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Groups Comments

Business  Training need well identified.

Development  Training process followed properly.
Officer (BDO)  Action plan designed appropriately.
at Professional
Assistant  You have prepared a comprehensive report
Director, NRB  Training need is well identified.
 Training process and action plan are well discussed.
HR Manager,  Some introduction part and history of NBL may not be necessary
NBL  Problem identification as well as training process is well explained.
 Action plan could be done in one table or chart instead of otherwise.
HR Officer,  Training need is well identified referring to PJF as well and other analyses
Jawalakhel  Training process is well explained and so is the action plan
Group of  It’s good to see that you have also prepared training evaluation sheet
HR Manager,  Training needs should refer to GP1, however, the logic given for selecting the
Business Brainz problem area is well taken
 The action plan prepared is quite comprehensive.
 It may not be necessary to mention trainers name
 Post training reaction and evaluation form is well prepared.
HR Officer,  Through your GP1, you identified negotiation skill as a problem area and you
Buddha Air could have worked on that. But why you want to work on counselling skill is
not clear.
 One month is too long though it is only on weekends. If so, the trainee never
gets a single day off for the entire month!
 You have worked well on training process part, but the action plan needs
elaboration, especially the activities to perform to conduct counselling skill to
the job holder
Marketing  The assignment was submitted late.
Manager, New  You could have linked the need for digital marketing training with the
Business Age moderate level of technical skill as identified in GP1
 A month long training as well as during weekends may not be motivating to
the trainee.
 Training process and action plan is well discussed.
 Evaluation form well prepared.