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Taganito HPAL Nickel Corporation Principal Office: Taganivo Special Economic Zone Bray. Taganito, Chver, Surigao del Norte 8410 ‘Tel No : +632 S48-7140 Fax No : +632 856-3930 VAT Reg TIN: 007-102-807-000 Manila Office: 24th Floor, NAC Tower, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, 1634 Philippines “Tel No: +632 S48-7110 Fax No: +632 856-3930 ‘000001064 VM JK Biers 111-14 Rizal St Ext, Cutout Angeles Cty, Philipines INPORTA Tse daier the Tams speed in aecondance Wi Te FORM 04-S-PR-00-000-002 Rev.02 Order No: LO2-45 7 Payment Terms: 30 Days after Receipt of Invoice Date Required: P.O. Issuance Date 16 Oct 2017 20 Oct 2017 Deliver At THPAL SITE Delivery Instructions: Mark Package For: TAGANITO HPAL NICKEL CORPORATION Taganito Special Economic Zone Brgy. Taganito, Claver, Surigao del Norte 8410 THPALNC Purchase Order# PACKAGE NUMBER XX OF NNN Name of Vender: instructions, terms and condtions set forth hein, Indicate n your delivery Page No. 1/1 document oar Purchase Order and Hern Number Submit (1) coy of delivery reccit when making deliveries, [ITEM CODE| DESCRIPTION AND SPECIFICATION, gry [unr] unit Price AMOUNT jobs to be done onstruction of 1 unit 10.0m x 20.0m 2.000] au 2, 780,000.00 2, 780,000.00 painting shelter charge Header Disc. (value) 200, 000.01 200,000.00, wen 1709-154 TOTAL PHP 2,580,000.04 ‘We acknowledge receipt of original copy of dis Purchase Onder and ghee Comply withall tems, condita and msaeions ‘Acknwwldgement = Vendor should sch back this PO with signature by fax Srymediately If there is no reply within tes (3) days after issuance of PO, al of th conditions are regarded tobe aceepted by Vendor completely Dalivay’ ~ Vendor should noi Purchaser diretly and immediate fate would not be met Vendor stall compensate THPAL fi fosss that ‘may ditetyor indirectly rest fom delay (see note on Tguidate Taganito HPAL Nickel Corp. vaced 2//of}4 KAZUYUKLSHIBASAK! Prchaser eserves the right o rejected tems that may be found ‘of defective ce aot confor 0 spesfeations sated inthis purchase Venuor sl reimburse THPAL forall prior payment and or cost involve In eturing such goods vo Vendor. Prepared by Invoices = Vendors ae requested fo send their invoices prompily, otherwise dey sn payinent shal net be the Purchaser responsi. Sesras = All information acknowledge through his PO sal be Kep secret and ‘onfideial by Vendor and shall nota al Ge during the tenn of this apreent lordhereafter be disclosed to thd pats fay tole ery pri’ Surapas 6 ‘Supplier: Date: Wrote: Please fax back Po after signing) This document is not valid for claiming input taxes.