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Why Iwo Fight Tough 3

The European Front 5
The Pacific Front 7


XXI BomCom Begins to Hit Its Stride 9

XXI BomCom's First 3-~irig Strike 11
Photo Cover of the Week 12
Chastened Navigator Hoofs ''lay Home 12
118M Planes Drop 22 Tons on Tokyo 12

Kawasaki Plant ','Ias a Big Pr oducer 13


Fighter Reaction to 18 Missions 17

Air Order of 'Batt le -- Japan 22


Jap Flak Better Nearer Home 23

Flak Map - Honshu 27
Camera Spo~s Gun-Laying Radar
r.·l ~

A Look at:' the' Jap Mind at Work' ':-i~;' l~; 29

.~. ~ • 4
a 1
le en~a"lntellll:'"
a:r ee of' that
til!' U115 weeld
11&1 XXI !lall~est
Inte,tatr orN:=aUon t J
tn abo t~I!1"" ~e~_
Ub.le i t should CO!:l:ls!ld
Pl'OI'u11l'culattonreceive' the
ons or Ail ~~lSS1bl <lest PGS·
operati "a a

III <>v_5. Il under the

gene. order tha or

C11'lIn a -Y
rat. ~ t a =aJl:1lllllIthe InteUt
be 1 nellldlid
warrants en the elassUlcat report
ture r
eltv./I a'l e-er
Indlvlduil or
lleeurlt arttelu or See_
!he y elasst' n re_
eOlllpollll report" 1clItion
• eulated n t s eeUOI15 so assembled' •
or Ciled .l!1I" be
separete~!IlIIO'Ied and
hat the

cr"lte~t o~~:d.
Uon.s are reprod
• be securlt,
1'''e4 It par-
aDd th 1''&1118-
C • source

2~all Sh~ld:8 regard1

CeUror~la pa;;t:caX;ie ~e
4PO Gen<!l'sl addreUed' this pub_
c/o BOClber0 COIII_
, Attention- r. San

Cl~~ne~' ~AilCU
AC ot 5: ,,~ Corpll

-- ---
\ 'f'" ... ,'' .. ' " ," ..
'.. l,B.C.

Carrier aircraft of
Task Force 58 under Vice
L-",~' Admirall.:arc A. Mi tscher
,~"'-_ attacked military, naval
ari! a11' installations on
25 February. This was
the second attack in 10

• -- '''''7 XXI BOMCOM begins to hit its stride.

~ V'
,, No enemy aircraft aQ~ear_
ed to challenr,e the bombers
2lay. ~as described as heavy: to ~~erate and inac-
curate. All aircraft returned.
In the last 10 days ,units r,'1'!SSICN NO. 37

229 B-29 aircraft

/ of the XXI Bomber Command have
made three strikes in force a- Primary target for Strike
of the XXI Bomber gainst the enemy. ~o. 37. on 19 February. was
Command, airborne the Naka,i b.a Aircraft Factory
from bases on 88i- Truk Atoll, which has had in the Tokyo area. One hun-

pan, T1n1an and Guam a bit of a respite lately, was dred twenty eight effective
against Tokyo, drop- attacked on 18 February by 35 sorties were flo'-"n out of the
ped 552 tons. B_29s of the 3l3th Bombardment 150 aircraft of the 73rd and
·,'ling. 3l3th ":J1ngs which were air-

. .. ~ The primary target - a~r- borne for the mission, although
fields on Moen Island, \'a5 !lit nonp was able to attack the

" . .
by 58'7 Sao-pound general pur-
pose bombs which were
under visual conditions
24,000 to 25,900 feet.
p:,i-'.';l.:!,," tq... ~et.
Units of the' 3l3th Wing
ran into a weather front 300
miles south of landfall. The

'i JAPAN Fourteen percent of the

formations penetrated it and
reassembled in good order with

.....:....:c.... ..:..
•• M 4 .!". observed bursts were within
Jthe tBrf"et area of No. 1 air-
field and 72 percent of the
the exception of one s.Quadron
which nad difficulty reJoining.
It eventually reached Tokyoi
the secondary target, and
bursts were seen on airfield
No.2. drop~ed its boobs.

o ,I .', . -' ..'." . 'l~"":':'"
. ." ,...... ' .. .', .'
. . . . . . ;.. ';"1::::': :.;:.,'.; ".::,':;
accidental. One of the ,=,n~
aircraft ',oIS.s sno1dne; hefo!'t l:lOl-BIPG ],ESULl'S Uirc:raft of both ·.11ngs droD~Q
:J. total of 51: X 500 GP and' 42
the collision., 'the o~her. n.t. One hundred nineteen air- X GOC I~ on targets of last
t!>ckinp.: from a~lead I ,lent '1'
0';; 0!le'\1inS and h1 t a n_29 be. craft of the t~o ~ings dro?ped resort and tar3ets of op~or­
1,042 SOC-pound general ~r­ tunity.
t':reen .0 • .:1 a""
o ,. , e".,.i

"v 'I
n<>s ~
..... - :
pose bO::lbs and 358 SoC-pound
';i!'lf; also was subjec ,~e(: t: incendiery bO::lbs on the sec- The bo~b hits ~e~e scat-
'O:lOspi":.orus b~"b and roc ,et :l.t. ond'lI'Y tarset (To'-<;ro) '/1S11811y tereo and ':01' the ~ost part
tac!:5. ~nd by ::-adarfro":l_~4,OOO to around the peri-eter of the
28,000 feet under CAT] ana city.
"ost of' the "ttac"s too' 9/105 cloud conditions. T?lelve
olnce ~':'!t'::ee;l. ~5,OOO c.nd 29,0:'4
reet •
. '"ircro.:'t 3ttac~rln"': ·.:ert
.... eportec :lS I r v·:L.'~.
o ... ~s 'O""~
- .~.
~.: .. ' '-'.' :'; cks :o..nd ~e~res, \11 th 10 ~
.,ore- .l~"
, ::; ("C'
.> ~
d~e'7inr) ~nd O':le t:71n-~~1
t~in-boo~ ~ob seen.

Sone of t~e ~irc~~rt ~e~

?bserv ec to have .iu!'\'"le c?-~
~la~e. ~~ite rin~s. ~~ite a~
or8:1'"e s tri:Je -mr'·:in:~ •
gestinC they ~ay h3ve bee
transfer~ed rro~ scr~thern re
;;ion5 •
Pilots '.'Iere !:lore eX:1er-
ienced t.l1an those previousl
encountere..: • On 25 Yebruary the larg- on ~gets of opportu~ity,

The 73rc "iiO!; lost o~ est force of B-29s mClu.nted by which included ragoya, Yo!m·
hama, East Side Tolqo 38Y. ila·
aircraft o'ler the tarset aU the X~I Bomber Conmand :'7as getsura, Shi!':'liZu, Shizuoka,
cr3f't O:1e bet'l'te' launched against the urban Toyahasi, NUlIaZU. [aga :laval
t o ene'1y a 1I' - I,"' re 'U'ea of Tokyo. The 229 air-
the IP and the as a craft IThich ~ere airborne carne Base, Henarnatsu, ShinGU, Rach-
3~lt of col1;sion ···ith an ~ from the 73rd. 3l3th and 314th ijo Ji~a and 10 u~~own tar·
e"lY aircraf~. .\nother· "Yings. It 't".'as the first ti':le eets on the n3inl~nc.
Cre':,,,en 0': t~e 7Z,ro 'Hne: lost over the tarGet ~o~ the 314th had joined the other
l'enorte(; 415 attac'~s "'aa~ by 3i·,ilf-l:r cause. Six paracn~t: two wings for a mission. No enenr air oP?osition
100 enemy ~ircr~rt fro~ half ~ere secn to open rro~ ~1 Tas encountered end all air-
'.7'3.y in on thp, hOi'h 1'\1:'1 out to aircraft. One B_29 ditcn Of 229 aircraft airborne, craft returnce a~cept two lost
'5~a. 'i'he att!>.c::s "'ere e?-res- through air collision enroute
sive ~na in so~e cases coor- 10 miles ~est of ~grignn I 67 bombed the primary target
h.nd due to de ~.age innic y ~adar from 24,000 to 32,500 to the tal·~et.
dinated. Pas:;es ':Iere predom-
inutely ~ron ahead and ~ere by enemy aircr3ft and fl eet. On Tokyo 169 500-pound
Results of the bombings
gurvivors '7ere piclcecl up. eneral purpose and 2,049 500-
distributea fraT. above to be- ound incendiaries were drop- were unobserved and cloud cov-
10'. ed, er has prevented photo rec on-
1"10 ],A"''!:lG3 According to ~e~orts r nalssance of the targets at
Nineteen sou_pound DrS
'.'ta.') from meaGer to inaccurB the time of ~nls report.
There were two r3~~ing nd 198 X 500 IB were dronoed
incicents ~hich may have been to accurate.

~ PHOTO ~tJ/tI£~-------:JI
20 :cb t.hrouGh 26 ii'eb
-<15510n Date Area C:uality

eY,'S4 21 7'eb 45 '!o~"Yo 6" and 40" :::oor-clouds

5~'55 21 Feb 45 TelresaJd-l'1 to 5",24",40 11 ,

·:.:.....·-"III"'t.-.;: ~
~' ,.; ~""~...-.,,,\,< ._$"
5~·56 21 :o'eb 45 Tokyo_Hamanatsu 6" .24" ,40" ?oor-clouds & ~\ ---. - "'''l(
- I, ~
t,lt!," ......·,

73P:ua 21 Feb 45 :'okyo (letu!'ned early_~echanlcal failure)

~57 22 ?eb 45 lJa:so:re Eona Clouds

r3?l t '9 22 7eb 45 Kobe-Osaka

.......,.,llOOFS HIS-
• ....,'W 'NAY HOME

,4. ~Ol,fb~r cr e71 \'et"Jrn-

ing from a mission in the
China-nurna-I~dia theater
~ecame lost. ?he pilot
directed the navi"'ator to
bailout and get-direct-
Continuing the three··s- ion~ from the natives.
day plan, 18 weather strike
missions were flown from 20 The navigator took to NT AT ./.
through 26 February.
Tokyo i1as visited eight
the silk and upon reach-
ing the 'good earth found
out his location from the
r.l!aJJti, /(las '" BIG
As yO,l n7,' w,:,,>to;:.;,ro :llan3 eastern
P.nJ I and the 1'U'''er
times l Kobe, Hsn8matsu and natives. He tten indi- e south CO:I:;;t or HonSh1\ 15- ShlkoJru IS!'2I1d on tIle !jO'lth.
Kure twice eac"h l Kochi, Okin- cated to the nlane the nd, f'' the o'l:ll-s"'laoc'= hay Akc"lshi -3tralt.. bet'::c;:>n .\ '::1.,1 f
811'8, Osaka. Na gays and
once each. Irl addition to the
Kyushu course beck to
the base at is f')ceo on the cast slde und JTonsh'.l.. rOMS an c:-:c.::l:cnt
l:md"'la:" J~
by pIne In~ logs and roc 1's Os a":"'!. , ,Taj);I"}'S spcond Inr....-
primary tu."1ct !.on. these air- in the shape of or 'ows. t city, nno on t,e ~est by
craft dropped 22 tons of gen- c rnrrO\7 strin of Ll.Od at ,Just past t~e ti:l "r .;':'f3-
eral purpose b~bs on Tokyo. The crew reached base e ~oo~ o~ t~e D~un~ai~s oc- i1 the '-'1.inla~ o~ "0:15~1ll .illts
four on Osa1Q:1 , three on Nagoya safely. ,0
did the chast- Oi0:~ by rO[lp, ,Tap:ln'S rreat- south"l'lard into the 101'l."ld
at the r.I)uth of' t:~ _".'t.. ~1. "'14
and three on KObe. ener navi~a tor--la tel' and t p:>rt, yO'l cO~'I1e after five
on foot. (Prom Haval Avi- six l1Ues to the end of t~e v-i"r. 1":fo :;trea..,=s m"et R~"
The Crf~'I"1 of one aircraft, ati~n Confidential Bull- :"'lost land-locked Osnj("a Tlay. t11ree-follrths of:J. .,tle r.llrth
"hich ditch'ed on 26 February, etin. of the eo~~t to ~~ O~A l~re
was picked up by n destroyer. I~s ellintic'l.l for', 1s river fbwlnf': SOtl~t" thrO'.t tt
'----------------1o'lze, by ·"".It L.!'md at 1ts '\1<"as'hl on t":e sel:.coast.

12 1;


tt::::1ULT3: E.:<C'GLLZUT -- One

of t~e best miSsions of the
73rd Bombardment ":ing to date
.,,.:is rlOml on 19 JanuarY when
~~ 9-29S dropped 152.5 tons of
ni~h explosives on the i~wa­
saki Aircraft Plant at Ak~shi.
300bing wns done visually and
the results, as shawn by this
phot o! and b)' the da:nage
,ssessnent photograph opoo- Ansu T!lE ST!UKE Post
~ite. were excellent. striRe photograph~ or the K&-
'O'1ssald.. Aircraft .:::ompany"
plant at Akashi reveal that
39 ?8rcent o~ the total roof
grea has been dam3&ed or de-
stroj'eo. Bast extensive Oa.,-
age is to the en~ine pl~nt,
~ere 58 ~ercent ~r the roof
area '.'las da:n3~ed or des troyed.
~7enty one percent of the roof
area of the aircrA.ft assembly
portion of tne plant (lower
part of has been dam-
aged. !.~ost of' t·:\e main Mild-
t 1.f~S in the ensine plant and
all the main assembly build- shoW ;,O~C d3mage. On the
airfield 3,re Hicks nnd TonyS.
--'" --- -..

Y•.::r;o,asakl enterecJ tll"! n •

craft field '07i~h a pbnt 1
robe next to 1 ts hp.w:J 1
~ dustry crnlpound, but l ... tl;
pl::mnet1 An anbitio~s ext,el!"i.
large 1n comr~ri~on in the less cro'.'loeli reGion ')l
dth OSaka. 'lnd Eobe, ;\1'::ashi Akash1. Early intclli~ene,,," •
r.everthcless has a popn) ''It.ion reports received in tho ", i
of 47.0()Q. It contains ~ex­ told of this lJlan. hut e
t.ile ollIs marine engine t ac- the S3Ille time accounts C;lMe i
tories and' taol plants I h'.lt that the plant, the!1 only Jlnr
these are Insir:ntrlcfln~ beside tinlly built, bUl"ned to tl
Akashi's main Indltstr~31 In· ground in 1941.
~tallatlon, the Kuw'asaki ,Ur-
eraft C()r.I.pany. This setback to the taw'
saU Co:apnny and tt'e .iapn.ne5
Situ~ted at the western nl:>lns for a greatly increase
3nd of the town and itself a1rforce did lIot l~:;t Ion;;
facing an airfield 0:\ the ·1es't. for subseouent inforn ... tion re
the factory is Marked by t',';Q r'0rteJ tl'lc pbnt rebull t t,
railroads running parallel to
each other and to the seaCo3st, sn;:lc year.
the ~ain 1anra line on the ,.,\3 THI~) L.,lGC:3T
north and a local electric
trarnline on tne south. It is e. moderr. fAct.orv
every sen~c. cor1pletel:r ec;ut.
ped for tr.t: nasS producti or.
MI'18Saki Heavy Ind,tstries. both airfr3Jiles ::md: aircr, j
Inc. (Ka....'r~5aJd Jukor;yo }T) is eneines. Before the strike aJAP TYPE "ABC"(Artist's Conception)
one of . the gre'lt priv lte COl:i- 19 Jenuary. it ~as cstirrate
mercial enterprises for ~hlch to be producin,:; ncm-ly Ie pel'o
Japan is noted. :-Tesent d~y cent of the n 1mber HIOH FLYING AND FAST: A
Japanese industry represents enCines, makir~ it the thi new Jap twin in-line engine
for the ~ost p~rt the holdi~;s most 1np-:>rtant producer richter capable of repeated
of several pri~~ip~l fnmilies. el1l.;ines for conhat c.ircraft attacks against B_29s at high
suc:t as lfitsui,~itsub15hi, ,u- Jap~m. altitude has been encountered
Di tOi:l.O and ~'inasnh"1., h£.ving <Wer Tokyo and Nagoya. It is
their roots 1n early fend")l Fir;ures on its ('.1rfr~'~1 rererred to tentatively 1n the
days. rroduction are ir.c'1nclusi U1 Bomber Command as Type ABC
for it is not pos::ible to :]1.
Principal interesM of tir.!!Uish at tMs tire£! bet:';e
Y..a\'iasaki 'll'e centered in !:?be, the'O output of rr~mes at th From 24 November to 19 missions 8 anti 9, no ea.y
~here the concern a~ns ~te~l':l­ plant and at I~awasakl's oth y, units of the XXI fighter reaction was reported.
ship lines nnd m~i~t~ins its plant at Yillr.acie8h~a. It Command received enemy
a:m ~h1pbuildiOi' yards. 1t not aHon" the topr.10St Jap'1n c er attacks on 16 of the An analysiS or the 16 op-
produces locor:otives. C'1.'['S anr' airfrOl,lc laA.nnacturers at tt. r1ke missions flown O'1er posed missions produces the
heavy l'1O.chincry 'lIld rrm\~s 'is 11 present ti~e, but its i,nO u. On two of the attacks. ~011ow1ng statistics:
producer of "ircr'~ft r.ext to tance 115 an en~inc facto
Japan1s t~o "ajar comp~nieJ ( prior to the Jnnu~y strife
"i tsubishi ~Ild "ak-:j1:n3.. out'.'1"ei~hs that conside r '1ti on •

1'he ratia of sil;htin,?:s of
An average of 179 eneny emy aircraft to n-29s over
ircraft were sighted on each target was 1.6 to 1.
e The largest number,
~~Si~~e Sighted over Akashi '" ISSION
There is an upward tren~'-----"-::::::::---=:::'~
~n ~ission 20 on 19 January. in the percentage of attach.
r:lade prior to hOl:lbs a'l7ay. T'h~UM'ER Of
The average nunber siGht- start of this trend coinci",..29. OVER
ed over TokyO is 171 - over N1th the reduction of the avo
:-lagoya 158. Troo hU'1dred and erage b011blne; altitude frO:! ~
five w~e sighted over Kobe. 30,000 to 26.000 feet. .-


The most attacks made by

ene~y fighters ~ere over Tokyo ~"'hen the average bornbin-"VERAG£
on 27 January when 984 passes .Hitude was 30,000 feet, 53JOMBING
were ~de at the 3-295. There percent of all attacks \7ere
has been an average of 370 :nade a~ our avera~e, bombing
altituoe or higher. .'/hen OUl' /'" (iff
attacks oer nission. Tokyo
defenders· have averseed 442 bombing altitude ':ras reduce'... ili!~=j!_
attacks and the !iaGoya fight- to about 26,000 feet, 67 per:
ers 358 per nisslon. cent of c.ll attacks were r:tadeo.OF 829s DAMA6ED
:.t our averal!e bo:nb1nB alti-Jf TO EI
There is an upward trend tude or hiSher. /A
in the percentage of attacks JE TO E/A
made by Tony in the Tokyo area. Statistics on da1l8ge to
In the Iiagoya area the percent- B-Z9s by ene~y aircraft ShO~:.F.L.A.K ..
age of attacl(s made b:r Irvin/;
and tlick bas increased-. 1. Reduction of averageo. OF B29s LOST
bom111nt:; altitude from 30.00cUE TO
On miss i0:'15 ~10 ·:n only by to 2~,OOO feet coincides ITitiJ
the 73rd ·:iing, the average num- an 85 percent increase in thfAGION - - - -
ber of B-29s reaching the tar- percentage of ~-29s damaged.
e;et was 68. The ratio of
eneny aircraft sighted to av_
erage number of B-29s reaching
the target was 2.6 to 1. On
missions flown by the 73rd and
313th ··'ine;s. an average of 109
B-29s have reach0~ the tar~et.
!/MlSSIOI'IS, #05 3 MISSIO~~, At1$ 4¥1SS1ONS. NOS
TABlf Of RELfVANT STATISTICS: 7·,a·n_13·/'f 20·22-21- 76. 29-'1-3'
11: -/7 -18-19
TOT4L OF B-29's
REACH/Ncr TARGET. 621 200 438
OI4M/lf'.iE/) .
PE//CE/VrOP 8-29$
as 49 58
OAkf.4G-E"O. 18.8 2+.5 13.2
30000 26000 26000
69 67 110
B'29S~Ell "
,% ,f A
'fA TYPES: •

1011'I:===== -+++,-if.
ZEXE 6lEICE32 -- - -

All T/[ ...... _.++.+.. \j'-';I---t-j't' -I~I7!I---+I--I-HofB'29~O'/ERTARGETS

lOt- -+--+---j~~--1~\=1-----if-'++--t-t'tllr~of BIE/ANG PRIMARY ATTACKS

b:::::=~'llliil~~~~~~iIi =R=I'=BO=M=BS=A=WA=Y~;;Ii~=mS5_i;=liil
ONE B-29 of EjA51GHTED,.O
of&~ CMR1NlGfT
10.t £/11. ATTACKS 10

AT AVG.80M8INfr AlTlT-
.. '+++-'CE.T, o/A ATTACKS
~H--I-t-t--j-t--t ++---t----.OR TO ~B5 AWAY
MISSION NO. 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 16 Ii Ie 19 20 21 24 26 19

I c:::litO~/P~-JA ~~~
As of 15 Feb. 1945 with exception of ;': ,k
OTUs, Depot A/c and Training Planes.

D:P:!..!.11(l. oJ Units eocplement.

r 1( (rr) - .5 200 Ale

!'tecee (:") - 2 loSAle
IVA (!:) - 6 288 Ale
u/!l (.r.) - 2 72 Ale
Recee (A)·) 42 Ale
The defense ~as charec-
ter lzed by e scall nunber of
euns placed close to the tar-
ret__ close in defense.
There was no evidence or
the enployment of gu~-layin~

Essentially the S8-:1e 'type

J.B :ilih~$l'8 1.96 f1fthtll1'S of flak WQS encounterec by the
96 ll!j;ht. ~rs 00 U&-'ll boilt>era J:l;>anese AA ha~ l.aeged B_2gs of the XXI Somber Coc-
60 l(edlu;n boIlbertl 75 1(8d1= bol:tIllrs oar behind bot~o:.:.r and Ger"!!sn r:l81ld or.. the shake-down mis- reeee -2! Reeee plane3
A 1~ each of the following: s ions over Truk. 'Ii th our
formations flying at. 0:' above
'" "" ~ ~ant~~y nnd quality of 25,000 feet, the flak encoun-
tered was meager and InacC:.Ir-
~ mate-:"iel.
TOKYO AREA ate. Black bursts were r~­
~ r~ctlcal disposition of ported from 1,500 to s.elO
feet below the formations, a."!.c
On 18 February, immed- B-29s. It is believed that 'V AA. trailing the formation by .15
iately after the Navy strike, these units were kept away
it was estimated that there from the Navy strike.
were 332 fighters 1n the Tokyo
Methods o[ fire cCl'ltrol.. €I much as 3.000 yards. No clam-
age from flak was sustained or.
In the outlying districts th.~se missions.
area. This 1s a reduction of It should be borne ie Jap controlled territory in
164 from the estimate of 15 mind that the primary concern
February. e past. Japanese heavy AA
of the Japanese High Command nsisted mainly of the army PICTURE CHA!lGES
1s protection of the Empire. co and 3 inch guns.
However I it 1s thought On the other band, dUL"in£
that this reduction did not blch of the ~.l\ tire ."as the missions OVf!r Japan pro,..
affect the units whose primary barrage or of predicted an ent1.rel1 dltt...nt !'lak
mission 1s interception of centration tyoe. picture ed.

'n11S radar Installat
ths of a mile 1s located about one-half III
ticn tnre e rfo~~e south end of east of Tar~et l54~ 1n the
SOU th~1eS t 0 target area, and serves one
·'s.rlr.1aZU Alrf41~~~. 2:25,26) gun heavy AA battery. It d.
(Prints . - ferS In appearance frOl'll

POSITI(ll 3 Mark "TA" Model 3 rad8l"
(35/4Z/55N - 139/48/30E ) that no cleared circle can ~~~~
One 6_gu n heaVY t~: ~~;t '.'That is believed to 1
• ery is locat ed on 1 the radar control is hOUSed' ')f,_. _ 1
: k f the Surnida-Gawa Rver.
~8n 0 antenna in the a tower about 160 feet rA LOOK AT THE FFIuta- AT WORK
rhe recelvlne ed circle the nearest gun. Earth sell
=en t er of thet 1 ..clear
175 feet rro~ indica te the power
ti ns from the tower line toeQ~ An insight into the off- and enlisted men of one unit
is aprroxirna e.....,. nee 0 tl f enter cogs of the Japanese committed suicide.
the nearest gun. ~7) fire control sta on 0 oldler1s mind is provided by
(Prints 41;49 - 2:36,.:.> Lt. Gen. Saito, commander
batter(YPr"i t 4U4 _ 4-5 6) the interrogation of several
n s -, Jap prisoners of ~ar captured of a division. is quoted as
POSITION /< • TIOH 8 Ln the Marianas. sayil"-B, "\'le are going to be
(35/42/55N - 139/53/42E) POSI 0 0 t.~e breakwater of the Pacific;

This radar installation (35/42/401; - 139/34 / 43E ) 'clt>{.;..<iI~)~""',---_ unfortunately we fought to our
end; therefore I want yoo men
;erves four 6-gun heavy A~ This radar site is 1 to tollOW" me.~
iJp.tterieS, located about one ed about three_fourthS of
~ile south of the Kalwa Sta- mile southeast of Target "FAIUJRE" CHIEF' CAUSE t
~10n Saba main line railroad. and serves one 6-gun heavy
• (Prints 41.149 - 2:41,42) According to the prison_
battery. ' ers. the follOWing categories
(Prints 5Ml6 - 3:68,69 All:hougq. from an Ar.)E!rican
POSITION 5 loint of view the Jap may be a of Japanese soldiers are pre_
(35/40/38N _ 139/55/13E) POSITION 9 .ittle bit nuts all the ti~e, disposed to suicide:
(35/37/55N _ 1~9/47/20E)ha Japanese Army is compara- Those who have graa ter
This 1s a radar installa- .ively free of psychiatric
tion serving two 6-gun heavY This gun laying radf1'asualties. The prisoners at- res pons ib11i ties, such as of'-
AA batteries, located approxi- ficers, if they think their
located bet",'reen the middle I"ibuted ,this to several fac_
mateLv one mile west of the most southern of three G-iDrs: Severe basic tralnillb, missions have not been aecOllp..
:-:lO'lth of the Edop;aW8 drainage batteries, the middle ba ice of the Jap in being in l1shed.
canal, on Tokyo Bay. position being empty. e army and the feeling that
(Print 4U49 - 2:44) Young soldiers who have
batteries are on made 1a hile fighting the Jap 501- been active battle partici..
10~ the waterfront. er gives his undivided at- pants, beeause of their fa11..
POSITION 6 . g (Pri t 5"16 _ 3:102, Dtion to the imrnediate task
(35/44/55N _ 139/51102E) n S.I. has no time to go to piee- ure to carry out their duties •
This site serves three 6-
gun heavy AA batteries. it is '35/40/08N _ 139/32/401 SUICIDE Cm'YON MARRIED lIEN REID:TAHT
located between the Nagagawa In contrast, l!8JTied men
~iver and the Arakawa drainage This probable gun· The incidence of sulci8e
radar is located 200 AA ng Japs in the Marlanas often think of their ramtl1es
~anel. approximately three
fourths of a mile southwest of north of a 6-gun heavY 1 h. During the last stages first and are less inclined to
the Nagagawa Bridge. tery. The battery is the battle for S8ipan all commit suicide, eren if th87
(Prints 4M20 - 2:41,42) lately east of Chofu Airt slcally capable officers have failed.
The radar does not appear
POSITION 7 of the l~ark "TA" Hodel :3
(36/14/43N - 139/20/06S) (Print 5M22 _ 2:35)

Cases of actual desertion 5. Anti-Japanese ~
are ~are 1n the Japanese Army· ticn laWS 1n the U.S.
)len who return within three
days atter going AWOL are not tige
6. Japan'S loss of p~
among other nations.
Vd . , ::::::::-
Vf~ -~
considered deserters nor are
they court_martialed. Qne PIl 7. Japan's need for,
kneW of three cases of deser- pension because of over_~
tion 1n his two years of ser- latton •
vice 1n Manchuria. These Ulen
all committed suicide later. 8. Japan wrold have 'lit
severt ty of milt tary
was given as the
reason for tiCD if she had avoided
ing the United states.
degraded to a fourth class 1

the desertions.
~, ,;
The Japanese attitude I
ward our invading forces 9"
to be a grim determination I - - RUSSO-JAP WAR
fight to the bitter end. States has changed the atti-
civilian population is back tude of the average Jap towarO Japs as a whole dislike
the mil!tary us. Before the war many Japs the Russians but feel that
and will remain united thought that "America was a Russia will not attack Japan.
their efforts "to defeat nice, freedom-loving, democra-
western powers." tic country, world center of Reasons advanced for this
education and 8 land of many theory by PWs vary from con-
A strong propaganda c r as ources • " crete examples to wishful
paign aimed against the Um thinking. Examples are:
Since the outbreak of the
war, the Jap propaganda haS "Russia w11l not attack
been directed towards inciting for she knaws Japan's true
hatred of the U.S. in the mind strength. "
~/?, of the Jap. NumerouS atrocity
'.."... /1 stories are reported about Am- "Russia haS been exhaus-
ericans. The most reported ted in her fight against Ger-
one is that "American soldiers many; therefore she will not
killed Japanese prisoners in attack Japr.n tor she mOWS
C.\USES OF THE VlAP. New Guinea by crushing them that Japan haS a strong armJ
with steam rollers." orficers on the Siberian border."
The prisoners attributed
the present war to the follow-
tell their men that they will
be horribly tortured it they
are captured. tack
"Neither country will at-
the other since stalin
reached an agreement with Mat-
1. Amer1can economic pres- suoka to that etrect."
The average Japanese
sure on Japan. thinks that England has became TIler. 15 a po.s1blltt7
2. 011 and scrap ir on a second-class nation since that Russia IDQ' attack Japan
"she is surpassed by the U.S."
3. U.S. aid to China.

:J.f"I_ _ ---.;~
Japanese people and the natio
after Germany's defeat if all 1s expressed in the followtn
the strategic advantages are statements:
on the side of the Allies I ac- The Yamoto spirit.
cording to one PH. Loyalty and filial piety
CONFIDENCE IN NAVY Unity of the Jap nation.
Confidence was expressed Japanese history. II
in the power of the Japanese
navy by several PWs. One relt JAPS EXPECT LONG WAR
that losses are to be expec ted
and that the navy has received Well Inf~rmed PRs acce~
only minor setbacks. Confi- ed Japan's defeat as 8 dU
dence also waS expressed in tinct future possibility. TIl
the government leaders J al- majority, hcr.vever, wished G
though criticism is occasion- hoped for a compromise. WhU
ally heard against former Pre- all of them expressed conti
mier Tojo. Several prisoners dence in their govennme~
felt that the multi-party sys- their beliefs in final victll'
tem would be reinstated after were weak and as timates of U
the WQr but that democracy probable length of the WI
would not be accepted. varied from two to 10 years.
The home front spirit is (The above material -
reporte~ to be high despite
rationing of all commodities. reported by MIS. ~~.) -""'"
'Nhat reaction there will be to
mass air raids 1s unknown but Tokyo, 19 January, Do:
several of the prisoners felt tic: "At present. ....e ca'
that Japan will stand up under attack America from Japan,
bombing as well as London or we can but wait for the
Berlin. emy to come; otherwise t'
would be no progress 1n
The PWs I trust in the