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pone ae, SSP ANUSGAMLS Ge a a ee AMES ed MANUS CAM ie B-Geechita Written by: SUB-ATTICA is Copyright ©1993 Ianus Publications, Lucien Soulban Inc, All Right Reserved. Editor: SUB-ATTICA is a Trademark of Dream Pod 9/lanus Mare A. Vezina Publications and is published under license from R. ; Talsorian Games, Inc. Cyberpunk isa Trademark of R. Copy Baiting: Jean Carritres Talsorian Games, Inc. Editor for'R/Tilsodien Gamestine No partofthisbook maybe reproduced without written | Derk Quinanat permission from the publisher, except for review pur- 0ses, Art Direction: - 7 Pierre Ouelleve Any similarity to characters, situations, institutions, corporations, etc. (without satiric intent) is strictly Layout: Bed ec coincidental. jerre Ouellerte ; Jelf Fortier Printed in Canada, Dominique Durocher Published by: core Ai Tanus Publications, Inc. Pam Oucllazs 5000 D'ibervlle, Suite 332 Jeff Fortier Montreal, Qe 2 Canada Interior at ie H2H 256 Ma see Stock # ICP-120 Dominique Durocher Creative Team: Dream Pod 9 All Anwork © lanus Publications, Inc. ‘Special thanks to the Late Night Coffee Crew for those 1 AM bull sessions: Marc “Canyon Man” Paquin Nicolas “Is THAT the pressure?!" Jequier Laurent “But wait, there's more” Castelucci Richard “Taking into account the depth, and the size of the hole...” Binek. Mike “FF” Walthers Jean “It's NOT a frog!" Carritres Legal deposit: May 1994 Biblioth@que Nationale du Québec National Library of Canada | ISBN 2-921573-18-0 AUTHOR'S NOTE 4 INTRODUCTION 6 Playing Tips .. ADVENTURE BACKGROUND 8& The Cold War... New Hope Project Veiled Conspiracies Hidden Agenda Current Machinations. (On Dry Land Hooks ... Sequence Of Events ns A Brief Overview Of The Escape As Planned 14 SUB-ATTICA DETENTION AND LABOUR FACILITIES 16 History... Personnel .. Prison Facilities... ‘Smuggling Supplies Guide To The Facilities Level 1: Agri-domes .. Level 2: Mine Shafts .. Level 3: Administration/Security...... Level 4: General/Bio/Life Support 32 Level 5: Prison Level/Recreation/Medical.......36 Level 6: Mining And Supply 40 DAY TO DAY ADVENTURES 44 General Routines... Black Wid0W once wo AT Smuggler’s Gauntlet AT ‘An Old Friend Wet Dreams And Scary Monsters ‘Angel Row Blindsided Christmas List 49) De-Compression. Last Business ... Rumors ..... Rumor #1: Bio-Labs. . Rumor #2: Salvage Operation Rumor #3: The Flood ...... Rumor #4: Pilfering Supplies. Rumor #5: Corry Rivka, 13 & The Christmas Lis. Rumor #6: Scary Monsters Prison Slang NPCs And Other Clues. ‘The Christmas List THE GREAT ESCAPE 68 Start Countdown 69 Aftermath .... a 1 ‘Ways The Players Can Survive Ceri LIFE UNDERWATER 74 Life in the Deep... Geared for the Deep .. THE DARKEST SEED 94 PRISON ARCHETYPES & NPCS 103 ee es a pee mee oe SS AUTHOR'S NOTE How does one deseribe the pure magic of reality, the sense of the sereneand the surreal that grasps Yyourheart and imagination when you firstenterthe Cheer teanistaescur eines icity ver landscapes of coral gardens and plants that move under a liquid wind? Since th€days of my childhood, ve always dreamt CLUE ou eo ‘will, Discovering scuba diving sated that part of me that always longed fora touch of the beautiful, the Earner St What does this have to do with the adventure? TMLee ive stapes cet Nos Pree a these thai aos more impressed upon me than this one time.. (er eli seek eee ras Gene ne Breese or tes ease con eytedy Deu mast See cece The island itself was restricted because the boat Ronee inne horns attacimacienec com) the island itself was permitted. Aa Ue Me Taos CT Rata GCL both ofus resplendent in full diving gear, and began Caio oumee naa uC emesmi Pegi areata (cee OTE) iano nsec ae inane ae Ud fauna, carefully checking to make sure we never ventured too far away from one another. Tine eee ee 20 feetaway fromher, constantly looking behind to, “ as assure that she was still with me. All it took was, those few seconds of turning my head to see if | could find her that it happened. Sen ee tLe Bron ema cco recur Sena reMesIn Re tare) going and found myself floating in a limbo of Reo eee elec he nares eect sae eee hosts extended for miles beneath me. I felt like 1 was erie Pn Se eesesto LACS se py uence eur eee RIS heen teeing aOR abyss. Tt was an invisible divider between two Peeibar ices eer esete ae eee Ts Pema esteopotL Pee oe eee eae nuraLse le tered through the mechanical regulator. Images Pein an mercer acetate Trem aC tae ean nei est aot Roe Le oa MSC Cease Totes s ee SEU LENOMGUUTLub scrambling back to the safety of the shelf, like the desperate coyote trying to reach the ledge before he eee acc CoRUy Se ect becomes questionable)asagain Lcrossed thatthresh- old and the sounds returned. Garret ence oat ete cay Bere peter soca eehorerny ara Pu Te ate uo off a cliff and just waited there, unsure as to whether he would actually fall ornot. Istillremem- ber the terrible silence as sound became lost in the pee nsec ee ae hc ‘member the sensation of trying to fall, butnotgoing Senne orci st a twisted sort of zeal. The one clear thought that came intomy mind that Petes re sono) thedarkness of the world below me, theone thought that still rings like a bell and brings us'to the esata eet ert Be Nea locators aa ete & —Sub- Aton: Tnitgechaetie a 20 feet under the surface of the ocean, light begins to fade and colours slowly vanish FOREWORD eee = Se 2 33 feet below the ocean’s surface, “lacshanogadayinenheing aaa aE ce, feet under sea level, PesibnmcineblemmEey “Os ; ‘and your world begins to look like a black eRCtriremmes | oe witesenfn 66 feet below the surface of the ocean, the pressure isnow equal to 3 atmospheres and air is compressed to one third it’s original volume. 100 feet below sea level, _you might start suferin from nitrogen narcosis. Getting “narked” at -100 feet is a dangerous thing, specially if you start thinking you can breath without your equipment. There are no more kelp forests cand coral beds to heep you company any more. 120 feet below the ocean's surface, you've hit the twilight zone where your world isa muted ‘spectrum of blue and green. You even bleed green down here. 297 feet under the surface of the ocean, the pressure is naw equal to 10 atmospheres and even normal air becomes toxic to breathe. 500 feet and plus below the ocean’s surface, the continental shelf drops off into the deep abyss. 627 feet below sea level, the pressure is now equal to 20 atmospheres or 294 Ibs per square inc. 1200 feet below sea level, ‘the temperature can go as low as 33 degrees For 0.5 degrees C, That’ right above the level of fresh water freezing, 4500 feet below the surface of the ocean. Welcome to the Sub-Attica Labour Detention Camp. You descend too fast and you could squeezed bigtime as the air in your body contracts. Ever ruptured an eardrum, popped eye veins or had your sinuses get squeezed by shrinking air volume? Ascend too quickly ‘and you could get it with the bends, form an air embolism ‘and block blood to the brain, rupture a lung, squeeze the heart or any number of other pleasant way’ to maim ‘and kil yoursel. ‘The world below the water isa beautiful and breathtaking place. Its where true night lives and the monsters of legends dvell It i the hore of Sub-Attica, an underwater labour camp where hope is as fleting as the daylight and despair as deep as nature's darkness. Iisa barren landscape, carved with abrupt chisels cand cuts that depict a cruel face. ‘Sub-Attica is a chance for the GM to take the players into. ‘aworld far darker than they have ever known. Does eybemeties maike the man or woman? Here's the players’ chance to survive on skill ‘and imagination alone, beret of cyberware oF weapons. capable of decimating city block upon city boc of urban scrawl. Here's the chance for the players to meet the monsters that they were frightened of as children and laughed at a adults. Here's the chance to glimpse atthe threshold just beyond the dormant dreams of Cyberpunk. Welcome to the future... ain‘ all prety. PLAYING TIPS As stoted previously, Sub-Atica Is on underwater labour camp. Inteims of gome fee, the entre module is seta the mood of Allens 3. The dark and dank despalr of the world, the futilty ofthe contiaved deldrums of existing Ina vaguely Itenvionmert. Everything here ity and grimy, the colour cruted Ike it was bled away. Every comer hides a shadow, ‘ever footfall echoes with a hollow metale tag. The alls humid. and oppressive, and constantly filed wth the hur of the pisor's generators or the dipping water that falls tothe floor gfting with a steady ping or dinging othe pipes and ‘als with a dy mois gleam. The equipment doesnt work fight and old neon tubes fcker in certain sections ond the floorsofthe lowestlevelisanywhere rombootto ches! deep in dot, freezing seawater This the world of Sub-Atica. For this module, the soundiracks to the Alien series is recom- mended. They help set the mood of the environment and give the players a sense of situation. The soundtrack to Allen wos conducted by Jemy Goldsmith, the soundirack to Allens wos created by James Homer, while Aliens 3 was composed by Ellot Goldenthal, Ir Is also cuciol that the GM be completely foliar and comfortable with the Workings of Sub-Aica. Because pert- ‘nent Information Is Included throughout the module thot relates tothe workings ofthe adventure and the overcll feel, itisrecommended that the GM read over the module atleast rice in order to know where everything les. BS Ackenture Buckgrouncl THE COLD WAR The events leading fo this adventure take place all the way back In the early 1990s, with the collopse of the Soviet regime. With the formation of the CIS and the ending of the Cold War, many weapon systems were dismantled and mothballed. Most of the chemical agents and biological strains developed for warfare were ordered Indnerated (at least those that were nett stolen and sold on the black market). The only problem was that certain chemical agents ‘and biological mutagenics could not be destroyed through the standard process (Indneration caused toxkc side effects that were more lethal than the original formula). Special ‘bunkers ond fociities were needed to dispose of the ‘Cold Wor trash, butboth thelr costin building and use would have ‘roused too much suspldion In both sectors of the Western military ond In the new eivilan government. The miliary hierarchy begen to realize that fit were discov- ‘ered what some of the chemicals agents and mutagenics were designed fo do (and especially after some chemical ‘agents had been used against the Ahfgon! forces duting the Soviet occupation), the subsequent backlash would result in ‘a complete reshufiling of the CIS’ top brass. Consequently, the military stashed the remaining stockpiles of chemical and biological warfare components In old ships, then sank them In the North See, hoping that they would be Id of them for the next few generations. NEW HOPE PROJECT The ‘New Hope’ project was developed back in 2007 when e.numberof companies attemptadito finance the bulding of cen underwater farming community onthe slope ofthe Grand Bank Continental shelf. he economicstraln proved too great for some of the companies that were forced to withdraw ftom the project. With thelr nanctal suppor gone, the other remaining members of the conglomerate had no other option burt to sell off the hall-buil complex to Hiro-Assad Enterptises. Hro-Assad, In um, went fo the U.S. government ‘and offered 1o build an underwater prison labourcomp that ‘would be used for stip mining Ifthe goverment footed for part of he bil. Anagreement was reached where the profits ‘were divided berween Hiro-Assad cnd the U.S. goverment, thus glving birth to Sub-Attica. VEILED CONSPIRACIES HIDDEN AGENDA Alter Sub-Attica opened and was fully functional for dose to exdecade, the stip mining began fo prove too effective, The ‘mining operation succeeded In depleting most of the acces- sible oF0s found In that sector. With the decline in the work ‘quota, Sub-Attica began losing money that was necessary to keep the project going. It was In danger of shutting down. That wos when Antof Servoviich, 0 genetidst with the former SevletUnion, passed away. Antof was one of the few people left ave thot worked on the blo-mutagenic programs that ‘were later scutied in the Nomth Sea. On his deathbed, Antof confessed his sins 10 9 priest who later tied to sell the information to any willng buyer. Arasoka monoged fo get Wied of the proposition and reached the priest fst via on extraction team. Atterleoming whatthe pest knew, Arasake began sending netunners throughout Sovspace In order to procure more Information about the location of the scuttled ships. They finally tumed up one name, another ex-Soviet geneticist now living In the diy of Bogota in the Atlantic region, Leonid Naprovitch, From Leonid they discovered not only where the ships had been scutied, but the contents of some of the ships. Arasaka reollzed that some of the waste dumped stil contained Viable strains of mulagenics that could be refined using curent technologies. By this time, Arascko was already wore of the floundering Sub-Attica project and realized the advantage of sucha foclty. AccesstoSub-Atikawouldallow for access 10 unlimited test subjects in the form of prisoners (whe would proctically do anything to escape a labour camp), a secluded and somewhat secured base not readily accessible to the mejotity of the poptiace, a plethora of sea Ife to obtain a wide base of genetic matertal from which to experiment with, and a processing station where the mate- ilals frorn the sunken Soviet ships would be stored and stockplled for later use, With thisin mind, Asasako pulled afew stingsand boughtout the U.S. govemment’s shore of the project under the condl- {fon that the station was sill 10 be used as an Incarceration foclty. With the mojotity ef the shores and through some underhanded manipulation, Arasoka bought out the re- maleing shares held by Hiro-Assad Enterprises. ‘Arascke now possessed the facilities where they could run thelr experiments and began using smuggler subs fo make runs Into Ewrospace waters fo rettieve the contents of the sunken ships. The runs may be dangerous, but the euro Is worth the tsk, according fo the smuggless. ‘With everything in order, Arasoka needed one lost thing and thot was a qualified team to begin research in genetic ‘engineering and manipulation. The problem with that was, the one person they had their eye on to head the team, Dr. Lo Pak, was undergoing tral proceedings for ‘cimes against Humanity. His development of blogenetic weaponry wasn't ‘50 unusual since both sides In the Second South American skimishes were Using blological weapons. His crime wos, being on the fosing side. With his trial taking place In Mexico City, it proved rather sknple for Arasaka fo bribe afew of the right offdals and get Dr. Lo Pak replaced with a bio-sculpted double, Of course ‘when the double vehemently protested his innocence, he ‘was sedated for the rest ofthe tial proceedings and for his ‘own execution (50 the rumours go). ‘The real Dr. Lo Pok was taken to Sub-Attica and informed of the project. His freedom was condittonal on the results of his experiments. Dr. Lo Pak, however, was not only o billlant dentist, but he was also rather paranoid and didn't must ‘Arascko fo keep him allve when the time come that they no longer needed him. He began developing a way fo escape ‘Sub-Attica and slowly began to implement it over the next yeor. Dr. Pak began to gainthe loyalty of the pisonersby dtsmbuting hugs from the medical stores. This enabled him to get the. prisoners to begl plfeting vorious equipment from the madi