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Lesson Plan Ref: FREN 2.1.

5 Course Ref: French II

Subject/Course: French II
Topic: Les Jours Fériés
Lesson Title: Le 1er janvier en Haïti
Lesson Duration: 90 minutes

Lesson Objectives:
Students will be able to...
● identify cultural practices of Haiti on their Independence Day.
● identify the history behind Haiti’s Independence Day.
● identify the key points of an informational article about Haiti’s Independence Day.
● use the passé composé to describe what happened in Haiti on January 1st.

Summary of Tasks/Actions:
Bell Ringer (4 minutes): Students discuss with a partner “Qu’est-ce que tu as fait ce week-end et qu’est-ce que tu vas
faire ce soir?” During this period take attendance then circulate around the room asking students what their partner
did over the weekend.

After bellringer ask 3-5 students to share what they or their partner did over the weekend and use this to review the
passé composé and how it is formed. Write the structure on the board, asking students how it is made and why.

Tell students to look at the objective on the board (“I will be able to use the passé composé to describe le 1er janvier
en Haïti.”), then ask what they think this means we are going to talk about today. Use this to lead into “What is
January 1st in most countries? How do people we know celebrate the New Year?”

Pull up the news clip interview about January 1st in Haiti, 2018. Listen to the video 3 times as a whole class with the
following goals while listening: 1. listen and try to pick out the subject of the video 2. each student pick out 3 words
they hear and recognize and share them with a partner 3. summarize what you think the video said ---> lead into
whole class discuss about the video and what we heard and what we learned.

Then students go to EdPuzzle and watch the same video except answering the questions that are posed throughout
the video individually.

Eat the Soupe Joumou that I brought in and read the recipe and the history of the soup was eating. During this period
as the native Haitian students to share their experience with the traditional soup and how they celebrate January 1st.

In partners, students respond to the questions about the recipe and the history of the soup to turn in the following
day. If the students do not finish this it is homework.

la Soupe Joumou (prepared by Madame the day before) Along with pictures of the process of cooking
The news video interview (
The EdPuzzle of the video (
The soup recipe and history: (
All materials posted to Schoology and the questions about the recipe and history article posted as an assignment

Take Home Tasks:

Students finish reading the recipe and the article about Soupe Joumou and answering the questions provided