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Level: TEENS 3 - A1.2 Date: August 20th, 2017 Total Lesson Time: 240 min. Folio No. 430810

Num. of Ss. 25 Ss’ age: 11-14 Equipment and technology: Computer and speakers. Approach: Competency

Venue: ICBI D, Classroom 18. Schedule: 09:00 – 13:30 Unit and Topics: Unit 1: That’s Me; 1a my school, 1b at home.

PREVIOUS RELEVANT WORK: Students have been working with present simple, and vocabulary related to the classroom.

Goal: Students will write about their daily routines.

Objective: By the end of the lesson teens 3 students will be able to write about their daily routines by using some ideas previously
brainstormed by their classmates and some prompts provided by the teacher, in order to use the English language in a real context.

Competence(s): Students can talk about daily routines.

Function: Talking about daily routines.

References: H.Q., M., & Marileni, M. (2012). Full Blast American Elementary A1.2. New York, NY: MM Publications.

Materials &
Lesson Phase Procedure

WARM-UP - T asks Ss to brainstorm the topics covered last class and write them down on the - Whiteboard and
3 min board. [3 min] markers

- T tells Ss what he has to do and what he does normally, shows a piece of writing called - Appendix 1 “My
“my daily routine” to Ss and read it aloud. [10 min] daily routine”
10 min
- T asks Ss to go over page 8 in the book, check vocabulary about school and subjects in - Whiteboard and
there, and asks them to answer Ex. 1. [10 min] markers
- T asks Ss to look at the text on page 2 Ex. 2 and predict its content. [5 min] - Book: “Full Blast”
- T plays an audio and asks Ss to read and listen to the text. [5 min] - Audios
- T asks Ss to check if their predictions were correct or not. [5 min] - Handout 1
- T asks Ss to go over page 9 in the section 3 of grammar, explains them the structure
and asks them to answer the Ex. 3. [25 min]
- T provides Ss with handout A in which they have to complete some sentences of a
someone else’s routine. [10 min]
- T checks the answers and provides feedback. [2 min]
- T tells Ss they will work on pronunciation and asks them to go over page 9 and answer
Ex. 4. by listening to an audio. [10 min]
- T checks the answers and provides feedback. [2 min]
132 min.
- T asks Ss to go over page 10 and look at the vocabulary, then T plays an audio and asks
Ss to repeat. [5 min]
- T plays an audio twice about a story, and ask Ss to imagine who the main characters
are and what is the topic of the story. [10 min]
- T asks Ss to read the same text on page 10 and complete Ex. 2. [10 min]
- T checks the answers and provides feedback. [2 min]
- T writes down on the board How often do you…? And asks Ss to think what the next
topic will be about. [3 min]
- T provides some examples using adverbs of frequency and explains their use. Then T
asks Ss to go over page 11 and answer Ex. 3 and 4 and 5. [26 min]
- T checks the answers and provides feedback. [2 min]

- T asks Ss to work in groups of three people. [2 min] - Whiteboard and

- T asks Ss to discuss the following questions: what is the name of your school? Where markers.
is it? How many teachers work there? What facilities are there in your school? What
time do classes start and finish? What are your different subjects? [5 min]
- T asks Ss to discuss the things they do during the week, and how often they do
40 min.
housework. [5 min]
- T monitors the activity.
- T asks Ss to write 10 sentences about their daily routines using the new vocabulary
and structures they have learned. [10 min]
- T asks Ss to share their sentences with their classmates and provides feedback. [6
- T asks Ss to work in pairs with a partner they have not worked with, share their
sentences. [6 min]
- T writes some questions on the board and asks Ss to start thinking on the answers, in
order to write their daily routine. (What do you do on weekdays? What do you do on
weekends? What time do you go to school? How often do you do homework? What time
do you get up? What time do you go to bed? Etc. [6 min]

- T asks Ss to work alone. - None.

- T asks Ss to write their own daily routine, taking into account the different activities
they do at home at and school, the frequency the do those activities and the time. [25
50 min.
- T monitors the activities and provides feedback on their texts.
- T asks Ss to share their daily routines by pasting them on the wall, in order to show
their writings to the whole class. [25 min].

- T asks Ss to think why daily routines are important, and asks them to share what they - Whiteboard and
have learned during the session. [4 min] markers.
- T asks Ss to answer pages 8, 9, 10 and 11 from the workbook as homework. [1 min]
5 min.

Supplemental activities: - T asks Ss to write the daily routine of a brother or sister. [20 min]
- T asks Ss to imagine they are in a contest and they have to vote for the best text. [10 min]
Technology alternative: If the speakers do not work, the teacher will read the transcript on the book aloud and will asks Ss to repeat the
new vocabulary.
Appendix 1: My daily routine

Hello! My name is Gustavo, and this is my daily routine.

During weekdays, from Monday to Friday, Usually I get up at thirty past five and I take a shower. At 6
am I have breakfast with my brothers, but sometimes I have my breakfast at 6:20 am. I go to school at
6:30 am and I start classes at 7 am. In the school, my classes last 2 hours each one, I eat with my
friends at 10:30 am. After school, I often get home at 3 pm. I have lunch at 3 pm. I do my homework at
4 pm. I have dinner at 8 pm and I rarely go to bed early, I always go to bed after 11 pm.

Handout 1:

Write the best word to complete the sentences. 1. I usually _______________ up at 6.00 a.m. when
my alarm clock goes off. 2. I _______________ lunch in the school canteen at 1 p.m. 3. In my family,
we usually _______________ dinner at about 6 p.m. 4. My school finishes at 3 p.m. and then I
_______________ home by bus. 5. On the weekends, I _______________ to bed later than on
weekdays. 6. My alarm clock goes off at 8 a.m. on Sunday but I don't _______________ up until 8.30
a.m. 7. I always _______________ my teeth before I go to bed. 8. On weekdays, I _______________
to school with my friends at 9.00 a.m.

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