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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF ELEVENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR MIAMI-DADE, FLORIDA. ONE WEST BANK N.A., GENERAL JURISDICTION DIVISION Plaintiff, CASE NO.: 2014-008095-CA-01 vs. JUDGE: JERALD BAGLEY. GLORIA LEEK-TANNENBAUM A/K/A GLORIA LEEK, ef. al., Defendant. / ORDER ON DEFENDANT'S MOTION TO DETERMINE ENTITLEMENT TO ATTORNEYS FEES UNDER FLA. STA’ 05 THIS CAUSE, having come on to be heard and the Court having heard argument of counsel, and being otherwise fully advised in the Premises, it is hereupon, ORDERED AND ADJUDGED said Motion be, and the same is hereby: CRe/RD PlAWT RE OWD 179 coowsee ALO CELERY sArcn OD) Fok PAIR Aepwolols Acro lod VidLANew OF FURL STAT §SDNPT et AY fra? Wy Ge Derete wt AT A sygsemven7y— Hemet DONE AND ORDERED in Chambers, at Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida this 2 _ day of TAY vaney = 2018, 4) ROUT IUDGE Y TE, JR Copies furnished to: PEDRO ECHARTEs Ae Defendant’s counsel: CIRCUIT COURT J Bruce Jacobs, Esq., Court E. Keeley, Esq., Amida Umesh Frey/Aisq,, Anna C, Morales, Esq.. Jacobs Keeley, PLLC, 169 E. Flagler Street, Suite 1620, Miami, FL 33131 Plaintiff's counsel: Robert Bowen III, Esq., Albertelli Law, PO Box 23028, Tampa, FL 336232028