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• Depending on the scope of the REFERENCE DATA
save 3 to 12 months on the initial CODES FOR PROJECT MATERIALS
implementation and correspond-
With millions of individual parts to describe, each part having to be described
ing consulting and training fees.
differently for each phase of a project, the complexity in standardizing material de-
scriptions is significant. Companies devote much effort to define commodity codes
• The savings in implementation costs with their properties that satisfy requirements throughout various phases of a project.
are primarily due to the out-of-the-
To reduce this effort, Intergraph® has built a Standard Database for SmartPlant®
box availability of commodity code
Reference Data that delivers a comprehensive range of commodity codes you
rules and dimensional data based can use to uniquely describe materials throughout a project life cycle. Within
on standards. These rules and data SmartPlant Reference Data, the Standard Database employs sophisticated
can be used in conjunction with the and exhaustive rules to maintain material descriptions.
delivered piping specifications to
Standard Database for SmartPlant Reference Data is a pre-configured, recom-
quickly start up projects that can
mended best practice solution to enable rapid implementation of enterprise reference
leverage the data.
data management and/or materials management in general. The Standard Database
incorporates a comprehensive catalog of industry-standard material parts, organized
• Training and consulting are and described for out-of-the-box use by owner operators, engineering, procurement,
minimized as well, reducing imple- fabrication, and construction. The content is pre-configured to enable catalog and
mentation time plus cost and risks. piping specification interfaces to intelligent 3D applications (Intergraph Smart™ 3D,
PDS®, and CADWorx®).

• There is no need to re-enter

standard reference data, which
enables high-quality production
Intergraph delivers the Standard Database with a pre-configured
interface to Smart 3D, SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Isometrics,
SmartPlant Materials, PDS, and CADWorx.

Available Content
The latest release of Standard Database for SmartPlant Reference
Data ships with hundreds of piping components that are used by
thousands of commodity codes and result in hundreds of thousands
of individual parts with millions of dimensions. These parts are com-
pliant with international standards (ASME/ANSI, ASTM, EN, and JIS,
among others) and include dimensional data from these standards.

A majority of the parts have now been enriched with weight and
center of gravity information to support downstream activities. In
addition, a significant number of industry-standard piping specifica-
tions and sample specifications are included based on the delivered
parts to enable quick project implementation.

This release of Standard Database contains ducting, electrical,

equipment, and structural content. The release includes thousands
of ducting parts, electrical parts, and cables. Also included are
hundreds of equipment components and AISC structural steel cross

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