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DAY 1/9th Dec 2017 : Banda Aceh – Sabang
 08.30 Start from the Port of Ulee Lheue leaving for
Weh Island Sabang ± 45 minutes
 10:15 Arrived at the Port of Balohan Sabang
picked up Guide
 To Photo View I Love Sabang then go straight to
Km 0 Monument of Indonesia (± 70 minutes)
 To Iboih Beach and tour to Rubiah Island with Final Announcement
glass boat, here guests can also snorkling and
embrace the beauty under the sea

2nd Aceh Symposium

 15.30 return to the City of sabang, enjoying the
sunset at Sabang Fair and Check-in at Hotel area
 19.30 Dinner at the restaurant
 After Diner go to enjoy the night atmosphere in
 22.00 the guests return to Hotel
DAY 2/10 DEC 2017 : Sabang – Banda Aceh
 Get a specific culinary Aceh breakfast at the coffee
 Visit the souvenir shop ONCOLOGYUPDATE
 Tour to the Colonial Museum and the Japanese
Fortress Evaluating and treatment of thyroid
 11.30 to Putro Ijo garden for lunch
 14.00 go to Balohan Port
 14.30 Back to Banda Aceh
diseases and its problems
All fares Included:
1. Polo Shirt
2. Ticket
3. Food
4. Glassing Boat arround Rubiah`s island
5. Snorking vehicle
6. Underwater photo
7. Underwater guide
8. Driver and Guide tour
9. Transportasion from Hotel to Ulee Lheue port
10. Transportasion in Sabang

Price : 1.350.000 IDR/ person Secretariat:

Departement of ORL-HNS Medical Faculty of Accredited by Indonesian Doctors Association
Syiah Kuala University dr. Zainoel Abidin 8-9th December 2017
General Hospital Banda Aceh
Email :
Hermes Palace Hotel, Banda Aceh
Contact Person : Oncology Division of Otorhinolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Department
Dr. Lily Setiani, Sp.THT-KL (08126993156) Medical Faculty of Syiah Kuala University dr. Zainoel Abidin General Hospital
Dr. Damayanti (085260087437) PP Perhati-KL I Perhati-KL Aceh
Cut Henizar (082167501203)
No Flight Schedules Rute
1 Garuda 06.30-09.20 (Direct) Jakarta – Banda Aceh
12.00-14.50 (Direct) Jakarta – Banda Aceh
17.50-20.40 (Direct) Jakarta – Banda Aceh
2 Batik air 05.25-08.05 (Direct) Jakarta – Banda Aceh
07.45-10.35 (Direct) Jakarta – Banda Aceh
14.50-17.40 (Direct) Jakarta – Banda Aceh
3 Citilink 05.00-08.55 (Transit) Jakarta – Medan – Banda Aceh
4 Lion air 04.45-09.15 (Transit) Jakarta – Medan – Banda Aceh
05.20-09.15 (Transit) Jakarta – Medan – Banda Aceh
Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb 06.10-12.45 (Transit) Jakarta – Batam – Banda Aceh
11.50-15.55 (Transit) Jakarta – Medan – Banda Aceh
Praise be upon Allah SWT, 2nd Aceh symposium
17.25-21.30 (Transit) Jakarta – Medan – Banda Aceh
Otorhinolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Oncology Update
at Hermes Palace Hotel Banda Aceh on 8-9 December 2017 HOTEL
No Hotel Distance to Distance to Hermes Reservation
can be held. RSUDZA Palace Hotel
We hope this scientific event can be a moment where 1 Hermes Palace 1,5 km 0 km 0651 7555888
fellow ENT and other related occupations to empower and Hotel*****
2 The Pade Hotel *** 8,9 km 9,0 km 0651 49999
develop profesional standard through discussions and cross 3 Mekkah Hotel *** 850 m 1,9 km 0651 33272
learnings. Also improving the skill and ability in order to be an 4 Grand Permata Hati 7,2 km 7,2 km 0651 8052006
ENT with higher and competitive qualification so that we can 5 Grand Nanggroe Hotel 4,8 km 5,0 km 0651 35779
compete in this globalization era. This activity also expected ***
to increase the service quality of Indonesian community 6 Oasis Atjeh Hotel *** 5,5 km 4,0 km 0651 636999
7 Kuala Radja Hotel ** 800 m 1,8 km 0651 29687
health in ENT. 8 Kumala Hotel ** 2,4 km 850 m 0651 35855
This event consist of scientific presentation and live
surgery demonstration. The speaker are expert in their fields.
We invite all colleagues and family to participate in this Baiturrahman Aceh Museum Tsunami Floated Electricity Power
Great Mosque
event in Banda Aceh. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the
hospitality, tourism and cullinary in Aceh.

Wassalam, warm regards

dr. Benny Kurnia Sp.THT-KL(K)
Boat on roof top Lampulo O Kilometer Monument Blang Kolam Waterfall
Sabang North Aceh
Friday, December 8th 2017
Ball Room Hermes Palace Hotel Banda Aceh
Finance Rusly Aly, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L Time Program Speaker Poster Hall
Benny Kurnia, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L 08.00-08.30 Opening
Lukmanul Hakim, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L Ceremony
Zahari, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L 08.30-09.00 Coffee Break Mounting
Dr. Azwar Ridwan, dr., Sp. MK, Sp.T.H.T.K.L Session I
Azwar Abdullah, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L Moderator : dr. Dwi Antono, Sp.THT-KL (K)
Muslim, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L 09.00-09.45 Anatomy and dr. Benny Kurnia, Sp.T.H.T.K.L (K)
Syahrizal, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L Physiology of the
Novina Rahmawati, dr. M.Si. Med., Sp.T.H.T.K.L Thyroid
Secretariat Lily Setiani, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L 09.45-10.30 Examination of dr. Agung Dinasti Permana,
Keishya Maurieza, dr Thyroid Nodule Sp.T.H.T.K.L(K)., M.Kes
Baluqia Iskandar Putri, dr 10.30-11.15 Management of Prof. DR. dr. Widodo Ario
Fera Kamila Kamal, dr. Thyroid Nodule Kentjono, Sp.T.H.T.K.L(K)., FICS
Ferawati, dr 11.15-12.00 Management of DR. dr. Muhtarum Yusuf,
Cut Henizar, S.Pd Differentiated Sp.T.H.T.K.L(K)., FICS
Dini Sriwahyuni, SP Thyroid
Exbihition Azwar Abdullah, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L Carcinoma
12.00-13.00 Lunch and Prayer

Poster Display
Eko Cipta Burnama, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L
Emilda Dewi, dr., M. Ked. (ORL-HNS), Sp.T.H.T.K.L Session II
Damayanti, dr. Moderator : Prof. Dr. Bambang Hermani, Sp.T.H.T.K.L(K)
Baluqia Iskandar Putri, dr. 13-00-13.45 Diagnostic aspect dr. Reno Keumalazia Kamarlis ,
Devi Daryaningsih, dr of Thyroid Sp.PA
Security T. Husni. TR, dr., M. Kes., Sp.T.H.T.K.L Histopathology
Agus Ridho Utama, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L ,MARS 13.45-14.00 The Role of dr. Rima Novirianthy, Sp. Onk.Rad
Ery Ananda, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L Radiology
Rachmad Dermawan, Sp.T.H.T.K.L Departement in
Marhaban, dr Thyroid Disease
Documentation And Publication Iskandar Zulkarnain, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L 14.00-14.45 Medialization and DR. dr. Fauziah Fardizza,
Rizayani, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L Lateralization of Sp.T.H.T.K.L(K).,FICS
Syahnidel Fita, dr Vocal Cord
Keishya Maurieza, dr 14.45-15.30 Social Charity of dr. Chippy Ahwil, Sp.T.H.T.K.L(K).,
Trisha Gustania, dr Thyroidectomy M.Kes
Consumption Fadhlia, dr., M. Ked. (ORL-HNS), Sp.T.H.T.K.L 15.30-16.00 Coffee Break
Elvia, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L
Emilda Dewi, dr., M. Ked. (ORL-HNS), Sp.T.H.T.K.L
Fera Kamila Kamal, dr Time Program
Irnawati, dr 19.30-Finish Cultural Night
Cut Henizar, S.Pd
Saturday, December 9th 2017
IBS and Auditorium of General Hospital of dr.Zainoel Abidin Banda Aceh
Moderator : DR. dr. Yussy Afriani Dewi, Sp.T.H.T.K.L(K)., M.Kes., FICS Steering Commitee Dean of Medical Faculty Syiah Kuala University
Time Program Speaker Director of Dr. Zainoel general Hospital Banda
08.00-12.00 Surgery Demo of Head and Oncology Team Aceh
Neck Cases
12.00-13.00 Lunch and Prayer Chairman of ORL-HNS Kolegium

Chairman of PP Perhati-KL
DAY TWO Chairman Benny Kurnia, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L
Saturday, December 9th 2017 Secretary Lily Setiani, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L
Hermes Palace Hotel Banda Aceh Treasurer I Fadhlia, dr., M. Ked. (ORL-HNS), Sp. T.H.T.K.L
08-00-09.40 Accepted Paper
Treasurer II Keishya Maurieza, dr
09.40-10.00 Coffee Break Poster Display
Scientific Azwar Abdullah, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L
10.00-12.00 Accepted Paper
Benny Kurnia, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L
12.00-13.00 Lunch and Closing Ceremony
Dr. Azwar Ridwan, dr., Sp. MK, Sp.T.H.T.K.L
Registration fee Ikbal Ismail, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L
On site Indra Zachreini, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L
Category Until 31th Oct 2017
1th Nov 2017- Event Fathmadewi, dr., M. Ked. (ORL-HNS), Sp.T.H.T.K.L
Event Iskandar Zulkarnain, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L
Specialist Rp. 1.500.000,- Rp. 2.000.000,-
Resident Rp. 750.000,- Rp. 1.000.000,- Eko Cipta Burnama, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L
General Rp. 500.000,- Rp. 750.000,- Erna Erlinda, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L
physician Des Dwiputra Effendi, dr. Sp.T.H.T.K.L
Symposium + Demo Live Surgery
Damayanti, dr.
Specialist Rp. 2.500.000,-
Resident Rp. 1.000.000,- R.Ega Suharno, dr

Equipment and Audiovisual Des Dwiputra Effendi, dr. Sp.T.H.T.K.L

* Accepted paper
Muhammad Febriansyah, dr
(Accepted paper submitted before 30 November 2017)
* Participants of the surgery demo must be registered as symposium Marhaban, dr
participants and the number of participants is limited ( according to the date Ery Ananda, dr., Sp.T.H.T.K.L
Accomodation dan Transportation
of registration)
Rachmad Suhendra, dr. Sp.T.H.T.K.L
Muhammad Febriansyah, dr.
Payment via transfer to
BNI 46 Banda Aceh Zona aria, dr


Rek 1708201505