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Good morning ladies and gentlemen/ welcome to the Royal Institution of Naval Architecture event/ in Faculty

of Engineering/University of Indonesia/ the International Conference on Ship and Offshore Technology 2017///
i would like to greet everyone a lovely Tuesday morning//I am Made Putra/student of Naval Architecture and
Marine Engineering of the University of Indonesia/and also a student member of Royal Institution of Naval
Architecture/i will be your emcee of the day//
The honorable....
Fro the opening session/let us hear a short speech from our International Conference on Ship and Offshore
Technology Committee/to Mr.../the stage is yours//
Thank you Mr....//next/we would have an opening speech from the Dean of Faculty of Engineering/University
of Indonesia/Mr..../the stage is yours//
Globalization nowadays prosecutes most life aspects to continuously develop//one of the most concerned aspect
is the marine technology//marine transportation occupies more than 80% of the world’s goods
transportation/and also play a very important role in the supply chain//the development of the main
component’s technology/which is ship/become quite a bit an issue in maritime and marine technology//and not
to mention the offshore//Yet, there are numerous of researcher that contnuously develop the marine technology
itself/and that is why we are here/gathered in International on Ship and Offshore Technology 2017//
For our conference in proper/may we take a listen to keynote speech from our associate professor//talking about
the Integrated Maritime Industry Cluster/Mr. Sunaryo/let us all give him a round of applause//Mr.
Sunaryo/you’ll have 30 minutes in advance//
Thank you Mr. Sunaryo//(Give sums up for the prsentation topic)//i think it would be nice to have 15 minutes of
break/so ladies and gentlemen/i wouuld like to invite you for a coffee break/and i would like to see you again
within the next 15 minutes//
1. Alright ladies and gentlemen/welcome back//today we have a number of great marine researchers coming
from university of indonesia/.....i have seen the list of the research tittle/appearantly/we would have
numerous of stunning reseach topis that you all cannot wait to ask question to//we are going to have three
session for today/first session with 4 presenters/second session with 6 presenters/ and the last session with 3
presenters//each presenter will have 20 minutes in advance to present their research and Q&A session/and
i/will let you know if your time is going to be up//alright/without further ado/i would like invite our first
presenter/researcher from.../Mr..../the session/is yours//

Thank you Mr....//let us give him a warm applause//

2. Without further ado/with the topic of effect of geometrical characterictic of oil tanker’s conventional
stiffener profile towards ultimate strength under compressive loading/let me invite to the
3. (applause)//Conducting experimental research isn’t getting cheaper nowadays/however/ we have the method
called Computational Fluid Dynamics/ with the topic of “Variation of Asymetric Side Hull of Pentamaran
Hull Resistance using Computational Fluid Dynamics//Mr.../the session is yours//
4. Thank you....So/let us move on to next research presentation/Coming all the way Mrs. Rao/the
stage is yours//
(applause)Thank you mrs. Rao//Okay/ladies and gentlemen/it’s now the time for us to have a lunch break
and see you again here for the second session at 1 PM//
Alright/ladies and gentlemen/wellcome back//now let us move on to the second session/started with the topic of
A frameworks for the preliminary design/of container ships considering loss risk in ship/please welcome Mr...
Thank you/for the next presentation/from..../Mr.../the session is yours//
Thank you/next we will have researcher from...
Thank you/the next presenter coming from.../please welcome/Mr...
Thank you/now/iwould like to invite/researcher from UI/please welcome/Mr....
The next researcher come all the way from japan/presenting optimization of piping arrangement in series
ships/using the modularization concept/please welcome/Mr...
(applause)Thank you mr...//Okay/ladies and gentlemen/it’s now the time for us to have another short coffee
break for 15 minutes/and see you again here at 3:15//
Alright/ladies and gentlemen/wellcome back again//let us we move on to last but not least session/again/i would
like to inform that each presenter will have 20 minuts in advance to preent their project in brief and Q&A
session//alright/without any further ado/from.../Mr... the stage is yours//
Thank you/for the next presentation/from..../Mr.../the session is yours//
We will have another Computational Fluid Dynamics research from University of Indonesia/i would like to
invite Mr..../Mr... The stage is yours
Last but not least, we have a little Industrial and Community Engagement Session from PT Juragan Kapal/to
Mr... /the stage is yours//
Alright ladies and gentlemen/the presentation from PT. Juragan Kapal finally ends up our coference today/we
would like to invite you to join us for dinner at....//i am made putra/thank you/i wish you had a valuable
time/enjoy your dnner/and see you tomorrow with another upcoming research//