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Reference No.: BatStateU-FO-ESO-01 Effectivity Date: January 3, 2017 Revision No.

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§ Extension Service / Training is requested by clients.

Extension Service / Training is Department’s initiative.

I. Title of the Project:



II. Location:

Brgy. Payapa, Padre Garcia, Batangas

III. Duration:

August 2017 to August 2018

IV. Type of Community Extension Service:

Providing relevant expertise in project design plans and construction management

V. Department Involved:

College of Engineering, Architecture and Fine Arts

Civil and Sanitary Engineering Department

VI. Project Leader and Coordinators:

 Project Leader

 Faculty Involved
Engr. Victor A. Semira
Engr. Ernesto C. Magundayao
Engr. Nicasio V. Antonio II
Engr. Oliver S. Dimailig

 Coordinators
Anna Marie E. Laylo
Erika Camille G. Macatangay
Jasmine Joy G. Rovelo

 Engr. Allan B. De Villa, CEAFA Extension Coordinator

VII. Cooperating Agencies:

Batangas State University Engr. Cristina Amor M. Rosales

Civil and Sanitary Engineering Department Anna Marie E. Laylo
Erika Camille G. Macatangay
Jasmine Joy G. Rovelo

Padre Garcia Municipal Engineer Engr. Wilfredo Macalalad

VIII. Beneficiaries:

Municipality of Padre Garcia, Batangas

IX. Estimated Cost of Study

PhP 33,277,134.16 (Cost of expenses not cost of your project)

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X. Rationale of the Project (brief description of the situation):

According to World Health Organization (WHO), hospitals play an important role in the health care system.
Hospitals are health care institutions that have an organized medical and other professional staff, and inpatient
facilities, and deliver medical, nursing and related services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Moreover, Allianz
World Wide Care mentioned that in the Philippines, healthcare system can be considered to be of good standard,
despite the fact that the facilities may not be as impressive as those found in high-end United States or European

In 2010, there were 1,812 hospitals (730 government and 1082 private) in the Philippines. Private hospitals are
larger in terms of quantity but government hospitals are larger in terms of structure. Government hospitals can be
furthered classified according to who own and manage them. In 2011, there are 1620 government hospitals and
75 (4.6%) are Department of Health (DOH) -managed, 572 (35.3%) are military, and 4 (0.3%) are managed by
other government agencies (Picazo, 2013).

XI. Objectives (General and Specific):

A. General Objectives
• To propose a detailed engineering design for the livestock butchering and processing compound at brgy.
payapa, padre garcia, batangas

B. Specific Objectives
• Provide the following submittals:
a) Plans and Specifications that will comply with the National Structural Code of the Philippines, National
Building Code of the Philippines and Guidelines in the Planning and Design of a Hospital and Other
Health Facilities by the Department of Health.
b) Project costs and estimates
c) Conformity of the project with respect to environment, social, economic. ethical, and safety.

XII. Description of the Project, Strategies and Methods (Activities / Schedule):

The student volunteers, led by CE/SE faculty members, will conduct the field survey by traversing at the site
using the total station & other surveying instrument as an application of what they learned in the course
“Surveying”. The data obtained from the traverse will be plotted in order to draw the site plan. (paki edit nito)

XIII. Sources of Fund

Fund for the project will be shared by the proponents of the project.

XIV. Functional Relationships with the Collaborating Agencies (Duties / Tasks of the Cooperating Agencies):

The Municipality of Padre Garcia, Batangas, the client and immediate beneficiary of this service will provide
BatStateU with the technical description of the lot and other pertinent documents/supplies needed for the

The Municipality of Padre Garcia, Batangas will also coordinate will other concerned agencies so that
BatStateU can conduct the survey safely.

BatStateU will undertake the surveying works using instruments appropriate for the purpose and then provide
the Municipality of Padre Garcia, Batangas the relevant drawings resulting from the survey.

XV. Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanics / Plan:

The Municipality of Padre Garcia, Batangas and the research adviser will allow and assist the students of the
BatState-U, specifically the Civil Engineering students, to conduct data gathering for their researches. These data
gathered will be used under the supervision of the company personnel and the adviser at the dates and time
established by the parties. Moreover, the said project will be evaluated by the Committee on Oral Examination
assigned by the Civil Engineering Department.

The project aims to fulfill a socio-academic purpose of the Department.

XVI. Plans for Ensuring the Sustainability of the Project:

The university recognizes the need to strengthen the services to and network with local and national government
office to make functional its goal of development research and extension services. Thus, the project leader and
coordinators offer partnership with local and national government office such as the Municipality of Padre
Garcia, Batangas regarding the project, “Proposed Design of Livestock Butchering and Processing Compound at
Brgy. Payapa, Padre Garcia, Batangas”.

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A Memorandum of Agreement will be prepared as proof that both parties, the University and the
Municipality of Padre Garcia, Batangas, have agreed upon the terms and conditions of the extension of the said

To ensure sustainability of the project, the outputs of the researches to be conducted will be given to
Municipality of Padre Garcia, Batangas for its possible utilization whether in form of system improvement or
product development.

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CEAFA Extension Coordinator Dean,CEAFA
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Reviewed by: Recommending Approval:


Director, Extension Services Vice President for Research, Development
Date Signed: and Extension Services
Date Signed:
Recommending Approval: Approved:


Vice President for Administration and Finance University President
Date Signed: Date Signed:
Required Attachment: If Extension Service / Training is requested by clients, attached the letter of request with endorsement from the
University President.
cc: (1) Executive Director

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