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BEGINNING STUDIES in. the ALTISSIMO REGISTER Rosemary. Lang TANG MUSIC PUBLICATIONS P.O. Box 11021 = adianapolis, indiana 46204 BEGINNING STUDIES in the ALTISSIMO REGISTER by Rosemary Lang ' ' ' ‘ a see Se EN | Copyright 1971 by LANG MUSIC PUBLICATIONS P.O. Box 11021, Indianapolis, Indiana 46201 International Copyright Secured Revised edition and third printing — July, 1988. DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF MY GOOD FRIEND, THE LATE WILLIAM J. SCHUMACHER. ADIT A LSAT ALI ABUT ALINE ALIS TALI OO Fingerings The fingerings for the altissimo register are not standardized and uniform with all saxophones as are the fingerings for the normal range. Some flexibility must be allowed, since effective- ness of the altissimo register fingerings will vary somewhat with instrument makes, mouthpiece dimensions and reed strengths. Also different fingerings are required for each member of the saxophone family. This book will illustrate fingerings for the alto and tenor saxophones only, since altissimo register playing is rarely encountered on the others. If another fingering not shown produces better results on your instrument -- use it! Blank pages are provided at the back of the book for your use in marking additional fingerings. » oe. Saxophone Mechanism Chart [Av-oeteve Key (0.K.) Auxiliary High P (Very essential for altissimo register) -Thumb plate --Bis key. (Not used in any altissimo fingerings, and will not appear with the fingerings.) OVERTONES 3 BY ADJUSTING THE POSITION AND ARCH OF THE TONGUE AND BY SUBTLE CONTROL OF THE DIRECTION OF THE AIR COLUMN IT IS POSSIBLE TO PLAY ALL OF THE FOLLOWING TONES WITH THE FUNDAMENTAL LOW Bb FINGERING. THIS SUCCESSION OF TONES IS CALLED THE OVERTONE SERIES. b@ Add Octave Key ALL OF THE FOLLOWING TONES CAN BE PLAYED WITH THE FUNDAMENTAL LOW B NATURAL FINGERING. 2 £0 ——=o= 4 Te Add Octave Key etc. ALL OF THESE TONES CAN BE PLAYED WITH THE FUNDAMENTAL LOW C FINGERING. _— — 7-4 (ene. 2 2s = og Oo fo etc. = ‘Add Octave Key SOME EXPERIMENTING IN THE PRODUCTION OF THESE OVERTONES IS NECESSARY IN ORDER TO ESTABLISH THE “FEEL” OF THE TONGUE AND THROAT FORMATION NECESSARY TO PRODUCE THE TONES ABOVE THE NORMAL RANGE. 4 practice the following until these tones can be played with comparative ease Preliminary Studies MAINTAIN BASIC LOW NOTE FINGERING FOR ALL TONES. USE OCTAVE KEY FOR ALL TONES EXCEPT LOW B FLAT, LOW B NATURAL AND LOW C. bo boxf se fot = oH hoe bo ao rom Se So 9 TO FACILITATE THE APPROACH*TO THE ALTISSIMO REGISTER THE FOLLOWING FINGERINGS FOR HIGH E AND F ARE RECOMMENDED. Octave Key USE THESE FINGERINGS -¢Eie 22 cto FOR THE FOLLOWING sTuDIES. O 6 soursaxoruovesuave ALTO . TENOR A HIGH F SHARP KEY) 2 o: s Fe-Gb oe | hE ee Lowe 0.K 5! OK. : p “Ot OK. 1 O.K. side Q | side Q ! c fave Beg purge eg Baa } i sige 3 e |: e Bb om Bb ED! Use high E and F fing ) recommended on preceding page ey bu, ¢: to. , 4 #, *2 Ze pinto ats » ay Htte , aeit tap to oo gto te , > to: oF EY. +2 op #o- re 10 <= tote te ate Hote ZR, te SS > Lot as ees Ee aa ete ed, eee z 11, # #. — AS Th bee LE 4 agar “anal pip. Kop ob ae AS: Bva LIGHTLY ROW 14 éva GOIN’ HOME 15 8va MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG eg © ©. an © TENOR ——_ mcs on 8 $ out. & ‘t Se “eg Side @ Side 9 8 BS sb ° Ep O ° 5 a ) ) tp> 1) |) ||1Kb3 ) ;) | a il HU te Arpeggio a oogdode > lilo z TENOR ° OK. eo 9 Side < con) ° 14 Bva 2... MINOR MELODY 16 17 CRADLE SONG — Brahms. CIELITO LINDO Check Intonation Bva ----- A Scale Chromatic Study Ghee ? a Seg tase ca aE ate a Wee \KLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR fs eva Fine D.C. Al Fine 14 Bva + FRENCH SONG. Fine D.C. Al Fine Bva 12 LONDON BRIDGE 16 ABIDE WITH ME ey 1 9 | 2 OKO | 0.K.O si 8 8 as Side® 1 sige @ e c oO ' c oO a oe! 5 o e | ° : sc 8va Arpeggio Study 8va 8va : eva... ., ,, JOLLY OLD ST, NICHOLAS 2 é 12 ees WHEN LOVE IS KIND 7, loco 8va----- 1]: Check intonation Th: loco fe: ie: Chromatic Study f. UNFINISHED SYMPHONY 9 re ory eae a Franz Schubert Ap. + cas +t = re! ree * $: BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO H. Dacre Whole Tone Study Crt eee igen al boie-a Fn ital ebebeenn. peewee fb {bebe 4 f be be — € Play all notes on this page one octave higher > ease » bebo DR pe Eipeppre = 8. cate Chromatic Study CRADLE SONG Brak CARS 20 C#- Db ALTO TENOR 2 Ke@io x 2 eon Me bee ROK © Dong, Swign D1aK.Q 1 OKO f=? Q: OO xigh ep! oO | 9 Qiside® Top O ' | Side O ee ee 1 BS g On eal key ee ede! 3 Of ge ei Oe as = 1 8va a on 4 ev ie 21 Scale Study 10 loco loco 22 D Bon. $ $ ' oK.e sideQ 10-K. 6 1 side B ce be | now 5 ong} o.k. 8 High D 8 . bs High Eb Q | top Sxignh F o sik ots g i erg Ome: D Minor Scale loco Play All Notes on this Page BELIEVE ME IF ALL THOSE ENDEARING YOUNG CHARMS One Octave Higher > 9 Fine D. LIGHTLY ROW THE FIRST NOEL TIPS PTS THERE’S MUSIC IN THE AIR Re 12. | SUSANNA Fos TENOR o0e|ce@clo 6” Scale Qa ~~~ oeneet Chromatic oe aa 7, # € Play all notes on this page one octave higher > 53 7 +» Oo Orn BY THREE BLIND MICE rate etterttts ete # & Lf af Ee RoR ee tip ee tt STAR SPANGLED BANNER Smith-K 3 - a gs LUCIA i 5 2s, agit I Perptreretritt ertat ea 4 2a oe armaer aa IF sof ALTO TENOR Q rela Q e evares er nae cea ployee entj aoe oco 2 <€PLAY ALL TONES ON THIS PAGE ONE OCTAVE HIGHER BARCAROLLE Offenbach CARNIVAL OF VENICE 10 SURPRISE SYMPHONY Hayd € Play all notes on this page one octave higher except where marked "loco" > 9 HOW CAN I LEAVE THEE ay AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL LANG MUSIC PUBLICATIONS P-O:,Box {oat falsanapolis Midiong 6201 ORTALOG BOQKS-ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS FR ANSCRIPT IONS thd ARRANGEMENTS. By Renae hare ARTIST PEACHRICUF WOODWINDS AND DIGECTOR OF WODUWIND. ENSEMBLES Alter Overs disap a BOOKS ‘Cirinet Short Cuts to. Virivoso Teehniuc by Resamry Lane ‘Sax dphoder Bebitinine Studies hy The: Alnstimgeesisr. by. ROSEN taghy. This Bookthas Been. inferpaupndly. e Soxophane: Principles Of Lhe Sexgphone by Rosemaiy Lang. Besaon! Doss and gaits Pein Ti Bassoon RECA Manuals the hnternadine Mayer by A Posaventa: : Woodwind: Class. Method by -Resemary ang Devgned for Aolleve po dwindetechmigues lasses, - The TRook 1s a60" prastical-fer hier #oodsvindceathin pusposee: in.scorgforn-for Flute, Obde, Bb Clari- hat -Eb-Saxophoue sad-Bassoort, Back cover opel la isplay Misehanismn‘chareswfichear® wisble while PlaVipg Accelletated claret dewluphent, Moze harmonized mssic. Containwbsncanlormation ghd pages fo individual study Coinplete nue elisss ae BAND: ‘Great Musié of Serome Kem” A Tiediey’6f All the Thongs Wow Ar They Didu't-Beliews Moras’ Nestor. aigys. Atianued for Symphonic and by Roseunary. Lang. This concent anratigement.wi(stie for you ‘luest progranite Sample souie on reqjuett-~ Complete, xtra Parks © 50 went Gach, Concerto ih F Minor, First Movement by-Wérghard Crysell (17757838), ter Solo, Bb Glavine and Baste ‘Arcodiy Rogemticy Langs Grade WV. Avadhlton,yémal-atactep oF 75 centaper days your poss@atio, nes No: Se ust Morante Las SoM (EHD, rate TEN. gle Fe 1875 cents per day Sn-vour possession. Atr: (or Solo Bb Clarmetand Band by Roséiuary Lang! CLARINET. QUARTET (ough Clatines) — Ai Shorai Seor€ an Pais ‘Nocturna Tarantllo(Origival) by ReSomary Lang, Grade LV Hoitoreske Gnginal) by Kosemacy ang: Grade WAV Ne eee Caprivsio No. 2 by Mendelssohn. Are. by Rostynary Lang, Grade Vi 5 3 Gipsy Rodolby tay dn Are, by Rosemary Lai Grid LV. # Tarantelle by Mendelssoha, Arzby Rosemary Tang, Gtade IV. ‘SAXOPHONE: QUARTET (AATB) Scbre and Pants -Bine Kibife Nachinmslichy Mozart; Atr-by Rosemary LaimiyGrade We SAXOPHONE CHOIR (SATB, Bass.or Batic Il) Score end Parts ‘Adagidiby Mendelssohn, Arr, by-Résemary Lang, Grade UY, DOUBLE RBED QUINTET (2 Oboes, 7Fnglsi Hons, Bisson) ‘Adagio 41; by Mozart Artsy Rosemary ang, Grade IVe-Patis only. FLUTE QUARTET ‘Chiorale and Scher#> (Original) Grade IV, Stove anid Pats Reyetie and Farantella(3-Fluteyand Alto-Blule (Onan) Seate and-Paurts. Aci by Rosemary Lang, Grae LV. WOODWIND QUINTET (Flute, Obve, Bb-Clafinets Hom in Fy Basson) Four ies for Woodwind Quintet (Orginal) by Rosemary ae. Duron Vmnutes! Gide 1 6 and. Parts Anitr’s Bence: from Peer Gyni Suite by EeGrieg. Ani-by-Rosemary Lang. Baselsrinet may. be subst {uled for bassoon. Both pats included, Grade ILIV" Scoweand Parts. = CLMINET HON Clan 2 BFF Ales Cai Bp Cre PD andlor BS Cont bass lanes) ‘Onur in Ebony (Oripinalyby Rosemary Lana.Grade AV Seore antParks.. 0c. Grenadilla Rhapsody, (Odginal) By Rosemary Lang, Grade 1V. Score and Paris. Fuga XVI by JSBach: Atc by Roseifary ane, Gade lV..Seane-and Parts.» BASS CLARINET SOLO (Owacconipanied) Grade TY: Concer Piece fouSolo Hass Clocinet(Origial by Rosemary Lag) CEARINEE AND HABESICHORD (olan) Concer? Do To Cet and Hsieh Orin by Ras jnafy Lang. GradsV Neon. 600, 2000:

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