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OT. PUNT .... 13
~ FIUT FI611Tf.

~ JAPSUSf . . .
l'Mf "
SQUADltOfl .....
XX I B 0 M B ERe 0 M MAN D

19 April 1945
Tetra-&th71 Lead Productlon cot 3
Strlke Photo Hodagaya <llelllcal CcapaD7 4
Strlke Photo l(ar1yema <lle:l1eal Plant 5
Str1ke Photo Target 193 6
Scratch 1931 7
73rd Hl ts 357 lce 7
Str 1ke Photo 357 8
Strlke Photo Shlrooka Alc Engloe works 9
Alrflelds Bmbed 10
First Landlog of B-29 by elf 51st 10
Crew Comment. Anslfered 10
Correct10n to story on Wa1st Gunner II
Photo Coverage of the Week 12
Photo Interpretation Report. 12

Nakaj1ma Ota Plant 13


First Flghter Escort 18
Jap Eerly Wern10g Systl!lll

Japs Use 88IIIm AA Gun at Tokyo
Air-to-Air Phosphorus Bmba 22
AI. Fire trOlll Trawlers 22
posslble Explanatlon of Balla or Fire

3rd Photo _ Dttle1al Pbo""".... r rtf Japan
.• Jo'lllJtos
5M127 7 Apr Nagoya ---.::
5",24 '1 ,40"
511128 8 Apr '"a1zw-u, Kyoto, 6" ,,-'14 ",40"

5lJl29 7 Apr Tokyo, 1~1 to
6" ,24" ,40"
8 Apr Y.j"'lshu, Sasebo. looi
51.1130 No Photos
Sh1monosek1 ~'


8 Apr
11 Apr

12 Apr

Y.urume, Tokuyama,
6" ,24" ,40"
Yatsushiro, ,:yushu I 6" ,24" ,40"
So, Sasebo, Tokuyama

I 6",24",40"
I,OTA P\ant!
s':JJe later aota':.10rS, as ll)n~ &gO
Sh1monosek1 as 1936 _ practically the !!e..rk ages
as far as tOP Jao aircraft ractor-
5l.1134 12 Apr Nagoya, Jfito, Kofu 6" ,24" ,40" 165 go. It 15, hotrever, the sue·
"-I cessor of NakaJ1!:a's original Otl!
511135 12 Apr Y.Urume. Yatsush1ro, 6" ,24" ,40" plant, target '769, about 1/Z mill
Y.Ure, Yyushu So,
Shimonosek1 ,r- l-JU _
r.-,...... 0__
_ <iii.
_ , '.
to tte northrest of tt.e sl te ple·
tured in these pages.
'us PRIDE em JOY
5'1136 Mission tlostponed
5Jt137 Tuget 15401, waS un4?Ubtedly th
12 Apr T'Jkyo, r:umano 5",24",40" GO<I putt cular prlde JOJ of lts CM
ner, according to sOCte7'hat d!
\ 13 Apr takayama, Maizuru, 6 11 ,24" ,40" GO<I vergent lnt'orcatlen, 15 ChlkuhE
\ \, , Fukushima, Ol-".eyama Nakaj~, the cost successful lnd:
vidual plan!!l".aker in Jaoan. 'n
5ln39 13 Apr ~'a1zuru, "atsue other airora!t eOClpan1es repres e '
6" ,24" ,40" GO<I industrial g.roups, sueh &5 the !.:1
5M140 13 Apr sublShi, the ~itaehl ane the lik
Tokyo, Takasak1, 6" ,24" ,40" GO<I 'cut tlakaji::;&, according to legen
is sald to have broken off as
13 Apr kaJtca at Ota (Target 1~4~) is e~ployee of l1t.Sub1Shl (be is sls
KUre, I~urume, 6" ,24" ,40" Goo! ,onger a target. ThiS huge air· and not necessarily ooor.radlctor1
Shimcnosek1 assembly plant. oovering a piotured as a retired ~:aVY capta!
,d area of nearly 5.000,000 and started out on hH 'J1m.
e feet, _as esti~ated to have
,oed about 15 to 20 peroent or : t haS been saio tn_t I.';' <..CC
Jap oombat airoraft. Solely ted financial atd ~O"'\ the '-lts'
to Army types, the plant 15
ISSUed By central ted to have produced the HELEN, but later bought baok :lost of
Interopret..'"1 tton QBCAR and, more recently, the stook, and ~',rned "1'ler to hls yo
Unit, er brother Kiyoji as cOl!lPlete1y
• as .. eU as the TONY and the
divit!Ual an enterprise as near.
found in present.!!ay JaflS •
Governc ent , and ln the ease of t
Eleotronios Report 114
DATE mon 1n Allted quuurs
psrtieular plant, the Arl!J'f, t
been t:le " ..1 r,l&Ster s ~r the t:
over _tll feel 8 sort or
30 1'81' regret at the disappear-
Survey Report #60 one of their greatest Jap quantlty and quallty of planes o
1 Apr '.. Though the plaoe 15 fre- dueedl b'lt Nal<a.It::ll'S r,,'Cut"1tt '
survey Report #62 knO'lll'n as the "Ne_ eta Plant:; an inaepenoent !!pd veJ'1 efrec
~anutscturer st1'1 persiSts •

1 Apr • m15nooer in one respeot
Survey Report R63 was fuJly built. e~cept for
survey ~eport #65 ~

4 "
Sur~y .ReR~ i66
3 APt.
If'v ... ,nv

10 ,lebruul'y .- The ata ?lant

takes a rrom the XXI t!01l_
ber Command. Damage Toes '155,900
50U!lre feet.

iiere is iarget 1544 Q.fter a
!:avy strike on 1&_1'1 ,ebruary
3dded another 906,500 s~uare feet
';0 the total da~ge. 3e~aval an"
:!!.Ir.8ge seen in this photo totals
l,fiG4,400 ~~~re feet.



XXI BomCom
.9 10 Feb

16-17 Feb U.S. Navy -- ---'

'>-~< - --
SI=--;5I:1lilIll<..Ii'!!-...::...< ",;.

~ ~ -\~
.~ ==-
- -,ESCORT ~
iiUiiever, due perhOjl!: t., t~E.' n<>c·
cessity for a !:harp turn on the

~o missions, plu$ a little help

from the Ja'Os themselves, in the
?fey 'Of building reltoval, hardly
If we are not
fOOOS and the rest or t!.I
made at Ote to d1s8~pea~
I ..ccr
('ust XXI Boober com""nd .,-
miSsion was flown on 7 April
"hentedthO 7:3rd "i1ng attacked the ~!a­
withdre:wal, the Jap interceptors
were able to reach the lest two
groupS, !:laking 4.50 att... ~i:s. ),~any
of the attscb we:... coordinated,
coming from abon:, .ihe:J.d and ClUt toof
seems an excessive price to pay to Japanese skies, where thet L'li knJima Aircreft Engine plant in To- the 9un. AnproXirr~t.elY 20 air- -
remove such a factory from the scene. being made? The answer 13 kyO. About 60 P_515 of the Vll
aU' bO'llbtngs 'liere attempted. One
T\e total figure of 1.6<)4,400 square Fighter command staged from 1'1"1'0 and ~_29 lost the tOP of its vertical
feet represents 74.5 'Percent of the
could conceivably be at
lI!et the bombers over the coast of st~b1ltze!' in !l. mid_air> coUlsion
'ill' craft assembly plant all with an enetlY aircraft bJ.t le.nded
total roof area,and i f this: doesn't Japan after the longest over_water I

~eetl high enough, a glance at the I t would be log1calllrt escort flight on reco:,d. safely on lwo.
,ccornpanying photograph will show ell necessary for ~Ialllli:l The bODbers daiced 40 ene:t!Y
that it was the vi tal bUildings Three B_29s were attached to the
to absorb thiS productlllto fighterS destroyed, 30 prObably
which received ~ost of this puniSh_ j lma IS nearby KolzUCl1 plallt
belly.tanked p_51s for navigational
destroyed end 40 damaged. The
ment, and that the undamaged areas purposes en13 led them to a perfect fighterS claimed 21 destroyed, siX
1545) is not'a candidate, fl
are mere portions of b~dly hit a Navy plant, and re~onl ..
rendezvOO S • From the rendezVOUS
probables and 10 de.l:I8ged. Two
buildings or are small bUildings de;. 1
point to the target the bombers P_5ls wera lost but the pilot of
voted to training. admlnlstr"tion age both exist here too, flew in a column of grouPS, with
the escort above and three or four one of them, which ditched after
and other non. productive adjuncts leavin,l( the target area, was p1cked
of the plant. The guts of the fac_ The old Ota plant, tarpl minutes ahead of the bomberS.
tory are gone, and Target 15440 is far too small, and has 'Ill up by Air-Sea :l.e5Cue.
removed fro~ the list. been converted to parts an5 The Jap fighters ....ere alerted One P-51 , apparentlY lost but
ery. and 125 of them "ere waiting in tl:e determined to carry out an eseort
aU' four or five reiles north of the
a~ing point. Apparently they "ere miSsion, joined up with some B..2~
lH~ l::";ULt:> "ore likely .-- of the 314th '''iog going to !'iego:.·'
places as target 1643 at 1n doubt as to Whether the boo'berS
were to attaek targets in the ur'b&n end provided th8'l! with a one~l
Unfortunately, the result:! repUted to be a NakajIma escort t., their target end out.
oot be assessed by merely t&. tnay a Similar place at nearb1 area of Tokyo or the llakajima plant.
Jananese aircraft productlon to~li,B
and subtracting from them the
bel' and types formerly put OUt lilt
s r:. .. 1'arget 1635, uakajldl a1l jj J APS AGG!l.E."SIVE
COI1Cr ISI Ol: a

the Ota plant. The fllct thlit til ~nda, south . of ilagOY" A study of tl".e miSsion leads t
The P_51s, flying for the most
Japs began pnrtial removal ber~e possiblli ty and neitner, the fo11oWi~g concl~sions:
indicates thct sOllie o~ ~t the newly_~onverted test"4' tll.1't in the conventional two_plane
10 February
Sh~e~ching down the ceo:!!. ' uddy formation, with a fe" four- 1. The Jap interceptors so~~
the facilities may be ln use elSe.
17here. and it cannot be Oenled that ~S~\l.rolD. ~:it" to the Is~ Plane rormations. kept the agg res - to avoid our escort and strike d.
s va Japs away from the first two
even after the attacks much e01J,ld grQlJ,ps of bmbers. Only when the rectlY at the B_29s.
have been salvaged. ,\ssembly is a
far easier undertaking than engine '"I&.~:dchangein loc a ,:!. '. ;~~! threatened the bombers did the e. In r.. instances did t'

manufacture ond the maehinery and Without a do'll'~--:
ttQt'l tr
in s attack them. The B_29S were P_5lS attack Ja1"s not th:,e!l.teni
It ~he closest forl!l8tion yet nown.
machine tools required for the pro. ~~ cle:~~d however. -:ni~ pas ook them only siX l!linute!l to the bGtDberl.
cess are both fe'"er and simpler. s~ )'et the 811' of· II
t. (c
we have mad' s the line of bomb releas".

~ ., -i"
-.,• ~!.':'>. ":T'!~
•. -
°n£ident ial )
tlle enelll7. TWo "'tijJ ::IUvvJ.laJ.·~, VJ.
encountered near landfall on the ~
l.~K'es, a Mar;""~Of~~f
in, were there as expected. But
they were engaged by the escort Bnd I/yrts "ere Slghte!~, "l'

didn't get home with their news.
5. The eseOl't
mtss ion ran sa s "~!
4. The Japs \Tent all out. to
had been old Stutr,~,

. ;.~"'~ '!'~ S;
siderat~~~ a~r t~~
result of 8 c~n_
e eVidence So far
the area Control d1ree
Usually limited to tI,
i~~;:da f~a~ ~~~r~r;w~~;
I.:aj. Julian DenC!~' of the
formation of bombel'S tlll ,3l3th Wing on the night T1'l1BHClPl\ct
The Japanese Indications are that is mission over Tokyo on 10 t:t.:oel 100
tem 1s based on early Warning sys_ tions are not put 111 tIM Februsry 1945. The frag_
boats and 1 13 a system of Picket a Single plane ap t I'f8S turned over to the flak
Ual observ ~i based radar and i
in Patrs a on. The boats v S- There
P1'oae~., Ncer of the 313th "ling snC! was
t through proper channels to
1350 to i10~g 30 0 or 31gperate USe of IF~s no Indlc:atll1 PDA Army Service ?orces EneJ:lY
about 0 e 45 E, at Int N and l1ev d th by the el1eJ1. \ lpment Intelligence Service
rely t degree. The
upon or Spotting a1 Plcket boats
erva1s or f .8 at one stati~
~ ormation of attack1~
for analysts.
cate eyes aM ears Illost entirely 'Yl!en the area controlllt' _ the frago.ent
mal1/'l~h the elQPlr~ bThey communl_ OPinion of the Wilt_I ,tb 8 complete round of 68:nt'l a~u_ y COded cr,,; y radio, nor_ tacked, he passes th. ~tIon and concluded that it is
ons by VOic:e and In urgent to the district contr, tually certain that the sub~ect
All' w · district controller cent is part of 8 Japanese }~o­
po Shotoarnlng stations establish voice c:0l:I:ltlD1cdI 100 Illec:hanicel til!:e and point.
Jllll6.. Torre on HBha /n the Uam_ them. The tighter! replJ' onatlng fuze. This fuze is used
MiYaki Jtlll8. ShI11la, Hachi;rna • ChiChi if they can melee contac:t. ,th type the Type 100 8e~n shell for

rhe Control .
0 J1Jna Bnd cannot make contact
they have the facllities.
th.,. 99 68mm AA gun." The c:ut
_ draWing sho-..s the fuze and
,t portion of which lodged 1n the
Pire are di stati :9.
C!oubtedl videel intoons in Ute
~i~~ an~ ;i~hC:d~~~nic:~:a:I~~d ~~:
It has been known for some time
ent n~t.Ea~~ ar,ee. e:~~o~~ntrol :~h The controller vecte'l t the JaD8.nese were employing an
the eli t s not ~ a diff - tel'S to the t.-~rget ~. AA gun. However,none of these
trol ~ rict Control ~'!O_n -h er_ ly he does not vector III lpons has been captured to date
landine.g rcrart in thstations ethez. bomber tonnation or to i Information on the capabilitles
t • It 1s e ai con_ bomber aircraft. the gun is frag~entary. Est1_
t~e n~on~~~iS~~~r~~~b~:s;~~t8.~e;~
IS on the field of ftl'e of the
indicate that it 1s superior
dIstrict Control fighters r 8.long !bere is little -fSl_ the Jap l20mm. F'ollowing is a
Station t rOIll or:! effective use of 81rb OCJ' ,lation comparing the character_
!tELY 011 I/IS,PL 0 anoth",8 1s dOUbtea whether t:1I rJ
1 .. SI01'Tn • ,CS of the two guns.. It should
A though th 103 15 in use. The sys thaD' ;understood that th':! figures giv-
Chain of ere is an e to an area rather tr4 t'or the 88rrl are only e~tim8tes
around th e ground rada ~tenSt is Perhaps the reason ~ d on inc~plete infor~tion.
ttte South ~~;~e, par~1cuf:;ltiO~ Interceptor must dept 0'
te attackt Of Honshu y on lUeans to make final
tte enemy a;:epe:;anes reach the artel' Our B..29s. (Secret) PhotograIi\ of flak !rae'
S1~hting s to rely coo. St ment reproduced her. at
tte coas~'a:~ep~~d~r stati~~Vi~Qal tor (A.ny comment or add:
actual size.
b . n operatton a.,.. 0h". "eIlllatton on the above.
• lIillil en tto~°tied by the Ene
~Ot'h~ •. n1t of' i:h ...--..A ._
Another B-29 was bombed with a

73~D "l~c
'., , .'''''\. 'v~·

phosphorus bomb by a Zeke rro~ 10 ,

o 'cloek and 500 feet above. Tho Another occasl
bomb burst above and ahead of the cessful air~to.a1ron ~
tear, 1I1.~
9-29. lll
cO Pl1shed
Th! :J;o.:;t
serious attaci< ·;;·as di- Tokyo J:llsslon b1 tt:;,
recte~ at Aircraft 44-69728. Five April. Cne Il~9 '
rojos bo:nbed it alternately fro:!! by a PhOSPhorus ~I
each iide, dro?ping one phosphorus the res ul t or ~
bomb each. ::'our bo~bs exploded with flak hits as l
ahead and 500 feet high t and one tr1butlng factor. C.
level a~d ahead. -'mother 8_29 re- 20 unsuccessful abo.'
ported an attack b:, A '!'o~o which ?1ere attEmpted b7
droP1e:d a bomb ~OO yards ahead and from planes flYing
lln"~ r~e~ above. ~hp";) ;:-st "'ccur- our formations a~
them fron: higher e.ltl

er~cct~v~ness )f light and E:. The e1rcr;Jft ;as

flaJl:: from Jap trawlers is
by the follOWing experience wi th flo. one engine
of the 731"0 "'i'ing 0:1 their ::lission tne left flap and 1'ill&
to r.yushu on 31 !!arch. aged. The AA fire ..
and rnedit:m weapons,
l)ne aircr~ft, flYing at an alti_ thought to have b!'ell 20
tude of 600 feet, was fired on by
two trawlpt's at 29 0 38' N _ 135 0 _4.5 1 Ttro other ar<ned
were tlet at 290:38'll •

vated continuously 5lnca that ~en

On n nu.'Tlber of miss tons _ but lt has aodurtld the 1.&ntn1 r.yeve
shU, our R-29s have reno""t d'ler Hoo_ of bell1& a "etv1l1an" l.rJl5 already
illG "bo.lls of fire" wti1~her cteerv_ miles per hour. S1% .- had d1StlCSUlshed servlce 1n'lh1S
ou:- aircraft. The "'ost ollOWed captured jet plane, l1li war .man lt was called upoo to be
repo:'ts of this !dnd-"ere detailed "ing spread and c1&U the -eyU" or tha XXI BolIbe1'e~·
areer strike miSSion 5"1 l'~celved lages. 16 feet locg.
1945. ' Ap r ll The naw.ramed nut nl.l~';. or a
2. That it 15 a" n.29 orar To'q'o wasJUOtA: d bY cap.-
The follOWing three h • led, flying boob, taln Ralph D. St.ea ay fr~ salpan tlJ
he..,e been advanced by the1~theses 80M launched from I on 1 November 19oH. ether rl1&b
roll owed rapldlJ unUl bJ 24 !lone-
elli~ plane.
the date or tha t ~9
gC:l.ce Section. COMAIi' 20 POA:
Itrh. aadnst Japan, tha lOOl-bid·
dan race or Japan had bean -~~.
1. the "~!lll of !'he" " led 3 • That it is Prance,· Germany. China, Indla,
, •
,,'!~-prope 11'"
1:-' ~-"··t
·A.r...... CO:'\Sls"-:> n st ' jet-propelled -- _. South America, the Caribbeaa.
of ."1. war:-,Aad Rn~ contrOll ..!] bl~ PI eered by an o;:>erator ,da. the Aleutians and nO- Japan trOll .. naaber or ans1U •
sU1Clce p1lot. $Uch an a1rc; a'
h&s been recovered on Okinawa tl,it rr~e, ar:d probably ~ becoma as ftlllllll8,r as lts own WhO tha rirst XXI bO_bln& aU·
no a conventional P ,Iht Hne to the 3rd Photo Reeon- Ilen was launched Or'l 24 lfO'tftbar.
has a wlng spread of 12 feet ~M t
ru5ela~e 14 feet lo~g, and is p~a spo~~ntrOl plane has ~sance Squadron, Whlch has an shlps or the ~ f'loto R.,.nn. SQOo.
,enUc ramUy tree wlth rOots ln
ered by a rocl:et propulston Un1t~
eo. by our cre·1S.
'1d War 1. It hnn't been acU· . :" ..~.'
-stl :.ste'" sJ)eecl ts fr'o':" 200 to 45~ Sho~·
lIot . Recantly e. JI P •
St"':11arOlfn , carrylng a 23
~"1 to the Germ'!n q,
......~'o.~ "
tllJl,U \/"" ... ~.- • -'''<10 ~. If ........ -
level '11th the aircraft. ~. t:.\
" .. , ,~
73RD 'In'
Anot.~er B..29 'lias bombed with !1
phOsphol"JS bo:nb by a 'Zeke fro::! 10 Another occaSion
olclock and 500 feet above. Tho cessful air-to_air ~ ;"I;
oO::lb burst above and ahead of the comp11shea teok Plac~'
9-29. Tokyo oiss1on by the ;~ 0.
The $!':r1ous attack "::e5 di- April. Cne B-29 ttas ~
rected et ~1reraft 44 ..69128. Five by 8 phosphorus blJll'b1 __
to1oS \o::lbed it alternatelj fro:!! the result or da~'"
e~ch sUe, dro?p1ng one phosphorus with flak hits as a
00:.0 eae"rl. "'CAlr bo:obs exploded tributing ractor. On tll1i'
ahead and 5CO feet high, and one 20 unsuccessful a1Jo.. t~
level a:-.d ahead. Another B_29 re- -;vere attempted by th.q
~Oi'ted an attacK b: A. 1'0.'0 which from places flying Intl.
drW;loo a oOOlb ~QO yardS a~ead and our formations and stJIe
',CY'' .. ~eJ:. a"oove. ':l,P ';) ;:-3t ">ccur- them frorr: higher altitUll,

1he ')f light ana

errcct~'I":"I!ls:; E. The aircr~,rt ·~as b~dl1
::ledt~ nay, frO'll Jap trawlers 1s '11'1 th
ilo. one engine ~hnt
she;,n by the rollCll'ltnq experience Ule left flap and \'1ing 51
ot' the 7~rd ",;ing O~ their :::Ii55ioo aged. The AA fire "as
to i"yu5hll on ~ll!arch. and rr:edium weapons,' tbfI
thought to have b?en 20 ..
One aircrart, flYing at an a1ti_
t'.Jia or GOO teet, tired on by Tt';o other armed pic:1
","0 tra'llll't's at 2~o38' 11 • l'350_t.5'
were net a t 29~8' N - 135

vated continuously since that t1c.e

. .t but it haS endured the igno~r.Y even
of being a ~civil1an· and alreadY
Sh'J, 001'~·29s hav~ repO:'ted ~erv_
had diStinguiShed service 1n this
war it was called upon to be
~balls or ftre" lI'ntch [ollOlled the ~eyes~ of the XXI BO!fi'oerC~and.
tOG !hiles per hour. Six ot.'1tr
0111' aircrart. The ::.ost detailed captured jet planes h~aptf
re;lo:'ts or th1s Id.nd were received Wing spread and cigar 5 the nOW. famed f1rst tlight or a
1945. strike Cllssion 57, '3 lI.pril
lages, 16 feet long. '9_ aver TOkyO waS plloted by cap-n
29 Ralph D. Steakley from 58ipa
tain bts
1 2. that it is a
the tOllowing three hYilothllses ed, flying bomb, on 1 November 1944. ether flig
have been advanced by the Intel1i.
acnce Section, COMAF 20 pall.: ',id launChed from
roll 1l'ed rapidlY untll by eo\; st
bel' 0 the Oate or the rtr B_29

strike sge1nst Japan, the 10ng_b1d-
th~ or rtre~ France,' Qermany, China, India. Oen race or Japan had been
1. 'l"n5.t u·'il.ll !os n 1~d3. That it is a radiO'
·.~r~:'"\~t. CO:'ls:"Stt~ lturma, South America, the Cari'o'beaa. trOll a D\1ltl'oer or angleS.
or l\ "f\r~.q"d
SU1ctde pUot..
ane controU"<l b:," I!I.'
::SUch an ahcl'tl.h,
St~r~~t~propelled flyl0i
f1lan~ by an o;>erator 111, canada, the Aleutians and now Japan WheD the f1rst XXI bombing81lb8rl
rrOl:! ,ar.d probably a15? have become as familiar as its own n
has been recOvered on Okinalfa. It night line to the 3rd Photo RecO • siOO waS ).Bunched on 24 liOV

has a w1ng spread or 12 teet and lI. ~o C~t~OnVentional plane •.-, shipS or the 3rd Photo B,et't)(\o
Daissance Squadron, which has an
tu5el&i':e 14 feat b~lg, aM is ilatf. \lOtted ~~ plane haS ..... authentic family tree with rootl In
eroo by a rocl:-et prOPUlsion Unit. 'J our cre·1S. World war 1. It hasn't 'been actl·
-St1;ate'" s:leecl is f':o~- ZOO to 4.~ !h Uete"
!1.~~n Recantly a Jap
-- - "1 ....__.:..t~ t.~:rrYing
..~ German --.",.,--
.Lau iJU .... ..Ln op_ ~ .
·• ---- uinea pigs for tne opel''' c-
ved as ,.g, '!o'uable data had been eration, all work~_~
i'n ~- was co:,pleted in~'
- as, "ell,
d o· " ceno'itions
" wea-
obta~ne ,. ~ 1'2 I' oble;:\s such as two s~uad tents.
ther, engin_etri'~- ~nd expectations The people ',mo worl~
i'~el consul':P •. , there nov.' claim th3t t':eir 1
of enccy opposition.
ca:r,era repai~ cepa:.t.,ent a: ",
457,766" IL : . J'ti"T.
O:.~ll finest of then kind in the 1
The can:era repa i I' secthn. h~s
·3.t f!
'Qy 7 'pril of t\:is year t~e 3rd str!.lcted an installation troil e~,
~oto ,~connaissance ;quadron had ',~hich rr. i nor ca::ler~ reoair" -er~
• can 4 182 combat sorties in this made at the aircraft and on ".le-
tteater, searchip~ out industry load ing equi "ment for tToo airp~,
"hich the Japs tr.ought VIas safely can be carr ied at one time', '
tucked away, mapping cities, spot-
tin<o airfielc.s and gun positions Aircraft returning from nissl
and occasionally taking a squint ~sually land between l6CO and -ic
dO'"n F.irohito's cbi:l'ney (see accom- hours. Film magazines are oleO;
panying photo of I~perial 'alace.) up immed ia tely and rushed to ~
;Jhoto lab, Vlhere the film Is C~
In the performance of these du- veloped. The film is scanned bi!
ties, the squadron has flown 2,294 ohoto intelligence officer, .ho!~
cor.;bat hours over 457,765 miles. iects negatives Which are "riot<
It has photographed 691,600 square and rushed to the photo interpre~
miles and covered 25,780 miles of ers of a combined interpretatil
flight line, unit for flash information, !
flash report will be co~pleted q
Of 1,268 assigned targets it has 0800 the next morning, and fr.
covered 725 with 6, 24 or 40-inch quently important information 1m
photography (as of 7 April) '')1' be given the Somrnanding General
57.3 percent covera~e. I
during the night.
Squadron planes are deSignated
as F-l3As and carry at least seven Duplicate negatives. cenpleU
cameras with 6, 24 and 40 inch len_ sets of prints and 'ilosaicS are e~
ses. Approxi~ately 6 000 ~eet f pleted and forwarded as 5000
film can be exposed on'one missio~, Possible to the photo interpre~
Who complete damage assess~e;;
Imring the first "eek in April survey, indus tr ial, airfield U
a 3rd Photo Squadron plane fle~ many other special type repo~~
4,100 statute miles non-stop in 16 Photographs taken by this Squ&tell
hours and 15 minutes. This is be are distributed to approxi::a 1lII
lieved to have been the longest 350 different agencies thr Cl '
non-stop photo reconnaissance'run the world ,
on record.
This r work has been doDe
Cost five ,'.
Approxi~ately 240,000 negatives
and 356,000 prints have been devel_ craft 0 thre e cr e71S and Ig110
oped by the squadron photo' lab The fi 1 ost since 1 l-/ovemberBombl
since 1 November 1944. ApprOXi_ COl1ll1lan~st plane lost by the onnal"
mately 700,000 square miles of Ja_ oance was a 3rd Photo 'lec "
pan has been pictured on 301,000 have dt~quadron plane. In 81l~
feet of f11m. Ply dis ched and were lost: nf'
Plane 'i~~Peared after taJ:te·of 'b~

bal'dl1lent lost during an enell)'
_~nded !L.~!_~a1I\""'" 01"'l~--One Or