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Detailed Lesson Plan in English 2

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

a. Identify action words;

b. Determine the use of verbs; and
c. Construct sentences using common verbs.

II. Subject Matter

Topic : Verbs

Reference : Third Edition English This Way 2

Author : Erlita T. Perez

Pages : 94 – 100

Materials : Pictures, Flash cards and Visual aids.

Values : Cooperation

III. Procedure:

A. Preliminary Activities

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

a. Prayer

Let us all stand and In the name of the Father

pray and of the Son and of the Holy
Spirit Amen!
b. Greetings

Good morning Class! Good morning Sir Mark!

You may now take your Thank you Sir Mark!


c. Review

Do you still remember Yes, Teacher!

our last lesson?

What is it all about? Demonstrative Pronoun

Very good!

What are This,

Demonstrative Pronouns? These,

Very good!

B. Developmental Activities

a. Motivation

Do you have a Favorite Yes, Teacher!

Cartoon Character?

Who is your favorite

Cartoon Character?

Yes, Harl? SpongeBob, Teacher!

How about you, Sarah? Power puff girls, Teacher!

I also have here my
favorite cartoon character:

Do you want to meet Yes, Teacher!


His name is Phineas and


Say Hi to Phineas and Hi, Phineas and Ferb!


Would you like to hear a Yes, Teacher!

story about Phineas?

The story is entitled “ The

outer space adventure of
Phineas and Ferb”

One day, While they

were sitting at their yard
Phineas and Ferb, had a
strange Idea, they Plan to a
big rocket, which they will
be using to go to the Moon.
When they finally got to the
moon their excitement
brought them to jump
vigorously. Phineas and Ferb
had a great time playing in
outer space. They sing a
lullaby, they Dance
energetically and also they
run all over the different
regions of the moon. The
two boys had wonderful
experience playing
together. That’s why
Phineas and Ferb felt tired.
At that point, They decided
to back to their house and
take a rest. The end.
b. Presentation

Did you understand the Yes, Teacher!


Who are the Characters Phineas and Ferb,

of the story? Teacher!

Where did they go? At the Moon, Teacher!

What did they do in the They play, Teacher!


Very good!

c. Discussion

Let’s go back to the


What do Phineas and They jump, Teacher!

Ferb does first in the moon,
when they arrived?

Very good

After that, what are the

activities they do all over
the moon?

Yes, Kurt? They Sing, Teacher!

Very good!

What else They dance, Teacher!

Very good!

And lastly? They run, Teacher!

Very good!
What are the activities
they do? Jumping

What have you noticed The pictures show actions.

on the pictures?

Very good!

What do you mean by Action words, Teacher!

those words?

Very good!

What do you call the Verbs, Teacher!

words that show action?

Very good!

What do we mean by Verbs are words that show

verbs? action.

Very good!

Who can give me an

example of a verb?

Yes, Gian? Eating, Teacher!

Very good!

What else?

Yes, Danah? Walking teacher!

Very good!


Yes, Vincent? Talking, Teacher!

Very good!
Did you now Yes, Teacher!
understand Verbs?

Are there any questions None, Teacher!

about verbs?

d. Application

We are going play

Word hunting, I will group
you into five (5). All you
have to do is to search for
the words inside the word
hunt as I give you clues for
every word that you are
going to look for.

Is that clear? Yes, Teacher!

Let’s start!

1. What did you do Cry

when you’re very
2. What did you do Laugh
when you see
something funny?
3. What did you do Run
when you’re in a
4. What did you do Read
when you see a
5. What did you do Eat
when you’re
e. Generalization

Let us see if you really

understand the lesson.

What are Verbs?

Very good! Verbs are words that show


What do we call to the Verbs, Teacher!

word that shows action?

Very good!

IV. Evaluation

Fill in each Blank with the

correct verb from the box.

Push Playing Swims Throws


1. The swimmers __________ in

the pool.
2. The boy __________ his
3. The runners’ ________
around the oval tracks.
4. The Basketball player
_______ the ball.
5. The girl is _______ her doll.
V. Assignment

Construct five (5) sentences

using common verbs.