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—_ COUNTERPOINT The Pi Style he Sixt The Polyphonic Npeall Style of the Oe wit ill | Sixteenth Century I COUNTERPOINT ‘THE POLYPHONIC VOCAL STYLE OP THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY KNUD JEPPESEN, Translated by Glen Haydon With a new foreword by Alfred Mann DOVER PUBLICATIONS, INC NEW YORK arate. MESORY OF (Cant Nisises "ST NE a Ann ert ire Cn, 1s wd Fang Cn a Lvl Eo MU hse li ew jd in 94m manele ee ly We en each eed me eof Cs Cag ai, a ‘Kemet Titman soews y Altel Nonn Tandon o Kane see Kapton FOREWORD CRN tet oF Koppert sued ini xg Danish edition in 183), suggests t once in is tese formulation the ‘unusual quality ofthis work. Ieisa quality one eterpted weer wih ‘word that, well wm today sems nevertcks partir pti this ene autheaticty Jeppesens Catton staal apa fom oes manuals of the kind because the author considers it subjects adda phenomenon it ‘eat. He reviews its history in an opening chapter and aun this hack {round he singles ou the ye of Paestrina aa pedal basi Bt he does ‘his with an authority unmatched by any ofthe ators who had taken simile approach, because his textbook wit precede by crcl vestigation ofthis style,» major scholarly achievement which was bled under the tile The Spe of Racine andthe Disonance frigial Danish edition 1923, Enalih edition 927. This menograph n urn was flloed ly mare de tile sts, sach as his sy dealing with special spect of the Cornel berween mekilic and rhythmic accents as an iiomati etre in Pessina ‘sic ad is reflection sm contrapuntal theory! ‘The study of counterpoint had exe for shut thousand yearn ag, 235 Jepesen explains the term isl wae not we inte eat conte wets, It emerge about 140, ad it fscnaing to see the werk of Johannes Tinton “the ist great thors the meen sense” 8 aise Feppese’s aesount agains 2 background ichly prepared Iti important, weer to realize thatthe wer “heii ishere ot sedi the modern Sense because unlike tee tery conftest eater uthes theoreti tal works were composers thee own right. feppese's Outline History af Contrapunal Theory" isespecall valuable because iiks—bath in ise, ‘Wecing on in tha ofthe theists he quotesthe nates ofthe great maser fom Duty to Buch othe theoreti tran oftheir especie cas. Ln ha survey he arcvesat the signin point wher contrapuntal ery ss" the sn fit oe a ga