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' SCHIRMER’S LIBRARY OF MUSICAL CLASSICS i Vol. 227 FELIX MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY Organ Works THREE PRELUDES AND FUGUES Op. 37 SIX SONATAS Op. 65 STUDENTS’ EDITION Edited and Fingered by SAMUEL P. WARREN INC., New Yor« PREFATORY REMARKS BY THE COMPOSER. In these Sonatas much depends upon a proper selection of the organ-stops. As every organ with which I am acquainted, however, requires its own mode of treat- ment—stops of the same name in different instruments not always producing a like effect—I have indicated, in a general way, only the kind of effect required, without specifying names of stops. By fortissimo, I intend the full organ; by piantssimo, generally a soft eight-foot stop alone ; by forte, the great organ without some of the a0 loudest stops ; by piano, several soft eight- foot stops combined, and so forth. In the pedal I desire, throughout, even in pianis- simo, eight- and sixteen-foot tone together, except where the contrary is expressly stated (see the Sixth Sonata). It is, there- fore, left to the organist to make such combinations as are appropriate to the various movements, but he should take care, when employing two manuals, that they differ in tone-color, without, at the same time, standing out in too great contrast. NOTE BY THE EDITOR.—With reference to the above prefatory remarks, the editor desires to have it understood that such extra indications in registration as he has given are to be regarded simply as suggestions They are not intended in the slightest degree to forestall the general directions of the composer, but rather to aid the student in more readily carrying these out. CONTENTS I Three Preludes and Fugues, II. Six Sonatas, Op. 65 : : Page Op. 37: Page 1. F minor a 1. C minor 3 2. C minor 37 2. G major 10 3. A major 45 3. D minor 16 4. B flat major 53 5- D major 65 6. D minor 72 Three Preludes and Fugues ; for the Organ. ‘= Right Toe. (Dedicated’ to Thomas Attwood, of London.) Gt. 16° a” Foundation stops. : . ve Left Toe. | Sw. Full coupled to Gt. F MENDELSSOHN. Op. 87. CETEt tect Ped. 1 « 6: Gt. Prelude, N01. Composed 1887. ee NA tg doce Bd arpa monn 6 v Copyright, 1¥96,by G. Schirmer, In Copyright rennwal axsigne, 1926, to 6. Schirmer, In 12872 4) THE metronome nunbers ToT Preladen and tugdion See sugeorted by ihe diver. ido Printed inthe. $ 4 Lepre Gt. Foundation stops vuned Fugue,N@1, #; coupled to Gt. Con moto. (6-= 76) Manuals. (Guforte, legato. Pedal. s2072 4 ‘ull Org) 10 Sw. Soft s* with light Reed. Ch, Dulciana&Flute 8°, _ Ped. 16" 8”. Prelude, N02. ‘Andante con moto‘@--50,48) § See Manuals] (Gomesso iano, ‘mess plano, —— = = —_*~ ee Sears Fugue, N02, _ Gt. Sw. Diapasous & Flutes 8 Sw. 16° 6 with couplers. ed | | 7 tanre, (off coupler) a a, The D in this chord and the tie to the preceding note are not In the original, senre 16 Gt. Futl without reeds. Sw. Full coupled to Gt. Prelude, N? 3. Ped. 16°4 8;Gt, coupler. Allegro. (¢ 69) 7 uf Geena ty (off Mixtures) se872 (otixtures) e572 teste a Six Sonatas for the Organ. AsRight Toe. (Gt, Futt,without reeds Dedicated to Dz E Schlemmer of Frankfort on the Main. vslett Toe. (ew, Full coupled to Gt 7 Breet atch (Ped. Feit without reeds Gt. coupler. Sonata, N91. F, MENDELSSOHN. Op. 65. Allegro moderato, e serioso. = 93) 1844-45 tee ee eee com ae ge Manuals. OU rele: rene se572 =~ « Diaps, soils’ | eda lip ‘sempre legato. my A saste meee ee SOS s257e = a Adagio. @- 100, pen pul 5.85 a (Sw. Dia's) a * ($%- Oboe ad kb) (Sw) Man. SSS ES a se678 30 Andante. Recit. (d= guasi's0.) (Chr. 8) se, at (ch) PP meno p come Ima Allegro assai vivace.(J = il Organ, without 6 legato, se072 (Reeds) sa57e ————— BN} Mitintures = _ 4 41 4l ;' —_} Te4. (Reeds) 88 _ (run org.) | be te tee cate etes a ra v 37 Gt. # Foundation stops coupled to.Sw. Sonata, N° 2. Swear = with Oboe Ped. 167 @ 8” Gt, Coupler. _ Grave, 200) _ Manuals: Gf, (Su: off a i