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Class profile: 11 year-olds, A1

Teaching unit: Module 6: Expeditions, Apollo 13

Type of lesson: Presentation, practice

Sources: Challenges 1 – Students' Book; Workbook; Teacher's Handbook

Aims and objectives: Read about space missions and explorers; acquire new vocabulary; learn about expressing past events – past simple tense

Teaching methods: conversation, presentation, reading comprehension, writing, speaking

Class management: whole class, individual work, pair work

Teaching aids, materials
and equipment: students’ book, workbook, CD; board, chalk, CD-player

Aims and Class organization procedures and activities Interaction Teaching Possible problems
objectives aids and and solutions

Introduce the Homework check
topic, elicit ideas T – SS SB 10
and vocabulary, Get Ready: Introduce the module and the key words. Check that Ss understand the meaning of new CD min
arouse interest words in the Module objectives. CD player

Exercise 1: Ss check the meaning of the Key Words in the Picture Dictionary. Check the pronunciation SS – T
and spelling of any Key Words that are similar in English and in the Ss’ L1

Exercise 2: Ss read and listen about the Apollo 13 mission and match the descriptions with the T - SS
Main part

Provide key information. Check answers.

vocabulary and
target language Exercise 3: Ss say if they think 13 is an unlucky number. Ask Ss which numbers are lucky or unlucky T - SS
in context for them. S-S

Presenting Exercise 4: Ss complete the table. Give Ss time to look at it and complete it. Ask Ss to read the
grammar sentences. Write the past forms on the board.
T – SS
Practice target Exercise 5: Ss work individually. Check the exercise by asking individuals to write the past forms on the SS – T SB 25
language board. CD min
CD player
Exercise 6 and 7 are set for homework.
Present and Exercise 8: Ss work in pairs and write questions about the missions. Then they match the questions with T - SS
practice target the answers. Check Ss’ question forms before they match the questions and answers. Ask Ss to read SS – T
language questions and answers in pairs.

Ending the lesson:

Use target
language Exercise 9: Ss write one true and one false sentence for each of the given times. Check the form of the T-SS SB 10
sentences. Then Ss work in pairs and guess the true and the false sentence of their partners and correct SS-SS min
the false one.

Homework: Exercises 6 and 7