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Competency Name: Internet of Things - Concepts

This competency indicates the level (breadth & depth) of knowledge and understanding of Internet of Things
Broad Definition: (IoT).
Criteria E0 E1 E2
I Criteria for defining proficiency vis-
à-vis knowledge & skills

1.Precondition Should be a graduate. Should satisfy all conditions of Should satisfy all conditions of the
[ Expressed as a prerequisite - in the previous level previous level
terms of academic qualification AND /
OR industry experience (whichever is
applicable) AND / OR relevant
knowledge in any other competency

2. Knowledge Has a basic understanding of: - Has an in-depth understanding - Has an in-depth understanding of at
[Expressed as Area of knowledge and - IoT and related terms such as of at least 3 IoT solutions/projects least 5 IoT solutions/projects
not skill, includes knowledge of M2M Communication, Industrial implemented by TCS implemented by TCS
process, methodologies, concepts and Internet, Sensors, Devices etc. - Has a good understanding of at - Has a good understanding of at least
tools.] - challenges related to IoT least 2 IoT platforms and their 3 IoT platforms and their comparison
implementation and how IoT comparison - Has a good understanding of at least
platforms help in addressing some - Has a good understanding of at 2 major hardware/chipset/network
of them least 1 major vendors and their products in the IoT
- the various layers in the IoT hardware/chipset/network space
ecosystem vendors and their products in the
- TCS work in the area of IoT IoT space

3. Experience
[Expressed as duration in months /
years wrt exposure, including breadth
& the depth of assignments; also
beyond project experience]

TCS Confidential
3.1 Type of project experience NA 6 months experience working in 12 months experience working in any
[Includes 'type' in the form of any IoT related area or function IoT related area or function (Sales, Pre-
implementation, end-to-end project, (Sales, Pre-sales, Delivery, sales, Delivery, Research, Engineering,
support, roll outs, upgrades, Research, Engineering, Alliances, Evangelization etc.)
professional services, consulting Alliances, Evangelization etc.)
engagements AND / OR the Number of
projects AND / OR Time spent on the
project ( for e.g.., 3 consulting projects
of minimum 6 months duration ; 1 roll
out project of at least 18 months]

3.2 Beyond project development NA NA NA

experience [Includes
[1) Solutioning of proposals
2) Reviews done
3) No. of contributions made to
trainings/training material]
4. Asset Creation
[Expressed as any reusable and
deployable assets created in the
knowledge management system of the

4.1 Process frameworks defined NA NA NA

[Articulated as the process
improvement designed OR a new
process framework designed]

TCS Confidential
4.2 Tool creation NA NA NA
[Expressed as a system or function
tool designed OR created towards
improving business delivery / learning]

4.3 Reusable & deployable assets NA NA Should have created 2 reusable

created assets.
[Expressed as reusable and
deployable assets created (like those
in Mighty & Knowmax]

No. of training material created NA NA Should have created 2 training
[Expressed as the number of relevant materials in any area related to IoT
training material created towards
development of a particular body of
knowledge or skill]

5. Industry contribution
[Expressed as the contributions made
to the industry. This criteria should be
measured by mechanisms for e.g.:

5.1 Recognized by Peers NA NA NA

[Expressed as the recognition given by
the peer community and should be
measured by appropriate mechanism
such as TCS GEMS]

TCS Confidential
Recognized by a Parent Body N/A N/A N/A
[Expressed as the contribution
recognized by a renowned and
recognized parent body]

Invited as Speakers N/A N/A N/A
[Expressed as recognition from an
external body when it extends an
invitation to the speaker to address a
recognized forum]

II Assessment / Evaluation
Methodology vis-à-vis Proficiency
1. Certification Should have successfully done Should have successfully done Should have successfully done
[Expressed as achievement of external Trainings/Assessment/Certification Trainings/Assessment/Certificatio Trainings/Assessment/Certification as
programs - certifying a part of the as defined in the Learning Objects n as defined in the Learning defined in the Learning Objects against
proficiency level, Achievement of against E0. Objects against E1. E2.
internal programs - internal trainings

2. Evaluation Test Should have completed the Should have completed the Should have completed the following
[Expressed as a certification the following: following
individual has to achieve towards the Self assessment
said proficiency level. (for eg.,Type of Self assessment and Self assessment Learning object and
tests for each proficiency should be Learning object. Learning object Supervisor Assessment
defined-like for E0 level it will be only
self assessment, for E1 it should be
panel review etc)]

TCS Confidential
Version History
Project Details:
Unit: CTO-Incubation
Parent Project :Corporate Technology Organization (CTO)
Project Owner/GL: Vidyut Navelkar(102359)

Amendment History:
Version Defined By - Role & Group Approved By - Role & Group Facilitated by
Vidyut Navelkar Prateep Misra, Engineering Sulabha Manjrekar(384715),
(102359) Head, CTO-Incubation Learning & Development,
11th June 2015

TCS Confidential