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Lime Calcining Plant, Capacity: 68 MT/D Input (CaCO3) at Rotary Kiln

: 30 MT/D Output (Sized CaO)

Pragya Technologies Pvt. Ltd

EQUIPMENT NAME: Belt Conveyor from Feed Hopper to Jaw Crusher-1(with Weigh belt feeder) (Tag no. 2)

Document Number: PTIL / VOL / SP / SPEC / 4036 / R0

Sr No. Specification Data

1. Duty To feed material from Feed Hopper to Jaw Crusher-1
2. Capacity 3.5 MT/Hr
3. Conveyor c/c length, horizontal 11.5 m c/c (to be finalized according to actual layout & Suitable
weighing frame to be installed below horizontal portion)
4. Conveyor c/c length, inclined 20 m c/c (to be finalized according to actual layout)
5. Conveyor lif 8 m lif (to be finalized according to actual layout)
6. Materials being conveyed Raw Lime stone CaCO3
a) Bulk density 2500 kg/m3
b) Lump size Nominal 300 mm
c) Temperature of material Ambient
7. Feed point location for conveyor Tail end
8. Number of feed-points One
9. Method of discharge By head pulley
10. Number of discharge-points One
11. Take up Location Tail Pulley
12. Type of Motor AC Geared Motor
13. RPM of the Motor Vendor to specify*
14. KW of the Motor 5 KW *
15. Supply Voltage 3 Ø 415 V, 50 Hz AC
16. Belt width 500 mm*/400 mm

a) * Actual to be specified by vendor.

b) Vendor to provide GA drawings including motor reduction unit and guards.
c) Manufacturing drawings of Conveyor belt top cover ( to prevent ingress of rain water into the material ), Feed Material
Chute and Hood, Discharge Chute and Hood, Support structure of the belt conveyor and the conveyor frame structure, to
be provided for fabrication at site.
d) Suitable skirts to be provided to prevent spillage of material
e) Enclosed please find the Drawing number PTIL/VOL/SP/DWG/2005

Prepared By: Approved By: Client Approval

O.F.D. R.C.S./G.C.S
Date: 22/11/2013 Date: 23/11/2013