gone? 5. Where have all the graveyards gone? ‘They've gone to solders, every one. ‘They've gone to flowers, every one 8, Where have all the flowers gone? By Pate Seeger. ©Copylght 1981 by Fall Aver Music Inc All ghts Reserved, Used by Parmiion. ‘Succes l meatured by who lover you and who you love." By Syvostar Stewart EVERYDAY PEOPLE. 1. Sometimes I'm right and I can be wrong, 3. Lam2o better and neither are you; My own belies are in my song. We are same whatever we do. ‘The butcher, the banker, the drumme Males no difference what group I'm ‘You love me, you hate me, you know me, and then ‘You can’t figure out the bag I'm in; Tam everyday people, yeah, yeah. am everyday people, yeah, yeah. 2 There is blue one who can’t accept the green one 4, There isa long hair that doesn like the short hair For living with fat one trying to be a skinny one, For bein’ sucha rich one that will not help the poor one, ‘And different strokes for diferent folk, ‘And different stokes Cor different folks, ‘And so on and so on, and scooby-dooby.doo-bee, ‘And so on and s0 on, and scooby-dooby doo-bee, (Ob, shaaha~we got fo live together. (hb, sha-sha~we got to ive together. 5. (same chords as verse 2) ‘There isa yellow one that won't accept the Black one ‘That won't accept the red one that won't accept the white one, And different strokes for ditterent folks, ‘And so on and so on, and scooby dooby.doo-bee, ‘Oh, shasha-we got fo lve together. By Syvester Stewart. ©Copycight 1080 Daly City Mste. Contolied by Warmer Bro, Al Rights Reserved, Used by Permission of Warne Bros. Muse. We all put om socks" he same way. To God we're all Everyday People.” 4A, Key By Carol Ownes FREELY, FREELY: D Bm Em ar Em 1. Godfor-gre my sin in Je - su’ name, I'vebeen bom a - gain in Je - us’ name, Andin Go in my name; and be - cause you be - lieve, Oth- ers will know that I live? 2. All power is given in Jesus’ name, In earth and heaven, in Jesus’ name ‘And in Jeaus name I come to you ‘To share His power as He told me to. Repeat Chorus ‘©Copyright 1972 Lexicon Musi Inc, ASCAP. All RightsReserved. inerational Copyright Secured, Use by Permission, Key Dor COME AND GO WITH MI A o7 6 . Come and go with me to that land, Come and go with me to that land, Come and 0 Aenea, 2, o7 <= — — with me to that land whee I'm bound, Come and go with me tothat land, Come and go s Do ar peo with me to that land, Come and with me to that land where I'm bound. ‘ ‘Therol be singin’ in that land, Voteosvingin’ in that land, ‘There'll be freedom in that land Where I'm bound. ‘There'll be singin’ in that land, ‘There be singin’ in that land, ‘ThereTl be freedom in that land Where I'm bound. (Chorus) kere ByPauisimon ‘THE 59TH STREET BRIDGE SO! (FEELIN’ GROOVY) 1. Slow dows, you more too fast; 2, Hello, lamppost, whatcha knowin"? ‘You gotta make the morning la. Te come to waich your flowers growin’ Just Kickin" down the cobblestones ‘Ain'tcha got no rhymes for me? Lookin’ for fun and felin"groory— Dodootin’doo doo-teelin’groory— ‘Da da dada da da de-felin'groory. Da da da da da da da-feelin’ groovy. 3. Got no deeds to do, no promises to keep. [Tm dapple and drowsy and ready to sleep. ‘But the morning time drops all its petals on me. Ute, Tove you, felin’ groovy! (Repeat fire verse ond end.) By Paul Simon. ©Copyright 1066 by Paul Simon, Worl Rights contotes by Charing Grose Muse, ne, 114 Eas th St, New York, NY 10022 Imarationa’ Coyorght Secures. Mage inthe USA Al Fights Reserves. SSA Bysim connor GRANDMA'S FEATHER BED. D s D a . Wheat was a lit-te bit-ty boy, just up off floor, We wed to go down to 6 > ar 6 vy month end nCWeds schicken pe and com -ty am ° 4 PA See SEE see = > 6 > bed, He was nine feet tall and six feet wide, soft as a down-y chick It was made fromthe feathers o. 2 a 0, forty even pee; took a whole bolt of cloth for the tek, Tks '@ hold eight ids a? four hound dogs and s ° o ° = aS] SS a = pig-gy we stole from the shed. We did-n't get much sleep, but we had. lot of fun on Grand-ma’s feath-er bed. 2, After supper we'd st around the fie, the old folks'd spit and chew, a would talk about the farm and the war, Granny’d ing a ballad or two. Yd it and listen and watch the fie tll the cobwebs filled my head. [Next thing Ld know, I'd wake up in the mornin’ inthe middle ofthe ol feather bed. 8. Well, ove my Ma, I love my Pa Lowe Granny and Grandpa, too; ‘been ficin' with my uncle, I ruled with my cousin, Ieven Kissed Aunt Lou, ooo! Buti Teverhad to make a choice, I gues it oughta be sid that 1 trade ‘em all Plus the gal down the rod for Grandma's feather bed. By Jim Connor. ©Copyright 876. Chery River Publlthing Co. Used by Permission. lights Resered. “What's the ‘other bein youre?” Lo ea COME THOU FOUNT- oA Come thou fount of er ty bles ing, Tune my heart to sing Thy grace; Steams of mer, pev-er 2 =] ead ‘Sung. by 7 lore. ‘Hare Inaise my Bbonezer*; Hither by Thy help Ti come; - ‘And I hope, by Thy good pleasure, Safely to arive at home. Jesus sought me when a stranger, Wandering fom the fold of Gd eto rescue me from danger, Intrposed His precious blood. 8. Oh, to grace, how great lebtor Daly I'm constrained to be! et Thy qoodnes kes fle, Bind my wand ving beat 0 Thee. Prone to wander, Lor, Ie! i; Prone to lave the God Tove: ‘+ Rbenezer means “salvation.” i, Seal it for Thy courts above (Can be sun to “Try to Remember” pay in G: G, Bim, C, D2) 9 Tom Jones ang TRY TO REMEMBER- |. Try 10 remember the kind of September When life was slow and, oh, so mellow. ‘Try to remember the kind of September When grass was green and grain was yellow. ‘Try to remember the kind of September when You were a tendet and callow flow. ‘Tey to remember; and if you remember, ‘Then folow. 2, Try to emember when life was so tender ‘That no one wept except the willow. ‘Tey to remember when ife was so tender That dreams were kept beside your pillow. ‘Try to remember when life was so tender ‘That love was an ember about to bllow. ‘Tey to remember; and if you remember, ‘Then folow. 3. Deep in December, it's nice to remember Although you know the snow wil follow. Deep in December, i's nice to remember Without a hurt, the heat is hollow. Deep in December, i's nice 1 remember ‘The fire of September that made us mellow. Deep in December our hears should remember And fallow. ‘Copan 180 by Tom Jones na Mare Schmit Rights contaad ‘7 Chapel & Co, in. Use by Prmlaion, Al Fights Reserved Kerh —— I'LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER YOU. (There's A New World Somewhere) “Tom Spinates ‘Ther'sa new world somewhere they cll he Promiand Land; ‘And Ibe there someday if you wl bold my band; Til need you thee beside te no mater wht Io, For [know I'l never ind another you. "There i abrays someone foreach of us they sxy- ‘And you'll be my someone forever anda dy. T could weteh the wiole world over unl my el ehrough, ‘And Tenow 11 never find another you tsa long, ong journey oo stay by my side, IT wale through a storm, you be my guide, be my guide. they gave me s fortune, my treasure would be small {ould oe fall tomorrow and nevermind a al, ‘BULIC should lose your love, dar, don't know what I'd do, For Iknow I'l never find snocbr You. som Sriram sc criaemtes Someta Silt ite tthe Gleave iar 87 {raion Koy: 010 Eline sung by teiting group various way AMEN. a+ men, a+ men, L.Seetheba- by AE A EB E Se 2. See him inthe tem-ple yin’ in a man-gee ‘on Christmas morning A men, 2 men, . 2, See him inthe temple 4. See him inthe garden ‘Talkin’ to the elders, ‘Talkin’ to the Father ‘Who marvelled at Hs wisdom In deepest sorrow. ~ 8. First, He came apreschin’, 5. Went betore Pilate, ‘Then He came aenchin" ‘Then they crucified Him, ‘Tellin’ them dace. ‘But He rose on Easter. {Stan siow and bull gradually In elaxed way) NOW LET US SING__ ax A WOMEN fiaid, Be not afraid. Now let us sing, Sing to the pow-er of the Lord comedown, Now let us Joy. Joy to youand me Joy tothe world, all the boys and gti, Joy to the fish-es in the deep blue sea; 2. Joy to the world, all of the world Joy 10 the shepherds who were there to see. Joy to you and me. (Repeat tet verse) “The songs Joy and Amen canbe sung intrchangeabiy. The song Joy ls a good song for everyone to sing as kids are leaving a service to have hel own, “Whats the color of your Jo STA Words and Music by ‘Mary Rloetopkng MATILDA THE GORILLA. ss a 20h, ooh & ooh, ooh-ooh, ah -ah, ah, ooh-ooh-ah ooh, ooh, ah ah, ah! 2. So, we'd go nstrolling through the park; ‘3, Finally, the czcus man came along; ‘The people would laugh, dogs would bark. He ssid, "Matilda, Tknow where you'l ft and belong. ‘Well put you inthe eieus to sing your songs; ‘They never understood a word Matilda would sing, ‘But Matilda was doing her gorila thing: 4. Matilda was happy as can be: ‘She'd eather bananas swing from trees Now atthe 200 you would se ‘The singing Matilda family. ‘You can monkey around all day long.” © Copyight 179 by Mary Rice Hopkins. Controle by Songs and Craton, Ine. Al Rghis Reserved. Used by Permisslon. “Wf you want take We serlouly, BE LIGHTHEARTED!”" JOY! Amy Grant We go the oye fy Co fy Ge 1egtthe oy (ef Ca jo oh! Ie got the joy Go oy oy fy.2.8.4 Down in my heart Down in my heart Down in my heart to sthy Down in my heart to sty! 2l've got the love ... 3.t've got the light (© 1000 Age to Age Musi, Al Rights Feseeved CS. UBP. ‘Capo up tretbest grouping key BOTH SIDES NOW Bows and flows of angel hair, ‘And icecream cates in the air, ‘And feather canyons ev'ry where— {ve looked at clouds that way. But now they only block the sun, ‘They ain and snow on evryone, ‘So many things I would have done, But clouds got in my way. TTvelooked at clouds from both sides now, From up and down, and sill somehow W's clouds illusions T recall, Treally don't know clouds at all. 8. Tears and fears and feeling proud, ‘To say “Ilove you" right out oud, 8 doit Moons and Junes and ferris wheels, ‘The diary dancing way you feel ‘As erty fairy tale comes real— Tv looked at love that way. But now it's just another show, ‘You leave “em laughin when you go, ‘And if you eare, don’t let them know, Don't give yourself away. TTve looked at love from both sides now, From give and take, and still somehow es lore's illusions recall, really don’t know love Dreams and schemes and cireuscrowds— Tv looked at lite that way. [But now old friends are acting strange, ‘They shake their heads, they say Te changed, ‘But something's lost, but something's gained Inliving ev'ry day. T've looked at life from both sides now, rom win and lose, and still somehow Wife’ illusions recall, Treally don't know life at all. ‘By Jon Mitchel. ©Copyright Siquomb Publishing Corp ll ghts Resered. Used by Permission of Warner Bros. Music. THE RISING SUN (HOUSE OF) om And it's been My mother was tailor, — the min poor man; My ta - ther, 4 oh, Lard, was Wel, it's one fo0t on the platform, ‘The other foot on the train; T'm goin’ down to New Orleans ‘To claim my father's name. ‘She sewed my new blue jeans; My father was a gamblin’ man ‘Down in New Orleans. ‘Yes, 'm goin’ down to New Orleans, My work has just begun ‘To shun that place in New Orleans ‘They call the Rising Sun 58a, By Yonann Anderson WAIT. Wait, walt, walt on the Lord. Wait, wait, wait. In thequi-etness of my oul, Wait, walt, wait, =A 6 Bot c o7 F (2 Oe c bide inme IT wait foryou, Wait, wait, wait, Know ing something God-like 1 do, Walt, wait, walt. {©copyright 1079 by Yohann Anderson, Controlled by Songs and Creations, In. ‘Al ignta Reserved. Use ony by prmiasion, MAKE ME AN INSTRUMENT ‘Make me an in-strument, an in-stru-ment of wor-ship As lift up my heart to the Lord. Dm F 6 cos Make me sn instrument, an in-strument of worship As lift up my hewt to the Lord 2. Make my a symphony, ee. 3, Make me a Love Song, ste... “Be sre your sins will find you - Ouchi” Jona Lennon an Pauecarney HEY JUDE Hey did, do make bad, Hey, dude, don't tet me dows, ‘Tis esad song ona make beter, ‘Youre ound her now oon te. Remeber tla he nt your heat Rameribr te ht into our bat, ‘Then you co ar to make bette ‘Ta you can at toma ete Her. dude, don't be ari So, leit out and iti, ‘ou wee mde to out and et et, Hevedude been, “he minus you ther ener Your cin {orte waling fr somone to pertorm with, ‘hen you bop to mah bet, Jad dort you know West you. ‘ad natin youth pl, Fey due, you do. fey, dode, en ‘re imovenen ou need ison Your shoul. Dont cary the word upon your shoulder, Poryou know tat Ws foa! Hey, Jude, don't make bd ‘Take nd song and make it beter. Remember tole er under your skin, ‘Then youl bi to make beta ‘Song a abet ram’ young man saci for ie as oy woe pans sap ‘eran Maly ota Lamon an Pau eCary, Copan 8 th wt y Narr ong LG Agia the Ue Stes a "ica conate by hy acianhate,na C0 ATV Goo. Sane Bn Monyeoss Cos Ai age Resa ne oS ‘orator Corin Sarre be kere THIS IS MY FATHER’S WORLD 1. This lemy Fa-ther's word, and tomy liet-'ning ears All mature sings, and ‘round me ings The mu-sie of the c Foc f ec re @ ce a oc spheres. This ismy Father's world! I rest mein the thought Of rocks and tres, of skies and seas; Hit hand the wonders wrought. 2, This is my Father's world; 8. This is my Father's world; let me ne'er Conget ‘The battle isnot done, ‘That though the wrong seems oft so strong, Jesus who died shall be satitiod, God i the ruler yet, ‘And earth and heaven be one. (Cam be sung othe tune of “Hey Jod's” ain mad) “Let's not rape God's Creation"* 358A, ‘By Yonann Anderson WAIT. Wait, wait, wait on the Lord. Wat, wait, wait, In thegui-ctness of mysoul, Wait, wait, wai, A s FG c 7 F Dm cc G c bide inme Ill wait foryou, Wait, wait, walt, Know-ingsome-thing God-like 111 do, Wait, wait, wait. ‘©Copyright 1979 by Yohann Anderson. Controlled by Songs and Creations, Ie. ‘A Rights Reserve. Use only by permission. MAKE ME AN INSTRUMENT ‘Make me an in-strument, an in-stru-ment of wor-ship AsI lift up my heart to the Lord. Dm F 6 che, x Make me an in-strument, an in-stru-ment of worship AsT lift up my heart to the Lord 2 Make my a symphony, te 3, Make me a Love Song, te... sure your sas wil find you - Ouch!” Words sna Music by nn Lennonand PeurMatartney HEY JUDE Hey, dude, ont me ibd, Hey, de, dont etme down, ‘Tika tad song and ma it ote, You hae found her now go and et er. Ramnmber tole he ito your het, Ramerer tnt het nt Jour Bee, ‘Toe you can sat to mae better ‘Then youcan sao make be Hey, Jude, don be tal, ‘Sole out an tit in, You were made to go out end gt ber, ey, Jue, een, ‘The mite you ether under Your sin ‘You're wing fr someone to perform with, ‘Then you bon to make beter, ‘And wytizon you fete pn, fey, de etin Don't ory the word upon your shoulder, Poryou know that iva fol Hey, Jude, don't make it ba By making hi word ait code. ‘Take ned song and ke bate. Who plays it coe! amerber oe her under you skin, ‘Than youl begat make it betes. ad, hey, Jude) ‘Senge snot ram’ young min sae far boy wot ana have eee ‘erate neers cepa a zee nn rn ea eee aren miata en eae key: THIS IS MY FATHER’S WORLD 1. This iamy Fa-ther's would, and tomy lit - Feo F Fe a7 ce Ge ac) spheres, This la my Father's world! I rest men the thought Of rocks and tres, of skies and seas; His hand the wonders wrought. 2, ‘This s my Father's word; 38. This my Father's world; O let me ne'er forget. ‘The battle is not dor ‘That though the wrong seems oft so strong, Jesus who died shall be satiated, God is the ruler ye. ‘And earth and heaven be one. (an be sung othe tune of “Hey Jude's" maln melody) “Let's not rape God's Creation S98 By Lary Noman ang nay Stoner a ove vou We can be to-geth - er for nowandfor-er - ef; love you, 1 lowe you. ‘And when I'm pray ~ sod I hear'em say - in’, “I love you, 1 lowe you F om F S F Peo-ple all © - ver the world, they’ o-penin’ up, They're comin’ a- round, they're myn "I love pot Em am Em F s = = SS eee 55 — you, I love you, 1 love you, T love you, 1 love you, 1 low you, 1 love c Em Am Em F 6 c you, I love you, I love you, I love you, 1 love you 2, Brother and sister, missus and mistar, [love you, [love you. He made me fel it and I can't conceal it, [love you, [lowe you. ‘Jesus came into the world to show us the way, to set us all free, ‘And when He died He was saying, “I love you, I love you, [love you, [love you, [ove you, love you, Hove you, Love you, I love you, [love you, [love you, Ilove you.’ 3, We cam be together for now and forever, [ove you, [love you. Brother and sister, missus and mister, love you, .. ete. ‘© Copyright 1973 by Glenwood Musle Corp, Straw Bod Music, New Generation Muse, Used by Peri ‘To know God loves you should make a diference.”” ln. Al Rights Reserved LORD OF —— THE CHILD a € a — a Leap aiecnmermmmpigee mount te asian Pihsoc reer ne greareymphons CHORUS ‘Giongs Ee ove wren aa, (01079 aseuey Contd By Pinion SONGSUNG BLUE ——— waar cone on? — orange Pe, MEP ae eee a er Cpa We cine Bh White's going &f? Whats going 6a? ‘whats going on WITH THE WORLD? reun | Why do we block out their woes? ‘Why do we call them insane? ‘Why do the innocent sulle? ‘Why can't we open our ears to change? (Chor) 4 Whey cant we ust support our chuléren? ‘Wnry don’t we share God's love? ‘Why don’t we share with ech other? ‘What we receive from above? (Chor) "Wy Your ce Sta en ‘Sitot ty so wn Geant a By Tom Hunter ROCK METOSLEEP Ar ‘AMT can hear are the crickets ‘And the whistle from some lone-Iy_ freight. s A A But fornow, it-"ll just have to wait. ° 6 “Cause to-night I'd like you to rock me to sleep, AndI'd like you to sing me a sone. s 2 Em ar . Tm tired of tryin to fig-ure things out, And I'm tired of be - in 90 strong. 2. Tenever been too good at asking; 3, Ite funny how times when you'e hurtin’ Tm more apt todo it alone. ‘Make whot's so familiar seem strange. ‘And it's strange how a lot of us think something's wrong So, when you need help, i's hardest to ask; It we can't do it all on our own, ‘And it always takes s0 long to change. (Repeat Chorus at end and retard iat tne) Records, Box 315 Mil Valley, CA 9442, Al Alghts Reserved, Used by Permission © Copyright 1977 by Tom Hunter. Long Key AUATETO) By Freda EVERYBODY'S TALKIN’. Ew'y-bod-y’s tallcin’ at me; Idon'theara word they'ressy.n', —On-ly the echoes of my mind, won'tlet youleeve mylore behind. 7A ar a A Peo.-plestop ‘n' stare ‘a? T can't see the faces, Only theshad-ows of their eyes. ° a A arb 7 A s te - {'m goin’ where thesun keeps shin-in’ through the pourin’ rain, Gorin’ where the weath-er suits my clothes, aro e7 A aro a A abit fhe sora wind, Sl-in'oma sun Sete, Skip-pa'owethe oven ke 4 sme ©Copyright 1867 by Third Steet Musi, ie. Controlled by Cohne & Boyle Publishers ll Rights Reserved. Uted by Permission, oA Mo! BeTAu LIF “Jamaican Style" By YOhaNn aNDERsoN CHORUS C Dmin7 G c ‘Mo'BeTabLIF Fo! UF y Bet Tah UF in JOY GnJoy) A Dmin? G c Bet Tah LIF’ fromOO" MayDja Gr TU’ AY de’ Lord, c c |L.Wen U NO’ dE" WOx00" MayD-ja WeNU NO" dE WOn, Gr c WeN UNO’ dE WOr00" MayD-ja Mo'Bet Tah LIF beg UN. (CHORUS) GE Gr c REYEY KEY hEY hEY MON Bet Teh UF iN dE sUn G c HEY HEYHEY, HEY hEY mON, Mo'Bet Tah UF 10 FUN: (CHORUS) 2.1. Kom Fo! U 10 HaVA Mo’ LIF. 1 Kom Fo! (©)1994 by YOhaNn aNDERSoN (S&Q) 10 HVAMo.. I Kom Fo" Ut0 HaVA Mo" UF. Mo’ BeTAh LIF" thAN beFo. San Anselmo, CA. 94960 CHORUS GREEN, GREEN Bir Meena A . A o 7 1.Well,1 told my mama on the day I was born, “Don-tha cry when you see I'm gone. ‘You know th ¢ E ° A 7 A sin't no wo-man gon-na set - tle me down; I just got ta be trav -al - Groen, green, Tm go - in’ a - way to where the gras is greener til. 2 Now, there ain't nobody inthis whole, wide world 3. Love that man with all my heat; 4- don’ care when the sun goes down, Gonna tell me how to spend my time. Twill il the day I die ‘Where Ilay my weary head. Tm just a good lovin’ ambln ta Tiwasjorea sop along his way; Geen, een vay, or aocky road, Say, Buddy, could you spar a dime? He never even tai goodbye Ieethee I'm gonnt make my bed Copyright 1083 by New Chity Music Co, Al Rights Reserved. Interatona! Copyright Secured, Used by a By SamVotraichian {Gountry Wester beat. LET MY LIGHT SHINE BRIGHT- Singtunice ty ay S Chine &, = 1. When fall you come a c sc ° s o. c Let my light shine bright thru the night, thru the day, Allthe way for you. s 2 from off the ground. When I'm down you're always there To lift me up be-cause you ext. round, You pick me up. 3. Ltry olive lite on my own ‘Doing the good things that you have shown; 2 People try, try tobe fee, But I can't without you, Lord, Bur they're not. Why ean't they see ‘That you died to set me 00 Forall eternity? Without your help, without your Word. 8y Sam Votkarehian, ©Copyright Steet LvelPrductons Los Angses Ai Fighs Reserve. Used by Permission, “Light shine from withing” ermticavan ne BEHOLD WHAT MANNER OF LOV! ° A the Fa-ther has iy + en Be - hold, what manner of love ‘That we should be called the sons of God, That’ © we_—should be called thesons of God. © Copyright 1978 Maratha! Music. Al Fights Resered. Used by Permission. ‘Absautitul stow chanting ona. Lyles by Nai Hoar JESUS, NAME ABOVE ALL NAMI ar DO Glo-ri-ous Lor, Won-der-ful Sa - vior, A name a-bove all names, Liv ing Word. a, God is with us, Blessed Re -deem - er, (© Copyright 1974, 178 Seripture In Song, Admin. by Maranthal Must, All ights Reserved, Used by Permission. “Nothing can separate us from the love of God. — Romans 8:39 A ‘Country Western det, Maro WALK BY FAITH: idetiniand We walk by faith, not by sight. We walk by faith, not by sight. Through the night we're guided i G F s & by Hie pow’ and light, For we walk by faith, not by sight. ¢, ‘To. be con-fused at the com mand; But we must love the Lord our Em 6 & Z $ == I = * —_— ~ oe Got with al our might fod ak by ath, aot by oni 2. And when one takes i ep of th 2. And yt the god Lord tu se ‘hod fase Gti ace {Cie the fry tat ibe ‘he Sp dno trth a at Athen Mehr lve ich Him in thsi, forbes by ah not bya So. oe wal by anor yak 4A. So, together let's take God's hand ‘And watch Him lead the way through this land. ‘When our eyes are blinded by time's bitter sand, ‘Then we'l walk by faith in God's glorious light. Yes, wel wali by faith,not by feling in the night; ‘Weill walk by faith, not by sight. By Mai Soy Sha Wana Seen by mnt Mune For infomation regarding mar Sn Facosings and Shat Musi, write Oscover Recor, P.O. Box "Gontoled by Discovery Musto At Rights eoored, Used by Parmiasion, “The Lord ls my shepherd, Ihave everything I need.” And the leaves will bow down when 6 . 1. TM walkin therain by your side, ___ Ar ° am D an -y thing tohelp you 6 un = der - stand, ay Em, wind will whis - per your name to me. ar . 6 D you walk by, TIL ove you more than an - y - bod -¥ Little inde will sing a - long in ‘And mom - ing belle will Words ang Muse by ‘Joba Dorr FOR BABY (FOR BOBBIE) 6 A 2. TM cling to the warmth of your ti-ny hand. Tl ar ° ar ° time, Ay . chime. 2h 1965 by Chery Lane Musi Publishing Co, In. Found on “Rocky Mountain Migh, and “Aum” by Peter, Paul and May. ll Rights inuaingpublc pertomencs fr prt Used by pemlason, Key:€ progression) By Bob Dylan ‘TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN’. 1, Come gather ‘round, people, 8. Come, senators, congressmen, Wherever you roam, Please hood thecal. ‘And admit thatthe waters ‘Don’ stand inthe doorway; ‘Around you have grown, ‘Don't block up the hal ‘And apcept it that soon Forhe that gets hurt ‘Youtl be drenched to the bone, Will be he who has stalled. If your time to yous ‘There's a battle. Worth savin’, ‘Outside and i's agin’ ‘Then you'd better start swimmin’ Tel soon shake your windows Or you'l sink like a stone; ‘And ratle your wall For the times they are a-changin’. For the times they are schangia’ 2. Come, writers and critics 4. Come, mothers and fathers Who prophesy with your pen, ‘Throughout the land, ‘And keep your eyes wide, ‘And don' criticize ‘The chance won't come seu, ‘And don't speak too soon, For the wheels still in spin ‘And there's no tellin" who ‘That it's namin’, For the loser now will be later to win; For the times they are a-changin’. 5. Theline itis drwwn, ‘The curse itis east, ‘The low one now will later be fast ‘As the present now will later be past, ‘The order is rapidly fain’, ‘And the fist one now Will ater be lst, For the times they are changin’ ‘What you can't understand. ‘Your sons and your daughters ‘Are beyond your command, ‘Your old road is rapidly agin’, ‘Please get out ofthe new one It you can't lend your hand; For the times they are changin ‘By Bob Dylan. © Copyrant 1069 M, Witmark & Sons, Al Rights Rebarved. Used by Permission of Wamer Broa. Mule By Yohann Anderton Well, I was walk-in’ a - long just a - singin” a song and a go-- in! my way When I-dy stoppedme and she said, “Where ya gosin’ where ya go-in’ to- day?” Wall, 1 F c F to dis -cov-er the time when all folks can find the time to dine a-round a a Refrain ete said, “Tm atry c s table of one, no_need to run,” and TM) tell you why: new life, t s ce Foc s ce F, c = ov see free, anew way that's gon-nt be me. What ev - er may come, what. ere my 9 in be - tween with 2 = love. Tino, 2 Well, Twassitin’ one day, just athinkin’ away, over where I've run, Anda stranger stopped me and he said, “Where you been, where you been, my son?” Well, Lasid T been goin’to the end of town anda back arcund, a neighbor I found, Tan welcome the dawn, my fear is gone; [am not a clown. ‘8, Well, went climbin’s hil, andthe world stood stiloh, [looked and saw People standin’ together, and a-knowin’ and »flowin’ and a-growin’ tl ‘Don’t wanna be wdead before I die; gonna get on by, I'm gonna “fy.” Inthe Good Lord's plan, i's the way Tam;1'm gonna be fine. ‘©Copyright 1872 by Yonann Anderson, Controlled by Songs and Creations nc. Al Rights Reserved SOON AND VERY SOON ° By Andze Crouch ° 6 ‘SOON AND VER-Y SOON WE ARE Spa To see Tue Kine. Su AND VERY SOON QE ARE, CONG TO SEE THE KING. 7 <5 SS SS JOONAND VERA S00% WE ARE Gongs To S66 TYE KING, HALLE W-JOH, UAL-LE-LU-JRM, WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE KING. 2, tome yg tee 3. mare yg tere. © ,epmpe 176, tian Mae Tafa ake UR, 7.0, aw 222, ny Pack C120, Bing iy, ke a ues song aia! DO LORD $$ s oc 6 1. Ive gotahomein glo-ry-landthat out-shinesthe sun. T'vegot ahome in glo-ry-land that out-shinesthe sun. 87 Em Am g a Gj Trve gota home in lo -ry-land that out shines the sun way beyond the blue. Chorus or c s Do, Lord, oh, do, Lord, ob, do re-mem-ber me. Do, Lord, oh, do, Lord, oh, do re-mem-ber_ me, Siem an G 9; 6 Do, Lord, oh, do, Lord, oh, do reemem-ber me Way be = yond the blue, 2. took Jesus as my Savior, you can take Him, too. (2) Way beyond the bie. 3. Tveqgot a home in» gat, new land that outshines the sun. (3x) Way beyond the blue. (Sing siowly, lke « Blues song.) Key ByYonann Anderson GOD Is GOO! 2 Glory, halle -1u jah; glo - ryhal-le- tu - jah; glo ryyhal-le- lu-jah;God is good to me. 3, want olive, yeat 4. Tam the Truth, 5. Whosoever want to live, yea! Tam the Lite, Believes in Me want to live, Tam the Way, ‘Will not perish God, I want to live. YEA! ‘You can come to the Father. ‘But have everlasting fe. ‘© copyright by Yonann Anderson 1673, Controied by Songs and Creators, In. Al Fight Reserved “If God ts good, Trst him? What do ya got to lose.” 6 IN THIS WIDE WORLD: s Em © S c 6 c In this wide world that reaches the sky ve found @ future for me. Just stand - ingthere ona Em c © 35 6 35 high mountainside I'm rul-er of all I can see. ‘The snow — ismylov-er, the sun is her kiss, The c ° mit 3 6 35 c oI oi wind sings « love ong to me. Withthe wind and thesun withGod Tamone, Andjust_ lke an en-ge. I'm 6 mie 6 om ec ieee s tee; For love is thething that gives.» myheart wing, And just like an en - gle,'m free. 1 you see a track inthe high mountain snow Etching a trll neath the sky, ‘Then look for a man with » song in his heart And the song in his hear tells you why ‘He soars through the spaces, he flies through the tees, He races the wind rushing by. For here is aman with his spi fltled, ‘An eagle who must even tly; For love isthe thing that gives his heart wing, ‘And just like an eagle, he's tree. ‘Yes, love isthe thing that gives his heart win ‘Ang just like an eagle, e's foe. ‘Words and Mualeby John Byron WE ARE THE FAMILY OF GO! ~ ° A 8m s ° A We ae the fam-ily of God, Ye, we are the fam ily of God; And He's > A Bn? 6 A Drought us to - geth-er to be one in Him, That wemight bring light to the world Dai? o7 s curt an A 41. Go, make dis - cf - ples of all Ih Go, show them my way is true. 2, F] am E ‘Tell them the won - der - fal sto - ry ‘That they might be one me, too. 2. Lat them know lite Inthe making, ‘8. Bigger and betters my love [Lat them know peace from above, ‘That Ihave bestowed unto you; Show them by your own example ‘And now is for exch one to share of Ot love inthe family of God. ‘That all things might now become new. ‘©Copyright 1078 by Jonn Byron, Used by Permission. All Fgh Reserved. Who hast sat 2 When I think on Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, 3 ‘The moon and th stars which Thou hast ordained, ‘What is man in Your mem'ry, aman that You mindest, ‘The Son of the man that You carat for him? ‘Thy do-ry a-bowe the high heuv-ens And still eth Thy foes through a child in its Lord, our Lord, how majestic Your name is, How grat is Your name inal the earth, ‘Who hast set Your lry abore the high hesvens And sillth your foes through a child in its bith “1 twp my eve tothe hls, From whence does my help come? (My help comes from "Yahweh? who makes evershng.”— Psalm 121: 1-2 BE YE GLAD: When the From the Ob, your cry hs been hoard and the “Topously Bm Fin 6, ° Ob, be ye dad, oh, be ye iad!___ Bm > Bm E van son Hla been paid up in full Be-'ry debt that you ev-er hd. ead fe onl Ano be ye Bm ——S* Has been Em A 6 ° id up in full By the grace of the Lord. Be ye 2. Now from your dungeon a rumor is tiring. a ‘You have heard it agnin and again, ‘Ab, but this time the cell keys, they're turning, ‘And outside there are face of friends, ‘And though your body lay weary from wasting ‘And your eyes show the sorrow they've had, ‘Ob, the love that your heart lz now tating ‘at opened the gates; be ye ela! (Chorus) dad, be ye gad, be ye dlatt So be like lights on the rim ofthe water, Giving hope in a storm sea of night. Be a refuge amidst the daughter (Ff these fugitives in their ight. For you are timeless and part of a puzzle. ‘You are winsome and young a ad. ‘And there ig no disease or no struggle ‘That can pall you from God; be ye glad? (Chorus tice) ‘Be ye dad! Be ye dad! 12 100 by Paragon Mutic CompIAS.CAP, and Gotz Music! AS.GAP. Al RightsReserved ntational Copyright Secured. Used by parmislon of The Benoon Company ine Mash. =e Words and Muse by RogerMilor KING OF THE ROAD- 1, Trailer for sale or rent, 2, ‘Third boxcar, midnight train, Rooms to let ity cents, ‘Destination Bangor, Maine, [No phone, no pool, no pets, ‘Old worn out suit and shoes, Tain’ got no cigarettes. don’t pay no union dues. ‘Ak, but two hours of pushing broom [smoke old stogies I have found, Buys and eight-by.twelve fourbit room; ‘Short, but not too big around; Tima man of means by no means, Tm a'man of means by no means, King of the Roed. King of the Road. 8, ‘Tale forsale or rent, [know every engineer on every train, Rooms to let, ity cents, Allo the children and all oftheir names, [No phone, no pool, no pets, ‘And every hand-out in every town, Tain’ got no cigarettes. ‘And every lock that ain't locked ‘Ab, but two hotirs of pushing broom ‘when no one's around, Ising... ‘Buys and eight-by-twelve four-bit room; Tim man of means by no means, King of the Roed. Wort nd usi by Rope Mls. © Copy 86, 98 by Tre Mua Pung Co, Ie Unk by Permian, ll Rahs Paseed Conta by ~ HFox Koeney. Words and Music by Mer SIXTEEN TONS: 1. Some people say a man is made out of muc [was bor one mornin’ it was drizalin’ rain; ‘A poor man’s made out of muscle and blood— ‘Afightn’ and trouble are my middle name; ‘Muscle and blood, and skin and bones, Twas raised in a canebreak by anole mama lion ‘Armind that's weak and a back that's strong, (Can't no high-oned woman make me walk the line. Chorus: Chorus: ‘You load siteen tones‘ what do you get? 4. Ir yousee me coming, beter step aside. ‘Another day olde and deeper in debt. ‘Alot of men didn't, and alot of men died. Saint Peter, don't you cal me, ‘caus I can" go; (One fet of iron, the other of steel, owe my soul to the company store. I the right one don’t ge ya, the left one will 2. Twas born one mornin’ when the sun didn’t shine, picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine, loaded sxtaen tons of number nine coal, ‘And the straw bos aid, “Well, bless any sul.” Chorus: z Wore to muss by Marie Tras. copytgnt 1974 by Hl and Renge Song ne, an Ee Pei Mie, an ladys Mle, ean Nome ‘Mstie, in. Used by Permission Al Rights Reserved