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The Home Workshop


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The Home Worksho,p'

SHOP SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY U~jng hcnd or pc>w~r reels k'l1pro~ ..... ,ly ~Q~ I~" 'I if I

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The Home Workshop

By the editors of Wooasmith magazine

The Home Workshop



Cabin~t' and B~nch

Fold-Down \Vork Center









ROU1~' Table


foJJ·,,,,, ""''''' c><~"d <h"''''Ji~I,,,>sul )"'" "'"." ",w. ~nd ~ """iXo.;k .III'~.' y ... " ,IR' ""ubi" uf m='ring,"~1 '"'0''''''11 Ih< ""'''/.'1<''''


P~~b(mrd System

T/'j"IIm"',""'kL<""'''aJ.!:<aco'"pkt<'''''''l. ... 'Y'' •• ". 1",~"/i"l:""'Y"c,,,,,,, ",b,-J,anJ/nuoood. Th....-'·'G1"'anOl/l'l(>Ilf"rudJ,n~",h""'goot/>hin

Finishing Cabinet


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T be cornerstone of most home shops i:i a functional, convenient workbench. BIII:_ the size and stvle can Vl_WY grc:mly. depending on space requirements and function a l nccds. So we give vou »prion-, beginning with a simple cabincr and bench rep design [h:)[ can be dmll"1ged in l1lWW diffcrcnr coml-inarions.

t«:xt is J spncc-snving fold-dew» version. Complete wirh its own lighr source .nul extra ~tumgt', LL would be an ideal choice for a small sl-op

If ':'()11 would Ilrt:.fer H classic European. design, you c()I1.:;LdeL" the massive yet affordable maple

Built to last, it features 8. rradlcloual Jog system for eastlv clamping large workpieces. And fuullv, a versatile cabinet Gill be built to add storage and srabilltv to [he maple workbench, or tounv other open-based bench ..

Cabinets and Bench

Shop Tip; Drawer ltaiis uml Filler Strips.


Joinery: Drawer joint Options •.................... I)

Shop 'lip; Making Your-Own Drawer Pulls 14

Shop 'lip: Using Brackets •........................ 16

. ))e~ignLT\ Ncrcbock: Work Center or Benchtop T (')0\

CabiIl~t ......•......•.•....

. .. 17

Fold-Down Work Center

Shop Tip: U~iu~ a Story Slick.


Maple Workbencb

Sbou Tip: Cutti 11g a shih to Lcngth . Shop Tq» Wooden ntt<~iI ••••••••••

.... H

Shop Til': Preventing Vise Rack .. , ..•. De'5i~ner'~ Noteb,lO\c Easv-To-Huild Workbench Top. 42

Workbench Cabinet


Shop Tip: Clamping Blocks .•.•..

................ . 48

Designee's Notebook: Sltdlog Doors rlild Shfelv~~ 49

Cabinets and Bench

You can customize these simple, inexpensive cabinets with endless combinations of drs wen and doors. Then join two or more together with a bench top designed for your specific needs.

orb:lwp:-:; IH~Vt'I' "",em h~ have enonab space VI work surtaccs. solved both

problems with j_]w,:.:~· versatile cabinets

The 11(-'1'/ cabinets hud 10 meetthree requirements. first, they had to be simple 10 huiltl. Second, they f'.IIOLIld be ffLidy ifLe;(pcJll~ivt'. And third. it should be NI;;Y W customize the cabinets to tit different meeds, By conflguriug the drawers ano doors dufcrentlv, each cab inet tahea nn a 'JI1iquC' look antl purpose

"J1Il'; optinns nre m::mly endless, hLI1 we nre showing a few rlifferent wavsto configure the! caburcrshr the Dcslgccr's Notebook 01'1 Ilf.Lg(~ 17.

ThE'll"kilit'slparL Ilc .. t;lgTling

these "cuetorn-built" was

coming up with ashnplcwayto vary the p[;It:l-:IIIt'HL 01' III" tlruwei-s alld tlocrts Instead routing individual mcruses for drawer fails, I cut grooves along the Inml:.::1jk!> that the rails-are set in. Then the gTn(J~'e:,; su-e filled illmve and IJelow the rails with filler strips (sec Shop Tip ou paac n).

JmNE.RY. Th<2 basic cabinet is built IBing ,I (r(U1!t" ~Lnd ~:iI1e1 technique. .'\ wood rrame isicined together lind holds a hnrdboard panel. T11(" rrnmee are louted with a stub tenon and gTtH1Vt='--3 ~il1ll-L1c~joillll(J mak e. and Ollot IJIlII\ tfl:-ly

10 ,:-~I II)) C)11 ~J tll;.1e "';<IW .t'(lr Imd.;:iHf; mulripleicints

rOI' the drawers, I used shuplc nallcd 1m!! jOlill_", ;I' Llll" Frtnus awl clatloes Jot rue bucks, But there <Ire a number of iomts you could usc, 015 explained in the JOllier}, secticu OH p3,c;(~ I:{

MATERIA.LS_ To 11(!t:IJ the co~l clown the frames, mils, and drawer parts are 3II<1{Ic.I:J"Ort1 :~/~" pine, and the panels and drawer bcnoms lrnm 1/,,11 hardboard.

~I"C) bl-iclge <1CI-OS~ ,.1 couple of Ihe cabiners, I built H benchtop from plywood and hardboard. edged with pine.

FINISH. fin",!!)" J applied two coats of tung-ni I finish Iu the Cllbill(~t~ ami ~O])





[MIILLD~OR 1>:6(1-01~;;1-l:)-3Ei 11~) LARliE QOOR: he; 1% ~ ~!~) -41;! U ~(J, ftj

I L ~ I ~ ~


rPf'iJ~:2{M"'~:2K('Y"\:~31-l:)-~& (27~



.".~ CIne d'''''';~' r~,1 ~I<;' ,jr~"_'''~{


A ~nl",s (4', % :d1j~- 3~~lh

"'",i], (",~, .8fll" ~ ~ 'I~ - 1 S

r-. BtmCr. il.adm %~3- 15- F;, rop Cr. Rai {I) ¥1 x I 'Id - I ~

p~".,b ,J} I;., I,?jbr:l_ - 1:,)~ 28

CI'i!~t;,{2' %:-: ~.~ 20

ncrrcm;1': '/~ l"::Jbd -' LV:, ~'2C',/;!

Fi II~ r Str ps II; , 1,11 - UJ I ~C) r r~


I F(ur11 (I;' :1,1, » 41/, 15

J Stees 1:2; 3/, ",31{1 -l(lJ!~

II: 3Kt(i~ V,>:::l'/~· n'l,

L ~"llmll(1) V4hrJ:xl.-12'ilXJ91/'1


M Fro-ntiJ"' Y,-x3%-15

N :,'c:lE;,(~~, ~~1'6-:c(A';.:

o ~~d (1;' :Y~x8 121/,

P [JottOIT (1) 11" hdbd. -121~x 11.)/~


Q ~,ljJLn.,r:io' :y~ x 2.'t~- 20

tI Dra'WN r\CiiIH 'l'd'~"'~ - 15

5 pi.Jlls '\'_1 ~ I -4


T L9DQo:::rS~iles{2) li~~f_'h ;:rj:.j'~ U Lg,OQurRails(2) lJ.~Zh-l01f2

V Lq DCvrPanE,ln) '1'lh":::1)(1"-lCV~x2l"'d 5r,qAU_ DOOR (\~"I'II()N"(;', ~I,~ 1'.:l.~",E 12)

IN S~iil<S{2j )I.~ll/~, "7%

X RJlls(2': ~IJ~2Vl-"J'h

Y Pwel,:1) -i.,hc,jvd,-Il)I,;nl;;"/;


z 5tl'~t(h"r~(21 :Y~);31!r3O)

AAEndr\1ernb~rs(2} l'h~:3~/2-1':Wi BENCH TOP ~ASI"lhiC:::KONM':";=3j

Il:B :::0fCl (2j 3,0~ ply - 22'hx 76'/,

CC CD\l~r('} '/~1?vd - ~~'hi\7fi"',

DD~lkdGdg'n':J(~) -'I.;); 1),,-12'/,

EE hUBk Ec:Jgili[J I:L) % ~ Pt" - 78



I starred building tile cabinet by making two sloe frames. Then 1 r-nnnecred them wtthcross ralls OInd n back panel (FiU. i).

Each side il"<IIlIt! i~ ma{lt: (rom two stile-s (vertical pJcCI2!'1), two rnils (bori. zontal pieces). and a panel. Holding these frames t.f.l,l{~t.ller isa groove on the inside edge or the stiles and rails. TIl;S groove holds Ihe panel in place and forms a "1110rti5e~ for the tenons ou the ends of the reila (refer to Fig. m.

Since the groove is rile 5<1111(" size 011 aJl(J[lht:piC"'I:(-,~ (III" wide and 5/Hil deep), I cut the ;.;tiles end rails to their finished di!!lCn:-;ioll";<l. Then I cat the grooves

S.TU .. H AND RAilS. First. using 3N'thick stock. cllj four stiles (A) to 1111-

is~r~il width ,i11C1 lengrll 1). 11~{ClI

cut six ruib, (B) 1"0 slzc. 01" LhO'!'.t;!

rails are usee .IS cross l'ails for the back.

GROOVES FOR PANE.LS. The next step is to nit the groove it .. ra panel on the iuside edge of cacb "lile {A) and rail (B). These grOO\'CS ru-e centered on Ihe thickness of these pieces (Fig .. fa).

GROOVE FACE OF STILE.. Alter grooves for the panel are lout 00 Ihe edge" of-the sriles aud 1"aiI5. another g-l"C)OVl:! is cut on the race of each ,/Ul(l .: l'hese grooves are used to loln the siile: lnunes with the ~mS8 raiis (Fiy.l). (111(110 botdand poslMOll the drawer ralls (:-It!~" Shop T~p on page n.) Each groove is located ]/:1" from tJ1C cd~r: orlbt! stiles (F'

8ACK BOTTOM CROS!) RAIL. Now one of the rails (B) al~ll needs a groove (III the inside face fFigS. it. u1ici J). This rail will be llst'd as the back bottom cross rail and the groove will hold 1.111; back I~dge Of1.l1t! bottom panel ill pllll"l-'

FRONT CR.OSS RAll5. To hold the front of the buttom panel, make a fruut

bouoru '.:m~~ rail {C) (Fig ... :.J. This rail is IIIH ::;aTTlf' It'ngth ns the oilier rails 05"). but. il'::; only 3!1 wide and il has a ledge for the bonorn panel to sit on. T(, form I.IH" ledge. cut a rabbet on the lop edge orthe ruil (Vfg.1C)

There's one more rail to cut - l}1l~ (rmll. lo]) cross rail (D). 1'11i~ rail is nurrowerthan the (llhen. (l~%rl wide), hilt il."!!ilhe same length (15") (I-"'I:[I. illi.

TE.NONS. Now tenons. neecl to be cut nn the ends of all the rail pieces, Allthe tenons are the sante size and arr- 1,.'\11'10 I1t the grooves in the stiles, Center ,)11 of IJ-Il': tenons on the l11it:ki,(~,,;; of ench piece (Fi~·. J).

PANELS. 111(' next sre» L"S to determine the size of the panels {TI:; (/·'ir/. /) To do Ihis. dryasserublc Oll€: ofthe slde frames from Iwo stiles (A) and two rails tB), and then measure the opeuin).!. To allow fur the xrnovce, add '//' 10 the width nncl height. Then cut three pnnels to these dilIIC1l:->;101l'; (Fi:). .1). {One' panel is [or the back.)

ASSEMBLY. AI"t.oI:'r lite panels are cut to flnlshcd size, assembly can begin. First glue and clamp 11"1 .. two side frames (Fig. 1). Then ailel the cross rails and tbc back ]I~I1J!>1. IYwkillg sure- to check that the case is squure before glui Il~ them to HIe ~i41~ I"nllllE:':-.


~~::)J/'___ :,

Ffi:O~Il' 'ilOTTOM I


~ .


After the gl~.le on tbe dry, YU!1 cun h~giTl houom panel ((;)

I cut I.hi~ pnnel h-um %1I-1.i1ici;. bardIJO<)I"(I_ Tok,eecp it h-om ~aggbllg under the weight of hell")' reels, I mhloP.d auupert cleats under it (Fi.fJ- ;;)

CLE.ATS. Cui two clears (.F) from ~i:J"thick stock to fit between rhe front errd back cross ralls. Then SCJC\,,"' the cleats to the sick frames of the cabinet. 11H:Y should be flush with the bottom nf the rabbet LJl rhc front cross rail. and Jlnsh with the bottom of the groove in the backcross rall (Fir. 5{(,).

PANEL. Once the clears HL-C screwed on, the- bottom panel (G) can be cui 1'0 size and glued in place (Pig, 5f~).

~lP 'D1J[p ... , .... , , , .. , , .. Drawer Rails and Fjller Strips

when ouilc'ing a cabnet, retls are,jlled across the r rent 1'0 hold the- sloes

rails in ilgmove, Then to

create a "mortise. the qrcoves above below the rail with tillf,;'. st-ips. This 1NaythE hf'ight otthe 01J'2°~illg i~ determined bv the lenqth of th", slrips(l-ig. i).

After macinq the drawer rails (R; LInd cuttinq tenons on then Ends (Fig. .zsjthe filler strips ::H) are cut to

fit the groeNes III the slde c- the cabinet (Ftg. 2).

l founti it easiest to cut

lenqth to match the desired op-:orung height, r..Ja:e: I used tlJ'JO different



The lippccl-frunt drawers <;]-1<)\,:11 here nre simply ,glueD and lHJ.ih-:d together. For other juincry opuons. ".ee p<Jg-e 1~1.

~RONT5, To mak« IJlCc Ilmwel-~, start by measuring the drawer openings. 111Cl1, [0 allow fM1.II~: lin. cui the drawer tmnb n or M) l/:{ longer and wider lbi'lll],h<:!!'t: dimensions (Pig_ r;)

Thl:' next step is to cut a Jii/'-dt'<-p rubber around tlroiusitle (,It;t' to create rt lip. However. UIC width of this rabbet varies. On the lOJI lind IlOilO!)) of the drawer rrcru. on '-1 :!/a"·wide rabbet (refer to Fl.!!_ ;~). I lu I (In I.he ends of the rlrnwcr I'ru-~lt. the rabbets arc wider (l WI) to nilow «.w the thickness of the sldc cieces umlthe drawer runners.

Ollce tht' drawer fronts are rub- 1~\~[l::IJ, reml ~l small chamfer amund: he entente lace of each one

5IDES, After maldl1g rhe

drawer sides (l IIr N) cun be I,;UI IO size, The lcnmh 01' the sides is 20::'/~", But the width of the sides is 11w same <1<; HH' ahoulrler-to-ahonldet dimcnslon (/11 tlle dnl·"'C';rl'r()l1t(P·i,r;.fi),

To provide a channel rUT the run nurs, cut H l/il-wic1c zrcove III ljte .. outt'lilif' i':Wf' or each drawer sloe r Vi.:). 'l}

DRAWER SACK. After cutLing the grooves. cut IN -dccu dadoes 011 !I'll; fn~idef<lce:ofall the drawer sides Ior the ~/I"-rhkl\ back {Vir!. l!r~j, 'IlH~ width or the small drawer b,n'k 00 and rho large drawer back (0) 1:-; the same width ,I~ the 8ldf'b; (Fig, (j), To de-tennille rhe !(:llj:!;Lh nf the drawer backs [[[ .. asllr!;, \ he width of rhe Inside 01" the drawer face- Irurn rabbeted shoulder 10 r<lbheL'eej shoulder. The», LI.' 'jllll·~.' for the dadoes, adrl I/~" to 11-,i15 dimensiou nud rut the drawer backs II~rl~~lh.

BOTTOM GftOOIJE, '11:':;-;1, cut deep zroovc ln each drawer piece


1/'1" bottom (]r";y. o). On the drawcrfrom the groove is located 1/,1" from the shoulder (j,fthe rabbet (Fig, 7),

CUT THE i:!OTTOM, To determine lin; >iiz!': of the bottom (L or P), assemble the drawers und measure the distance between Iht-' gt·()(}v;:;;._ Now cut :/.t"-(hkk hardboard to these dimensions, 1l1CIl gill!:! and clamp the drawer pieces tozetber. Fur exira strenatb, 1 nailed the .... ide,; 10 the front (Piy, O,'!/.

RUNNEFlS, Now work can begil] 011 the drawer 1·IJill).f;l'':;, Each runner ('I) i~ cut from ~J piece or :VI"·thick stock II) ,I width nt'2'/~" nnd alengtb 0(20·' ("'i[J~, ,,'

U'!lf. ~)}_ Theil cut it roan "Lshapc' by .,:,11- ting a 5hi{ x l'i/.~II rabbet on one edne.

AIrA,(H THE RUNNERS. Next, runners are mounred I.n thr inslJe otthe cabinet To do this, drill LwO cuunrersunk slmnk

holes in c.u-h runner S), Then

position 011; runner sn lop or

rhe drawer 1":lil (1f:;" from the frout) uml parallel with 111(" lop edge of the cabinet

With the runner ill ooaitiou. marl; pilot holes Gil lite soles. Tlu-n rh-ill tllid screw the runner In place O,'·,'r/. [I; Fiuallv, I screwed fOllIldfl,:"lIl screws L1!('O the back CJl(]5; 'JL 'iO,lch rhnwer side to aetas adjustable slop~ (Vig. (j((.),

DC§1J[JZ][3[;l):7 .. , , , , ... Drawer Joint Options

bcncver 1'.'<: build a project. th~l lUIS several drawers (like the shop cablnersj. we spend a greardeal Qf lime- discuselrm how 10 build them Most of the dcclslons Involve 1WO main points - the style of {]nw.cI'G"011L, and the loinerv used lO assemble the drawer,

LIPPED FRONTS. In the case tlr the>!!:' cabinets. I decided 10 U~.I.\ 1ipprli lmnt 011 thee drawers. The most important factor here is covering the gap ueuded for the drawer rLIILJ,lf'l"S.

To allow for the ruc1J1E'rS (or metal slides), [he rlrawcre require ;k' cl~0I1·nnce on each slde. I used the lip 10 cover this clearance.

This could alec be accomplished by

H'5LIJg a false. lront. But that fl,;;,quit€":'l more material because you're actually making two drawerfronts

JOINERY. TIle next step ls to determine what kind of joinery to use to assemble LIIC drawer. I consider 1111"l~e factors for the [oincrv: :<U-I::r1)(lh. the lime andtools required to build it, anrl the appearance nf the joiut.

STRENGTH, It's 11.01 just a urauer or making the jolru strong I::J1DLL~h to hold together. The keJ .. factor is that L~H~ joint he 5irollg enough 1"0 v>'ilh:.>lan(] the weiglll: khat's III the drawer, especially ir it's jerke(l open Of slammed shut. tbc mORI critical radar for the drawers on these cabtners because of

the t~t~tIVY tools that will be in Iht;:J11.

S.flECIAL TOOLS, All lh .. j[Ji11lb; i)f)lo-w are strong enough, bnl [JU!y var-y ill the lime arul [Jj{'JI~ requll"l·d to 1)J)ild them

The mji I(!~I IJiLl! nno Im;IH·d ruhbet joints can b" cui ~~I:,ily C)ll ,I 1,1l)le S(lW, BL1L the :,;]iding dovetail requires a dGve[ail h,it nnd router table. .Ami. of course half-blind dnvetnils rrquire n s(Wd~ljig.

AP""ARANn_ Fin;~lIy. how i'11lpon;-.,,[ is the appearance or [he joint? On the ~lloP c~~lil1"[~, appearance i<: not 0;1"l1- ical. uI11t!:;;~ you want to shcw rhern off.

S(J what's the IlnHI dtci"ion? I decided II) use the uniled bu tt jouu IWl"<Iou"R it's th .. easieet. Btl!. here are <Ill (OLlropi.iI)r1::>.

t •• 11 ... " 81.0 ,,,.-

Or all rbc ioill;~ S]lOlVlI, OlC nailed hultjoiur is jjm simplesr tc Ther-e an;! <I t;1)L1ple of thing:-: Ilike abcunhisjolnt. First. lt Pl"Omake. requlrlng no speclallaed tools. It shocld be glw:xl 1.6 virles a certain amount of inrerlceking strength. Second. it he-lp IJITVCJ][ racking, but it getsvirtunllv all Ll8 srrerurth from rl(1~;O_111 require any ""peti:'ll loots; other than a table saw. The the nails driven through the sides and into the dra .... er front. rbuwlmck [0 [hili joint is f he- glue sur race - YOU'I-I;" g!lling

To keep these nails [rom workiJlR out. countersink the .. heatla mostly to PllLI gnllH



All that's needed to make [his joint is J router tahle and ;9 dovetail bit. The pieces imerlock an{] II~lY~ g-ood g-lu" surraces. However, i1 be difficult 10 gel the 1J1~L:e,,; to fit together well. And if the dovctatlco tladu \/il the rlrawer frnut is too close to the edze. UU' edge may break ore

·nle huff-blind dovetalliolnt stands our as one of tiles Leong est and moal decerarivecr all drawerjolnts.Thc plns and taflsuct C)111~' luck IQgel:her. thf-y provide an excellent glue surface. The only p-roblem is that-you need 11 speclallla and a router, 01· you have to em them byhand



(Fig.l0_), Now, cut two 2lN'-widc stiles (T orlV) to tl1i~ rneasnresucut.

FlA~LS. A'kr cuU.lng the stiles I~) length, the next step is III rnnke tne roils (U or X), To determine: the length of these 21/2"- wide rails, take the width 01 tbe door (15") am] subtract the wklrh or both etues (5'~. To allow ror tenons on rbe ends oftherails. add W' (J.-if,'.lU)

CUT THE GROOVE. Once rhe rails ,ll-e CUI. ro length. cut n groc v e on the inside eclge of each stile ,1Il{1 rail. This grnuve

is centered Oil the thickness of .. ~a,-=h piec.e ;ulIl cut. 1(1 m.uch the lhic~km-:~o; of

the IX11lei 110..). Next. tenons are

cut 011 the of the ralls to fit the

grooves ill the snles (Pit). J1).

PANEL., With the tenon", complete,

the panel can be CLI( lu size. To

do this. the door frame:

and measure coentna. Adrl INI to

the length find width (f,'i(j,-W), lind cut» IN' hardboard pane! IQ thai size. Then glue up the pieces [0 make the door

H you doo'tueed rlrawer ~IJaLf'-, you Gill e~~$il)' a(ld a door as the front. panel. Top. cabinets I bpi!1: ,1;5e two door sizes. The finished width of each door is the same as the drawer fronts (15";, But the height of the !iDOl"';. \'ii~l dept:lIIl on ~he size or the cpening

5TI!.E5, To determine the Hciahcd height of the doors, adtl III (ror lite lip':<l) In the' heigh I of the dow- opening



P:.JE~ ~rU.7~'~r~l~r,p.1J

glGti@tP 110[2 Making Your Own Drawer Pulls

NQ~'" 11;:0 pulls can be cut to length (4").

NE'xt, I wanted 10 rout Cl

openinq in the fence, I clamped on ':HIO:l'.J,-,.ili.ary harobosrd fence wilil a notchcutin it thatwas

arqer them the bit 11I',ed a backer


DOORL.IP.To form th ... doorlip, rout.a 313'· X ~/S" .. abbot around l[l€: inside Ince (Fig. 1:2). Then rout a chamfer ar-ound the outside JaC<2 (F'iy.



electriclry t-o the workbench by lnstalllnz an outlet box into rbe front stretcher (see photo Oil page 8).

'The stretchers are joined [0 the "lid members with a rabbet and dado joint (Pig. 15n)_ Whe» Luuing lllif'. joint, T pcsltloned OlE: dado so ti-Le end inemher would be set in VIL,i! (rom the eurls ofthe su-etchcrs.This allows the frame to pull light ansinat lh ... caliinet (Viy_ lD,(L)

:END MEMBERS, After {:ullill){ dadoes in the stretchers, cut the .. lid rnemhen-s (iI,A) 18lh" lon~, Then rabbet the t':mb to form 3 tonsue that will (IL ill the dadoes (F-ig.15c.:.), Finally, g-11l<2: and »ail the frame tcncthcr.

ATTACH THE FRAME. To attach the

After a couule of IhE! cabi-

nets, [0 add ;:I lOp to make a

workbench. There are u vuriely u! WfJ}':-l In arrrlHge thE; c;lbin!;"i~ and add a tup O\"i) different uptiems sn-e "hOWIi in the n(~"'igllf'r'O': Notebook Ollp<.~ge)7,)

SUPPORT FRA.ME.lfYUll planto mount a top over tWI) I;abinet;; with an open ~-rlfiu'! between them (m; shown in the uhcto OTl ]lag.; H), }'01i'11 want 'to') add ,I support. h-nme between the cabinets (fo'iy. I5)_ -ro tlo lhix, I IJ:-:eIIIW(_I J/\". thick stretchers (£) that iii between the cabinets. and 1.WI) .lIA'i·lh~ck end memo IX~r~ (A'\.) L(H:OlUlt~(:L the :-lITt:ldwr.:-l.

STIHTCHI::R5 mal~t' the lrnrne.

determine how rnuch spuce yon W<JLlt belw-E;t;>11 111-1; cabinets. {l have <1 30" op(:'[1i[11:':,) Then -eIJ t twn stretchers (Z) ro t'hi", length (Pf:;/-1S)

Note: For convenience. T <Hided

!1I~t with :,/~' I'lingf';;

POSiliU-H euch -] ':/611

sbnuhler-s Oil the top and bottom erlges of the door. Then, dril1 pilot hole,; end screw the hiJl[-:'l~S 10 the tlnor (F-I!J-l:tj

Now', ccruer LILe \1(J-(!l- in the uJ)(:,IJin£ and mark the hirure hole joc.uiuns (_IB the Insldeof'uie cabinel .. '111f-(] drill pilul holes and screw the hillgu\w the cabinej

PUL.L.S. ,'kill, I made wood pulls (S) Ior the rlrawei-s autl door,.; (see Sholl Tip on opposite (la~;-p.), Em~h pull is centered 011 tile-width ;md lfng-Ul ortbenoor stile (V;fj'. n) DI- rlruwer front.

DOOR CATCH. To the door

cI(J~~Li. mount a inside the

cabinet. behind Lhe pull (f'~-!!. 14)


TO:_:P _

Aner thl" suppur r frame is anacbcd between Ihe cabinets. all that's left to hulld is l11e lop. I built the lop fromtwo %" plywood cores (BB) (y011 could use uurtlclebcard). and a covel' (eel of 1;:1" hordboard (Fig. J(i). Ulcn I trirnmml tile assembly with cdg'iHg" (UII, 1':1') made omQf3J:t"-thkk pin,-: (t'i,fJ. !,~').

BUIL.DING UP THE TOP. II' you're bulldlng a small top for-one cnburet (see page 17), the layer-s call ;;imply he glued and screwed 1,I)gt:UH~r, uml the edges trimmed to !$i~ s- on " table saw, But if

make a largt:r top like tile one in HI, il 1n<1Y "be too heavy and awkIn be managed on the table saw

There is a simpler method (or ~el" Ling lilt: edzesct all thrccpieces nhgner! nuah. First, nil' the bOILOl1I fli~c(~ or IJI~'" wood 10 fUJaI size. :\Il:XL, cut If'! .. uther I ... vo pieces oversize and glue ami screw them onto the bottom piece. ·nH'11 trim the edges of all threeuieces Ilnsh, using a routcr whh a Ilush trim bit (riy, l'7l1;.



Note: I added ,I vise to the front of the bench (see- "hula on page 8). To do this, cut a n()tc::h deep enough so the wooden buck fll<'e crthcvisc will end up flush with the front of the edging. (1'11(: eclging Vr111 then be cui to fil arnuiul aud 1~IIU 'lg.EliJ.l~r tile vlse.) Add n filler piece below 10 rnakc it flush wi.1J1 Lllf~ 10p

TRIM. To complete the- lop, r-ut the "'Ill-thick I.liuC'pdJ.,rinR (1m, EE) to width 10 match 1.1](> ~oll;hi~t:d thickness of the three lop l'it'C't-":', :lnd glue and nail the Cd':"rlllg \0 the glued-up top (Fig. ISa). Then r-out n IN' chamfer on each Dr the corner-s. and 1110112: the tOI) find bottom ~)rl·h .. edging' (Fi.q.1ScU. •

~ 'iJlJ[p Using Brackets

I. screwed the bCf'(:h top do .... sn ,,,·,ii~h low I. -sbaped brackets But ! d UI1't mount the crackers tcrsh with the top of the-cabinet

lnsteac 1 mounted them just (J srnocecn Iebcut h-;") below the lOP edge. ThiS ~'iCly, when I tightened the screw nto the top it pulled the benell

top down rtgln against the

s de of u-e cabmet

Whether you need extra storage space Dr a single-too! station, this versatile case design can be combined into many possibilities.


The tnillg- r like mcre than anvrbtog else about these ehcp cabinets j!, the fact that they all start out the same - a basic, easy-to-build case as shown in the drawing alright.

T-~llt from this basic« design, you can come up 1,.11;111 a munher of posslble variations ami combinations. lr's simple 10 change the number - at) well <IS the size - of both the drawers and the doors to fit yOU1' own shop's individual storage needs

And. once one cabinet is built. YOLl call complete it wilt! a smaller top tllut will hold a !iingle benchtop tool such aa a scroll saw (below right). This is an ideal desif,.'Tl for S111(111 shops

H ynu build :1 couple of cabinets ~lJ),1 add a ten, LhI:!J' can he combined inl:{) a workbench with an open area underneath (as shown in the photo 011 page 8), or four or them can be fastened togetllt2!l- in a square shape to become» wcrh t .. nter (betow lert).



au.AD usm 461h K 46':'" (CO~ 43:<.48 (WiII·l EDGIl-lG}

SINGLE lJNlT: 22,1/2 x IB'12 (COR(~) 2.t1.x20(WI~nEOG;.NG}


Fold ... Down WorkCenter

This space-sa ving work center offers both storage and security, plus its own light source. And the fold-down bench provides a large work surface when you need it

Jus compact storuge case and wnrkbench was designed to fold duwn in 11 garage, but it would

work just as 'veil in a basement workshop or utility mom.

TIlt: beaut}' I.rlhispmjf;di:s ita versatility. n's perfect jor the craftsperson or mudel-ruuker in your family. It also makes a great j.Xmim;:: bench 1M;} garocncr. OJ it can be -St;'1 1lp in yow' shop

for wood carving or as a sanding' or fillIshtng stanon.

FOLD-DOWN_ --1'0 I;tke lip minimal :'llm;t-' wherever it'~ used. the work center mounts up out of tile way on the wall (sec photo on opposite pag:l"). \Vht'll it's time ro work, [he Irunt fc,lds II0Wli I,u create alarge. sl~lbl~workbl;'n;;h.

STORA.GE.. To keep ynur tools right at band, there arc a palr otrool boards tlj31

swing nu! for t'a".y ,1(:(<";;'5" Inside the case there are shelves and platforms designed to hold a vtsc. grinder . .or other tool". There's even a ~I. of drawers for hardware andaccessories.

I.U.URIAL$ 8< FINISH. To blind the wurk center I used maple plywood, hardboard, and solid maple. For protcction, I finished 11 with lWO rears I)f!'.a11n polyure-thane var-nish.


OVERALL DIMENSIONS: c:1Q-~ed:6~li2I-1x5(11!2V11)( 15%D Open: 69'llH K 58'/2W x :HID


/-- .. - til E~~JC. _.,---W fLlr.lIf DOeR








~-," ~LY'vVOOD <18 x ~6_

NOTE: l)'iE V;,'l\Y~ FOO1 <ll;: LlM~/'l r~fl ijF 'l,,"X',-;," mll,,1



A e C D


J K l M


RENe ...

50 sencb Core; ~2_) T BeIlCh5br\!:1

U Ecairg, Ic~g{2) Ii Ecgirg ,hc-rt:z) FLIP-UP DOOR


'/, rrv- 2LV, x 57 ",',Ildbd - n'hx 5~ 'j, ~ PI~ - 57

~', x PI~ - 24


(6\ r.o. 5 x %" rnv-cooscrcv-s (4) uc. 6 ~ 1" Fh·'_'_"I};)dsacw~ !6) Nc. 8 x 1',1~' Fh w::mdscrra'N'J

addedlater {Fig'!, 2 am.! ,~) To make it easn-rto :-:1!Jl tile <.;h"IIII·'_; aud (Iivid!:"r,,into tlu- hnx nlrer il'~ been assembled

i t'e best 10 these dadoes just a

wider than thickness of your

(Since my plywood actually 11"I(:,i:ia llnle .. less than :'/:Iill.hiek. J CUI

eouhl ]JOie long <crews (fCJ1- ~lrt'nb':lh) and run them 51.r:1ighl in

But before VOIL ran aascrnblc the

case, lhitl.~ to do.

YGU'U tc cui rabIJ("ls em

the b<1..::1, l-'dg(~,.; G1S(' pi~\:~!i

t,~, C) (}i'm- Jll) Tl'lt',,!-' r:ll)!)e*

!1 p11-'wuo{1 back tbar's added anerrhe case is assembled

ASSEMBLY. Once <111 orrhe rabbets are cut. glue and screw the top and bonom 10 the "ides, T11[_'11 cut a back (1)) fror» ;:W' plywo( .. d to fit thr- CL:'-~ aml g-lut: and ~lT!-'W ir ill pl;I\· ..

The: work center

fold-down bem-h, a

al.urle-d hy tmildilll:_~ the-case. opo£-'n hrrx with dividers.

CUT PIEC~. To make the C'R~C, begin the plCC'C'"5 that make UI) [he size- rF;'~/- i). The top (A), bottom (B), and sides (C) are all cut from '~_I,II-lhick plvwoorl (l usc-d lTIap~"'1 DADOES, Tlu- ;;i{I(!O' (C) und lxilmm (nJ omh ba\'" el;lclo ... ,.; cut in tbern (0 m:c't'Jll ~h.f'ln:;;. 1md dividers thar will be


Wilh the- basic box cnmplete. you can ~1<1r1 <ldding the shelves iJl\{1 divider's (f\Q>J, ,~ niul 5), SiH\:p 1110~1_ or these pieces willhave dadl!":'; 1'111. in them 10 match those ill the C:<!I~I'>, ~ 11t'Y need to be ~'ur iii order u~ill.'( iI simple mellWfi 10 locarc the dadoes. The trk-k i-.; to s.lip each piece ;1110 the ruse und mark the (kula locations with il in ptece.

TOF'SHE.lF. ~11II·11JVnlltillgatO]l shelf (fo:) I(_J rength 10 fit between the upper rbalces in the sides (Piy_ -u TIll" width equals the distance lrcnu the buc-k rabbet to the frunt I)i" tfl(' rase- ~I:~")

Tlu;,: next step is to cut dadoes in lllis shell fur the vertical dividers (F) 111<11 (il between the rep shelf and the bouom {Fi,q. 4), Slncc you've already c'111 Ih<:> dadoes in the bottom (B), the- tricky part is CUUillJ?: ;-1 In,HclliTlg :"e1. LlI the top shelf Note: 11)(; \';i.I~il~sL WHy lve round to accomplish this isIo use il st-ory stick (sec Shop Tip beluw).

OrlCI':' the layout is complete 011 the top shelf. cut INt·dt>~p dadoes at both of Llw lIl~lrlc~

'J1H,:n the ~op shcl! can be glued a1ll1 nailed in place. Note: For extra strength, I screwed through llu- har-k (D) and into the edgt" ufthe top "hf"lf

VERTICAL DIVIDERS, Now yen can cut a pair of dividers (l') to til !)CIWC('t'1 the lop shelf and bonom (B) fl'i!l_.~;'

Before you install them, U,,\~ a story stick again to locate anrl cut rlalio(-'''. for

the drawer TlwJI. glll(--" ~IIHl

screw the tn till" hat-h and

bottom ot 11l~ G'L~t~. (I 1J~t'[1 nails 10 secure thu LOIL~h .... lI_)

DRAWER SHELVES & DIVIDERS ..... vlth the vertical divi(tt"1"o.:. installed. use the same Jlron>~hll"l' along with the sun-y ~I ir-k tc cui two drawers shelves (I.) firal und then two drawer dividers (H) (Fiq, 5), When thcv'rc LU[ to :-,-ill~, g-Im: and nail rhcm t11 plan;

VI/hen li:lyir'9 out matchinq dadoes, llike to us-e a stcrv SU(I( It's simply a piece o{ Scrap that t use ke a ruler, but It only hes marks or 1 v"he~e the dadoes nf'"rj to be cut.

The reel edvanteue of ,1 storv stir k i~ 't'O'J don't

r,ilVE:' to measure any;:hing tlt', E'(IW to -neke OJ mistake wnen lJ511g measwerrents ilnd adding them up.} wrtb a story stick rt's just a matter of marking the locations of the dadoes. on the stick and then I rAIlS-


ferrm~ the locations to 'the mztchinq piece

Ttl LJ5e ~ story stick 01"1 the work center, start by butting one eod 01 tile

stICK agairo<;1 Ilr~ ir-sde ot th-e Cil~e df'd rrwrkinq the exact lccauous of the d<liJm:~ (Fig 1)

Ttn-n with the same end

of t:'€ SiC";: ecalnst lh" case, mOI,If! ttl;:. stick 10 whe"€ the dadoes need to be cut and transfer the marks (Fig 2)

11.// rOI',~lt;m~JKe panel l?jl/l' witle.) HINGE PLATES. The plywood (:\') is ::P/1'1 wide- and eLI[ to J1t"ig"lli or th~ 1)'U1.:'1 {lS"). Then a l/I"_tkf'p groove i-s cut CCIl[L'ITc1 0]1 the JJI~ie 10 <KC~P( (he panel (FiU. i"a).

ASSEM8LY. OJlC"L: III\' ~I.·I·(J(W"S ure clil glue and screw ~.lIH; hLTlgC" pink 10 eac-h panel. Then COl,"t'"]" 1 1'1(" pxpo,.;rd ]llyWDfHl edges by 1J:luiclg-mHIIHliling-c,n 1/1"·lhtck 1J·illL(Fi~. ,:j

MOUNT SOARDS. I ns.ed an 11)"-long


centered notch !S cnt in cadi drawer l'rol'li_(1'l (Fir;_ ,l{w) BOTTOM. Second, a

ncar the bOtCOL"Ll

drawer plcn_' (i";a grnuve i~ for fl bnuurn cT.) h-em I/'i"-Ihid; hardboard that's cut to [it uisldc each of tbc ciL-mVCL"S {F;'IJ- }i/.I


Aft.:'!' completing work nn Il,., im:.icl", 01 the casr-. work can begin on

n-ont. The trent [011':oI:;ls of a fold-down bench and ~~ Hlp-up doer (Fig, lJj.

BE.NCH. TI! L]" .. ~i1I(: it b .. cnch rop that's ,.:.ollcl nurl tlurubh-, I gJ."e,1 up u threelave-r :shih. T'NU pipc,t-'":l ul :v:~" And ;1

ls 22' . .f.)· The l(~(ll.rLlt i~ 1 ~/)' k::s;. than the OVC-f<111 width (lf1 h .. (:;19" (Fiy U) This allows for ~.N" thick <-,(!ging (lJ, V) [o 1)(-' ~..-Ilit'd 10 rh .. : slab (Fig, ~J!;)

DOOR. Once the bench is ~·lIm]lI<:'1.(-!.


To ~Lll)]JOI"I 1 h.t;' bench when it's in UI(:

OPL:II position, I mld<'d ,1 pair II{ toltlillg' tc_gsWi(j./(;)

GLUE UP LEGS, The legs ~AA} artRllll'd up From (W(, pieces or :lh"-thick stock. :\flef tlw R"llif' had dr-ied, I screw .. d <1 lag screw into 1111: bonum or eae-h It·p; 10 act as a ],'vp],>r nn uneven no)ors{F;!7·~.1<'·(u"i J!J;.

MOUNT LEGS-, i-\'ith th1;'" levelers in ptace. the' next "It:p i;: to IIWIIIH the legs III the buuom uf tluThe legs ~I'C aUadwd heavy-duty l'ollhn,!.! brackets

111m 'NO!'].;: siurilm- 1.0 nl0"~'

round 011 ~ .. ('al·d 1~lhle.

lhc beauty 01' IIII'~(' brackets is

III)' 1,1'01'1-; center was mounted ()II 111[-' wall with rbe be-nch folded U[), I J\ulin:d []I(.: 11'),.0:; tended ao droop a little low. So h .. rore mounnna it 011 the wall. I would nvommeod adding u pair of slnps mtul ... Fr-om In'-dia, dowels (V;Y·1. IIi 1!!'flllO,

Now Lh:1I1l1l:'Work C(·ntl:ri:-'cUillplt:'k. it cun he mounted to a 1'1':111. To support while: anucluua iL 10 the wall, I

(Fi!.J~' N) i.lld 1iI(I). cLhl"5 clt:'~H nlsc allows YULI OIn'llrflkly posi. tu.n Ill{' hciI'-C111 L1f l11l" work center and keep ir level.

WAll CLEAT, TIIP 1'lp:11 rs just a piece oP/t-~hkk hanlworul rut 10 rnmch llll' width OJ lll~ L:"l!'.P (~/:\IN'). Boll the clear to the wnll ~\l i(~ level andthe 1,1jJl'cigp is ~~31/:~1 frurn the 11001" (F:~, 1M.

Note: l r ~OIl'I'l' m{llintill~' Ilu- df:1I to lJ a wonl fnm;ed w<111. make ~lln· 1~1lI[ YHU

:.t:n· .... '· into the 1\0',,11 studs. The-n, with Ihe

;:~l~;I~r~:;~~li~~;;~~~~;;:;~III' \:iN' find set it 3~~

Fill;!!!Y. to attach the ruse to tln- wall, lowe-r tln- bench and lirl 111' the' door. Now if>; just a ruaucr of drilling hole" tlrrnugh tbc 1.l(~L"1, or lh .. case. and fnsl,llljng '<lgscn'w;; ;UJ~I wushcrs, (Here

again. make sure you hit the s(u(ls.). ~~ _


Maple Workbench

This ciesstc European-style workbench is massive and stable, yet still affordable. The traditional dog system lets you clamp the tergest workpieces with ease.

he main challenge [ wa:: faced willi \\111'11 I b~;tll this Iliallh- workbench was til start

our with the classic Europcau-stvlc design. aJl(I end 111) with a pm,if'n that was functiouul iLnd hnilelahle - bL11 «m. 'iff(lnl"hle.

1 wanted to keep <ill the fr.aurrt-s I ~I.;IL comributc tu a ~J"\:;lL IIC~iLV~'-~luly workbench. A flnt. ,.;1:1111 .. , 11;[1"[1'''''01)0 workblg surface. A runvtnient 1001 tray <l1{J1l~ the batk ",dITt'. t\ trent vise wlth a targc wooden (ac('. And lillally.;m t-'I"I vise and a '·doj.l'· ;;~,.;Ipm.

DOG SYSTEM. 111<11 last feature- IS what I think makes thls bpudl unique. Traditionally, 1I .. I'I("h .. ;;; like this haw had H brgt:: Lshancd shoulder vise on one end ofthe bench. But this ~'jlit' U~:~ dogs (metal ur wood hlnrks jhn~ fH mtc holes ill the- ht'IIc11 1~)IIJ tu holrl the wod,pie~e ~t(·,~cly.

Shoulder vises tend 1.0 be- (·xllt'miv .... abo have ~I l.t'"liIkllcy In gt-'~ nul of

l'ifwn d~~mg"'~ ill humidity orrur. ~o for 'hj~ workbench. I carne up with <I simpler end vise-end-don block system. This sys!l>m c.m a("lll,llIy be

"adjusted" hi beuer cope with those I.·hmlges in humidity.

MATERIAL. Since: J wanu-d Illy 1lt'IIl;h til be hOlh tu':wy in w(;'ighl and able rc stnnd LIP tn hl.lf{l list· 0\'('1" the years, I built it completely f .. om hard II"Wlt uml tini::o.lll'd it w;lh 1l;lIlg' oil. r;f'Lljllg";1 m;l[ll(;' lwm:ll1.ol! 11111. W~I~ ~l chnllenge, butvou'll iill(1 fJLl1 how 1 did it on JJa,Q('s.29 ro 31

ANOTHER VERSION. If you waru ;ll;·~~ expensive and ~[]~LN wily 10 IIIiJkt' thetop, take a look;1I th .. lamjn{lll;"{l version un Im~ws-1Z and -i3.h':,; built up from parucleboard (OJ" pIY'o"tKxl) anti uardboard.



OVERALL DIMENSIONS: )4104 kli'ill(2911:>O

I"n NO."i » ,I}' FII "'·"0J,~'e'.,.·s({oc doqs) (<I) No. 51 ~,I.' ~II wcccscrews

(12:· N;:. a ~ l' ~I' wccdsc-cws

"2) no S ~ "IJ" H1 -cooscrc-«s

14: 1\1o, "'.Ii 1'101' H, wcod,C{cw~.

US.! tJc.~~ I' '1,·.' .. occscrco .. sa r ul",;<J~I,o:!'" : '\'3" x~" teq scrows

! l"~' x 1 I;.' l tach no :';-011

) 1'1 ~. ~ J "r)' r tech r,ll' I;'~)II

) 1,5' '.Vashe·;

) fl~' Thr\!~·d(;d Irh~'11

(4) %" ~ 4',1~' \~Jchirc torts ()) t:" «s- Machine IJ(J~" (fl) t,' vseshers

f(11 ~fS" ~Ut~

(I) '!=.oi"-d;]_ ~ ]0' Cr,.,., ..

'I) Erv.l~-I;;e\.',·!1'mnlll~IK'f' ... 6.:5f'o:'p 126 \1) rrc'lt,'&' .... ·mlC'l<!1 1l~I$a0JlhS-::cp. '2~ {21 l' ::;iil. K 1)" lJ~i'".-e15 ::Of'.',;C rJ1:lk .. ,l (4) ,\rJ_ 8 ~ 11/;" H1 brasswoooscrcws

i<1j 13f~"-dl,J. i()';j '.'.'l:O:j \II.·1~C'ls

.:.'1;, j. I"" I," ~i",rw~!~' 0 r nus





pieces will usually Il;JIIl" a ]Cllgl}J. Fir"l. two IXi;ml,.:: ;L!'.idc' (r)r II, ... ou! ~ide L'd.F:·(·~ of rln. benchtup.

Ncxt.fiue-up the' rc"lrI;iirllllg-pi!:"~''''~ ",,0

the ill ()m~ bnnrd I!IJIl'il~P:'; the buw

when vil:'wt"d from the top


uumlx-r (If Ihill/:,'Oi to I'on~idel- - eSJJCclall\,' when ]lo';iliol1inglhe-I)Oilrcls.

Aner ,-iPlling, two surfaces or cadi


Onn·lt..., pnsiliOTI,,-of,lll the I,il'~t-';; ill lIlt" slnb m-e dcn-rmined, thl- clamps ('<111 he laid QUI. (Note: Now ls the lime \"0 RO OILt and ]x·g· for. bor-row, ur rp111 prlol1!-!"h dolillPS 10 do I.Iw job, 11Is{'d nine puie clamps.)

SIGHT~NG, Tu IJrr,dL1L'(~ a nat S[1Ib, 1.11":: mostimportant ,;L(:I' i-:-; ··~igh1i1.1f( the clamps. Start by finrling 11wIt-Ilpsl surface <available to c-lump on. 111is might be a large table. a fln!" section of 1100" ill til'" shop. cr a couple sawhorses (V-iU' .1),

Now lav d('WJ3 \1,1.", Fill ?r-lcllIg' 2;.;4:<side by !'.ick alxnn ~I 1"001.a]1'lrl. 'Jben lay rluwu l.wo 11ip<-' (or bm) clamps across IIl(:'-!'.", base boards.

Before placing thcplcces 10 b .. gl11P(i onto the clunn.e-. staml luu-k flhilJll live Ir'r-t. ~('I rlown nmil your eyes <Ire even witl I lilt' 1,1'11 ofthe- clamps. andlook (1)1" :my h\'isi rrom one clamp to the orher (f":rl_ .n. Both damps shculrl bc aliglu-d with cacti other, If thc-vrv uut, ':ihilll under the base buanl aL'1.hp low C"1ll"11PI" until tlll:' clmnpx .n-e liligllt-'d.

POSITION THt: CL.AMP:s. l\f"!t":-I'

<lligning the end damps, pLll!' CLIIHPS across the base lmitnb n't-'ry Hil', '1111"11 setthe wtlrkpil'I'PS in posuion on top of !Ill: clumps. Now place more clamps Oil lor or Ihe worsptcccs. so thcy'rv h<-'I\I>'('('II tlu- em-s on the lxntom

CLAMPING BI.OCK, TIl ket-urven pn~~· Slife 1)11 the ifs'i',mbh .. nnd avoid

the edge!'.. plnet' ,lll"-wick

Llnt'lIs ('pIII(-'r[:,(1 on lhe- oursidc ('clgc-s the usse-mhlv (see photo abevcj.

.voto: To help keep the dallljllllg 11)11('1..." ill position when d~llll[!ill.l! up, [ slid, (ho::-m to 111(' t:dRI> bUiJnls wilh dOllbk~~id"d c;J1"[1l-'1 I;li1t!


11';:; a good Idea to clnmplng procedure assembly before ~1.IHt~, J1 11t'1~~~ yCJII st':(· might arise antl make 8.Ll·(' all the boards can be pulled tuscthcr lighi

GLU[. To glue up I.IL1" s.lab, I 11;i(-!{l yellow wuodworkers glup in ,I gill!! roller botth-. YOII could a1;:1, use n smz a ll paint rtjller. Either Jets you gcr a uniform film of glue.

Now, tip up all the pieces uu 1 III··i I sides sn the .~luil1"," ~urlacE's ;11'0' ~~Xp05C(], B"::GIIl~c 01' the uuu- involved ill 8]JI','<t{]lllg 111(~ g;hl~' ;111(1 d:lI11[lLllg Ill) till" a~~t'lllb1y. ir~ ("OI:<-Y 10 ge;;I.(J dry joint FOl" thal reesou. be gl;.'ncfolls with the glue and don't wurr y sn much about squeeze-out. I usunlly apply a thick uni ]"01'111 coat to {)1J[-' ,..;illf" only. (If", ;1!W<lYS a ),!;oml ide-a to have 11 Im-nd around at this ,;I;u.!!:, 10 11elp preveurpanic.r


pieces arc P()~il!'.JH, ~Llrl

tlnhrcninn Don': ov .. r

riztucn. Tln- l;I~"II]I" shoulrl 1)("' lighl l:lIc}U!,,d1 SlJ lJ1 .. 1',''':1 unucrm "squeezeout" HIIIII,l{ lilt" juinrs, 1'1111 ,l'1,U should be alll"II,lo()";l:"n the ctampwlm one hand.

There's one last step. Clu-ck 10 h.., sure lhal all the piv(:{::. <Ire N'll!l"'d down ag3in,,1 tho' bottom fn'.\" or cl'lmps. To gel all the- ]lit"CI~l.'i(lowll nil I. place a wood block 0[1 top of aJJY higll points and pound the-m with a hammer

REMOVE ["C~5 GLUE, 011"1: th~ .,;11l1) dries overlllgll(. von r.m rO'lTlnv" :llllhe ~L:llnv;. I tl";lMlly ~cmI14~ ofltlu- beadsof tlrit-tl glllE" wi! h n P<lill~ scraper. But OJ1 this workbenrh slab. I LI$I;.,d 11 slightly (llf1i;'I"f'nll:il"oc~dm·('.

Since Ill(' wurkbcnch slab wa,: madp of hani fllapk. illlllillapie mmally h~l;; a

1\"IHknq' lu chip, I was afraid 111m it I hooked [hescraper on a beadof glul". il might pull out a small liln-r or chip along with n. I!btCiltl. I ~larlr.'d by paring" off clll ,)f I hI:" i(lrgtr beads of ~111" with (I sharp chisel. ih"n I attacked rhc rest with a belt sruult-r

l.urkily, I ke-e-p ol~1 ~Ogrit he-II". ,1I"Oll!1d tilt: shop jll,,1 fOI- this purpose. Tn remove the glue, sand 1,!Cj'(j-"S the ~,.ai!l, wOI'killg just clown to the- wood OIl tho joints. (DIJII'I sand :I[] lilt' way 1(1 Ihe edge:; oJ"llll: sluh.)

Now the rcul work bC'f.!ill~ - making the surfacv fbu mid true. Trnditiunally, this would be a lob rora plane. Ancl Jtthc slab were oak, I'd consider it. But with hard maple. the grail) can switch dircclions a l"OUI}k times ovr-r tlw 1t'11J-, rt h (,I each board. S,HIII"",lwn'" along Illt-' way. aplan .. i;;likt'I~' 1(1 'iI!lrllirting(hips.

BELT SANDEIt. lnstead. 1 rem-hcd for my hl;'l, ,,",Indc:r, Something should 1)(' ,wid hen:, ubuur belt sanders. I don't Ihini; there's ;11001 ill the shop that (:,1]) destrny a project tjuiche-r. Out of control. ;1 belt sumle-r 1:;111 hi lop ami gUllgt' wmnl like a ~h:lrk in i\ feeding frenzy.

Mfl~l of 1111; lime \\'11el1 l work with <I bell sander I'm consciously thilll,illg about hohlillJ,! it L;JCk a,.; il-" t:lIllinJ,!. ( usc my hands and arms on I;.' 1\1 hoi;) il bar-k :IIICI g-tliilf i~ nOlln IX'_'% down,

SAND ACROSS THE. GRAIN, Most book!'. wnrn to. !r(;V'!1 sand across tile gT)lill, But that's exactly what I do wheu ! start leveling oft it slab r-iner- u be-lt sander will j..\1·lh'I·::Illy cut lat-:l,.,r ar-rnss ttu- gl'aill than with I.lw gruin. Sill!'l· the ,;lab rf"'llli"l;'~ a i_!:re;tt deal of sanding to gel it rlat. sanding in both directions (firs! across. then with thl' graiu) lessens the dW.llu· (II tleeu gougt's

Abo. by j'iJ'''~ ~lmding ncrus's Il1t' f.,;1';I~n, nnd the-n fini $l1il1g up with 1']lC grnin. ~'IILI (':lld Ill) wil'll a flatter sur face.

To start sancling. load a fresh ":O';C!,TiL bell 011 the sandc r. 'iVh(~JI rouuh sandluz. work ill an e-llipfic nl 1'11l.lNIl and never make a 1l)1;11 ~jrlew,ly" movemcut {Fiy. ~). Alwuvs move the- sander lorwnrd (1.11" backward) and s]jglHly si{]ewa),s allhc same lime

SAND THE BQTTOM, I didn't finish

sarnl face. JlISt rcmcvr- the

glue and across the g"l'ilhllllUiJ it's


Note; It's a good ldca. 1fL,)ugll. to apply finish later to the bouom tlC"!-" I{) slow dow» <L1l}' moisnn-e- illlIJof.lfmi'("~ in ~j,," slulr

CUT TO LENGTH, Once the slab is smooth and flat. it tan be cui \0 length (Pig, t ami the box below)

sharp ridges arc removed. switch ;I[HI saud Ir-iOt the g'l'aill lI~illg L\ m:~w ~{)-gril. hr-lr. 1,,11CLI sanditurwith 11](-' f.!"r:lill, work sliglltly larger ;Lrp[j~, 1mL only a~ Inr He; your arm-s willmove

The basic lllClV-L-'lIWlll or l}w "imrlel

with til" gTain is a than

I~H' flliJ)I"iUil parter»

i01X}@]l 'Uu? Cutting a Slab to Length


tnrouqh. Don't slav, ... down Just Ieee the sav-


Ilit'cf'<; LO~f']JH:,r, 1 ;mglc:d rlfLCiOl-!":-l (l('W":-l:-; the 10 fru-m Jog 11(111;';, The bQ(I~' or rhe dogs [lI8Cd w.a~ 5/(>" thick br~·;/1'11,l'ldl', 30 I cut UH.' dadoes l/i.3" deeper and wider \"0 allow some clearance : F;r;,l(kt).

Note: It's best to buy or make the dozsIu-st. andthen cut a sample dude III scrapro chcck Iortit, For-more C,[I [ltiiJ,in,\{ do;;-:"., :-:;('~ 11,(" o:;!lIJllTip OIL )):1.1;(' :{-j

[~dDn-'lfll'illg out lilt' img-lt'r_1 {bdUE3, you have to deteruuue rhc location of the waste sccrlo» between the Iixerl and sliding blocks Til"; lcnzth of the


OOG ~r\Dms

L gLOCK-......._,_ AT~'-



~I.I""PIl~lh (1-'''-0, 8). To do t-lamp the l,i.-c.·" log-en, .. r "0 ille f'(lg"(·-s ~[l(l ends rlr~ flush anrl ruif holes for alimuncnt screws These screws keep 1]1(' plcccs from slkllng when the r,-11I~ is auolicd (Note the location of the ;,CfCW 11Ok:; ill the DC[Clil in Fiy, 8_) Thcn Rluc- iLI1J scrcwthcpicccs tozcther;

CUT THE DADOlE:S, NC_>:l, aclcl a IOllf!

auxiliar y 10 LJl(~ tuble "(lW mite-r

ste-p b·do.1-' g-Iulflg- l.he- Ihil-d Iliec'f" ourc

tlu- r;9("+' (Ir 11'e hlnc-k the

Thl' l'/i11

dogs. but the:

top cnlarncrl tu

acccpr'rhc dog's head (riu. I!}

lnmaklnz rc a special nfmv router. This guide slides LJli"O thc augtctl

has <I slop piu thut rletr-rtume-, Ivllgtll CJj thebule.

To- make rhc nuidc. replace YOLIlC

ol'ig-in"l router b-d~e willi mach

IJ"CHlIli~'1 hardboard (F'rj'

a lh"-llliLk rUIIII(-'J"" bluck

tllollgll ID "lid,· iHITl lile' ('];1(101"'" Heron:: ~31Im;lliflg- tlw runner to the base


g:,[}Q@)[}lITIIP Wooden Dogs



rwu aprons (0) 1'01· I.r1;' fl·')1l1 and back [rom Ji~" :';10[1-: IU)I roughlcnzrh {lt67'·. Then cut a tool tray rail (f} 1[·OJ11 1 ",.:," stock and a key rail (C) from :l/~" -;t[)ck 10 matrh 111 .. lcnrnh OI·IIl,· slub (f-iO").

\low cut all rnur pil:"re,,; to ,I width of :~I/~" (F';U. /.r,(I)

iOOL TRAY RA[L Alter thee pieces arc cut to size. cut n ~H'-clC'('p rabbet on the too] tray rail rF) to accept lllC 'N'·lhilk tool trav bouom (Fi{J.l.j{l)

ALIGNMENT KEYS, The' liC:Y rui I (n and rhc ;i11l·OIl (D) fur 11-1 .. rroru or [ht' are mount .. d III Ihf' iil<<,d


AU the plcecs that art- jOin'''{ilo Ih .. tour ..ctges of the slab arc hcltl Jl1.J~h with the Inp l,lCl' with INI ~jllil[('!'-{l:) (;"TrJ-l,~).

ROUT 5LOTS. Tu cut sluts for the spllncs.J usetl a IN' ,;lnl curter 011 the router ({'iff. HJl. I,Sil1l'i..' it's a rlcco cut. I rnuu-rl lill' ,.;101 mtwo pnsscs.j

B"'J.6n bv routing around Iii.· s.lah (f.'i,q. lfl), Then rout sroppctl slols un l1w inside ofthe end t::t1l"; {J.'!V- IS) Next, rout ,1 ~Ir.>l un Ilw 100linlY rail (F), Be sure it's 01111[( .. ,~idl" rll'll-o:;itt' rlte rabbet (Detail ill Vi,I/ .. 1IJ},

Finally, rout a !'.lol on the fixed do~ block assembly, To support the router, I tcml}Marily d<-lInjwd the sliding do_!{ bluck!o Ill\' key rail (FiJI. 20)

SI'LlN£S_ After the P01I'lS arc :;1(JL~('d, cui. II!" hardboard splux.s (lJ) In malr-h rhe slots trcfcrro F'iy, !;j).ToHlluwglllf:: ~IHI('(" cur the "plill\'''; %" le';.~ 10<1(1I11e corubtncd dt'll1.h D( 111(' slots.

Wile!) 111>Jlt'lling the ,;bh,IIl<'),lII:"('Cl

1.111": shrb ,;!ill bas tu LO expnnrl

and rurnract with challM'6 in humidity, ED

Tu allow this movement. [ didn't gtue I

:~~~Ie~~dc~~ ~1~;C~'~~~I;~lt~ll1:~~:~~~~~~~~ l~t

end caps L,! L!tf' "lab (F'/,II, ,J.!)

ROUT ucanse. Stm'c by laYLJlIZ f!LIC a ~T-slliLIH'II" mortise at each nul OIL I h ... im.llrm, nf the slab rF't,c,l, .!J'j. 'r/WIlII;;" H router and straight bit [0 lrt-'f'h:lIld rout out the Yt"-dttPi.ll(Il'th;(:, and square- IlP the .. -crncrs with ;1 chis .. l

BLOCK, Next cut a ~lllitll block (H) to r~1 loosclv ill 111(:' mor Ii ...... ·111(,J1 drill a IN' 1101.:.: throujzhthe- ecnterorthc block 10 <lI..:U'IJol a :%" umrhine holt (Block Detail ill Fiy .. 10. Fill.>llly. cut a notch ill the back wlgp nf I he block that's (' thc smue wirhh as a :/,..,' nut

Alk!' the blocks .m- rnnde nncl tlte nuts nrc in place. inserf.u sultnc between tluslab and pwl ":ljl !ltld temporarily boll each curl CilPOIl with a rnarhim- bolt.

Now I.he> roolu-av rail and fixed d'l,\! as-;.;elLlbly can he gl~l('d ami dalllJlf'd In rh- fmlll and back ofthe slab (Fiy .. l!) Note: Once the claruus an" Ilgllt remove Ihe- e-nd caps ~() tht-y dou'L f'Tl glued to [he ends orl]-l'- sluh


The nexl su-pis by Clilring Il11' l'I"0111,mrl (I)) to length -Ihe- ",1111(" top (with end c,~p",).

/'1.11('1- [he aprons mr- rut. they Call be jolncrlto 01C ('J;(I caps with box jolnts cbut Ihl:')o;~' Fi~·,~(~!'. :II'" ~f) hlllg' Ille;oiHls can't he C'1Ii. with II box joinl jig.


box joints, starr by 1<I),iI12; 1Jl1~ 111<"

on (he end caps {Detail in r'-~," ,J,;). lc cut (1lL' 81m:;;, I used a dude blade anrl ~ tenon ,iig (/",:f.j. 2.'J, S..:II'hc blade heiglli LD Ill,' 11li(:km:!'.l'. of till' ap1"cm_ asul tho

I''c'ltcv,,;o lht

Now cap nu ~~IHI

make nile IHI"~' Then nu-n Ihc','.·cnk piece around and cur the Qlhr:;r ,.:.10(

CUT PINS IN APRONS. After <Ill 111e

1(" ORK!) NOUS

_'.J.cxl __ J be~1Il work 011 I_~w 1001 1I1~l;.oP. LiIC' ~m~l tray buuoiu U) . .. (i~:( .. _gillillg I//, ;.;Iocl, to :1 I·,mgjl wi~;lth of911 )I1HI a It'lIglrl orG2"

CU-'- TO wmru. Tn uetcrrume [he

iilllli width )llld



wbeo chooshur frUl11 \,i~e fer this bench, I ll;J.d:1 l'I'"l))le of opnons. 1 couhl have chose-n n m(;'I,11 vlsc (refe-r 10 Imgt' 4:,!j_ HUI [decided Oil a "WOOilt-'ll vise." Aclmillr, it only has wontlf;'f1 races: the main pans an . nu-utlr FiU .. IS),

T likc·d lilt-' f,ICI thai there Wf.l':' 110

b(_'("oIllP~ a P;lrI of the bench. 1101 ~U[II~' Ihillj.{lhf!rsraslell('(I1.oi[

Note: The nu-asure-menrs and lnstructicus !-,:iV"H lu-re an' for the Vi:;l: 1 LI:".C{l. Similnr vises nIH be muunk-d ~ he may IIfIIIL'lo change'

11:-[ .... 1;" lhe vise in

hand before you drilling holes.

(Fill- ,;OU!"Cl'S ill' vises. sec pagt:: 12(-i_) Toanm-h the vise lrardware omuthe lJplwh, two wODdCfI parts. are- needed: a spar'erblork ,IILU:I filn" h~ock

5fAC~R E!L.OCK, TII(" arm un the vi,;!' end of Llll' b~lst-' L~ notched \0 1)1"O~,jd!-" dt'amme fOJ- the vise assembly To pHI·


vide support 1M 1111-" In1l11 of the bench rop. a 1 "tlsirk vise ~P,lC(,T block (\.T) ls rl(',-dc·tl U-'I,C!_,)[,1),

Ai'Lt'r cunlrur l11c hkn-k 10 size. ll/~" holes to provide- «lennncc for dozs. T11t·n ~ITt'W the block inplace.

FACE BLOCK. To make the l~tI_:t-' blork

(N} [or lll(' 1l'1f1I,';llllt pilr( or the VLS~. laminate- IWl' pieces 0.(1:'/111 hardwood [(,_gI;'Llier (Fly. ;V;. WIH:ll il"n: j.{11tt' dries, {'utlheblm.;ktos.ill'

I)"-ILL. HOLES. \!()IV boles ClUJ lJL' drilled thrtuurh [hI-' block [01· tile glli(io..! rods aml VI~l"' screw (referto F,"Ij', ,1 .... ).

To locate the glli([(- WII 11Oh":-I, menSIlIT the IhLd(JI(~!'!' Iff Ih"t:' table 1011 51",b and scribe i.I H!ll' this distance dOWl1 (mill lhe LOp Qr the face block ([":y. "'!J) .. \IUI", phlct' the carriage centered on th ... block 'with its UIJpCr 'Surl,JCl"' iilig-np,] with this

linr Tln.u slip II ~.It" brad bit

ihl'ougll the ('lIITiage holes lh'd

Im';llion;;oll thc Iacc or thc block

Nexr. the location {lH· the vi"",: -crew bole ls marked. To do Lhi~.lnll"(:' [Ill' OU[line- oi the n'tll .. r hole of the cacringc.

Xuw l.lw holes ran be rlrilh-rl on Ihl'[Inll press {Fi~]. ,;1;, Siucf' Iht' holes tUI" the nuldcrods IltlVf 10 be precise.t LIs-eel a 3/:" brud poill!ll·il (or whnu-vcr slxc it'. appropri<lk ror your' vise). The hull" lUI" IhoP vise screw I)' ()\'n~iz(dd '\0 I used a lliJ" spade bi!.

O'ic of tt-e proble-ns with 'Ii~e~ IS It·.~! lh:.".(an rack. [ 't'0-.J tiqh~~n dO'Nrt ;;l pece otwocc ill one e-id or the ".,'i~E', the other end IOl'~ in

epofied o11'y W one ecqe of n-e wr:r"piete. caUS<"lg the as:.embly 10 pi..,.v: or son- ';!5 you

' .v ur~ on it

To prevent -hls, I mode a stepnsd block

rods. Now and SCI'r-W plate ( t"i!). ,~,i),

MOUNT CARR.IAG[,'rl) moun: lht' car- GLiIDE ROD ElUSHI~GS To mortise

1110;: gLiide- rod b,,::;llings into the front of bench. b~glll by slipping IiI" bush onto the zuldc reds. Then luscrt

t11C' rods rhrouzh the 110ks !11Ihi': front ofthe 1C:1K.lI. anrlu-ace tll(" ()UI.IJII': of II Ie"

HA!'oIDLE, Some vises don't come wllh handles. 1 made IULJHlks Iur both the front and ('1i(1 vises from 12"-iong pieces nf I'vdia. dowel (F'r.(.'_~'.))

for knobs (If! III\, C!1d~ or Ilk: h;LHeli .. ". J usect

clamperl ill ])~l~i1iC)n. o;h{11; the: \'mrJ<lg-e forward until Ihee front of the carriage just touches the clog block assembly

Note: If arst one end of the c3,]']'i~II!." contacts rIK-i:1IxOH. don't try lu lorce the other L.:IIJ {Jusl. EI'!"ll II llll:' (_'' fur Lh~

11Il1 lilt" viseIOg'fl_h!"r, "Iiel .. Ihe gHidl:" '"1),10; al,~1 vise ~~,Tt:W Lhnmgh rlu- t-nrringe. Then tap ill I ~lof:' 1"011 pin, ne,lr rhe end of the vise screw. 10 keep the aseemblvfrom pulling all theway out (refer ro Fly, J8a) ,


The base I,t the workbench ~'(ll1si"15 (II CI\d frames counec-ted by strerchcr«. The twu ('lid u-ame-s ;Ire utmost ideotic'll. but lilt' arm lllllw len end islonzcr 10 '\111)]10rl 111(' vi-e (F'ir;.~. ~." ,'(: .:.!JJ

ARMS AND fEET. Each arm a11(1 Inm is three

IllCU'~ 11.1 a I'HLlgh length nf 2311 and [he ,,!lIP!" lh!"p .. pieces (for the long vise anll) [0 a nmgh length of 21)'1

rcext. 1.1Y om L/~~-<l':ejJ Il{)h:ill"s on lhe- center board Ul cadi arm a11f1 {,)()1 ("'I{lIi, :;Q ,\;,.' .;1), (\V1iCIL the bluuks art!dLJL'CI up. rhc Ho1.dw~ [nrrn mor: L~e~,) After the »on-lu-s fir"," mi. >:_,llw IJp r"ill'll blank willi ~111\)1c"h~'clllO,1I"d in the-middle

[)11c:t·t]wblallk';fLH'dl·V.Cllll]1I'I11IL'J ;1 final width (height} of 21//' (Fi,IJ, !if).

Knw they ran all be LUi. 10 lt-uulh. Tn find the end points lor t-lI![ill~, measure OUI liflll fWIIl the lIol!"h .. ,.; ()11 the right arm and tVo-U Il·~l (Fi~! .. ,nrr). Sinn' the visr- arm is IOllf:!i:'r, theJim,f end isflj;" i'nJIII L~w notrh rJ,'ia. -,lj,

Aflt'I'111t'plo"cesarecutlolcJlJ.,(lll.C-Ul'] itlllg uou-h rm the top of tln- r"I"~(~ ann 10 m,lfle room for rhc vlsc r Vi!!":iJ)

I'(~vl (r"il/il .s ; I

~I(']l i-:; W cut out all area on nu- bottom otcach [001 (PI!)_ .ill. To c~o this, I temporarily clamped lhetw« [e-e-l together and drilled ,I l"·di:!. hole $0 Ih("I"(: would be .1 Il/ :11"1' in each kg (Fly. :,,'1). Th .. n ("III a straight Hnc between 1111-" 'IIT5;.

l[GS. An~-r the arms end feel were cninplere.] be.[')111 work 011 llu. kg~ (0)

"I art by ~'tlI"HJlg twelve I!f :%'

slm'k 10 <J rougb wkhh and a

rough 1('11Rlh 01311'_ ThcnIaminah- Ih,· pieces together in sets oi three.

After the- I!;'ILI{~ dri,''';, [rim the leg blanks to u riJlisll(~d width of 21/2" and

icu!!:!11 r~t' ::!1)I,1.," 'jn, (This JII("[I"

~un;-'IIj(-IIL t-an lncrcascrl fir

decreased for a higher L)]' lower LI-'1a:11.1

"\Jl'Xl, cur tenons on the emls 01' (-'a~'h lea to flt into the urortises ill Ihl:" arm", and kelf!·'iy. :il)

To atlad1 1l11' ,;1 rt-"L('hers 10 the lens ddll a counterbored hole- from the outsich- rilC't-' (F'i.Q. ;1..j), '111['-11 rlrill it IN-dl"t'll holt' for ,I dowel pln on 1"11(: inside [Jet',

Fim-Illy glue' thr- legs to the .m II!'. nntl feet. checking [01" 5CjUiLI'C ;" i'"i~J. _~ 'J J.


~'~:'r2 r-

vW:;;' t :_:~ >-

~:~~r~ t:---

.- . t' COI..'NTERBQRE.l'>·I.)~t"

1'''1'JI~r.. I i c:::::J

~LnoLl-I1l:1 LOI.ig-hlly Iwid;I:'/;"'llut

DOWEL PI~. TUllrt'I-(-:IIL LIIC: ::;In-'ldlt:J~ from jwi,;1ing a" ih ... holl'~ ~Il·(' ligilll'rH"l I added )1 l!~";.: I" dowel pjn ro I 1-1(-' ~1l(1~ of the srretclter {r;'i~',~_ ~,~ l(-·Jf'}

ASSEMBLY. Before a.,st'lllhling I~H' base. I rounded over 1111 th-e t'dgfC<; with ,l I_\~I' roundovcr bit Then ru a nul i 1110 the block and insert


Here's an alternate tap for the Maple Workbench that's easier to build and less expensive. It's built up from layer< of high density particleboard and hardboard

Stan btlildillg-1.he top by cut111lg <I Cill'''' lay e r (\') oP/i"-thic-k lli~(h dl-:mi!y rJilr~,idt'llWIHl 23l!:J wide and (nl/~"IDng (fl~, l,1.{Ol; you could use plywood od,·IDE)

(:111;\ second corelayer aml a I/.f' hardboard cover (W) slightly brgi"f Ih<ll\ the first laver (14" x 64~).

Cluf- the second laveraml COWl" on Inp ot the first layer willi cuntact ceme-nt. They should extend bevond tlK firstlnver ou c"lII;h side

lfscallugh lrim' billJl trim the overhang su ,-111 three lavers art- the same size. (For more on this techniquc. see ]lag'" 11;.)

To j:rel th .. (I .. ~ir~d thickness

(.~ 'hi'), g-lm .. ·IN'-111kk particleboard SIJlICpn:; (X, /-) nroundrhc borrom perinu-te-r ulthe-bcnchtop (F'i!J_1) tr any ot Ihf' ~11.r'1C~rS nrcnot [lush with the t-'dge~!lr the bcnclnoe, trim tilt' I-'XCI'"!.'!,; with the flush {riff! bit.

Nntc: It mav ~l'CIII ,!a"it'l" to ;u,ir. another full-size laver insruuduf llOiillg the spacers. But lI~illf:! spacers Innlts the- amount Of%" particleboard needed 10 OJ1(, 4' X ~I ,-;Iwt'l

Layout a largl' UOII,:h on the edge at the left rrom corner of the top {Pig, 2,. This ~"ill Iorm n uockct for tile rear fan' otthc Vl'>l"' (l"t'i'f'fW 1'~I,(j, 5),

Note: The ,;i",,-' of this nntch will rlcpeut! 011 Ihe vlse you lLSC, AJway,; have yuur- vise ill hund before you ~1~lI"' layillg outthe notch.

'nlilugh the depth ami length fir 1 henok-h is not critical {lay il (lui ~1ighlly (Jven:.ize-foryoLlJ"vi!<.t'),lht" ht'ighl of the !1ol,h needs to be: ilion' Jlrec'i~e-, LeiWC :IN' rovcrina thu IOJl \"clg-t" ctthe vlsc

Rout out uu- nolrhusing arouterand u straight bit r V;rJ. :i). Ci,Ln)jJing an extra block to th e sid » of the bcncluon helps support [Il(> router, Rout close tu thc layout Iim-s nnd then finish it up with a chisel. smce the notch will Hot be visible. nduesn'thave to be precise

Cur l:LHI aprons (Ai') trom ~j:,"-Ulick stock 10 width (height) to match Ill ..



lhidU1E':,:,-,:,-,)rtlw bcuchtoo (2';:,'"), ,Hid the same length as the bcnchtop's wulth [23'12") I Fly .. ~). 'nH!11 glm~ and nail the end aprons iu place

Cut trent and back apron';'! (BPi) the same width (21fl1) JHd ~(lI['ngih ("0 (;OV(,1" nie slde aprons ((is'") Wia, .;.), Then glue

und nail thcr» in plact'

Drill foul' ·'t!o.-;" holes in line with what will be lilt> renter cl the vise (Fiy .. ~). The ~iZI': orthe"e holes should march Ilw J"f!syml w ill beusuut. I L:ul·ufflw}: bead bolt as a

'I'D make it caster 10



insert the dog, r0111· lb" o:--hillllfer<; W-OHnd rbe IO]l eclge~{)i these holes.

\~iilh the benchtop turuedupskte dnwn, set the vise in the vise pucket (/'~i-fJ- ,;)_ Thof:' rep edge I)] the Vl";~ should butturn nut ill I he IH.lL:b·,:t If Ill ... roE'\''-:I):we lreIWE;'l;"lllllt'hf-l1c"l1top .fmd lhe- rnuun !"illg- platform on 111(:' vise.

cut OJ spacer (J.l) to Jitlttus space. (l ¥..

userl Vi' hardboard as a epacer.)

Tighten the vise 1'0 the apron 10 keep it lurositlcn and clam and holt the-vise (and rbc spacer) down with 21N'1a..q screws andwashers (F;r,. 5)

Glue two lave .. s of:1;,," stock race-toface to make a vise bee block (N) Wi!). ~'), Cuno Iintsbcdslac (3"x9") find trim <145" bevel ntfcarh encl. Open the VL5-C. position the block flush with the lop of the bench. and screw it in place

The only difference In the

workbench if> that you dn

special vise arm (P) torthlsaltemarc tnp.Tl»- left.attn IS: lIOW the !'::Llnt': ~JC; Lll('

rightmm (OJ I).

Hetore g-llilngtll~ leg''' anci.;Il"Il"l!'

(D) !Og~lllP.l-, dl-ill,'w.fl counterbnred 1101>;:,,.; In f~l .. h .u-m 10 mount ~11e henchtop to the ba':-;it' ("'.~.t!. ij.

Turri rbe h-en("hIT)jI I.JOSld-e down alld center rhe baae (front to buck) on lOll or II (Fi!]_ 8)_ Bllt njji,,,I1'l1e \.iE;'nchlop (rig-hL to 1,,11) S-t) Ihenc's SVt" Ircmthtl~fL (Vl".!:") ~Ild orj_he hellCh 10 l.hE:" It!r~ su-m nf the I:m~e

Mark through me hctesm the arms into-the bottom of the beechrop. Then Install shB"lhreac]C{llnserts at each mark (Fig, 7), Finally, attach the baseto the bcnchtop with machine bolts


® \


Workbench Cabinet

This space-saving underbench cabinet not only increases your storage capacity, but when full of tools its weight also adds extra strength and stability to the workbench

nccthclasr co.u of'uuurutl WII:'. dry nil IhE'- rI-'l,l[1!e workbench shown on Ilagc 27. I -taru-d

hllilclil1g my first oroiccton it: a stnriJ/::.'~· cabinet that t:fluld III malet-uentb.

This uude-rtx-nch cabinet actuallv ,wrvp:; two purposes. Of course it k0t'~]l; 1.001:; wlthi II reach aurl easy 10 pHI ;I'{.'<I~', The other bCJ1C'(j( is sort of a wimlfall \VIICH tlu- c:lblllf'1 i;.; 1111;;>d with roots. il arlde wei_,;lll Jlrld :-;1<1bility 10 thebench.

PLYWOOD ElO;C:, The cabinet is nn upr-n-Frnnt plywood box LllaL's ~ii\'idt-'d inl() D-'<O compartments. "I1H-' h-It rumpanmcnt Ii;; ior slliting bulky items like portable power tools. These arc con-

cealed ln-himl a lliP'lll1 CI~J01', The ngtu comuaruuen! h,l~ five drawers IOJ' hand \(lolsl)rhar(iware.

BOX JOINTS, One Ilf my f;t\'nrit .. paris of this cabinet i!' the box jllinl!;. on these dr-awers. hEI (.f:lll,l'ilf'Y just plain look gOOf!. They complement tbc larg'er box joints on the comers of tile,' br-m-h I~)]J as well as "show off" a Huh- bil. ormv wood-

wOI'killg"kili '

Hru they're also strong joints. And Ior ,) cabinet that's de~I.L\HI'tI LO hoJd heavy tools, that's lmportunt, When YOU't·c orcuins and dosing Ihe drawers all the time. lin' tools rm- constantly b:mging into the fronts and becks of the

drawers. 1\ ,,1.rorlg- iun-rtut-king juill1 wi .. 11 ;J Ifll or gill" -vrtace (such as <L box joint) i~ what 1'<1 recommend

But there's somf'lt.ill),{ 10 1,,'t'11 in mind willi tI1l'l'.(· hllx,l()int,.,: $IIKe they're built ill im'lVlI1Pnts I,YOII don't want 1Il111' a ringer), the OVC:-f;111 11Cig_11l of e,u;l! tlmwer is set, SO WI:. 1!3d 1.0 cI .. s~gn Iht'

hcighr of tlu- l'ilbillt"l by l'l)ll·ting lh(~ drawers aml working out

ANOTHE~ OPTION, lf vcu'rc not rorerested in drawers. ami waut Iflrg~"r storage areas. lake a look ,II lilt." Dc:;i!ZJlCI"~ Notebook 011 [lagf' 49. There you'll !'t't>;1 "impler door system that l.ilkt's un ,1 completely different lonk.






> o

" r

J K L M N o




'1'HAft~ll0ARD ~FlrNC



To build the cabinet. start by o.;ul1ill).( all the plywnod pieces 10 size (f'iy_ r J_ (I u-, .. d '.l!~" maple plywood. but birch ply" w{lod would work just. ;l". wdl.) 111e (.'\) mill Iwcl'i (1:3.) arc CUI lhf'cl1':'Wllcoeol)ctwccntlw

legs tlu ln-nuh (to allow Irn- ecigil1!;r


rlw rlfvldcr (D) i~ cut 10 rhe

Si;'f :J~ 1'11(' stdcs ([) to lwgi 11 III rnnke it easier [(t m.urh Ih!;" spadng of the dadoes fur lilt, drawer guides, Theil later, slwci.'ll "keys' <Ire- added to !H;).IH· up for the l!ifft"IVIlC<" (Fio.

EDGING S'tRIPS. :-"'cxt. cd,giJlJ.: 'Slrfp:-< (F. G, llj are 1"(11.1,8"11 length. These strips

(~dg-I':'i of 111(' plywnml alill join the: corners olrhe cabinet (no[fol'lo rifi. ,'1j,

GROOVES. To rH·'tp ,llLgn the edging' srrlps J.1Il1 tlw plywood. I used l/~" lun-dboard splint·s (refer to Fig. .n. TI1(-' ~lllint·~ fit into grooves routed into borh the- pdgil,g strips aml all rom- \~dg("S of lIJI the plywood P1t'(";---; (except the divider).Tu rour Lilt' grooves. I used a "lot cutter hi Llw router table (Fig. !J, All the c(]gillj!; slr!11~, except tb(l~I' on the Inurl., are grooved on ["W() sides.

DADO!:5. He-fore the C3~r Gill hf;' ~,.;,.;t'rnhlt'(i, dadoes have LLl be ('~II ill I he plywoorl. The fir,.;1 dadtH:"~ join the divider 10 the ntlwr panels (F1Y, U.

TIlt ncxl1I:icln!'-<;':lre channels 1'01' I/..!'I dowels (gli(li-- pin'"1) that arc part 01 I h .. flip-up door a-seuiblv These- dadllt'~ are P1!."iiliOlwd :%;11 down- 11"0111 th .. 1()p of 11k (li\'iclt'rno<11eitsidepiludrri!I .. :';,

And finally, JiV(" pairs. or dadoes ;l.J"C vut for the drawer runners un rhc l·igl,l side pam-l i.llld

RUNNERS, wlu-n ~m~ fin-

lshcd. ripten mnwer runners Olio liL ill the dadoe-s and nluc them in pia!'!;' Lt'"ror+-> nit;' plywood W<tI'P,.; ("'iN. -!II!.

A.PPLY EDGING STRIP'5._ Now the edging strips Colli Ill: upplierl to the cd~(_~ of the- plywoml panels.

tlC~ill b~' ripping l/~" hardboard splillt,!'. «» '/ll;OI wkle. (T11is is 1/1(;" h"~~ L1J,\11 111'"~·dn1. co provitle g-iLw r('iief,) Th"ll cut [111 the splines 'H' ~ht!r!n tbun 1.1-1(-' plywood ell.<:.(,,; tlu-y'll be joined to. {Ibis allows ,/( fit eac-h end ~~J l!JL Sp!iL1CS wnu't int.t'r Jt>r!;" with one <i.L10l11Cl'.)

I glued ll1t· \:tlg-ing strips (G) to tlaside panels fir .. l (Virl_ Sj, They're mil,er!"'d to length tv Iii around the !llywoo'ld_

Ne-xt glue tbc ('d§(ing (F, H} 1(J11l{'

pins Ili

groov('s already routed 011 ~h~ inside- 01

the panels (F~iJ 'TIIC',:-ef..'1'IH)ve~ howe

to be extended Ilu- rronl edging

strip I}y IIlHlhill;'; nul ;1. ";1T~,11l section ,,\Cilh<ldli~I{f-"i{J,?),

ASSH .. IUE CA';iE vow 111(' cabinet can be a-sembled bv [oininu the CCJ1'llf'I'''; with the o:dglilg ~11'lP:; and :,-pline~,

Alter the-cabinet i~a~;.;pmll1ed. IllC.aSLI.JC rhr 10 g .. t the dimensions to rucks- rhe Gunr {FI[l, d), For to 'JIVing fn:t']Y, allow fora ,L\HjJ <-II ,11t: rep. u I/I'~" gap at the bottom

.md a li::~" g<'llJ on each sick, 111cn, subnn arltlitional IN' frum the wid1 h and helghr tor [h"-t11id, rruu sll-ip';ol I.hflt will be on tlu- ethn-s oj' the- door

Tf\IM STFlIPS, ','\{H-'r r-ul! i Ilg rho plywood rloor I:D Si:-:I;, rl]llt]i: trim strips and g-IIH-' them onto rbe l'{1g('-s (Fie}, ClI

GLIDE PINS_ 'l1H: door I'id;s {III i)!I'I~ lha! ';olliuf' ill the rcurcd gt{JOV['''_ The-al)iI1'" are ~/I" dowels 1II0tllllC(1 in flu- side {'dge~ of the door (Fiy_ 9)_ (1)011'L ~';'IHt" III the dowels - _11C'}' n'li,l(ill haw I~) lIt! l-eIJ10H'(1 if the dOGJ' J]p,'d~ lrIJnmiI1!--:!

I~STALL DOOR. T,J liang Ilu- (IO~[fl bczln by Ch;1I11(C"riHg ItH" rront upper ([JI'n\:I" {/"iU . .rn The-n installthepull.

Whil~· llc)lrlirlg the door in the comp.nunent fit un angie-,- Fio, ir})_ alum lilt'> l)iITl" wuh tile grooves ilnCllwbr the Ih'l parallel with the troutof rlie Gl",-

511~"ORT DOWELS. Tllc b:-;I


Ilit,((-:~ 1'01- 111~ (PI. To 111<~l,e ~UL-I,.-: tJl(-:~t; )..rrom'(·~ ar e not vi"ibk rrom til!" front, align the ,l,~do blade ..... 'ith tho:' hcttom Podge cttbc bottom sloe (Fig_iS)

A'5.:SEMIl.I,_Y, Now. the drawers U"LIl b .. , assembled (SfCC Shop T~JJ below)_ Tllerl chisel our the Hnacr that blocks the reur of the IUrH1CJ~ prcovc (Pilj U)_ Ami nu the vold ill: the :',id(~~ fcreau-d by , he botmm g'fOO v '·) with w00l1 [l1I~ ly

CLEATS. The last step is to SCIT"W two ("11:":11;; to the bottom of rhc cabinet. These ureventthc cabinet from ~lldillg cffttte stretchers (Fiy . .' 'I!. •


Adding ,liding doors and shelves actually makes thi' version of the cabinet simpler to build. It slso provides more storage 'pace for larger objects or portable tools.

'The [cmerv ror this VC'J"S~OlL uflhe l.:ilhim:1 i~ similar to LIlt> Ori,l!illaJ, hILI to allow for sliding dUll]";:, some of the rucasuremenl s r+range.

CII! Ill" LUlllmel bottom plywood panels (.Il,) 'IN' narrower (18J.~I") than iutheuriginal. TIle tou/bouom i::{lging (F)

ar rhc frout.ufthe- original cabinet is replacer! liy upper (f{) endlower (S) dum- tracks. Cm these tracks ll/~" wide (nil. 21.

(\11 two ~!Ic;"·wide grooves ill cadI of the tracks ior tbc door~ (FI:Y.'!). The zrrovcs in the upper Irack ,11"F. deeper e/i~") than IhCJ'~!' ill the lower e/l,}')

Glue Lttt' tracks with splines (G) to the top and bottom panels.

Cut the divillf"T (DJ to 51?c. You won', need lht' dividerkeys (1).

J(vCJU warn In ;!(it! shelves. <-Mll Ill" shelf f.lIP~)OI"11H}ll:"s in the sides (C) aml divider CD),

Glue and assemble the case.

Add ;1 '/.(-Ihk'\( edging strip (H) 1.0 the frout \~fl~!O'" ofthr divider (Viii. _!) Cur ~i:'" plywood shelves ('1') uurl edge wilt! li~" Ihirk CdglW:' (U).

Glut: srn;1112 h"-long door :;[ups (V) into the bi]('k groove m the k>fl ('1111 of lhe low!"]" door [rack and the [runt g!"iO),C<lLI1,('"I"ig-il1-(,-lla (PI[I' I).


CABINET WITH SLIDING DOORS j A Icp'Bcttcr -n (2' ~~·.I)II· . 15% ~.45;/j

~ ~;·;~Ei~~I~dGiiq ~·,.:I~\J~~; ~~"~ 1';

D"'verEdgng") '!.x'i.,·I(,-ougr U::r. ricer Track \ I' :l4-" 1 I~ - <If,'/~

1 ",,,{JoorTI;lCk\l:' ,, •. ; 111,4f;"'I~

~'I+'lvi:"·.12: 'I_pi). - ';.:',-;-, 22",1,8

'"",,,If F'J!2I~""~2j /,., ~I,.. ;;>l"i,fj

l)(]or ',L,:;;5:2) '1.~~ ~I;~ I'I~

W ~litJr"JI)(.:i)1';(2' ·/",Il,j~d_· '~~~3',,'., Po net r-eed ports :... I, I c. I, M. "-.. r HARDWARE

WORf--5ENCY Cr\BINET \01,,'11"-1 '~L'D!I'\IG C:OORS • + !\ND SHF..1_Vr~S

Cut two O\, .. rlOlPping sliding doers (\'Vl from %" hardbourd %" hJt:lIt']" 1111111 LIlt' l:;l!JilH"1 opening (15") i J·';~f. I).

Screw <L wood pull cnro encb doer Slip cad! door Into position by nLi~ing it (Ill OfUl\: way upintn the groove ill ill .. upper-track aile! th .... n l(i\v.;>rlng it lJ!\U the lowertrack.


When il comes to machine tools. ir seems as tllt.lllgh there is ulwavs room for improvement. \VlH .. :t!\(.;r 1l '6 adding storage space, dusc collec- 1 i(1l1~ or cfflcicncv, there is really no end to dee custorniairu; ;l1lll11p,J:1I illg you can ,J~l (,_II your reels.Take the cable saw cnbincr :-.hnwl1 in Ihit> section us ;JJ1 example It allows you to rip long bxrrds, I, .. il h'.ll.ll throwtng '-1 lor of dust in the air, and roll the stand ,HIL Llfl h,' W(lY \.~'IKI'I ')'\.XI·lY dune

The router table :11~(1 COI11('~ wilh fcmures designed for efficiency, including a ruin-r ~,Illg" ~lul. You could also choose. jUS[ to 111;~kc rl-rc fr-ncc LOU III vcur (xi,,\in_g router table. Severn! optional acr cssorh '5'-11"('; included

The mobile miter :<1\\' ~1~lli~1I1 wiltl rold-do-vn Will.g~ offers perhaps rhc grcuc-r C(_HlVl,'lli;,:m,:t.': thv alulitv ro cut Long pieces to lenzrh Wi11'111111 rlH::l~'I1r1ng or IIl:Jrl<lIl.g

Table Saw Cabinet

Shop Tip: Leg Levelers .•..

Shop Tip: Dust Collector- J look-up.

Shop Tir: Making and Usiof,: a Pu~h SI ick Designer's Notebook: Oulfi:~"J S'11Ipl.lrl

Shop Tip: Patter-n nit, , , ..

Shop Tip: Addtng o Miter G::tu~e 81M. . , .. 65

Shop Tip: Insrullmg Threaded r nserrs . • . , .. 67

Accessor-ies. Fencl' Add-Ons . . , .. 70

Shop Tip; Cutting Plywood \Vjthou[ Chipour . , .. 74

Shop Tip; Routing Chamfco, 011 Edges .. .. ... . .. 76

Sh ... p Tip' Customicing To Your Saw .. T • • •• 79

Sctupr Miter Suw Station ......•...........•....... HI

'Iable Saw Cabinet

This sturdy but mobile cabinet will improve your table-saw setup with storage space. two different options for dust collection, and an outfeed support for long workpieces.

he stand Om! CLLlIl(' with Ill)' I<Iblt' saw alwavs srruck me OI!;.:L bit of all HI'lr'r'lhllughl - <I "bare

bun .. ,.;" Illet<ll frame that SL1PPOrLC'<1 (he saw. Bul by rcptactrur it '11'1111 ihi" "hop' built cabinet. I W;I'" able to mak .. a number of worthwhile improvements.

STORAGE.. First. 111I.:f(,'-,; a large drawer for ;;.\I)ling jigs. accessories. and ~IW blades . .:\11(1 the miter ~aug:l:. rill fence. and push slick arc held in plm.:p with simple hlildl'r~ wlu-n nut in 111;<',

OUST COLLE.CTION. Ht':siflt's udtling sLOragl-', \hf' (';l!)jnet .11$0 provides a W<1Y

10 control dust. t\ pullout bin C::f1II~!('I;-; the dust {'3CC photo JI riAII!), Or, 11';'; <III uutio», you could honk u d1l::;l collector up to the bin (r .. fe-r 10 Imgt' :>G).

STdILiTY_ Another thing I like about thie cnbincr is that it'smuch morestable than myoid metal stand. ']11(" n-ason is simple - it's heavier. ~vl;,d;: from medium-density filn-rboarr! (:"'1DF) and Dougl:I"; fir. there's enough mass to damI' the saw's vibration.

But regardless of its wcteju, Cil~h~rs make the stand (>a!'.y If! roll wh-rever YOu neetl it. A"d one," il"~ in place. spc-

oul Jevclers raise it oil the casters tor rock sclltl support.

OPTIONALOUTFEED SUPPOR.T_ Once I finislu-d the eaiJint'I, I dt'l"'ided 10 mid an romf.·",d ~IlPJlt)r' _ lt ;1I1'H.:hes (0 the bad" uf I1w ('"binel with a couple of knobs. For more on rltc ouuccd support. sec thl' Dcsig'Tlcr's \T,,!( .. book Oil pag.· ;)~J




The fil-~I_llllllg 1(1 builct 1'-'. 1.11<-' l);lSI;" orthe cabinet. [I ~L[)lISt-!~ lh e- dLl"';L bin rmrl ='J[)I-ag-I-' drawe-r and SU1'!IDI"l'$ Inl-' jop

SID!! II.SSEMBLlES_ "lhe- bits!': starts out

['Nod!:":.>I;.; en the lop inaide edgl;" (f'ir/c• ,! (/lid .J(U ,-\I~<:,r g-'llIillg-lllld screwing lilt' dt'H~;,l in place. CUI ;1 li~I" h:lr(lho,IH_l dust ~lJelf (l;j to fil Then giLw Ihi" slu-lfiuro 111<-" rahbets

1101.0':. ThE" b~l("lI ofthe nlhim-'j ~llL-lmwd with ["jt-!CE":'. uf

Allc:r "olll~llg ,I nllJb(~'1 around each opening ill back. just cut <Ill lIPPC"t- back panel (H) and a lower back IJi1I1e-[

fit those openings. T1wIl cad]

panels call be- glued and screwed in p[a('{'(Fig~. -Iu_"!!d.itr).

CA:;'URS, To make [lie cabinet ,-as}, lomlial"OumlthcsllOl'.Iaddc-u.asl:tof But first. 10 provide surface. a SIlI}POI"l

and ~;cI"(-NC"d install a

ancl fixed

0[}Q:Q)(p 'liU? Leg Levelers

hE-zr, .. y-dtlty le.J leve'ers to raise the table sew ccbinet ort the casterswhen tile SoM'IS -r uss

needed to ad_us-~ these 12·,1212[5 .311d grie YOL_f cabiner acme added stab, Ily


Xow with the base ccmclctcd, you can begln bulldlng the dust bill and drawer to flt tbelrcpcnlnzs

lengths of the bill and drawer (Z2") " Pi,C/, .U. AmI ~.O 3L-ewidths (20"}. This allows for for 111(' bin and for the drawer

heights arc cljif{:["cnl. fronts (to be added later) they're IN' sboncr than lhc:il opeLlings(;j"am17W'].

TD bulklthe bin and drawer. start by r-utting rhr- sides {K. Li to tlnlshcd size(FIJi- -i i. Rabbet the ends of each side to acce-pt trout/back pieces (1\"1, ~) (F-,:g. ~I'I) ,)11(1 cut grooves forthe bottoms (0. P) (/o".:g . .f;.iJ.). To keep the MnF from ""pllllil1"~,~, 111'illl}ilo! hok~_ Then assemble Llw pin'(~~ wil'h glw:" m1[1 screws.

SLIDES AND GumE')_ To pruvklc easy )l~'('t'-S~ 10 lhe storage drawer, full-cxrcuslou 'slides arc: Installed on rho:' storage drawer. But I decided to rake a different approach wltlt the dust bill.

To eliminate the hassle ofrr-k-aslng a slide to pill] om the dustbtn.I madcrwc g~lide:-> (Q) (Fi{." -5). These arc lust ";lrij)s of MDF fltnt nrc uotcltecl co fit Hl"OlIlJ([ rhe stile-s. Tu help gllide the bln 11110 11;(·· opening, u-e front erule are lnpered (ria, s'U.

FALSE F~ONT5_ Wilh tlte guitlcs glued r in~t.allecl the bill and drawer


The 11lP 01 the cabine' ads as a lllollHting' plarfcrrn r01" rbe table ~i1W SO 1 WHlll<:(1 /1 thick, heavv ,~IJ.1b If) help d;lm[):1I1,yvibl";lilI)IJ

:"tIotc: [iYD1I-re-]J1flllllillg 1-(1 hook up a dust ('011.;-<·(or, it's easiest to (10 it before making the lop (refer to rhc Shop Ttp ,II (JJCb-OHOLl1 otthe OIJposi1C'" IJi1gC'"}"

TIle top is built up rrnm lWO pieces ut J/.L"-tllio:-k j\·mr Wi[.'. {no \V11<11 I Jcund worked best here was to cut OLL('- tall

IJ,lgc TRIM. To ONe· r Illl· exposed edges the top if'. "wrapped" with trim strips 0-1 (J). These are justpieces uIIL//,stock rhat aru r~llrJ,·cl](j a widi], :I_!~", Alk-r rLLi.lel-jLLF',; the ;;lriv, ]0 h-ugth LD hl, tl,t' tahl .. LOll. Hn-y t-au ~imlll\"' b ... ghwll inuluc-.



When rill wL)rkillg on 011..: tab! .. ~.;]\~', ir seems like Im consrantfy switching bel w ccn rippin,( lind erori~t"ullil1)! AT1d Ih<11 means Frn ,1]W<lVS rcncluua for 1.1w miter gallgc'. rill renee. nml pll~h stir-k

The probl ... m rs thar I've IH'\'(-'r Iml111 ((:<llly convenient and' plnre to set 111(>;<.<' ao-e-csorlcs when 11!E-'v·n· nor ill LI~t'. SO 1 dccldcdtc add ,1 ';home" for r-m-h ,)fli1E'~i.~ on the tahh- saw cabinet.

MITE.R GAUGE BRACKET. I started [liaking" ,I miter g~llW: brm'ke-t by cutLing H blod. (lV) om ol ,'h" thick steel,

(Fi~/, 8) a

t:llOLl!-!11 to c';I~il~' ;ICC('Dt the miter gall).\'·' i\"'xt, glue a shaped trim pi..-n· (X) <It each corner. 'I1K$(: h.-!Id tht' l11il('l- gauge ~lm1 kt't'Jl i( from slipuuurnfL

Thcu J sen-wed the bracket to the lcfr shlc ort_ht' rnblnct (Fi([. 8,J.

RIP FENCE BRACKETS. - A rip renee fl'-l'I!,; a "j)uple of brackets h! support il ,Ill. Again. I used 11/}' stock for (he

(Y), But rhis ti I 11(-' t creared a g-l'()ow 011 the rnp of each Hor-k wlth a pair prh:LT"dbo<u'd strips (I.). To make it easy to position (he fence on (he blocks.

glue the strips duwn scrhcsroove i~ IN' wickl'lkl!llll(~ renee (PI,!!, 'Ju).

Then ~(Tl~W tlu- hnt('"k~ts to lh., "lilt',; on the right ~i{J,· uf lhe cablnct (Fi!J. !}).

PUSH STICK HOLSTER. Arter 1I101].;ing":1 push stick (~(." Shop Tip box bvluw), I wanted to mul«- II "holster" 1M it t ha] would [llak" it ccnvenlcm togfao

The hol~l.'r isju~1 <L piece 01 :':x·l with a ~rooVt' 1"111 ](1 it that's $.Iighlly wider rhau Ilre- thu-kncss of tllt' pnsh stick ~i(( i_ Toruakc it ca-u-r 10 inse-r t rhc vtick , br-vcl tht: ,'dg'fs or the groovt' Then screw the hulsn-r down to

the hlp of lhf'" cabinet fJ-'iq_ I}) •

&)[]:C@;{P IjlIP Making and Using a Push Stick

Every teole sewsl-ouid come · ... ~FI a goou ))I .. ::;h

stick, Most don't so you

howe-to make your OV,''1

Ihe 0f1e-~Il<-'WI'1 here is big enough to k~q.J 'Your nards <I,Nay from Ihe bteoc. Ana it cen eassyberreoeror repalren if il get:.cnev,ed up), But rr\L)~1 irnnortant, It snows you to -old tbe workcece dow-r. :igl"t

ace rsr the- [(Ii) c ~1:;' we,1 as push SHillr;hl ahead

I mace w)'PJsn stIC~OU, of~':I" l)l(\:Ji'J'"ldE'{1Slt)' flbE'fbtl;~r{l {Ivllm butjcu coukl \J"P pr,"li(}OC. First cw It In tlK' snepe sbown In !IIP griri dl<w~illg i~'i9_ '0') TII-" br,~(' area is'lIWj-2 SOt11,11 jou can «x.un sndcreare a new hotter- and heel If il qets cnewec up (Fig li

Tn rn,:lke it E"3SIE-r on the henc, I roundedtl-e harnllr-

wth a 1.1'" roundover nn

To prt'!Vf'111 k ckback ,"vhm cuttil1g thin stnps, be SV.I' lhat tl-e heel of tl-e push 51fCk l-oess O"~r the ~I rip bet\Neen the blade (Inti the terce (Fi9 .. ~).

\·vtwn ripoing , ..... rder pier es. center tl-e push .~1 kk between the blrlL:J(~ and Ihl' renee :F.'q 4) .


This optional outfeed support system is a great way to "catch" a long workpiece when completing a cut. And it's simple enough to easily be added to the basic Table Saw Cabinet design.

StartbYlll.altil1g a crossbar. (_~hl~' a C't~WI' (BB) on ~op of u llh"-lhic'k ru-m (('C'). TI1Ct1Cllla wide: bt>vd in the cover :Ddail "~I'), This will help din"Cl thin, s;lggillg workpiece'S ont .... and over tlw u()ssi)Hr.

'111(' lop of tile rrosahar must be nr the same hcighr as the ~IW tahk-. SII mensure from the boucm (If the- cabins 10 th .. top of the sawrabk .:Jnd subtruct tluthickness of the crossbar (h-:,"). TlwJ1 {'"III 1"111;' uprights (DDl \0 lcnzth.

elll a rabberatthc mp anrl a rladu 11,'<11" lhf' borrcm of each Ilpright.

CIII IWQ mila (IE) co .fi11J(~[wt' .. n 111;;' uprights ami screw them ill pluc.e.

Screw the crossbar-to the lll~) rail.

('III two lO"-loml' CUf1JlcLliug anus (FFI to anach the outtccd support h. Irw cabinet, Rabbet both ends of euch nrm 10 fil over the uprighu, (UIJ) ,HId the slilf!'- (A) of the cabinet r'Lh:lail

Drill a ~/IC'1 holt: ncar one cml a

·,!IIi"·· ..... iclf' h .. lghl ndiusnnent stet ncar the uthcre-ml 1J1'~;fI(,;ll arm.

Drill crm- ... ~p()l1dillg 1101('5 lute the ul,rlglll,; ;lllflt:abinet stiles, anrl install h/Hi" T-nms ID('I(U[ ·o'i. These accept thn~fI(kd knobs that will lock the ()LH' rt'P,1 snppor t in place.

(\1",1.0111 a If"l:! leveler at the bottom 01' c:aciJuplij.!hl

To lillo",; for ~Iunlge. mid two 'l-nuts 10 the C/li1i;;/I,' nf each upright. Then 1"1\(: 1)(' etnrerl vertically 011 the



B8 (·D~sb.a,Co\o'::ril:' '/~1::lxl.-..:I!I;4C; CC c-cssbar kn (1) I ¥. ,,3 --'10

DOU~I'iJlm(2\ ,1/."3 J]Jr.,

EE R~II\-:~\ 'i~ ~ 3 22',1/

FF t(WI "C\ A'ms(2) ')/113 2:)


l11; ne, e ~ ~" 1-11 "'\·':·J:::iSlr~\',·l ~11) No 8 ~ J.k" fill "',".):)I!'~r,,".,\·~ ;8) ~'I" TIIUl:,

:4j ·1.;" ~ 2Ih" 11'r(oJ;:'~cJ """":<; i4:r "!,," :1,;tw~:>I-, ,;n;eGl"'l,=ut)'II':jc"cl~


I r T




~,L_ r, (-1--



Router Table

This sturdy router table can be built as shown, with a solid base made entirely from lx4s" But you can also build just the fence system with a number of tailor-made accessories to fit an existing router table"

ona router rl .. ",ip1ed with those teatun-s. lnll wuh flexibility. llil YOIl c,;1T], use onl), the oarrsvoo wa[\~ -lhe- base. the 10]l with an insert plah". m- Ihe fence with a T-~ILlL for accessorh-s.

SAS~_ Stur-dy and ca~}' ill build, lilt' buse I,; llwdl' r-ntirclv out O1r 2xAs. (I used DQng!<1:;, fir.) !-:iJib ami st rctchcrs ]lnH'ilie solid suupnr t with simple joiner}, ~cd1lliqm:s

TOP, I lbllll.L\h1 lim:.:' features wenesscuual tor 11l(-' top, First I wau\t";l :1 rr-movnhl ... insert plate ttl hold tht' router. 1 also wanted a he-avy lop (to .tarnp rhe vibration) ,Hid ,I miter slur.

The inscr l phw, which rig iu n 1"(,(,(:55Ccl upt'llillg ill the table. GIll 1)1" made (mill 1/~'t-thid, hardboard tit durabh- phe-nolic plastic. By ,.;new!T\g IIII-' rOI11.:"1" to the bouour uf Ihis plate, }'OU r-an ~imlJly lift Itl.· 1"0111('1' out to dl~lllgi::' hits 01' ro do (rn'h~llld mllting

R(JUlillg uut tlu« rt'c"t'ss('(ln be tricky so l used a spe-cial technique (refer III pages 64 and 6!'i)

Tln- lop is a sandwicln-d rnr ... of hardboard. \·'dgvd with hnnl(JIl(1 ('(l\o'('I'ct!wllll plastic laminate on ttte ropamtbouom. This dmups vibration and provides ,>1Il0QU1. hard-wearing edges wiwlt tl If" recess and miu-r gall!:.!"!:" .;,:iOlilrt'fCmll:'d in the surface.

fENCE. F.VCIl if ~'(JU <lln'~ld}' have a r'lIlllt'r table. consider Imililillg just the 1"I1(';='. 11 has ;IT-,,~)llh;JI's designed to ;1{"["f'I't a variety ul an't':-:sories (refer tu pages 7u and 71)_ And used to damp the arlapttc fiJ';'/ ~i~e table




A L;,_gPi"(~',,:~) B na Is ':-1)


o Ilas(!(~ J!"Pi 2- fJ";'fn,,

E covers :2, '4 hdnd ·11'1>;.; lH~'

F Sdr.[dgf'\(I(l) J/"ltlif,,)'l'lJ

G rl..'[!k£dq~q;2j :If"x IT,, •. so

H 1,.....,rIPJII!(l) ",lldnd~- !J;:x 1'1'.FENCE·'-

I aase Top (lj ! i.;, x 1~'~ )6

J aaso sono n cu 'I;>: 11,1~ 3S

K Slicjng>a~~s(<:'· Ji~~l% '5

L Top sers f2) llJ ~ 21/,' 35

MArmBank(l) ~i'l~l%-a

N Spacers :2) ·11~ ~ , '/;·2'/,

o ~i')11\1i5'};1 is hdbd • 'I~ ~ 1 V,

-(J' IJh':'I")h~ Ill(l)ll~

.'1.'11' i'wd'.v:)!)d lor Ir~'1'~ anrl accessories

OVEflALL DIMEN~IONS.{with rencej 41'/;:H x 36W x 23D


(,·n r-I(J, <' ~,'I,;" ~h '\·Y(.:0Q,veWS

(11:' -.'~. ~ jl/.I' 1<'I1l ~.;:-~w~s. ','.'a,her, (l~·~"l' ~ hl" h~rdwo~ ccwe:

,). ~I(·,j 7VI,," ~ "lO'h" piA!. ctsrrroate I/l~ ~-,h~I'''': "'V\'fllH"lll)ll,~k.~to.

(-'1) 1'1~" II\lIl~d,~. 111'~<id!'di'l~Plb

(-1) \,I,~' X21i.,' th'~<"I,·d bl()b~R '""~,>h"l~ (2:' ],. ••• x b" t .• ni<ll}Ii:IOlh

'2) 1',,' pla'.[-rknul;,(Ij, .,Ilng IllJ'~)"'""';n~h~" T-~Iot rut!; i'or .::a:e:i>CJ·le~. wee ~hl'W~ /0 .. '1)



I~'~ ~ 11/f 4B (2.3 e« ~;)

t; '"'///:0//>/)"0"fwm~



crr TO FIT RAilS

All you needto build the base is four x (1 zx-ts and a6 it 2x·l. Ihrtbcfon- l started I cleaned til) lltr- ~x'l:-:. a Iii!!., by I"IJlJling J! I" (Iff each l:1]g,'. redudllJ,!. Lilt' wid III to 311 ,8C-l'Cllltillg i)('lailill/"i,fJ. 1).

END F~AME-S. Th,' Im,;w hus two end

To slmplify 1h e . jniner~· antl provide lIIurU!'p;.; (or the- ruils (B), J pre-cut 3"· wide oa{iQo:::; and rabbets in each kg pipet' hdore gllllllg them tozcthcr.

After these curs arc made in the ll~g pieces, glue the lc~:!> aml ,'ail:-; lo,t.wllIN 10 complete the two end i'r.J.fHe~(r;U .. !) STRETCHERS. Next, 1110' "!HI h-arnes

are joutctl IO.Q:ct!JI:r threi-

stretchers (C), also [11;ldf' :2x4:-:..

Note: To i)t:C('S-:i 10 IIH" It)r'~ siren-her

TIK stretchers are la:':ll;"nt'll to IIIf' frames with lag' screws. Bm ,.;inl.-"t' lllt'sf.! ia.'{ screw., arc llt:ing threaded jl110 end ~rilill, Ih ... r ... \.;\ Irick I decided to lise to 111":1]1 stre-ngthen this.joint.

I drilled ;1 "1/ I" ]10\(', ll/~" from thei-ml (If ea~ .. h stretcher andglucrl <t dfJ\~·d in\11 ench hole r Fl.'! .. 1). TIll" CJ"OS~ g(a~JI nf the- clowd holds the SC"J"CW flnulv

A55~MBLY" Finally. a5:;cLnbl(~ (hl base by juining rhc end U'll3il(:':": ami rhe srrcrchcrs whh l/:i" x :~I/I" lag- ,,;~n-"I!i (r·dl'rIOFi!)~ . .l(lJw' .. f).



I began makillg lilt' table lop by {_'ultillg" ,j base (0) to size (~l"/{:-.: 28L-~") front :/ I"-thkk plywuucll riO, -U,

The next :-:Olep i~ rn cut lWO :;ILgllLly C)\'eJ"SLZ(, covers {E) from ~/ II' hardboard and glw--, nH~111 nn top of the: plywoutl base with \:ollial'l {'CIIl('lIL Then ust' n flush mru bil til":' shown 011 pLlf,!;oP. Hi} nr H pattern hit (as shown ill dl(' Shop TiD b,->Iow) to Irim the lmnlboard flush win] llwlllyw(lml

E.DGING_ tccw il]r..: the whule ~'UI-~ sectkm rem be cdzcd willi luu-dwoorl, I Ll~t'(1 IN'-tllkk maple edglTlg (I-: G).

Fir,,!. rill the cdutrur to m:lt.:h the thickness or the top IFi!! .. '(l), Then (1.11 illn[(-'ngthrFI!I_·ii.

Now, glue and damp the e-dgJng pi-L"('P'3 so they're 11L1~h with the edges of the lOP, WIKiL LlJl' gllH' ls dry, sanrl or file <I radiu-ccruo t',l~'h corner (FLY. ijlJ)

LAMINATE, TIlt:' \w51 step is ru ~Iu .. plastic latninnte co both the lup ami bottom faee~ uf lhe table fOI} (/·'iy_ Ii) ~oll:': Jr,.; important to glm: lamuune \'0 '/rJU, [,1('(-':>;. This will hell} prt'vt;'nl ~llr~ lfll} (mHL W<li"j)lllg.

HL:n' uguin. I cutthe lallliH:JLf sizt, then trimlll.:d it - but this with a chamfer bit 10 t:h(lmi'cr 111;-' .. rig.: orllJ(' touar the same lime ([··ig, (;(I).

FINISH. Before goillg' any further. 1 nntstred the base and nl,t.;ing with a tung-cilflnlsh.

~C;'@!;lIi'l][P Pattern Bit

shef-. YOII ran U5€<l oartern on I() trill" pieces flush as SOO\c.;n below or tc rout Dpenirl~:J5 CIS shown on Pflge65



u-rore continuing, T found it'~t 10 work if! permancnuymcumcd the (able hlp flI110 the base with four Lshaccd lmn'kr-ls (reter 10 [he Exploded View 011 11~tg(;' Gland rhe Shop Tlp on page 16).

OIllX' the lOI) is fastened down. I.h,' nE;')(1 step ls to make the removable insert pJ.IIT. J used a I-lin~l: or IN'-lhit"k phenolic plastic. but I/~" hurdbcnrd would also wurk just line.

CUT TO SIZE. Fir~t, cut thr- lnsc-r t plate (H) to finished ;;IZI· (j"iy. -; J. If yo II plan to usc a large router. yuu'Il 1II~f'd 1.0 make the insert plate abuut In wid",r than 1110 bacdlcs 011 the router

Now use the base fWIIl vcur renter i1S 11, template \"0 IOUtl(" iHl(] drill the mDlllllin,g holes and Ow center hnle. Also drill two linger holes (Fi!), r)

Next. £/111d ur t'Lie a 1/.1" rudius en cnch comer ~JI" the insert .. (This equals the rat!iusnt"tfw patter-n h,llISof;d 10 rout the n:ct!~~ IHIt-'T, re-Fer I() Fir,. ft,) Finally. chamfer alllht;' .. dg;-s (Vir;, ';(0.

LAY OUT OPENING, Afh'r the Insert plate is L'OInpIO'It'. lused il <I;'; a template for layillRllul th ... llpt:ning inthe tup.

Tn cio !hi~. IlrSl position the plate 0" in Irom tilt: Front t:[Ig-\~ nf lilt' m.akiHg' ~UrL' 11\; t: .. rll.c-rt'd

fF1i/. ~). Tln:n you cun ~irnpl)' rrare around it wuh :llI<'Hcil

But r!.!W',' l'lll 0111 lhe OIIf'lling yet f'irst ynuneedmlavnur e lip to hold up III(- phIlp, To 110 this, start by dnlV;'ill~ curnnes (ill' the lip. ~h" hi (rom uic outIiue- (f":y. !J!. Next. [hill a holt- in each corner Ihm's formed by those cut lines.


Then, Iinallv. usc J sabre suw thc crcuinc.

ROUT THE LJP. '111C next sLq! ie,;!o I'OHI the lip for HH:: lnscr: plate ~o xil Oil There's a (rick L,) gl:uill;'; tln- 0111.lil1f' uf the lip lo pcr-u-ctly matc-h Ihf' in,;erl plate. l U;;t::IJ 1,11t-' plaIt" il~t-'Ir m' n setup g"LIidL' fur positioning four guirle strips. These- "lrip~ wert' then 1))'1"<1 10 guide a patter-n bil.lo r-out out the lipp<'d recess. Iiy tl!<illg the phl!.t' il"w1f 1 Wll~ assured

01<;111.1' DlA fll·rc."i'tHOl.E~



Illfll lilt' (1jlCn~l1g I routed would be lllf' emct sante slzc as thciuscrtpkuc

"1"" lin thls, Ilrstolacc the insert ]l1;'lt(! (I v er the openlng so it aligns withtheoutlim:' previously draw» on the table top.

The pattern bit [ used has .1 cute-r lungth of I' , Sn. in order to lI1"{}vid", a surface for the b~:aring 10 rid,' fl),!;ains!. the- guide stri)l~ also nt'~jt'd h! Of'" I' thick. 1 made these hy ).';luil1).;" UJl lIt hardbml1'd<1lld:j/'lJlywood (Fig.l(m)

f'ATTEp'i\llill ;\1 CiUID~ "TRIP


.. ,


All the ),(uide strips ahonhl tw 3" wide. tosupport the- hast' nf lht;' nJ\II"'r,

Note: Cut ''1>'0 uf Iht>>,t'" slrip:>- long enouzh 10 Illakll the totul width ofl11e table top (3()'j, Tln-se IOIL_L.f\"l' slrip"- will he (usee] i'lI!.<:Illl laLP1' I'or l'ouliH).; on! IJ11~ mile)' Sk!L [refer to Ihe :-ilmp Til) bdow) ,

Mkr 1':-r"L"l1illg' lhe" gllidl:"-,;ll'ip~ ttl lllf.'

table with douhlt'-,;irl"d earpcr

(FlU 1111" in:;;:-rt plore can then


DE.PTH Of: CUT He-(rm: routing Ill" Up, you IH"t't] to se-t IIw bit depth $0 it

il jll~1 touches the table 1,)p, Nuw rt-muve inscrtnlatc alit! rem 0111 iht' recessup ln n clcckwise direction (Fifl, 1 i).

Fiually.Io impmve Ihf' air now to the router, I roun-d a !!~., chamfer 011 the uouom ol the 1)llt'ning (f'i(!, s sar.

0~ vOlE Adding a Miter Gauge Slot

the tabe top Tilis qurde 5t1' P 'Nill form the msste e-dge of ti-e muer gCJlJYt· 510:(,'=19. ia)

NC'N, IOPG5iliCil Hie other qude vrto, hold tne -n te- 9.3Lge <;rH)-gly between ':hf' 1>.'10 <,.:rip,>

dnd snck uown tho' second vtrlp (Fig n.

Ttl set the depth o- a pattern bit, place IhE' miter cauqe bar on top 0-; a guide strip. and rt-e routeon top of the bar.

rllel' owsr the bit to

berelv touch the tab e top. NO'N remove IhE" mner 'J3Jge orncj ro.rt the ~ at (FIg. 2)

Note: vou ((In l:S~ til s same rrl(tthod for ro..,tinQ m.te- yrlugl: stub in other ~" .. ocd \rl\)'t; lQP~ eno ji]5

lJf,('i'i "Nh(:'fl you're rouu-iq

To 00 the. ,I<:,e double, ;,Idt'd ceroet tape to postnon a l' -tnick qurde str p 4' from ~h'? front edqe 01


wbethcr cr notyou build any Orhl:"l'p,lrl of this router table, the bardwocd fence is dcfLJli,dy worthy of consldcrnrion. Ir has three useful femmes: a T-slot fur 'KC~'SSO,jL:s. i'I pillcol'slic1jng faces. and a sprcial dallll)!Jl,g svstcr».

T'5LOT, TIL(' 1'-[>101 ls dcslgnctl rc accept 'f-shaccd nuts. These nuts slide in end 1(:1 you add a varlcry of <'1('(CS series. including' a nuarrl ami a leather, boarrl. (for more on accessories. sec P19l;:c""- 70 and 71. POI" :";{JU1'CC:=; of harrlwnr e lor the fence, ~\~ .. ' P[J':W l ~6,)

~LlIJINGFAC['5i, TIl(~ ]"fK,.,"; 011 l~l\~ Iront This

you're using

C~AMPIN-G S. .... STEM. '111<:'; renee i~ al~(t

designed 50 It ('.<111 he- udepted ((1 lIt any router table: (even one YVlJ may all'e.fld:,!, own). 1110:' built-in clarop heads (111 eilch end that SC"C'IIH~ the fence II) Ihe- I nhle ran easily be adinsree 10 march ,lit110tSl any cable top

Th ... Ieuce is matle up 01' foul" sections: <I ~]lli~ base, u I.U·lJ bar (with Ih\o' T-slot) ,.;hdiHg t:Il'''''-. nud the dmllJ ltearls

TO'P & BOTTOM. "lhe Im,.;c" i~ evcntuc-ut in half Lo III erountl the r-cuun-

a-,; :J 10llg xtrip that r-on ,;i,.;l;; ottwo pit'c't'''; On .. i,.; a l'!I~"_ lhirk 10p Pt<-,c~f: (1) with four dallc}l':s CLlL in il And IIH' rJlhl:"rl'-';;1 ::i:l",thick hcltom

piece The


s!idLllg" faces in pl:lce (n,rt"l' to Ihe Exploded View on pllg(-' IH), ~'() clo':'Ierl111ne Ih .. Il:"1lgi.h 01 these base pieces. fin.tmeasnr elength or Ihe router

top (SOl' fur the 1111)11':

S.110WLllu:'re-}. and rtn-n flc1clll" This will ;1110'1>.' 3" on (:!fldl en,] 1'01' I~H: clamp heeds. . After tile two

technique to

I.h(~ twu 1I<l"-" alurncd

ilpplyiTlg ,LJlY ,,-{Iul;, allg'JJ the edges ot the two Jllt'c:t'~ ,,0 lht''irt' Hush <mel dry-clamp them togelJwf, Th(-:[I S(,I'("W the pieces togellll:"l'wllh ctccuutcrsunk wocdscrews (Pi.a.

Now i'CIIIOVe the clamp'S, ~rply gill"" and screw the pieces buck together. The 5CJ'c:WS will automatlcnllv realign tb" nieces ami keep them n-om slitling as uic clamps are tjght~nC'"d.

LIlt' mnve m set ofidentical dadoes. ASS[MI!.[Y. Now you ('<1JI slue these Iwo base pjf'c-p'~ tog"dln'~r,

NOLe: Since ghlC'd "-lJrraL:e~ tend to slide nrouml 'L~ they're cliilIl I Ij!-p.d, I

L:ilC'r, (ht' h:I';t' ..... iilbc on into two ~(" tions to rre-an- an opc:ning-I'or therouter bit (:-:'I'e inset photo at k'ft). BLiI for HOW. ICCiW it ~I'; om' piece, and bcn!n working 011111 .. "lilling races (K).

I_~nch ~rldiJlg J<l(,C is half the ll·nglh 1)1 Iht' h;\,;t" OS."), And lilt": width (}wighO of each face is Ih,t tess 111:111 the heighl orthe base (Fi'l. l.~i. Thi:;; creates clearance ,,0 rhc f>li,li",L: fa,'"'' bind agrtinsc rile top b,u- (IJd,I\~<l

To allow LIII:: f>lidiug' r~H'e8 <1S

dose as po:;~ibll' 1,(1 IhE" remer I

beveled 011(- end of .. nt-h piece (Fl.a, 1 ., i, 1 also routed a ~11I;l1I dllllllff'r along the bottom edge (If each fan'. 111is chamfer servcs asa rcbcrror snwdust

THREAO£D INS£RTS, Arter rho: chamfore <"LtC! r outeil. Ilw :-.lidillg faces an ahnusr Lompl .. lt" - ntl Ihat's len In rlo mm'i" iu-Inllthe threaded in ... crts

'("ht-' problem here is making sure lilt' threaded inserts are ~Iliglll-~II pr(lp ertv wuh the slots in 111l: base. To tio ll,i~, hold the slldingo taccs ill Ln .. .:iO"E'rl vositlon and flush willi L]l\~ he .. ttom or IIIl"' IHI~e. Theil use ill I nwl to scribe the po:-;ition:; of the 51015 outln- backa of ther~ln·~[F;Ij.l--;).

With the 5.I01S located. you r-un drill hole:-; for rhc threaded 111\',('1'1,,_ Center these holes on lilt' ':iuiiwd lines. and neur the end of l';wn slru ctosest to the bcvd(Pig. /UJ

Note: Tllt' hoi .. needed to fit most Vlti"-jll~iJ(· dLmllt>l..r threadedinserts i':i :'/~" del']l_Jusi drillto fit the insert: don't <lfilllul)IIt't'jl(].'if/.l1iu).

f';in;IHy, illSI:!]! rho threaded inserts 111 l]l\! rm'\~~ (see Shop Til) below)

Wht:>rl;"ier cess ble. thke tome mydrtl. cress to mstnll threaded in',erl~ 10 rreke sure they are straight and square in the ' .... .orkprece.

To USE- the mil press fer Inslallllli(Jrl, start ':J'{ sawinq o;f 1 he he;)o of a bol1111a1 fib 1110 insert Next, ttireao L'ND nuts and the ilw~rt 01110 the bolt and tiqhten the nuts

(lg;_tins! :"le tnsert.

The next step I~ to mount the bolt lr. I he (huck, rinallv vvitn thf.' drill press turned 011, you r an InS-talllhf' iosert USing the a::nlrol armfor pressure, <)(If~W the insert tore The hole, turning the chuck rlo(;1:·,'o] 502 by hL'1Ild

the in~(!rl i~ tlu"h

or -sli~j1~1l" below' the SUrTM€ (J( the workpiece.


system (Or' ~d(Jing diJTt-'H-'1l1 (refer [,IIJaF:<,s 70 antl7U,

CUT THE PIECES, TIl(' first step is In i1J! IWf) /1" Il1id\ pieces of stock {L} 10 :-izl' 10 runk- the bar (/:>1,,_ if)_ Tlul"llt_ril1 of enclt piece Isthe ;;"\111(-'" le-'Jlg111 <I!'.llw base (36'1), And L!H; width 01' 0';[("11

pi'-G'!;' (21//'1 equals the or lilt'

bns« plus the whlth rJ(tll~ 1:1('1;'"

pieces rrctcrto r:y, 1.~11).

CUT THE SLOT, A!1I'r clllling {he pieces 10 size. the next !<h:Jl is 10 muke 111~' Teslut. 'This I!'. a LWO·~it'p op ... renon.

Smrt cut uy ~:IJ L!iug II ::ib"-wiflr ):("J'(XNC :';")' (k ... p illl n lh-f' f:1{'e o-f each of thcclcccs (,'l·,rr';! j' in ~··ir! .. 1 7'), Then IILI'I1 «nch ]lifl·" 011 il-..; edge ;}L1d utm IN nil 11((-' vnd !If the '·tOlLgU(:" tormctl LJy the ).!.'·iIOVi"'rSt('J: !;I' F;{/.l;).

GLUE-UP. Bv nluhur these two pi1;'l"f';:' If)gdhc:r, a T-5101 is tunucd !II lb~ IOil h"rfPi,q, iRQ}

Here again. I lI~cd L~H-' sc-re-w und gilit' technique (ml'Hliom"d nn ]l;lg~ lfG) to keep these plt.:(;('::> nbgm-d while gluing them tom-thcr. Bul lhi,; hme, 10 keep the heath of Lhe- -c-rews, from showimr, you l:an ...;errw them in from rho ImUn,!( (;11'(--' of tlu- top bar (Fry. i :).

GLUt:: TOF> BAR TO SASE, when the

the-bnse-mtothe tcpbar

AJt~'I- the glue has ~:(JOlpleldy dried. rcmove the SCf(,"\VS and Lhp sliding Ieee pieces tl 1 .. IL you had temporarily attached to the La"l".


next rhcrcuterbu.

bbllc" ,.;Iig-Iclly shorter 111<111 tile hclulu 01 the lm";t' r ri(l. I:hu, Then, ynu (':m 1rwke repeated passes LCi '~'l~lt..: uut flustock fur the bit op~nillg

68 OL

'S.f>A(ER.$_ Before clitring the' arm

blank apart. glll~ 11 f[\.-) Oil each

end or it (F'.(j. :J i. dcrcnuinc llll:

thickness or the SP"CfT~. start by IIW:J.sILringl'h .. , toralttuclcncss of j·()UI· rOllll-'J table top (l·~i~" III my case] 'Lhen, Inr subtract 1/<"_ This ,:foL-'111,"~

of ,..;Ich spacer; 1I1-:'o( center Lilt' r(-'I1(:1-' h-nrn :-:.il11' to side OJl till: table L"I .. ~_ :-.JE'Xl. lUE"a"'lrf the amount uJ' fll-erimll:,': OH euch side (3'1), anrl Iiuuljy "ulm:ll:l I/~" for t"l..,;lrancc (~;"/~")_

N~_)'.\ .. ~U[ Ihc' two ";]_l"ll:~r;; diJ!H~II~illll~. nnd g-Ill," them 10 blank r /"irr. ,~l!

5F'LlNES_ Tlw ne-x! ~/~I'-deep kerts

"I)lincs in both


~~lliD[]0 Fence Add-Ons

nco the router I nhle W<JS built. I thing to cousider, or course. is safely your new router table. And b~ron-'1n11g decided 10 ~w'nil some time The two guards ~bnwn below shcuklbc you'll probably want to add bcthn real 1.1 making ngroupcfucc .. ,;,;orj-es. Thefhst the tlrst 1\1'0 nccesscries vou build fur ... rboard :111d a vacuum attachnn-nt,

for ~afety, include a hit g~?ar<~I~"~"~IJ~W~i.ciiiiii.

router table. 111L8 is made of two pi .. c .. s:

a ://'-LhlCk hardwood back willi two ]Ollg slor-, cur ill it, end a '/~"_lJlick cle.nuct-ylic plastic shield.

"111<0 :-;101" in the back allow I'or ht'ight adjustment. The guard assembly is held in the "]"'-:<0101- in the fence- with threade-d knobs :JnrlT·",lo\ nuts

{I pc.r llJ' ]'Jrdwuo:l"3'/1" -:t'/l"

{I pc.] 'L" ckcr acv« I' rl'':'C "l.Vj," ~ . .a' {2) h.Q s x '!~" rl1V,'OOU';':f""'.,.,

0:, "' Ih"e3ck:dkrobs.

I {71'l';<>}'lers(to',ll:nobs; . l]i 1~~ 01 ruts



To make a g-Ilill"d fnl" freehand rouriua. Ow guard. Then tiglueu ~h+,+,1 metal all YOu need i~ usingh- piC("{"Ol'/,t-lIlirk ~T"W'" in the slots.

clcar acr-ylicplnsric. ••• =:ml;m:m ••

Two ~trilighl slots arc cut 011 III ...

back ~dr::-+' In nccepr mounting screws. and two 45~ notches arc cutin the ,;Ld+'::": to fitoverth ... "li{'ling faces or the tc:JlCI':

To install l.hl~ gunrd, turn the Ieuoover and pinch (h+' sllding faces <lgairt~t

70 TOOL S--A 1'oIDS

A feather-board keeps bOa-rd~5:"~"~h~t r=~~;:==;::==~==]

<lgaio:;;t the ll.1blt-' for lXmSjstel~~lcut;;;. for this on e, cut 11 workpiece from !h" Hock with ends cutat 30~ (Pig. 1).

Tn cut th .. llnJ!!;r~. aW' .... h a tall auxillarv fence to L}l~ rni rer go,lUge of your table !-;:'!\V ("'W J). Now, tilt the SOl"" blade to :~O~ arul Hlist'" it 1'1) make 11 lL/~II_ Ilig-It cut (Pig. z(~)

with toe blade'. height set, make equally spaced cuts to l .. ave jdent1cnl tlngers

Finally. muke two slots for attacblnn the featherboard 10 tfu- renee. To do this. drill ilj,," holes, centered 2:1/.t" IIJl from the bctrcm edge of the featherbnard (Fig. 3j. Tltcn. cutout the slots with fl ."abre saw orband saw.

=~'~~--===:;:=-~'~rQ~b:Uild the nuachmcur. cut twu ui

angular-shaped side II[C(.:;'", [rom 1.12" thkkstod,IFig.l).

Next, make 3 face pI", .. frnrn IN' uardboard. It's 5" wide and beveled on the top and bottom edge!' tn rnatch Lhe ,.;i(l(:> pieces (Fi,Q, J), -11)(:~ bevels allow I he atrachmenr to fit tig111. 'w:rlint.;l lh .. 1<"'ln:' and the table.

Drill ~I hole ill the r_ClCC plate so vuur vacuum ho,."e fits ;,;IlLlgly tnro it (Piy, 2) elm' the piece-, together and screw llle aum-hment If) the back of the fence. Note: As you're c1rivill,l!

screws. the bcucm 01 the vacuum attactuuenr is forced down and tends 1.11 lift the fence. To get around ihi;;. put pennies under the side pieces before ~Imting the screws (Fig :!) After Ihey're starred. remove the pennies .nnl finish tightening-the &'"ITWS

llvru'x uu easy-tu-builrl dust collcctlcu system 111:11 screws to tile back of the fence [nve-r 11H" router hit opening) :md cunner-Is 10 your shop V3(UUlII.


Miter Saw Station

Fold-out tables esteodme usefulness of your miter saw, and a stap block saves you the trouble of measuring and marking the workpiece. There's also a convenient storage space for cutoffs.

inJ;s up Flaps out. Levelers down. Xo. this i;.:u", II tesscu {in flying airplanes. It'slust

mil' wuv of cxplalnlna how this mih-r saw station works.

Tlll' "wllIg~" aren-ally Int' underpinfur IIVO long extension tables Iou ccmer ,;1111·d~.'

In,ll 1'.'111 uccept an adjustable- slop block. A tape measure on each li'lIct· then IHi> YDu ("1l1 workllj'·t:C's In 1t"lIglh wit hour l11f'a,.;uring orm,lri,illg them beforehand.

FOLD·DOWN E.XTENSIONS, r~('g'ardless of the speed and acruracy this pruvult-s, llu- 1(I]~g t')a .. nstcn tables would be- ju IIl(-'w~lY when ynu'rc not uslnn thc lilt' mner saw. Especially v; -hc» you (:011- eider that til"}' fI;I~'I- ;311 n\.'t'I"all '"WiJlgS.I,MJI" 01 ne-arly ('igllt feet.

S(J rn erve space when the sawls not ill use. the extension tablc',,; foltl dow [I when ynu're dcm-. Thi~ (T('alps a .. '0111-

pact tool stand thai ran roll our of 1111' way for:.ior.1l;:!('OrOTlllolilt'dlivt'way to 1.1t'1,lp the next job.

BIN s. SHEL.F, Wherever 'y\JU hapucnto be working. there's, b{!(JIHI 10 Ill> a numln-r 01' "lIlorl't-;_ Hul VOI,J

hi throw them on the 11001

becnuse there's a removable scrap IJiH un the bottom. Alit! if you'r-e wOI'blll; with several p"I('(,I'~' (ht'rp":-; ,~ :-;irnplL"IIPlfIQ bobt them until you're rcany to srart cuninz.

more to these tabh-, than hl/lding III' l( workpir-ee. E;I .. h ..-x1i;"Il:;ion has a fence

71 TO( L TA H ..







E~,:",(m'.;:::,., =:::' ===:::E~~ E2ti :[;:,

~~ 'ITtlI}l Cutting Plywood Without Chipout


Th~FE" arc a let of large ptece-, of plywood 10 011 for Lhe mter SOl'.V station. 'ro.r'Il crcoaoly v -anr :c slart by ccteoo tl-em fWlll OJ 4~8 sheet with a chrular ~",,,,/{s,,~ Cuttlnq DiiiGr,'l'n)

when wiling p,y',<w)od .. vith a circular Srl't~~ I

.'1 wavs tece 1'1" gQC)(f 511rh.KE of the ~ll)w()od down since the b'.'Ir.!f'C(lU5t?S ChipoJt on the top ["up") s de. sut someurnestv .. am <1 clean cut 011 bmh sides of the pl~\NoC)d

10 prevent r.hipout on t~e top side, I ettocn an

auxiliary plate to the sow's base ~'jl,jl{' (Fiq. 1) The plate has" "zero creerar-ce" bl,~dl' slot cut n It This. bilrk~ uu tl-e wood ttbers dlemq th-e cut hne .3n,j prevents chlpo;n (SEt: pt~OI05 at righ;:}

Th", idea is. wetly 51"1Ipl(:. Screw a pLece of I.~I" trarcboarc to the sa'l./~ base elate ,'~ig n Tnpr' p.unqe the btadrthrllllQh it. N:JW you've gota plotewitna zc-o cc-arance bledestot.

The only' problem i'i tbat now the blade quard


Blades 01'1 ww,'x saws chip Dur f,'I)IY~ 0'1 the tap side of Ih£,' ,viYilIOOd.

won't work Ws held beck by the aoxiuarv plate. so tile t-,Iade i~ lett exposed

To so!>"'!;:, lnis problem, cut a ',,',idE:" second slot centered nn the" "'Si om"

(Fig. 2;, Cut it wtoe .. ' f'l'"'ouqh to ailov. ... !ht' gUilfd to mcve fre(;IY. but ~IOlJ rt 3/11" back from the forward end or t1P blade stet ;Detall In fig .. 2)


I sl~.lrh-·cI builIJ(l1B' the mlrcr saw :;;1,"liUJJ by muking the case.'siusa a simple O]lt'Tl plywood box {I used 3//' maule plywoutl} with il recessed mil thatwill ,;u]lJ!(lrl.llle miter saw :Fig. U.

Bu I the case bas crhcr features. Ali




lUI. Su l 1';L3;:'l' IIi(' IJiLge 5~).

[,'5[}:J@[P llUP Routing Chamfers on Edges

76 Tom. STA.NDS

To help keep my w"I"1< ,1I"i-';\ ~~I"'{Ir oT cui cffs. 1 decided 1.1) arhl n u-muvablc scrap bin b\'(' 1)1101.0 ;11 rij.!"hl)

I \.\,aI11t::11 I}li~ IJill III Ill: sturdv, but also ligrll F-T10tlgll so it wouldn't be d chon- I() empty. So it'll math- up "r a combination of plj woud. uardwood. andlnu dboard

FRONT & SACK. BI·~~ill w(Jrking on the bin by cLlH11I,,; the frcur nnrl bile]; Ilk~-C'5 WJ (1'0111 :%"-lh~l:k plywcnrl. To deter mlrn- L~l~·il·I"'II;.;ll1'-'., measure the opcuiua and sulnraet 1/1" (2fi"). T1,j;, allows a ~/~" ~;lP :II p111; .. r side :50 the bin can o.:.bily ln- H'mIlVf'11. :\JI(_'r ('lIlting- them to It'ng'lh> cur borb pieces 11" wirk- lhigl1J.

'111() sides of the biu an' joinedIn I hI:" from ml.j back with rabbe-t joints, SG cut rabbets in l:ach 0:'1111 01 1111' trout and back piece-sto Hccc"plllw IN·thkk sides. ("'ill"', ,jf) (I"r/r,' ii, Also cut n wide: rablwl in 1,!1t-' bonum edge lit l"ach piece lor lilt-' ~/I"·jhkk bouom fFi". (;,.

To »nprove my ~1100!i11g; pe" rentage wltc» [ross ~lnJ[lS iututhe hili, 1 rut aWHY the LOp l'clg~''; or horh the-


front and the hac-k pieces [Fiy. 4,r I •

.. '\l!(n, I cui hand llold::.ill 1.;'IL1I tlu- fn!ll~ and bat.k lli,'c~'~ l(~ make iteusier tocun-y

jll,' bin 0111 lhe firc-

WIJCl(1 pile. thr-

bandholds. I started by drillil1,g two t1/! -. dla. hole ... ]" 111}arl (F'"V ,;'1) "l'lu-n 11'111 nut ])CLW,"~:ll lin' h(ll~":-; whhnsahr .... 'O.:11'.'

\Vil}l fill uf thewOI"i1 completed 011 lilt': front anrl back Ph,·(·i:'s,nmtJ!"","cham· fen~ 011 all of tlie' exposed edges.

CORNER BLOCKS, 1'1'1 order 10 II(-Ijl strenjrthen the corners. I 'lddl:'d Iour .i/I" -c ~lJ" hardwood CI.)I"111'1· hku-ks ((;) (riO, (;), They're I.dupd and ;;(Te-wed to the front and back Ilush with therabbets.

liiu, I.IIC' ~illes ,In,' made from pieces "I :/1' hardhnard. They can "'!lIlllly bt' glued ami screwed to the-corner hlorks.

BonOM, Finally. :1 :~ll"·lhi(,]; ply· wood bottom (I) h, cutto Iii the rabbets yuu rut carlicrTlu-nit can be glued and SCl"C","(] ill plan- un the bottom or the bin (1"li. ,'j)

..... - .~



C;UT~,WID[ Fv\BBET}:,'l!EE~



\\'ht.:lllhe l';J:';P ,"')I" completed. [ added two pJywo'iod ';HP]l()I"l'; I"(i each side. A \H:d,l.!('·"bll]lt-'d win.!,! (M) serves as a pial(OrJt1 for the extension table (rdi'r 1.\1 "'i!J'~ ? (LIlt!' 11), And a ll·iaugul,tr· shaped 5l1PJJOrt (lj props up llw will!,:.

WING SUf'POFlTS. Slart hy ("llliing the

WLllg suppcrt-, 10 :-lI"l,ljW Imm VI"·

thil·k ])l)'wood

l~iLdl WillJ,;:-lUIl]J01-t IT) ls auaclrcd to lilt' ,;idt" of the case with a plano Illll).{(' (Y;!I. ,'II, '111i;; wnv, you Gill swillg il 0111 10 hold up the- wing. 01' fold it flut Ior slorage. '111(' caslcsr method J found ror attaching the' hillg'C' i:?; 1.<) first scre-w 011f'

kilr In the wing I'lu-n mount

the nsscmblv ca"c", To pruvhtc

clcaranu- for" (arlde-d !;W:'I). the

is 2'/S'l from lhv 101J, AmI :11 Iht' Iront wlte» tr'e rLl1!~' \1~.H-lIt'd {Fiy. 60}

lE\I'ELER5. Next. I added two [\-'V<"!PfS 10 EIc1jIlSt the hcighl,',{ th .. willg..;, E,ICh 011(' consists of [WI} glued-HI' bloeks: a saddle (K) [1);;1 fits over lh ... sllPl)()r~ and a block (L) lh"l houses an adjustment lllcdl:mislIl(F!fJ_:}!

The lwy In thu- merhanism is a bolt As YOH jilrE";Ld ii in (or OIL!) of aJl Insert

78 TOOL nAND';.

in the end of the block, Ihl' h .. ad ,)[ 11,t' boll lowers (or rilbe~) the- wing. Tizhrcnuur a win~ nut Illrk" u down

WINGS, Now)'1l11 can 1~t1I.OIlt the two

wings (1\'1) iu), A shallow hole In

tit.; bottom euc-h wing creates a

pocket (01' II,..' holt ill the leveler. This 1\\-"'[1-:; the- win,~ suppon from acculcu-

t"llly getting knocked mil from 1I1H1~'1 thc wlnrr.

To foldthe wirlR" UI' Of down.they're attached with a pi:mn hinkTi;"_ .-\gain. it's easie-st \0 scre-w une leaf [TI the wil1g

first '1'1'1"'11 ;11t;wl, 10 a

hardwuod C'\!--JlI aml

sr-n-w ... d If)

Nnw you c .. rn begin worl. rm lh., extension t:lllh·~ (Fi,c!, J 1) .. ~:"'~~~~~~~';I~~S

FEII!CE. I started bv "'" nmking the rt'llC"O:S. Eacll fence COII:,j,;l,; of a tall bad; fence (0) (IIHI o short front fence (1') (,,"iN. 1.:), (I u;.;ed mapl .. _) Bi,lh pieces ."11",' rut to 11llj~lwd b-ngth first PI)11).

Next. rormaT-:;llH with twn cuts in L::fwh piece. Fir<;!, to al'~'el){ the head Mil tuilp( boll, Cui 11 :/\oj" ~rOO\,'I' nearthe top ~tlf-!:e_ Then cut <1 rubhet Oil the;J.:;irir.: ~[l~c lmlt'a ,;h~1I1Ic

_\Jow cut a shallow grnuY(' in Iln- tro'm bet" of e-ach front rt'm:e (P) to provide <I I","O',:-.,.tora tapemeasure. ;\Jl(ll'li:-111111:"l" 1,1 It' bonoru ('~lg", for dust relief.

RAIL &. SED. Ne-xt ell! CI rail (q) rrom :1iJ" stock and a bed (1<) (film ·WI plywood tor cm-h extension Lahlt; f F;'y. 12). The bCIIIi~", in ancthcrjrruuvecut LI) the

back fence- and 11 corrL";110T1iling rabbet cut ill th .. r;11J_ To end UJ.' with a flat bed make sure-the groove allil ["(I boer ali)!:I),

ASS£MIl.LY_ ;.JO\~' .,11 LIlt' nieces C;'1Il II .. put together. i\l'L('r g-111lng IJ~"-lhil"i, hardwood oo~in~ (S) to the o.:ods of the bed. ).rlue and damp the bed bd.wt-'e"1I 11·1(-> back fence :l!Id rai~ {FIg. U,I_ Then

~lw,,: the front f1'11"0" 1)[('('(' (P) in utnce.

5TRETCHE.RS.To{:OIllPic[c e ac-h table. 1 added threr- h.n-dwood ~lrf'klwr" (T) (Fig . .I1), They 1'1.'01·1-: 1.l1r:!I-ihe:,· with mcunthur p'ntrorm (add"d IIfXU

tlou u» l'lhle on the willJ.!_

011 ... stretcher is flush with tllt' r~bll'·" 1I~II.sidc end. uur the stretcher nearestthe Si1W is set in ?;Ljl'l, \Vllh rhe midrlh- (,llf::;dj stu-n-h .. r. it contrcts tIW 'Sill ... to 'Side adjusuuent of the t._",I>[I'


wlwl·" Il]e two rnollnling I}hilfo'·'ll" come ill. Enrh L'-slwpf'rI platform "':011· sist-, of two hard .... uod sides (U) r.rbbe-ted 1" Iii a plywlJ,HI moununa platt-' (V) wheu IhL: olarfcrms ,Ire

wings later (pi[).!!' R1).

Ihe tables will fil downover tln-rn.

0[ji@(P 'iJU? Customizing to Your Saw

Depf'!l1dirl\J on yow saw, you may neeo to notch rhe corner of the extensor- tabre 10 prov de dee-once for thr- miter lock handle (see If'fl dr;;lv~'.ng). A"~d ii your sew has a tall s·ding fence, also rotcl- the wood fence- Of'! !re left exten:.ion table (see l'ilJht dr~wng},


One of things about thls

miter saw the Flip-up

block. H consists of Jour parts: a pill! Lsbarcd arms. a clamp hcatl. and 1',1.'0 stops, plus hardware (FiV. i.;.).

ARMS. Stan by CUlLill_? 1w(I kletuicul [.-~ha~kd nnns (\V} from ~/III han.lbunrd j,]) __ t.. note is drilled through ('<1("]1 arm accept H bolt that arrs as a pivot \';11(:[1 you OiJ) up the' stop CLAMF' HEAD. T1w next the clamp head (Xl Wifj -, vccd 'block with


~[1) Miter Saw Station

cfcre vou c.m Uto;C' the 111il("1' saw etalion. you'lluce.! III I,ilw a few ruinutesro sct it up.

To ensure the workpiece willlie 1131.

Gr~! levelthe .. Willf..~ L"~ep lJ

Ne-xt, attach Llw mounting platfurrns (St~p :2) 5ii1lcof' these detcrmfue lh(~ location 0[111(" n-nces, u'simponam that they arc ill line with each other-and perpcndicolar tIl tlu- sides of the case

Next. installthe ('XIU1SioJ3 L~lbl(',~, rii tile laLIL!~.,j(lWTl over the mounting plutforms ami slide- them toward the miter saw (S'[(!p!l)

Ncte.Toulluwside-to-sidc adjustm ... nt. drill Ilil,)thr)lt':: through the moulll.ingl,lill· [unus uml oversized holes tlml1lgh rho:" L.;'lilip T'ail!]. and attach them with screws.

Now you ran moU1U the miter saw to.


11)(C 0111y :-;L(:lJ i.llat'.,; left is to apulya self-,i:I(lhcsiw~ lapt' men-sure to each renee (Sle~);;J;) {lilA til. (One- rends rightto-left, the other 1t-'IHcrrigllt.)

Once cver'ythiug is setup, set lllt' step block 0]1:1 wholl;' number and cuta rest piure. Then measure the Pl'~(,I-', II you need jo "fine tune" [he setup, just loosen the screws that hold the labl .. and nudze it one way or the other;


Idler (..-If"'ng the exrens.ion fiilb:es dm'l'Y) ever rhe moun,flllg ,o.larfOI".fil-\' ',/ide them into pOSiUGr; r)c.wt to tbe m,'re..- sa·,'1. (! ,'eft 1" gaps hl'(w/"f;;'r"! the saw era lliL:- !,-i'/:l,l",S), {hen Just .sc-ew tbe i2b/es rc Ih<'.' ,'i.'Cl.1nt,'ng platform Ihr'[I~J!Jil oversized hafes

T0 1;';r~(IT(:' ::siiqnmeni of i/Je'! (>xlc'~~''''ar; table tences, .~lriljgr,,'ru.rJe to ;:;;,','91l r/lt;! 1~l'G rnol,'m:mg p,'.alio([)Js screw the mouni,'ng- ,oiarforlll.l to the .'1ings 'Nim SiX I -: r). 11{F," fii'lth(vxl WoOO'iOHVS ({td~.' to Fig. 13, page 79).

~~~~~~c :~3~7~

Before bolrln9 If)!> miter saw ,"Il place, IN" 5p(l("(,rs ~'f needed) to reise ,1';11' t,1bfe f!L.'sh wirh [he oed of .f),Kh cxtc:-ns/or; tilb,'~. ,tJ..I.;.o, make :'L/re theit 1.'1"" rlle,'.ai frsnce ?li,'gr.:; ',,,,-.i(h both oftlie [Nood r""riCC'S,

To level botil 0." fh"-' Y'/ings, fl0la a 5i(2ig,!!,'(.'(l";C ilU05S the

top of mi,'I~r ~._jVl' ~tiJtiD,'1_ Tlren adiil~t ~ili! toti ill th.t:

le'le,'er to or i(w/':r the Wings :50 Ule}"!!' f!'ush with U"'Ie

ocrrc .. n of rhesrraigi'lfcdge.

To ,lW,'('On rhe f<:Jp;2 mea,~ll1t·, fir')t measure and (lit e oece of ~(ri.t.o exactly 12· iOIlY HIe" but, [f1~ soao right a9a,'n.~,' lil(;; IJ/i;ic'e 2nd c!~ariy Ilii:lrk Ihe "oearion of ihe f'o"J(i of L.I~e 1),1(j-: k; 0'1 ,.he wooden fc~I~C ['.

FlilaHy, iil/9lt iii[_' 12" inc.-eHlen!' on ."/ ~l..'if·o?dnesi~'e iilpe measure YllU! r-c miJr_( tJnd otess I,' i," pillC!! Cut ofr .:Jfly excess teoe: f{ ,'he ff',"c€ ,'l€ed5 any ""~'{"~ (unl,'1q~ ,. toosen U~e ,oallh.ead .\(fY,;'Vt0 i:1ndtclp rhe terce ouo f'lcJYQr the oth-er



These projects ~tll hnve something in common: Illt."" USt' your shop's wall space 10 organize anvthing (ha~ doesn't have a lunne. The spacious roo! cabinet. fur example, prorecrx all vo'" pOWtT and hand tools. The board wsrcm provides unotheropeon f~",r hnnging (01...)1;.

Meanwhile, those long boards, cutoffs and scraps will find a home in rhc lurul-cr ruck, and :~11 yOllr fini~hing supplies will Stay together in one convenient stuuon. Finallv, the modular worksh()p gives you options for storing n varicrv of .~hL)p csscnriuls, orfor items in nuorhcr room u{ the house.

Tool Cabinet

Accessor-lese CU51'01II Tool Holders ......•.....•....• 88 J('Iineryt Box j cints. . •••••........ 90

Shop Till: Pin .spa;.:iu]..: ..•.

Pegboard System

Simp Tip: L,Ho .. k Sysrt'm .. , .•••••••• ~ ~ •••....

Lumber Rack

Shop Tip: Angled Drilling GUillc .

Shop Tip: Using Stretch Cord", .

De~Ll;!Tler'$ Notehook r Sheet Goods Bin .,

Finishing Cabinet

Shop TL~l: Dowel Ccn rcrs ..•.....• "

Technique: CI'lani.n:l: Brushes . . . .. ." ••• + ••

Modular Workshop

Designer's Xotcbook: Kid'sfl.aulldry Room .•........ 1 U

Shop Tip: Cleaning Up Conduit , .. 115

Shop Tip: lnt'mlling the Grid. Shop Tip: Slot-Cutting Jig ••... Shop Tip' Adding Bin Labels.

Designee's Notebook: Bulletin Board .....•...... Shop TlP: Preventing Studt Ittrs ....


Tool Cabinet

With unique tool holders and adjustable shelves, you can customize this wall-mounted birch tool cabinet to organize and protect all of your specie! hand and power tools,

pl:I~'''' wilen you rr-muve- Ll urputitnwav,

DRAWERS. finally. {"NO ],L!'g'C drawers C~I!I b~'l1-;C'IJ I_j) k{'",p uccessurn-s or ,.;11"1) supplies hunrlv. Tiglll-lillillg box joints make t!K'S(" drawers "'8 strong as t.llC,I' ar-e ,~(}(I(l·l(_wkiHg

WOOD AND FINISH. I lI~d birt-h '''''-QO[\, edged with solid birch. case, doers. and shelves. But

~4r.m'(:1·5, I 5( .. li(11/,'1 birch LC!L' more

:lllr;lcl iv ..





A Sdo~~2:1 =I'~~I,· 11~'~x-'!2

B "cwaoncr-r [2) :J~ pl'~. , PL1,3~lf~

C Back ::1) :r~ pl'_ 35~ln-1H~

o vert D voer ( I) :;.~ plv, 1 1 ~ 41

E ncnr. Di\/cJersm :Y~pl,· -11 x 17:,'~ F Cw':'Edgn~ '!~x',1,j-<::ut!Qf' DRAWERS, 5HELVES & DOORS

G l)T'Nr,::iidE;si"': Ihx51/;-.,lh 1_'ix5'/.-16 lIH:

I/~ l-ube. - 103,1. I( '16~/,~ Kpl\·_-7~~x16Il!1' 1f~.'.-VJ - 16' 'Il~

\'~ pl,,_ -17 r,l~ ~4-I'h


: ~ ·~Il I~ ~-:I. ~t.l

F.t<:, M


[ hl'gilfi work on the to»! (";lhinH ny m:tkiog tll(- plywood case. Jrs .iu",I..11I ope-n box with dividers.

CUT PIECES TO SIZ.E, Sian by f.:lI11il1J.! tlw skh-s tA), tOI} and bnttniu {bnth Ii) for the Cfl5C from ;1/1I'-lhi..:];. Lin-h ply· wood (F'/y

D.ADOES. lll<-" divlders

adrled later, a Iweel,.; to bo"'nll in

-ach piece. There are dmlm~s centered un flw knj:',lh or the tor) anrl i)(lItOI11 pieces. And the ~icll: ]lit-'n'~ art' dadoed nesrtbc bonom

RA8BETS.TIll: lUI} and bottom I:HL"\:('S fit in It dcco rabbet Lui ,III eac-h end M Ihl" skles (F!~r.l(u. And the bm'!; il1);irl(' C-'I]gt' (If each piece is rablw,,·f1 rOT" (I JlJ" pii.voo(l back (C) (FI[/'!. i rmrl. If!).

Oll/IDERS. lifter il".;';(':llll,1ing- the 1'."1(11 glue and

dividl'l'~, A vertical tn} scparates rho cu-e iutn twu halve-s, r F;II, .!J. But before iH"I;lllillg u. ,I dildo is cur on each Iacc 1(, matc-h the- rlaclm-s in Ih;: sidl'S(P,g . .Jr!j

"';0[(': This, would hI" u good place- 10 use iI "story ~Jjd(' (~""t' 11, ... Shop Tip boxonpazc zzj.

Now just g-lil" :H1d '<;cr..-w lilt' vertical dlvklerin place. Tit t: I I nlll.wo llOri~ollla! dividers (E) to fit uurl a~tl{"h Ihenl the sameway

EDGING. To CCllllplt'1t' tbe case. 1 ("o~'crcd the ['ru1JL uf lht-' Illy-wood edges with 'J/'-lhick ';lriP'$ of hardwood edging (I') tsee E"llkn'led view page 8.":I).

next :'ole]! i~~ to buill! lhu two l.iL their openings.

SOX JOINTS, Tlu- ~i,le:;; ((~). [1"0111' and back (both Ilj or th .. clJ":lwt"'~ nrc held togetbcr with box joints (ri(},~.:/ (~!lri./a) Note: For iulnrruation 1)11 cutting box joints, SCl~ page:', 90 10 ~R

FINGER PULL After ("IHUng {he box joints. CuE a I"t-'I'"",,;; ill each drawer from to acr OI"~ Iln~f:'r pull (Fig .. J!;),

BOTTOM GROOVE.. Ncxr.cin ~gr\HIW

in each for the: 1/;" hardboard

lr'i,Q. cl). The groove ~flot1ld ntrhe ver y top or the fir~[lllll

und back (H) rr;(!. ,lrO.

This way. when Ill .. drawer is J~~L'ILL' bled. vou \10'1)(1'[ ;;t't-' filly gaps from the t"1'(JfI' nfllu'drnwer. 11\11 YQII will srtllscc rhcm 1'1'0111111(' ,~i,{r",:',{) i cut small IVHO(I p!UP.:::! 10 cover 11,<,- f'n{l-.;. Q1 the _gTOIWC~.


To <livid!" Iht:' stornzc spare ill~i,Il' the tcol cabim-t imo comeartmcnrs.! adflt'fl Iourshclves.

ClJT TO SIZE. '11w ~~1l{'1\'('" 0) al't' ou ",N'111ywonci (Pi,']. _~), I the ,;1l\"11,I(-,-~ ",._·ide

port a cnouzh so cabinet without il.allillg' ll;1Jl~in).';' Oil lhe-m hit the she-lves. S() I ended up clilling mvshclvcs 7,[/.."

To dcn-rnuue the lcnmh shelves. I!IP:!sure the opening ,mil sub tract 111(;" for dt'llnmcC?-. (Ill my C<I!' .... lhil'.ll'Iadc lilt-' shl"lv;:-<; 161;;/1,;" long,)

MAKE THEM ADJU5TA6LE. Sinn" ;.;lnnlgl' rCf[llirt·mt'TlI~ cbnngc. I

Ih!;" shelves 10 b." ndjusmbh-. But wanted 111ClII 10 pn".i(l{' solid support k)l"11IYPOI'.'L.:rll!ul,;.

To hultl Lhe' <helves sccurcfv ill place. a .~J'(!\W': is r-ut in cecb 1'111110 Iii over shelf pills (V-i!J_~fO. I used :-;/.I"·I\lH~ pieces of 1/. r" dowe-l fur the pius,

EDGING. Once the grooves arc cut. you can COver tilt' ,"ntis of the ~rUf)Vf'S ami the expos e d pli~~ by gluing hardwooc\ edging (h) 10 rhe front cc!!J:'c' 01' em-h shelf (Fi!! -i)

SHELF P~N HOlES. cnn drill

holc-" for' the shelf piLlS m~ke sure

lh .. shelves stay level. l used a template mude- from 'ILII lt~nllJl!~lrflIO lOC:iLtC' tile sh .. ll pin holes [Ill (-'l[!lill distance from Ih,· IIJI),und bnrtcm f FirJ_ .j}

.'\11 111:lI'S left w cnmpl .. l+, rbe tool cabiuet i-s 10 <HId a pair of df)nr~. Tile doers (I.) ~lI"f·.iLl:".13/1'1 plywnnd tum .. l~ trimmed with bnrdwcod ccl~ill)J: (j,iU" !'(r.

HINGES. Each door is ;1LLad'wc:l with rbree 111111 lunges. TlI(~ hillgl·~ arc screwed into mortises cut in thE;' edging on the 1';];;<" IFig, OO).

t\ ore: Afler tuuuntinjr the door-s, you lila}' llt't'd 1'0 trim a oil orr tbe edges when- lilt' doors meet. WI1<11 VO\I'I"CI()(,king for here Is a consisu-nr '/I~I' gap

PUllS & CATCHES, To 111:111 .. 11 ~;lSY to

opel! ilalll rIQ<:;e- I il1,;1clll~ll II

pair or dUOI" l11agL1E'lk

('<Ilcbt's ("'irj.~

MOUNT ON WALL. I 111t>;1;;1I1·f.od

between t-enters o! the wall ~L.I.ld,; Oil which the ruhiuet would be muunb-rl. I then marked :md 1;\ .... 0 pair's uf 11ll1~'s throup,1l tlw hm'k of the cahim-t. and mounted 11 IIsingf(llU·I/I" lag scre-ws. •


~~WlJ[3~, , , , Custom Tool Holders

erorc J hUll~ thc cubinet door s.! hlid out the 10(101,; I wauted LO mount ;111(1 nmrketllocatlons tor-the hulders. lr WHS :-;0.-1 Q{ like a ji.(.l'~,aw Jlm~lc'. pO';il" everything eccordtnz Lu size- nnd Wl11:['(' it will be most l:OIIV(>ui('nL

TOOL HOLDERS. Once vun decide where cvervthirur g()e~. you can make custcm-dcsizm-d h01(1<"1>1 fur <111 of your tools. Ofrourse. you don't wantthe tool

hnlders to take up ,i 101 of extra "p,WI:' in nle cabinet. but they should holdthe tonls "it:cr.I'dy when Lite doors ;:;wing ('1)0:-0.. YOLI don', W;1111 nicks. "t:r<lllt!:-l and gouges in the doors of your- brnndnew toolcablnct.

DIFFE.RENT DESIGNS. vcu won't be able 10 esc tlw same IY1W of deslg» fur rvcrv hcltlcr. '11mr" ]ji;>C<HIS(' each tool haslts own spcclu! requirements.

Some: 1001:; hill-: (he mallet or dividers could hang em dowf'IS ~1n.gJ,:(l sllglltly upward. [i\')l" nwkward. bulky tools. like a block pL11H; or l'l":Irni[1g ,;q1WJ"(', l uscd 1/1" Or :l/J" hardwuncl lind Ill" hardboard to make lilU .. "hf'lvt's for added support.

III the photos and drawinze below aud 011 Ih,.. next page an: a number 01 ideas you run use 10 adact 10 l"it your UWlILOO]".

88 I- IF'





Tu i;o/d Chr:iI2IS t,',"[J'lI'y .'[1 place, the- operH"rro'ed totes in

(<le/; ~ .. r; _'m~llei' IhiJrJ the Vlood harrd!'.es. bu~ l!:Jrge to

accept 11K' mf.'fal f'2rrule-s.

lhe .'hlnr.ffc of a i(Y sq';Jare r!,.'si'> ()O top of a block (',,})iie The blilde slips ;[OJO '" lce:I cut ,','") one c .. rei. A h2/'dboord .'ip ,~pep5 Ule scuete frOll1 ~Nr.l/l1g off.

~ •• _ TH nx BLOCK

T/1(' u(;'dm of a rrlilrki,'-'g gi?~Jge silps i~LD the rlol,h of -chis USf1UPl',/ iilCJ(~·. And ti1f~ he.:;(i c;.t file gauge is ~R~t(lf'o' /~y curveo 5(rLJP~ (J,r ,'Jc~lrll)oO/rd

A I'llinO€r of tools (lik~' Ihls bevel ga'J~t·> (811 hang on cowers g/vwi .orc allgled I,o."r:''], A nOKiJ Keeps alt., [oo/tight aq,~in~r thelia':!!.


D@X][KJ[!D,.)J ... Box Joints on a Router Table

'vc alwavs h.ltl .1 weakness lor box [olnts. 1 SLl~)IH)~W ir~ the symmetry n( 111[: jolnl- (la' ('\'''1'11)' spaced PILlS and slots <ire hard to rC'~i,;1. whenever lnccd to join together the part::: of a drawer or ;1 small box. And, in mnnv situations, they "dress up" a project and gi v c it a stately. old-J'a:>lliollt"11 feel.

But there Me reasons oilier thnn appearance wh~' [ mil:' box juints. The firstls their srn-ngth. Next 10 lts couslu. the dovetail, the hox joirn is uno of Iht' strongest W;J.y,; 1(1 jnin wood together That's because of the nnernatlnz pill!' and slots.

INTE;RLOCKING FINGERS. The pins nrnl slots on matlnu pipet',,; interlock Bkc liny ringers (51;,;\: !III' tlrawing below) This creates a loL or glue surface and makes fOJ" <1 strorur juint. In order {I)r it to be realIYSlTl)llJ.!,lhollgh. you'll need a snug and accurui« fit.

The hick L(I J,!€,lling a good fit on a boxjolnt is wg'ct the wjdrh ofthr- plusro match the width ofthe ,;Iois exactlvIrs not re-ally all that difflenlt. Ail you need i" u jig that uses a small index pin, This index pin determines the wirlth of beth uu-pins nndthc talls.

WHI(:H TOOL? The mLly dilemma 1 huve when cuutnn box iciuts is ChO{I-;ing which tool to use - the table ~lJW VI' roll IeI' table. The j~g (or each is essentially the S:'U:I'I;, On the table <1C1W lhe jig H311a~ly Jll~-tchf'''; 10 the miter J.!<l!lge. On the router lab)!"! it can attach 1.\1 a miter- gauge, or run hplweell rhc ff'nI-e and a stfaij;l,'hlcdg-t.! as. shown in the photu at right

As a general rule of thumb. if the ~[(jo~k i:;; tbickcrtha» 'N', I HSf' lhe t • rble saw with :1 dnrlo blade. It works I1lLJCll quicker thun 11 router table. f'~pf'o.;;;)lIy when culting large boxjolnts. (Abu, it's !lOL Sa!"!"! tIl make a cut this wid ... in a sillQ'le J1~I":; with a router bit.)

But if the stock is IN' thick or tess (as on rhe drawers f01' the Tuol Cabinet}. ) use the route-r tahle. The"tlvanlaj.!"f' oJ using a router table- ili 111111 a straight Hillier hit produces a pt'..r~CI slot - snwoth sides and a nat bottom (unlike the tess-thnn-ucrfccr cut from" saw bade)

DESIGN CONCERNS, One limitation. though. or using 1111:;' router table i:;. [Jl:11 the width \)1' tlu- plns must match I hop thickness cf on ..... ryour sn'atzlu nJUI.<-,r


!ilk: (usually l/~", %.\ ~W'. or, as shown lu-re, 1/:/). 'This l!1f":ms lhatrhe finished .... 'i.dlh of your drawer or project has 10 be a multiple (If Ihi,.; measurement. Otnerwlse you will end l.lJl with a partial pin en the bottom. Th;lt's one thing you'll need to Inkf' LTl~O consldcrarion when rleslgnuura projf'cl

Jherc's 011(' other thing. [ think box joinrs look best if they're balanced. That is, with a pin at the ver-y tAIP und bottom ()flill'! front find back nf1.h .. r1qwer, 11)1-;; 1·t'lluire-; thai VOlt have an odd number {lrl~ill:-l. (1;'ul'lhe drawershown here, fivf.".)

()1l{"~ you have the de~igll fill worked \JuL, it's time to build 'JH~jig

11:1 i" jig- ~-s to handle stock LIP to SIll ill (an be' made larger 10 hamlle wldcrsrock.

SLED,'nlC' sledls mnde LL]l

of a 1/.111 hardboard sled base <, <,

antl a l\,ll dwood backing beard ~~ - ..... x_: ~_~ -

(scr dJ"<lwiJ]g) ~-- "~11 (~1I"

bl)~~~~~~I~~dj~'~I<l~I:~ fc:~:~ ~;;~ n ~ ~,I~DJX~~j~~>~~,~ :

hardwood Index pua that allows \011 10 ~s ~ l'~ FI .... ~ .... _ / I

iurh-x \ mu wcrkplccc \0 make f;VRllh ~\ODDSQE 'J -.. ~-_::_ _ ~A

spaced CuE.

PIN. T11C siacctthls sln iswhat deter- adlusteble fence fur each oflhe{]irr("ri~nli

minr-s the width or the For sized boxlofnts you're gO~llg 10 cut

t'x;llllph·, Il you're going box SLOTS. Tbcrc'a one more step tu

jllilli.,;, U~(-' ~1 '/.1" pill. Or lor box allow 101' small arllustmcnts. Drill SIOls 1"Jf:r~X

j(jllib. U>$~ a 1//' lIi1! ill [he backing board Ior [be bolts that

Note: You'll ru-ed ro ruake a cliHt'T,;;IIL holdthe adiustablc renee in place.

Setling iJ.[J" the box joi 11~ jig (xhnwu above) is wl.fllin·ly e'usy. r'ir,;I, nii~t~ the bit (j{jr)F rtze ;;,'(lr} to rhe ;I ... sired hfigill The IH'ig-111 ';;lwlIld (-:(JUlII the- I.hit:kllt::~~ of the stock (in OI,I'{',_",e, 1/2'")

TIw next step is ro position the index pin, To determine the correct position. simply adjust the router table fence SIJ 11K gal) berwccu the router bJt and the index pin marches t11'" width o-f the illdc:xpjnjt:scLf(Fig, 1)

Xext, you'll need a W{lY to keep the. cutting. r the table

Also. clamp a SLOP block to rho router labte fence. This will keep you from !'OUling tlu-ough the )ig's backing board

To tune" the critical distance

hctween I.hl-: index pill ami the runter the router- and rnutiruo th .. stopping jn ~[ s1101-1 CJoI' the

adlustable renee. Theu turn I'll"

router ami make 111T~l adjuatmenra Shop Tip at right)

When that distance is ii_gllt on. make a series cttest cuts ro1]ol'."jng rile j)I'OCi:" durc OJl pages 92 and Sf3. U vuu encounter any problems. refer to the ncubleshootlnz section-on page 93,

i'&,.,_rrU:e I'ile

gall It I(" i.r;r}a;: pin

motc-es rh.e l'~-dth or the I'ndcw pin

@[Xl@::{P 'jj[][P Pin Spacing

A -f!' drill bit Dr the ~t1Clllk :]101 'h." route- bit IT'Clke5 iJ I;and)' gauge to set up -he i/' PII,SP3[ill'9


With thl'! box joint jig comple-te. you'nready to get down IV buninc s.s. But jt1~t because lh,- jig is S('I up accurau-ly L.I(jc'~!'-I1'1 mean Ilw IJI·OC(,-~S. is crnupleu-ly uutomanc. '111e;rc: arc still <I few Lhillg~ that ,;a11 g-i~'p you trouble.

TEST CUT. One good ,WIY to work uut. the "bugs' i" by first curfinv a If'SI cor ne r on sonic scrap pieces. follo'wing lIlt' steps ShOWII in 111(' dr.w;iTlg'-; b .. h.lw.

TIPS_ In addition to JoHowill~~ Ihf'~e steps, hCH' art H few ext r a ti(1'; Ih<1\ ~h~)tlkl resultln better boxjuiuts

~t)ll-t with pieces <I little witt er- Ih;l11 n .... ded. 11)1':n vou ('WJ runu- back later after ('ulling till' joints and rrnu them rij!hl :1l the last full pill or-slut.

Keep yourself uruauize-d. Sian by bheling all of the pieces of tlw tlnlW~'l [or project) that will 11;>\,(" box join\to Number each lll<itlcl:9:' piece- und lrllwl 1:11l~ iOIl~ of rue wcrkpicces. '1~IIt'TI YO\I wilt be sure you'ro cuttmg the 1)111 or ,;I~)I ~iI the right l)I,'1('C 011 each ]Ji('(· ...

It's important to be consistent when cunlng box joints. Even ;;hifling pressure 011 the pieces :>1ighl1y ,:an llffet.·1 the lit of thr joint. I II()].I the workpiece and the jig with twu hrnuls nnrl perform each pass exactly Lflt' -;:1111<' W:J}'.

Don't cut the pj,:n':> 10 fil 100 rig]l!. lf they're too tig:ill. th .. piof'n:to won't" go completely together !II- yo\(ll ('Hlt'k off some plus. But the-y ahnuldn't he too

loose. either. The-y should he tisht enough 10 require a Iew light taps with a mallet 10 go HJI'(,tbl:r

ASSEMBLY. Mler Lllf' jc~illl;';.1I'e cut. (Ii"!! assemble and clunjp urem 10 mru« >iUIT' vnu WOJl't have any L.;U"III"i~t;!s, Once evcrythmz s .... -cms tu lu, Ilik,· to US<' white glue for tlu- al:itlal :1"i,*,TTlbly, It sets up a linlc slower LlIIUI YI'liow glut, so it gi..,t.-;., nu- J littl .. ml,'·'· work rime'

Al:-;o, 10 ),Wllllt' )JIIJe on quickly. 1 us ... 1:011011 ~wah,; 0'" :L srnau artist's brush tlabbing gJtH" CHilo the .~irlr:',~ or the IJi1l"'; You don't wanl mur-h glue.

\Vhl.:ll dUillpill~:. righn-n the clamps JUSt until tilt-' joint diises. Don't overtighten. 1)1' the drawer sides may bow

Jir'ilfll (ouring the rit::.! ~/u( iI'

,he tront (or Il,t(k), 'I'lOrkpiece "9ht ag.~"'.'I~1 th('

,iiq's index pin and bO~'lr(!.

10 rout me next stet. ',:m.el/)f liN the wcrkciece, slip,it outo the !r.dex pIll, cl'nd Idke iJfloli!er PilS5_ Re,oe03t rh's unUi ,.;/,' the- sfors afe comatete

TO cur marching ,,,'rJI5 Qn the oocosu» end Dr 1/1(;,' ll%rk oiece. flip [he vl!wk.p ... i....'c .. ' eno' fr:;r-endar.o' recest S,!it' pro ceowe. Once rhe !rcUI ;;nci biJck iJre comoieie WClr.'O:: «In beqin on it.e si(iJ:'1

92 SH(l1 'iT'

BlJ1i SIDE AG':'lN5'i FRONTi8A(K \o\1H~Nr.OI.'ilNG

,'he or;,'y o'ifte(f~r)( o i{J /I!e ",ide: pre[€~'s 'l'ou U.I'? ,-,/ front (or back) as s n;if' t() offset ,he slOTS In rhe uaes. Sf'".' the f,',·sr: s'or (11! in r,l)e 1.'0,.'1 (or buckj 0,"] tile mdf"x om. T/lf:'n butt om: 0/ t'/le 'Jci.;' [)1('('('5 <.i,.9ain:;r ii ~r.o' rake il?e fi[~r Pri~<;

lJ,{/p( rOllfi!iq the fil'st S,lO/,5('1 35ide tne trent {or b.xk;. M}w roo, rile rernal(jlllg slors i(m as jOt; d,d earlier Ont.t' Y(;~/v(' (O[T;pieted Q'1E' elld, (,'ip Ulo? work.oiecoO' enc/-fo(-end a::d rout rl';c.' oooosae elirj r((->f!I/;",'T)!Jf.=r to offset ,"liE' fir_~[o;loU

10 add a boltom, yoo'fl nee-d ,0 C~~ e 'j,," gr:JU'f(! in Each »oenece. Af,'er ilf,scmrnv. cut ;1,,0' square piugs to fiN tbe nDL'::::hed pk:s on Ih~ ~'m.15 ci the from and back pitH'S INhen the g/ued/'.:es, !{,'m rho ,o'/ugs f,'ush andsilnd ,'Ilem !;rrioorno

There an' rf'aUy only a couple (,(thillg:;: that c ausc III()~! (If the problems with boxjolms

flJ'sl. the roun-r bit 1'9 either set too [01'/01' me [Iig-h_ J Iuie pins nrc roo !;[IC,r1. it's sci too low. Anrl if the pina are too [(JIl!,{. it's surtoo high

l\"otc: Sometimes I !'WI Ill€' bit jusi a hail' high on purpose. The-III can saud lilp 1"11(1,.; of the pin!'. dnl'.'l1 perfectly 11l..1~h with tile mating piec!".

0111(' other rornnmn problem Ie that thl:" joint is roo ligh! or loll loose. To solve this problem. mnk .. sure thai

three Lhing" are all e~'acllfJ I[IC same size: IJ1(~ diame1er of tho:' router hit. tlurbc bit and I];, .. imie}; ,JI~\I the width of the Judex pin. ]Jrobh;!m is usually iu tilt, tlisranee bpLween the bit nnd the pill. !"bke-a slight lldjll"fmenl and trv a..,-!aill

:hf' pins ece 1I1(_.rf~ u-e no 9a,05

OL CAB =r 91

Pegboard System

Here's a tool rack you can customize to fit your needs and hand tools. It features a different approach to using common pegboard and holding your most commonly used tools,

nr item common LO ulnros! all workshops i:; H she-et.or 1'.1'0 (If 1)C~b(lard ,!TId 311 assortment of

win'lmuks Ihal hold the usual itemsscrewdrivers. pliers. hauuners. and etherband [001"

fALLING H.NGERS. One thimr that Il<i~ 'llw.w';. bothered me about. rwj.!' huurd snuagc is that nhnnst O'vt'I'y ttme I reach tor a tool. Un-: honk ~'nilW~ otr with Lt or fulls Ui Ihe floor,

To uvoirl lhi~. [ rume up with a who\,' new system or tool racks. end SlOl"ilgv units thut stay put on p~1!board. 'Illl.~ system uses ((1111111011 1. hook" rtuu are

nvnilableat nnvbardwarc !;I.on· or hunucenter. These 'ho,)k!'. are screwed to the back o[ each slomg" unit (For more- on this, see the Shop Tip box Oil pag(~~J7,)

WASTE.D SPACE, AUI1!IlI·r I hing uuu bothered Ilk ahcml ll"a(liliollfl:l peplJl1:ml ,.;y,;If'll'1o; i;s bow they waste 5IJi1.CC Tht-'y rlnn't a-ern to holr1 as many lo,)I~ asthey shoultl.

So when J IJc'~igl1 ... d lhis uewsysrem. ,;onw cornmun too] nicks to them more efficient. And I added mlju:-lllible shelves and drawl'N CU5TOMlll, Though 1 hi;; aystem has a lot nf illl;.ort>sling features, the- best

pari is how you can custmuize it 10 hi glj/.i!" needs. You Gill ill III more shelves nr drawers if you need them. And it's t'll~V 111 move thlnns around t.1 l1lak\, Ih~~in more couvcnicut.

MATERIALS, TlIio; <'nlire pegboard i~ buill with romrnon materials <1(' most lumberyards or hOI I1\' comers. To build the fr:III'I('. I lI~l:"d one six-toot :l"N uurl II Hu!e less than <I full -du-r-t (4xtl) 01' IN pegboard

For ~111 or the shelves. drawers. alld different storage units. I ';;lmpl~' use-d l/~I and 3/:1 plnc- and snrne sm,lil pieces of !H' hanlho;lI"lI.



~ ~~~~i~i

D r~gboQrd(l' ~RAWER UNI;




~~~:r:'t't ~'.V,' I, decenc or indi\1;)u~1


The Jrame thai I.Iw 11~g-bmJnll-m'lgs on is malic, from etnntlard "two-by" lumber INIIl(-;glmanl il will


shelves better,

F~AME, Start bv culling the

top/bottom (A} and sides {fl} LO a width ofll/~I'andtof3lli:.:::Ilf:J l("cLgtllti(Fir!- J',i Then cuttwo reinlorcimr rihs (C) III {illJ~hed width ant! l'Ough If'n~:lh AJ~o. rip tiH-:JJJ 1.0 Jini::-l}lt:d I.hid(l](:\i" (11/11').

RAS8FT. To join 1110::' [I';lme:, fin.;! cut <I rubber on i he iw;_i-::le edges. of the top,

boucm, smrl Io hold the 1(.1'" l)-('g-

honrrl. To do J LJ~e{1 i:l dado blade

burled in an uucliary knee on rho: 100bl(' saw (P~'_q. ;.'j,

NOTCH, To j-oin the sides to tho." LC!I) and bottom. cut J notch Oil boll I f'1'1(1" or each ,;idt: (t.':!}, .1), Cui. these 11OIdl~c; jU!'.L wid .. t:'HOllgl-1 I(i nccepr 1_11;; top and hcuom pic-'cel'

DADO_ Aner the sides nre notched.

Ihe next step is to cut two dadoes In the rop and bottom 10 hold the ribs (0 (referto Fi_g. 5).

AS-5EMBLY. with the dadoes cur, the frame is rcadv to be assembled. Tn do

PEGBOARD, Once till" frume i"'l screwetl lCJ-f-!pjJI(el', rut thE' pc~gbo~lI'd 10 I.I-I-P. rnbbe-l s, (\11 Ihe IH'/,; h(ll!;"s are »bout 1/2" from a!, Thai V,llY the Lhcoks units won't contact the

~id;-',; or ribs. ,-'1.0(1 the 1If1it8 won't IWllg over the- edgl;" 01' the frame. I~ 11150 means YD'lI can use the boles in the IlCg' board as screw holes.

-CHAMFER, FinaUj',r01I1-alll.~/ charmer around rile outside \>(]g,'. (FlU, /)


T(.> help 0J"g'illLi)n~ ~1!IIW ofthe hurdwnre gla11LJrpd Ihrc,1H:houl the l decided 10 build fi\'e·rlnIW('1 rlrawer st .. ragPllllil.~

1111.: frunx-s for both drawer units arc id.'lllit'al. The- {lilly rfifferenr- .. " nre rne siLo..: nnduumber or drawer-s.

FRAME. A frame con,;i_-.;I,; or thf' top and bonos» (E).t·.I'(l ~idp.;: (F), ;11111 a lmck (G). 11I~t'd :Y~" pillt' (q,- all 01' ~he CXCCIJtlhC' -/t" hardboanl hack

Tn lu.hl thc- bark, III!"'-,...\'. ~I ruuuhu; <liml).;, buc-k "d,t,;<:

piece (I"!!). ,,'n} AI,.;(), 1":1t)beH are cue ou (-:i!ILL'l" .,iel\, or I h .. IU[l 1111(1 bonorn tc hold 111t'~irlf';;.rF;'fJ. 8nJ.

\,,,'10' ~Im' and screw the lUI) lind bottom 10 I h .. ::id~ '111<;'-11 cut the back to Si'l.i' ami ~~hw il ill place.

c\i-'~I, rl,:!mf",r the top and bottom TILC"II srre-w Ihn'p l-hoeks into the back "II;::!' of II'" lop y.,'11e(1 1llsli1l]jng the L· honks. irs hupcrLm! tu im.;11.111111(.'[11 correctlv se j 11(-' unit 1,angs property tsee dl\; :-iIIOll Till, helow right}.

DRAWE.RS_ Now the frames arc 1'(,<J.d}' lor It I!' drawers themselves, This time. 1 (I" .. d Ih"-rhkk stock for all of th c ~ 1),;'11'(5. f'X<:t:'llt the Iit" hnrdboanl bottoms mal c\i\.ider:;(r;f/·fIJ.

when building either size drawer, the basic npproach is the same. Then' nre only two dufcrcuccs - the kllglfis or the fronts and rhc backs. and the mnnbermdlvlders.

To begin. cut the (ll) nntl

rnlrll.:-:./IHld;~ tl 01- J) to (Fiy" .<))

Now ('111 a rabbet on the trout end back pit'('t'>i for the sides. Then rut a zrcove on the ins-ide lace of each piece (or tilt' bouom (Kur L).

Xext. t/!"-d('cp dadoes for drawer divide-rs ~M or N) call be cut. For I he larger drawers. The dadoes urc cut ill the fronts and the backs. Un the small .. r drawers. they're cut in L]-l..-,.;;i,I'::l

Xow dry assemble cadi dl';LWN to detcrmlnc the sire 01' rile DoIIL,IIIL ami c1iv;rler:; (01' divider), Then after they're (,;111 to size. glue and nail till' drawers fogl'lh c r. Finally, l added drawer Illdls thai have a slot 1'0[, a kIbei card.



@[gJ@[P 'O'D[P L-Hook System

m-qboard _;'y,>l~rrt hi:lng the same way And, unlike ~fPIC31 metal pegboard hook'), it\ almost irnpossibre tor them iO ~JII out

To DSE2 the svstem.

Hrst screwt-cv-lonp t-hooks 10 the osce of each storsqe un t {see draw -iq below len).

then. tc 'lang tt-e unit, til: It ir the pegboard

at a 45~ enole Isee 10P ol-oto et rlght)_

A~ the un t s lowerec. the welqht of the unit pulls the hook tlgrll ooai-st the oeck of the ceqocerd rsee bottom ol-oto et flgh:}.


WII("II dt-'~i).!;nillJ{ !llis pegboard Sy;;tCIIl. J Lh()lIl':rll it would be <I good loca to have n ~ht-'Ir lor hol,lillg (';1lI1111 items like- g'lut', IJ'lI.LI~·s untl c',m!~1ill~n: of wootl fillcr.

'11", ~ilTl[,h":-l1 shelf 10 build would havt"' heen ;~ Q.O'lrJ with two lIiO"LlIlLillg hunks ,;.t·Pc·wo.::[] ill !III~ back But Ltl add IIlOr<' -:upport to the shcn (0).1 screwed a back (P) to tln- bonom (Fig. ]f)}

Om; .. I had the beck in place. I rculiz('d i!.coulrll)f' IIH·d lor morr than sup-

pm-r. So r screwed Lhooks the 1);h.:11

ne-ar the bottom and them fur

h<lnging hand lDol$(j.'i!V 1 i nmll.!j.

One (hiJlg WI;.: U:il' nlot uf in rhe shop is urlhcsivr-bucked 0;,1I11Ip:I])<:'I"_ when I realized l!tal \~-l:' )..nJ IlJrllllgll about &ISrnanv rollsufit nswe do loilet JKII}(·r.i1 gave Inc au idcu fur " sandpaper dispenserc-c usuig a toilet paper hold cr.

t::{ld, dispenser il; built with Ie'· thick stock tor the sides (Q) am] door (R). Bul ;i/.I"-I.hid, stock isu~t,,_.! for thl-' tc>p. This allowed me to SCrew L-lnltJk~ intu the top (5) (F,y. j,l)_ And b",qlll:;(;, Ihe- top and bonom [~];;t"! S) huve lilt' "~trne size rabbets. it Wl'l~ .... :>:>;].,;-::1 I;) use 1/,"-tl1kk stock forthe Lwt1.0111 iI~ well.

Before the part" Dm bp a,;,;flllbl .... (I, several things bavc to be done. Fir-st ('III 'A~ rabbets in the IOJl.I>IlU~,m> anrl sides forthe back m rFiy . «, 1.'1,';:" l;'j.



S('COIH.I. cut llHlrllS<-'~ in thr- lop fOJ" hburcs r F"'y_ 1"1}.Th'-11 d1"il\,~ finger hole ill the bouom (rill" n), This hole allows 11 llllr:!U" 10 g .... 1 hf'liillli the sandpaper whcu teariun olf fljll<-'C"e

\lcxL cui a 1"t'("PSS in Ihe bottom c-dgL:'

of th~ dum" for ,1 s.hort piece or a hacksaw l>~<llh: III )1("1 a~ n paperrcuncr" Wig 1:;)_ Then drill ., hole jn each stdc r(Jorll)t~t.CIihJIll"I[loj:'rh(,ide.r(Fi;;.}{;).

[;-]Ilally" lite" di~IH:'l1;,)e-r can be glued and I! ... ih-d logt'tlwl".


]\" PI"'g'ho:lr{l is complete without il. rack for dli"l"b FlIUl -r-rcwdrivors. Since not ull ~(TPwdrivf:'r;; and chisels O1fC alike. iri(-'a" ,;hUWI1 and cusrcmizc them 10 lit your spccitirtocla

whh many 1001 racks. }'OU haw' 10 liil the tocl to ch·.>m the llOlc' ill Ihe r nck. Tl1i::-l 11,1' spar-e IiiI' ruck can't be used fOI'i.'tllyL1Lill)J; pl,;",.

Instead. these 10 .. 1 rucks have n;1I'l"I'IW slQts ill tronr of the holes, so the to .. )I~ can be [lulled sll'<lj~ht our. (Y()lI'1I slill h.IV<" to lift a littlc.)

W11(-'1I urilling a 110k Inr a chis .. I. .+mmrer thetop edge of tile Iw!~;-;o lll,-' rt'rrLJkc·<lIl't~UPOLllIFj!J.~_ n·wnl/'rrc/ When clrllllng [or a screwdriver, \'01&11' 1('1'1)0["(' [he hole sli}.!"hlly 1:111!<,r than the handle so the hanrlh- sits down into the hole (Fig~. JSwII11"rt).

I've alwavs had ;L rlif'tk-uh ume h:'epillg sheers of sandoao .. -r llat. They lllWilYS want tu GLI]"! up wbr-n ItI;· humiditv cbanges. To keep 11)(~IJJ Ilat and r('I~. 1ivt>ly dry, 1 matte u syste-m IIUlI- also 1I:;'t,~!'Il1-! store them a("(~nn!iI1g to grit

Til€" sandpaper fill' L'S simply a pin€" box with an "pen top (Fig, lY), lnos- di\licl .. rs m,loe of IN' hardboard. slmilar 1.0 fold .. r~ fouml in a me cabinet, separare IliU .. rent g"1'jts of sandpaper and kN;P th~~ITI flal {I·('~··r 10 F:g, tn,

To build tlu· sandpaper file, first cut a rabbet iu tilt' e-nds of the front (\\') and back (X) I)i..-n·" for the sick's ('!), Theil rnbbet in lin- trent and sides for (Z)

'Io t tlitk~ iteasiertc gel the :o;aBJ~hll}\·I· 0111 01' the file. J cur the sldcs ,II an unule OIL lilt: baml S1lW, Then rhc COj) , .. dg .. 1)1 IJlP frnnf i~ bevel-ripped on the Ulblt> ~iLW Lu match the sides 'Fig. 20,

On.:e all the parts arc lZlut::d and ,;ewwt-'d together. install two Lhook.s in tht: haole. Aner cutting the dividers (AA) to shape with ,alillk itlcntificmirm "tah" like a file folder rFig, },/.). label LILt;' labs fur the grits von use.



% . .._





8'~ 6'~ 12"'-' '" JiJ." HAADBONID-

'--- -_-'---~)""'"'' 11¥.'


;.j",r.,OM"l1J'"" """,'"0, ,A,


!1~4 '


:~, , "HAM'" J

._.,,_.... ON EOGES