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e-harian SJK C Pei Chiao

Subject : ENGLISH Class : Year 5

Theme : World of Knowledge Date : 25th Jan 2015

Topic : Poem- Changes in the Year Time : 10.20 – 11.20

Skill : L&S R W LA G Lit Week :3

Learning Outcome Code : 2.2.3 a Enrolment : 8 persons (2 boys 6 girls)

Moral Value : Appreciate the environment.

Resources : Literature -Poem book, ICT peripherals, MS PowerPoint, Worksheet, Envelope with stanzas

Vocabulary : oak, count, winter, gay, whisper, bud, old, bare, rustle, spring
Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson, pupils should be able to:

Main stream : i. Match words to their meanings
ii. Arrange the stanzas in correct order to form the poem
iii. Rewrite the poem by replacing the pictures with correct words.
Success Criteria

Pupils are able to i. match at least 3 words to their meaning correctly

ii. Arrange at least 3 stanzas correctly in order.
ii. write words with correct spelling at least for 5 pictures.
Lesson Outlines
1. Spelling of the day – 6 words.
Starter 2. Elicit oral responses by asking about the weather whether it is rainy, sunny, cloudy or windy.
3. Watch a video clip of a song about ‘Changing seasons’.
4. Introduce the four seasons: the word ‘summer’, ‘autumn’ ‘spring’ and ‘winter’
5. Show the pictures of the trees and ask pupils to guest the seasons.
6. Pupils write the name of the seasons under each tree at random.

1. Pupils listen to a pre-recorded audio on reciting the poem.

Main Activities 2. Read the lyrics of the poem stanzas by stanzas together.
3. Pupils take turn to read the stanzas of the poem with correct pronunciation, intonation and
4. Pupils take turn to circle the words that they do not know or understand in the poem that
shown on the screen.
8. Discuss the meaning of the new and difficult words from the poem. (10 words)
9. Distribute an envelope to the pupils in groups of three.
10. Pupils arrange the stanzas in the envelope and paste them on the manila cards.
11. Present their work and recite the poem.
12. Pupils write a word from the poem to the meanings given in the MS PowerPoint.
13. Discuss the answer.
14. Guess and write the word for all the pictures in the rebus writing activity shown on the
15. Discuss the answers based on the poem.
1. Pupils recite the poem together with good enunciation.
Plenary 2. Practice the poem in groups. (Boys and girls)
3. Do choral reading presentation.

1. Search for word pairs in the poem.

Homework 2. Memorize words for spelling –(10 words learnt)

Progress-Learning Objective Follow-up Lesson Improvement