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Multi-Line SIP

the supreme voice connection

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Telekom Malaysia Berhad (128740-P)

Multi-Line SIP

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e y o u r b u s in e ss remains
Ensur c o s t-effective!
produ c ti ve a n d

What is a Multi-Line SIP? Get a Mult

supreme v
n e
d experience
on today!

Multi- Line SIP is a single trunk which

can handle a desired number of
dedicated voice calls, whether to cater
for a selected number of employees or
Package Offerings
for every employee in the organisation, If your business demands high quality voice communication at optimum value, Multi-Line SIP is what you need.

depending on the structure of business. Lite Medium Heavy

It uses state-of-the art technology and CHANNELS 4 8 12 16 CHANNELS 20 24 28 CHANNELS 32 64 128
RENTAL / PRICE (RM) 180 280 400 500 RENTAL / PRICE (RM) 600 680 700 RENTAL / PRICE (RM) 750 1230 2300
a dedicated channel, ensuring superior DDI / EXTENTION 30 60 90 120 DDI / EXTENTION 150 180 210 DDI / EXTENTION 240 480 960

voice quality is obtained cost effectively. *Published call rates apply.

Enjoy the power of supreme voice

connection at your fingertips.
Features & Function
Product Name High Level Product Offering Value

Calling Line
Displays the telephone number of the caller to appear on the phone/

Stay ahead with a Multi-line SIP

Identification RM 3.00 /trunk
SLT of the called party.
Presentation (CLIP)

Calling Line
Controls the presentation of the SIP Trunk caller identity to be
Identification FOC

Affordability - Lower costs due to elimination of the need Restriction (CLIR)

represented on the phone set of the called party.

to purchase expensive hardware plus the integration of a flat rate concept,

making it an investment that gives you better value for your ringgit. Call Forwarding, Allows SIP Trunk users to forward or redirect all incoming calls to an
RM1.50 /trunk
Unconditional alternate number (fixed or mobile).

Flexibility - Number of concurrent calls that can be adjusted

according to your business needs, plus the ability for each employee to
have their own phone line.

Scalability - Easiness of adding, subtracting & changing the

Why choose TM?
• We are the pioneer for • We are the pioneer for • We possess a strong
number of lines as your business grows. voice services High-Speed Broadband support capacity
The number one information (HSBB) Vastly experienced with the
Solutions - Simplicity in managing your business via better and communications service
provider in the country.
Most trusted High-Speed
Broadband service provider.
capacity and the capability to
deliver quality.
technology and call quality, thus saving you time and the hassle.

Traceability - Usage of a dedicated channel that ensures

call quality and easy monitoring.