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NEWS FROM Broadus Wood


ROOM 10 Jan. 29th – Feb. 2nd

Mrs. Chidester’s Classroom Newsletter

What We Did, What’s Coming Up:
Language Arts:
This week in handwriting, we did the lowercase letters w and t. We read books about
groundhogs, both fiction and non-fiction and compared them. We read the book Lunch
by Denise Fleming. On paper plates, we drew our favorite lunch foods. After, we chose
one of those foods to write about with the prompt “I like ____.” In small reading groups, we
have been introduced to Eagle Eye. This is our first way of decoding unknown words while
reading. It reminds us to check the picture for clues.

Our new reading program has started. “Book bags” were sent home in red folders on
Monday. I encourage students to read at least 10 minutes every night. Substitute books
may be used but it is strongly encouraged that students use the books provided for at least
two or three of the nights. Please make sure books are being sent back in the baggies on
Friday – books cannot be exchanged until they have been returned.

This week in math workshop, we focused on finding different ways to make small amounts (5 to 10) with colored tiles. We
worked on story problems and how to visualize the story in our heads like a movie. We then acted out the story problem in
order to find the answer. Next week we will begin Number Talks. We will use ten frames, Rekenrecs, and/or colored tiles
during our talks about numbers. We will also celebrate the 100th day!

In our content block, we explored with light and shadows. We toured our classroom and the building to find different
sources of light. We created shadows using flashlights. We found out that if you move the source of light, the shadow will
also move. We learned a lot about groundhogs. We predicted whether we thought the groundhog would see its shadow
or not and then graphed it. Next week we will begin our properties of water unit. Essential skills for this unit are classifying
different phases of water (solid, liquid, gas), describing the natural flow of water, and predicting where a stream will flow.

Our Schedule Next Week: Important Information:

Monday 2/5
P.E. * tennis shoes needed & Mystery Reader: February
Harold Mears 2/5 – After School Clubs Begin
2/13 – PTO Meeting 7:00PM-8:30PM
Tuesday 2/6 2/14 – Valentine Exchange **More info. to come
P.E. *tennis shoes needed & Art 2/19 –School in Session **Inclement Weather Make-up Day
2/21 – Paramount Field Trip #2
Wednesday 2/7 2/23 – BWES Dance @ 6:30PM-8:00PM
2-26 to 3/2 – Book Fair **Family Night 3/1
P.E. * tennis shoes needed & Genius Hour

Thursday 2/8
3/9 – Mornings with Mrs. Morris 8:00AM-8:30AM
3/13 – PTO Meeting 7:00PM-8:30PM
3/18 – Bobcat Bowl **More info. to come
Friday 2/9 – 100th Day! 3/23 – Student Health Fair
P.E. * tennis shoes needed, Guidance, & Library 3/30 – Half Day for Students 7:45AM-11:30AM
3/30 – End of 3rd QTR