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1. Annotate any Two of the following: 2x4=8m

a. The strict regimen has to be maintained even outside the court
b. Individual liberty would have become social anarchy
c. Listen, This gun is no toy. I can hurt you without killing you, and get my answers
2. Annotate any Two of the following: 2x4=8m
a. What hast thou to give to me?
b. Wouldst thou be as these are? Live as they.
c. But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep
3. Answer any Two of the following questions: 2x4=8m
a. What does the writer say about the pronunciation, the use of stress on syllables, accent and so on by the native
speakers of English?
b. Narrate two memories of kalam related to eating?
c. Who do you think was more clever—the intruder or Gerrard? Give reasons
4. Answer any Two of the following questions: 2x4=8m
a. How does the poet sing the glory of Golconda Kings?
b. How can we all lend our hand to prevent nature from saying farewell?
c. How does the speaker feel on listening to nature’s voice? Discuss the change in the mood
5. Answer any Two of the following questions: 2x4=8m
a. How did Joe come to know the truth of burning of Delia’s hand? What was his reaction to it?
b. ‘The Antidote’ is gentle satire on man’s blind beliefs and superstitions. Comment
c. What did Suren find out at Sudhir’s home about the medal?

6. Read the following paragraph and Answer the following questions: 4x1=4m
Pahom was well contented. But soon he has got into quarrels with the other peasants. One day a peasant passing
through the village happened to call in. The stranger revealed that he came from beyond the Volga. Men who joined the
commune there had twenty five acres granted to them. The land was so good, he said that the Rye sown on it grew as
high as a horse
1. Where did the stranger come from?
2. How much land was given to the men who joined the commune?
3. How did Pahom respond to the stranger’s narration?
4. Who is observing the old man?
5. Pahom kept wishing for more and more land as the days passed by. Answer True or False
6. Rye is a kind of (choose the correct answer)
a. colour b. crop c. animal d. car
7. Read the following paragraph and Answer the following questions: 4 X1=4m
Chakali Ilamma (1919-1985) was born at krishnapuram village in Rayaparthi Mnandal, Warangal District. She was
married to Chi)tyala Narsaiah of Palakurthy in Warangal District. Chakali Ilamma was a revolutionary leader of the
Telengana Armed Struggle during 1940’s. She has joined the Andhra Mahasabha, an organization founded in 1922 to
oppose Nizam domination. The organization was later merged with communist party. She worked actively against the
Nizam and the local feudal landlords who mercilessly exploited the rural people, especially the weaker sections. Chakali
Ilamma led the revolt against the feudal lord, Zamindar Ramachandra Reddy, known as Visnoor Deshmukh, to save her
four acres of land but also against the exploitation of the poor in general. Chakali Ilamma, with her heroic armed
struggle, became a symbol of liberation struggles. She was an inspiration for many during the revolts against the feudal
lords of the Telengana region
1. Where was Ilamma born?
2. Name the organization Ilamma joined?
3. Who did Ilamma fight actively against?
4. Who was Rama Chandra Reddy?
5. Why did Ilamma revolt against Ramachandra Reddy?
6. During which period did Ilamma become an inspiration to many?

8. Fill any eight blanks with a, an or The 8x1/2= 4
(i). At last…………(1) sympathetic audience! I’ll tell you……(2) story of my life. How was ………..(3)child I was stolen by
………..(4) gypsies and why at ……………(5) age of thirty two, I find myself in my lonely Essex cottage.
(ii). Rajesh is ……………………………..(6) enterprising businessman
(iii). Mary is ………………..(7) Australian but her husband is …….(8) European.
(iv)……………..(9) idea can change your life.
(v). Mukesh Ambani is …………..(10) Bill Gates of India
9. Fill any eight blanks with suitable prepositions 8x 1/2= 4
(i). The intruders motions ……………….(1) the chair and seats himself…………(2) the divan………(3)the bag. Your are not
dealing ……(4) a fool. I can hurt you…………..(5) killing you and get my answers.
(ii). Children are fond……(6) of toys.
(iii). The train started exactly …..(7) 6 o’ clock.
(iv). The office open……..(8) 10 a.m. ………….(9) 5 p.m.
(v). The government should look ………(10) orphans.
10. Fill any four blanks with suitable forms of verbs given in brackets. 4x1 = 4
(i). Mothers always ………(1) (love) children unconditionally. ……….children……….(2) ( respond) in the same ways? How
……….you…….(3) ( treat) your mother in her old age?
(ii). While I ………(4) (teach) grammar, a student raised a doubt.
(iii). I wish I ……..(5) ( have) a car.
(iv).When………(6) ( be) you born?
11. Rewrite any four sentences as directed. 4x1 = 4
(i). How much loan has the bank sanctioned? (Change into passive voice)
(ii). His wife says, “Don’t turn your head away when you speak” (change into Indirect speech)
(iii). The visitor said, “What a sultry weather!” (Change into Indirect speech)
(iv). No other woman in your family was as caring as our mother. (Change into comparative degree)
(v). Virus infects a person faster than bacteria (change into positive degree)
(vi). Mine was a happy childhood. (Add a question tag)
12. Rewrite any four of the following sentence correcting the errors. 4x1 = 4
(i). Raghu is my older brother.
(ii). He is interested to do a job.
(iii). Neither she drinks tea nor coffee
(iv). I had left home fairly early in life.
(v). We are prevented to bring our vehicles in.
(vi). We are listening Shaw’s speech.
13. Supply the missing letters in any eight of the following words. 8x1/2= 4
(i) su_ _ enly ii). P_ _ ceful iii). Wa_ _et iv) ach_ _ ve v). tra_ _ ic
vi). A_ _ air vii). Ru_ _ ish viii) enq_ _ ry ix). Ve_ _ el x). a_ _ ain
14. Identify the silent consonants in any eight of the following words. 8x1/2= 4
(i) soften ii) alms iii) brown iv) womb v) design vi) which vii) knead viii) coup ix) dodge x)autumn
15. Identify the parts of speech of any eight of the following underlined words. 8x1/2= 4
(i) There are Irish (1) members, Scottish members (2). Welsh members, Oxford University (3), American members; all
recognizable as such by their (4) differences of (5) speech.
(ii). Two other people saw (6) you and (7) started to (8) talk.
(iii). Do people often 9) come here?
(iv). Oh(10), don’t be a fool
16. Match any eight of the following words in column A with their meanings in Column B. 8x1/2=4
a) pedantic i. communication
b) greengrocer ii. tiring and demanding
c) pantomime iii. touching gently, showing affection
d) intercourse iv. respected and greatly admired
e) global v. fussy about small details
f) pavement vi. expression of meaning through gestures
g) prestigious vii. disturbed
h) grueling viii. a flat part at the side of the road for people to walk in
i) assailed ix. of the whole world
j) caressing x. seller of vegetables and fruits

17. a) Observe the pie chart given below. It contains information about the mode of transport used by
students of a certain junior college. Present the information in a paragraph 1X4 =4
Mode of Transport of Students

2 wheeler

b) Convert the following paragraph into a route map
As you come out of the bus station take a left turn and go along the road till you come across a church. Take a left turn
again and follow the road till you reach a cross road. Take a right turn at the cross roads ad after a hundred yards you
will see a hospital right opposite it is Hotel Ramakrishna
18. Write any four of the following transcriptions in normal spelling: 4x1= 4m
i. rəmɛmbər ii. ærəˈmætɪk iii. suːðɪŋ iv. stɛdi v. spɪrɪtɪd vi. ɪnˈdɔːsmənts
19. Circle the word in any four of the following sets of words that is different with regard to the sound of
the bold letters in that set 4x1= 4m
i. since easy sorry ii. strange energy get iii. Thin this thick
iv. yet many quality v. face family wake vi. Loot cool flood
20. Mention the number of syllables in any four of the following words. 4x1=4m
i). individual ii) fish iii) ignorant iv) hundred v)time vi) listen