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1AM A CAMERA by John van Druten 3M, 4W Ia the words of The Herald Tribune, the play “looks at lle ia a wavdey Berlin rooming house of 1930 with a stringently photogrephic eye. For the most pat, i concerns itself with che Imercural and irresponsible moods of 3 grt called Sally Bowes. ‘When we frst mect her, she isa creature of extravagant strudes, given co parading her vices, enormoualy confident tht she is going to take life in her stride. She is fond of describing herself st an ‘extraordinary interesting person,’ and she is vaguely dishing ‘Ase get to aow her, we watch ber make fghtened arange- ‘ments for an ilgal operation, seize at the tinted excape offered bya sich and worthless American playboy, attempt to rehabilitate herself and fl ludirousy, we are more and more moved, more sad more caught up in the complet and almost unbearable rity of this gel [The author has] placed 2 character named) Mr. TWherwood on the sage .. He serves both as narrator and as principal confidant to Sally Bowles. He isthe camera eye of the til, traced to Sally, yet digpassonate about her” Though Sally is the chit point of interes, the plight ofthe Jew in Germany ia the ‘arly "00s brought within focus in afew touching scene, “i en Dns mada iin _ AIM Hyd bath groin end poignre-asi-s 0.08 [Aso by John van Draten . TREMEMBER MAMA ‘son 0377205450 BELL, BOOK AND GANDLE r THE DRUID CIRCLE sodmany other IRAMATISTS PLAY SERVICE, INC. 7308221205480) 1 AM A CAMERA BY JOHN VAN DRUTEN Adapted from “The Berlin Stories of Christopher Isherwood With Preface by the Author DRAMATISTS PLAY SERVICE, INC. DRAMATISTS PLAY SERVICE INC. fea -HANDENG OFTHE ACTING RIGHTS OF MEMBERS PLAYS "THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF THF AMERICAN THEATRE Wow "dramatists com 1AM A CAMERA ty JOHN VAN DRUTEN * rasenc moter te eee ceraeaes ARighe Roened CAUTION: Psa and maa az ey wend poormne of [RMACAMERA sje ppm sso. 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"Toe tres paying Soy mac dar mtr oft si, Sly ie sh, hgh, aly oe te ange td tren. Sie the sh nr i mat ei i eye {MIE ated never otis, ad sy srt 8 ‘hen he Mine of ong mn sh ey acy for mes a she fans um woul ae Tha! gay fr insane Sl ‘raat the woe hig fore seme vo sey Say. “Gesonte 9aet pre He har pny one Pay ‘gsc he cn amphi If ae Eno net ‘hen, he il fd hms singing tom «thse Se ha mo ting to eed om spre 2 ed ru ean ste a wi py telly ed ah re wlan of I'S ccmottr aed shone, wil ard hen very get He ‘thes Sly art aman anno anny ot weld wae Teperiteemase: Heedeply fd hr, b eer penly tts hs ne Bs ane He ne of Teck you wear ‘Stymut be vad asi foe spe by a york man 2 gh nd input oy of te hy tm te peso wh mvs e hy fm the prover he aah contna ad he {Ete one. Thr lagen on eH of “Tam em ‘Nes ede seve wrens team See espera sn for rth ad fr fay top tr ope the rane i re Bel nt oh te he Se moos ne Tite dantcer mare sce fey top be doe finton fo sand on th rh ner ee fe atte sot rot nd her ema spot, dks hr vn he ear ‘he teased renner maui 2nd eal prac fic Cormam aap aed the shold verre la er ye once op mo aan of he ‘tothe pd Tem, o taped is im be boomer Beare of he ‘lets of he bhai, bt be act hare or Sal i yt ha it gon The ba nf Peso Nat ast {pleat tment toe tae dency Sy ne ih ae, vay pro ‘les a i op nen ewe Fete mde payne oly th Net Ber ene, ee ‘Rablian Si, her slept he Ne atin Sal eed 7 ty F ue Hue Tole fr i ii ef I TRE He q A bes if i ! tF li ig il lt re on i fio grat wale othe ly. He weak ap onsets ck oe ces hs oe ibe ree vay, pe agregar tsherand wth pst ree Bre: He feidg They are tener npr of te pa. Wh aT EXE. GUluina tt ce ote ah Seige “joo Deore TAM ACAMERA acri Scone t me: The sone trouhout is a room i eden ‘Schneiders at Betn around 190, The els ben or Partly 30, bend curtains page. The door fo the bli fhe m wall Wicows tn Be teal The ‘oom is excesoly German and mide clas. hee ee {a ed ove with angel on aitage nf combine ion seston cxpboard Iie Geb rine by the eer tans upstage agit wl Sst cha ke b's throne taf soe ers make Kind of atl by the door. Thee is «smal abe for ln nw landing of wardrabe. The wardrobe is afi ear wl bbl furans and tof bed. A backs sof, or cout, sd e poufe 6. oft Lage tbe aed wp Crise! he’ ek ob the indo ped with bos, apes fd notebooks “tar by the ale and aut eat hast wl, owntaseof wknd There wre one oF to dood ek prits ota wl, Between beady ‘Gemeente MEY eerste. “When the cara rss, he stage i dark exept for & bt on Christopher Tero, tected sone a te able 211 eit i toni, Ens and ae. ees nel trousers, sry ity, a 2 cit Ole wees te throughout he play The Sniy change wi be i bs te) “Hei ertng and smoking. "ben be Spe ond reas ot ‘ebb bo wren, {RISTOPLER (Reatng sod Ta he oe days tre at een af Nat ing oe wens ere Ba Tt tig bade, mare sop” te aop) Noy a a ny {Ge cumptste ue nd tvs le) Thats ee opt way se 1 hee Jin Yt xp wo wo Ugg al rvs pal trachnater ofthe Boy. He ces SSRSin fr web to mney ‘ang Enh fsa Nw be eed rom wating for St tpg away der ‘Stk ei al abo lie pwn beer oa on ts fay nome, *Aloe sng the whereof he peeration, Christopher {henrod cn he sid 0 hae ached toe genes,” (Dens) ‘Shur op, de The ony Bok ever plished ot ve eis all td nd sald eo bundeed and thre cops de. And 1 avert even red ths ew oe thaugh ve bee ees mths ‘ira. (Si tte table agin) Wel you've pin 0 ar now, thie mins Yor aot leaving the hur nal you do. Write "Chapter One” (Doe 22) Gand. Now begin. Crate something. ‘eying ewe en oad) “Tam eer, ih sae pe eave. Some day all fr wil Rave to be developed, rfp ped fed” (The lights come up onthe roo. bere {Fa fac onthe door) Whats at? SCHNEIDER. (Of) Ie, Her lyon. CHRISTOPHER. Come ny Fite (Scbneider comes i, she Sarge ovony, German oman, nd caries Toth She frost ta tbl We an ats th down on) SCHNEIDER. T being youth tend. When you ae having Indy nes, you cn rae Schsdescten to make things ele (Cross to poe. and picks ap Fook ond papers) Now, ‘hee do you wae al ofthese hie ogo, ete Ingo? GiRisPOHTICR Of, ps tenon the Boe SCHNEIDER. Bit yor camot putting 08 the Moor. (Cases pt Bebin couch) CHRISTOPHER. There area tof thing here aren SCHNEIDER. Bor they mse not ay the, nt 3 ay eo ing edocs no Took goad sta. eke wp le of lacey frm pony (CHRISTOPHER, You'd tester pt them on the Bed, She wont Be Teanga be 0 eee tes pe tee ft Te ee bs et ted pin Screen teh yn Shobha en Forse Tepid tl ae a a Toe ted bebind te cartes). es Sees etc ats gy sate We Sette (dp eke fons Derg pes Societe ct ee Segoe een Same Seiten Sy ae ar reper ey eer ares eee eter ad mettre eee fees ie deel Ree we ee SS a oS yc er te, ana mame ites Nk keg Se fed ees Saar a oe a a tment deo cite ls aes cheng Me feel eta cb os hd yb cay wal ae Tae ean eve ea om ld it Soran oe of my pre: Sieve we page rae ey SOAS Doe hs See obey gp at See eee ee meen (ean EGG a STO |e an fee eee ee ee ete Sheet (SOAR Yor Paso fh GSior ag Vet Tay ce so at SERED ch, er on wie EERO NEE tego 1 re pa we tem aeceren emcee ee Genoa ee Sees SERGE TS SU ia at en yy ol aly get into And wht do 1 do with this rove? With the Some cng sl eer nd ent fore GiRISTORHER landing br money) Ob, a sare you will SCHNEIDER. Danie CHRISTOPHER. And unit you do, why dot you Te i Soursl, tad ofthe siting room? BGNEIDER. ringing wie Fo sof couch and sting tea Sah) Ske the siting rom. (Cheitpbe ase. 6f couch) ‘Sa ik on tothe corner and se at gong on. And belive tne Her leyoo, ere ey Those women hey ae a old IN amslncss ad they tnd there sd wher to al he en Sto psy Kom, Stor. Aad belive me, Here eon they Tone Chics rod Yo fon of tale) Scie Ta | al opt ta prfetin msl GRISTOPHIER Can Trent he eter rom, lela Scheer? ‘What do you arg foe? SCHNEIDER. (Crossing 10 above couch, 1. of Chriapher) 1 ive charged eae lt marke when tee were god. CHRISTOPHER, Tan ford twenty ie SCHNEIDER Ciuing is bir) Ach, dr armer Jonge. Bat of frase yor can ren I wil not have you Tene. You eat for ‘enya CHRISTOPHER, Youre vry swe, Feiskn Seber, SCHNEIDER. Sweat? Ju Once T yas set. Swet 2 s0exr ‘ites Now {am meet ia a ld bn (Crosses to tbe and Wits 2)" And tom you make pet el of money Wath out ‘fo th you are aye wn. you tk a ous, Sd everyoeshopy one moe (CHRISTPHTER FI buy you a for oat, | You cn rat me pec. (Turns to bir) And I wl ring yo super svete for your eof. Most nie Ladies appecine thee things. (Goes ot Ting doo oer, Critopher eases to ‘auld nd svisbens be) BuUTZ. (Of) Her nyron? SCHNEIDER: (Of) Ney en, Her Wendel Sie Kien wiht i SIRTF (Gi td) Fa it eter, yomg > RIE. (4 oor) nS say 1 amet come She 3 You cape. GIRISTOMIER. Ye 1 do, Bo hata sigh. Come nF tnt Ed) Bo ot rate cle? One ay pte coming Fite Bryer, | wo te sect. Back ne GMISTOPFER Wit yow mix eooeh for tes, Feueia Sheer SCHNEIDER You se to apo, Herr trea You eneaia Snes cm No mater Wht (Go ot at ta Greer ae a a ad Cae. eho ete Sal pt cone ena stn) Rt Cres fot of Com tof thing soe of) 1 nt in yor ld es ed dae nh ‘pity doo hehe. nat Tek he wold GIRSTOPHER. te bess tad? (Coma dn om of et ss ofr come nis be fey FatT2 e's wore Lowy ad fre, Or I pl 2 new dea Fee ex nono or el. GuniTOHER Gas ad Cac ant tite cg) Eben fm sry. Thats for of FRITZ Yam sean ey Eg on: Sly sys maybe she will give me a few lessons. b os ‘GiaterOriist, Woe sh FRITZ. (Cruing bow out tot of Christopher) Shei a frend of ine. Evcly te mig around se ah fe toon twat at you ud ine tach ce GitasrOreen Os pd of ye} FRITZ. Not yt Bat seis wonder Cee CGHRISTOPHER. Who i se? Win ce she 4? FRITZ, She pan acest. She sg athe Lady Windermere, Hot ff, lee me. Lkiacly oe has » bt of French im Ber. Her ‘moter vi French (Croter fo hata and pute lone wth wa. CHRISTOPHER. | wonder wat Nuala wil think of er, Natalia {andaer ic he pop am expecing. FRITZ. (Caner to abo hen oj couch) Landnaer? OF de ‘ip dopant sore? CHRISTOPHER Her father owns Ws the amy busines, FRITZ. Tat sey ar be enrol rly. CGIRISTOPHER, Ob, yes hey stining Hh FRITZ. ecg seam of euch And re you going 0 sary bar? CCEIRISTOPHER. (Coughs) Me? No, of corsa. FRITZ. Do you nt wat her? CGHRISTOPHER No abi. Except a ppd FRITZ, “ten if sald mer her and prpe make x ps aftr er, you wold oot mind? (GiRISTOPHER Br you haves een sen ber FRITZ. oving aces fo able.) Why wel that make ference? tl You, Chri I ned money. Maybe then er fer ‘el ake ng frm me aod give ms ob inthe Business, HT Iii hr 2 pamentinprtage CCIRISTOHER. Wat mater yo thik sd have you? FRITZ. All women wl Kae me if | wat them, CHRISTOPHER: Nor aly, apparende FRITZ. Cross below couch fo pufle 2% and sts) Say hat ‘ee toby. Wi ter men. Bo one days wl be ee ed ‘hen ll lately pet my Teak in GlikisPortien Cin” tn) Peis you wont be fie, erage Yo wil eal dp with Naa. FRITZ [Seouly) Yes, ukimaly basnes max come Gt 1 sxppos be is ewes? Gieistorrns Ok ye, FRITZ. Wel sere ie says something. And you know, Cri, Tam very Baad minded” (el nse) (CHRISTOPHER sing) That wil be New FRITZ. (sing ond moving upto 8 of couch) How do I lok, Cis? How te my Bic? (Gets out comb ad mor) Um Goteeven 3 grey Bais Noy tht foo much, Pls fut) Vou sc, Ci er, act mcr son. You wl lp me 12 ange te arigeselement? (They meet fot of couch, ‘Yc of}) SALLY. (Of) Here lherwood ier 20 Hause? RITZ. That i aly. Chr, po on your cst (CHRISTOPHER. Wy? FRITZ, She rnd. Very degat. (Ctopher erases to cae ‘hoe des for bs oat) SCHNEIDER (Of) He i oot here Hes no to hea. SALLY. (Of) Bot be st be He i expecting me. nt Here ‘Wendl bre? FRITZ, (Going tothe door wie Critepber pus bis coat on) Saly—ebling «= - Ext) ‘SALLY. (Of) Fi, daving, The ld Id sb thre was moby tere FITZ. Cane in. Sly comes noth rts Behind er. She Yong nd ace See was ck with smc ser Ber ables and age boy op stuck jatiy on oe side of. Ber bead. er ferns are pated emerald geen. Seeder Std in te dora) Sally, ss Cope, Ce. her, ti Sal. Sly Bove (Cher an Say eet a GiGi do yoo do? SALLY. (Shaking ands) Tm ey elt met yom, CHRISTOPHER’ Nike” caee for fom, wl yay Fein Sciaie ERELY"Oh not ferme age cee. cameo in he ‘Bot se ps i x ble oe. ‘GIRISTOPHER (Yo Scheider) Js fr he, hen. Sebcider Seat te Sod SALLY aways fare rae Oyster for bela. Dont 300 aiere them? Ee with Wc San al sof wooed up tegen ve on tem. Sis, doing doa oer bra of. exch)” Actual, | suppose Tel tve 4 wy td sd, ‘ould fr Pn sly de GEeIsrOP ER Yn a hve got ny whisky. SALLY. Toup you were Ege GemisTOMIER am Ha tals por ‘SALLY. Ch so am L. Teily poor. But bays have why. 1 amen, Ihnkone mest. Do you tate anything? Imes, saying de ofr? CGIRISTOPHER. 1 eink rve pot» ie spot of gin. SALLY. Dae eli mother's ram Gin will be won, (Crs Ber aes in ut of epbourd) "Am 1 rly ae, Fe dving? FRITZ. Cecning over bead of couch.) No, you are belly SALLY. though I was png t be ale cme 2 al. 1 hd ‘most fae fow with my Idd. Pally, 1 dp od Sept ot (Ming down tof each) CGHRISTOPHER What would you isi hor thi a? SALLY. Have you got ayehing? HRISTOMHER: Otebiety) No, I dow ink | hae SALLY. Then I ost have aie GHRISTOPFER. (Goin back to capboord) ave bein ton le SALLY. Tat wl be wonder. Cie me one of your areas Specs, Fite daring Griz flrs goer) Do you cet Sole any of F's cgarenes? (Joker blr from bor Panes, {is cet nto it and libs) Tyee shchly rsa "nm sre tee fl of opi, ee smething They sayy ake sme fl ery ena GERISTOFHER: Ceding be the glass) Here you ae. (ewes fn Bate the te) SALLY. Thnk you 9 mach This sks wood. (St) Ob, iis ifs om an exrsorinary tae, Ie pepper, (CHISTOM ER. Of, Tm aad Tent ne washed xt hs lass ‘rope. That aus be toaipce Pm 0 ery. SALLY Tsk wonder Have some, Bi lous Jie the lass) Tae te Pehape we can all male 9 fortune sling FRITZ." Cs) 1 extemely Screg, ae lt ack 12 say) aed SALLY. Clnding sas to Coritopber) You fave sme, to. (CHRISTOPHER (Tasting) Petape we cn sl make 4 Fone ‘eling monteah you con gt drank om, (Mover any tle Sand ston eae) FRITZ. (Siting on bead of couch) What for was your tow wi yea ony? SALLY. Ob was abslaely afl You shad ave Heed the ns seid me Teorey {open a way tm be Ertan Tein ins ae wap one dot eto i cle th it tue [ei 2 man bane with met tig Andy ayvey, Te erly in love we, FRITZ, Anyone 1 Eaow? SALLY. You never pcs, Kl FRITZ Gling ond ering Oe Sly) Klas? Your accmpena, ro SALLY. Yer, Hewat ays oie prt fsa fo me And the ee nigt he vas bly sch. ot i 9 in tameting, He wade tefl ike 2 most mates njphy es tony from anybere,t hemile of he ret, Ard thn ie Tandy came in and made te ust bang aco Tap cart go back, ines sinond bande ast hee tt #10 the expo) all hve Bods new tem (30 hitter) dant more you tne of ay, de you? GHHUSTOPHER. (Ries end mover nto conch) A rom? SALLY. Someng ike pers? IIISTOPHIER Wel, ht ee FRITZ. leing downto of Chritoer) Why, are you ka (GRISTOPHER, Ym ving this rom, Ten aor any more. SALLE. cy en” Gz mee ca fom shoe fable tm of an fg them CGHRISTOPHER.T pay Bly mala 8 month. That lcs break fe SALLY. (Rising Chitpber falls ber rounlto aove couch) But has nothing Tay eighty for mine Theis vey le (Cook around) Ts dt Your bed? Ob think thats fetal len sway le hae (Cocks sbind the tas) Ohy tats thee you hy tne GikisTOPHER. (Eagbins) Only when te isto, ‘SALLY. You mean I could realy have hs? How Soon? CHRISTOPHER. As svn ar you tke ve ago to move arse the hal ewont ale es mint And Uo Blin Schnee [very aan lt SALLY" (Coming down 0. of Chvtoper) What she ihe? [Lmean,& she going vo make ole Ht tg men home oes onal? Team, would aly be very econ, becuse they we SALLY. (Rtter shay) Why do you say I tying to shock FiRSTOPHER. 1 have an en you lke ty and check every fone. Thy do you pie your Bageraals ree? SALLY. hin ee pe. Don you? CHRISTOPHER. Soppre you thought war prety to paint ower) FRET Oa ta eleinRwles s Hane SCHNEIDER (OM) Ne, Hare Wedel thee Hor tyro divin Bren Zine Cel nha hi oer) Fr Hao, Geis Aveyond? {GIRISTOPTES I ont Kaw eS do. RET (Sng of hrper) What ie mater? CGinisrOPHER iy book shes,“ cull he Ling of Pago cng ni Po itr ne (Gis thermore) Hs pat Gavteswtlen! bt of that aan ie dead = GUSTO Cake hemo bin) No you ae ining wp with Cemgrade. You dot ie Faves nt 1 ‘rer soe andre ad Si Ave you set's what 95? RITE. Quite sare GIRETOMIER (Removing the themomcer) Te mast be ‘ole, (Sher beer dum) Tink Take some apr, (Gooey ead, pts emote ey nd aes {Spi rom eaptoud) How ae you rz? How's Neti? RITE. Chicopee gt yee wi he gi have fpent sone om er Money I have ot po meet her parents | Arse fer pooms. Poems fom Hatch Heine, and slays she Teens them abd then he Taaghe at met aot even the ‘Geny any mor. (Cre lo able, and sion edge) Bet when ‘he ll ot let me make love or, dees lial wa. seb and te ie my so And, Ci she Bea ad ‘he unoached By we o anya. EmSTOPHER. (Seaouing spin) Silly et you capt 10 une on ber. Fiz Bu noone could poonce on Nua. CHRSTOPMER” (Grose to couch and es dun on picking ip aly bere) Sally sid hats why would be so eet ence be dn Throw be ona coh something RIT, You donot mena et, Cie, CHRSTOPLER. You don't se tobe doing any god he ws sexy. Hew do you otal manage with women? FRITZ. 1 fave only to unc my ile fpr, ad pre ee, nd ay come rong ein perhaps Ly Ret and erase te soot Laf Chrixoper) Tan afer do ays no harm. She avay now. woe to her every day. Now I wl wre no sor Twat fo her vo come Bors, and thn T wl pone, sd Toa aaa GEIRSTOPHER. Cont FRITZ. And we © th Y04, Chis? You sl ive in that dak {ay orson of 3 roam? CHRISTOPHER Ob, ee FRITZ, And can you get anyone le in che room at the same fine CHRISTOPHER. Oh, yes. If hey fond of me. FRITZ. (Ceming oot bin) Do yu ve ay lovee now? CGHRSTOPTIER T have» lite. Now ad then FRITZ, Aad you wal pot ell abot ie Not ver. You Engh te se relict. (Crests te "Rites Aaenng” pte) 1 Suy did ne aliately have a French mote, she wold ot alk show eer CHRISTOPHER. A what? (Remembering) Oh». - yes FRITZ, She i's sang pi Half of fr Ie clit Frank, Iai op tinea (Taker actu fom the wall) TH ture. She has wih ber everywhere. (Comes bak o above of Chitpber) eis sled "The Kiev Avealesng” Wf hdih (Sly eter Sb athe marr than wo ats ber, a ne ad rater wnsitebe at. She ris seer packages ‘She lok ted) SALLY. Oh hl Crs, Hel, Fe. FRITZ. Hell Sally. We were ja aig your pcre, SALLY. Oh The Kites Awakening” Moss in betoren them) Te had the ever since wae 8s 8 dead Kien sein op in Heater angel Lene Send CHRISTOPHER: Meow, sizow. (othe he of "Nod, Nod”) SALLY, Chris mates swf fn of ORs Christopher on bead ‘et eddy Bear then mes dort able el ts paris doom) ‘Boe hin rer Set RIIZ Te tery set leas tread ts ove cou) SALLY. Condes 15 hot ot and ae September already CGHRISTOPHER. You ae very dressy td, SALLY. am? Oh, dso Ys fs ew le hough for me 1 owt the mh, at cot so amc mey. Mone Hp fo ‘oss nd ute Baas dom om hr of 8) Les ve 2 Praise Oyser Wil you, Che? (CHRISTOPHER. No, 1 a they act my back SALLY. Fig? FRITZ. I weuld Ihe to ty om SAUL. make thom Chae doen el now bow, Starts 6 s,s tow gases fom matron on ble). FRITZ" (oon round mend of conch). nd who i hi {live who ser 90a at? SALLY. Hes an American Chee and net bmn a wick agp at the Troita bar. We were boi siting aloe, faving ber ech ‘cans we were bah 0 body miserable he was iting wet {0 aed ordered campagne for ws al, Gets suc from ue ‘oar and brings ito ble) and wed spurl ow the st ounn, And evr since hn we hry ben apt ane eo crs hans po cpbord ond el, open tok Grats ih we de et in ot of he RITZ And be fv fo acon? ENGTOPHER. Te es on vcton ve sever en sone Sint suc (aly brig doom to Wl) Hes slope, i tye Br Pe neve aly fond one wy. Have yo, Sa SALTS "Gow sue it saws) Yen der es he “Tre ane ten fou fy sd ay se of he ve ed Ti fd, bfr sn we rpc gdh Thy Both ‘ong in ups man ech On es Bp, td eer iets Par Sono wonder pit Ceres ger) ics nr an ering charcer feo of Doty. Hee ‘et of lt ath eer and sik Chad ae pt ITSsEN tae Gro gy thn wane Bch) Ta wy Tie gh ow ing Ce gre ng T's don ots tol sings the, Cri. Nad ast aloe of {Baa eve, Cy and some se fr you. Somes te GHRISTOPHER, Cond Cad SALLY! The eae ae +B etnny, bet theyre te Wheres sneting sr ti with Crs vner rund oa) ouch Oy ths fo wl Jo, Pek «fui or ond tz ite oye} Thor (Se on ose oto gus doom ter on) Oy ents mare. (isk pon feb aed (Gasp da ad nsf woes al of te oven ote of couch nd teks) Wl, Sow eth Fas? Von kaw Nain ce tone me trl ey Stool she wore dang dit sing and Tee fle Senator moehng Bt te reense sopp ERT Say wh fer prt Se come ack nat wk, ‘hae T ald pounce ont, and Iam gang t ke (Takes mote’ sp of Bs ink and chokes again) SALLY. Wits the mer? Dor you ke yoor Pre Opiter? FRITZ Pus ss doom on tle) Ieee pina, You thik fall nat ee? SALLY. Yen thee bese tht way. Epecilly when you are not Feling wel They sto come bck yo CHRISTOPHER Art you feng wel Sly? SALLY. Not eal. FRITZ, You weal ke me ogo? SALLY. Fez daig,weald Jou mind teibly? 1 would ike ta Iie dave a bi (Chrisapber tes and moves round to bead of coud) FRITZ. Bat of cure With me there ae no compliments. Sly, yor ie down, (Christopher ad Tot be Sally tole down) "Then you fe beer. go sow. You ake er to dinner, Cherian shear ber ap GERISTORLER. 1 wy. Gost ye, Ft o- Gritz gos. Chia Ber gets Sal's slopes from beside the Bed and brings dawn) Saty,'ate you really feng iI? lps Sly ov ‘pers SALLY. Not so mach aj wating pti of Kim Fe feet mean, hes an old Fed, bu hn if ad to go on Ing ei ny lange hat 1 le (Chrisphe al shows Side el) Ue pot comeing to tl you, Chie (CHRISTOPHER. Whats ko SALLY. iting 4p.) Chr, 1 went to the doctor this fernean “im ging to havea baby ‘ChiiSTOPrEER: CWoong dn tt of be) Oby ny Cat SALLY. Te ben eid of for log tine oy wos hin shou iT hep pretending wae tv. The yesterday 1 was ‘5k, and hen ted hs morning. And a's wht made eB GhikiSrOpien tk Hur ede SALLY, Yee CHRISTOPHER. Doss he know? SALLY. (Sharply) No, be doe. (CHRISTOPHER. Wel yor oig tot im, aren't yo? SALLY. I doin, Cri I Hae hen from Hin for wees fod wes: Tete fin tweak the letter Uae ad CHRISTOPHER T ideal now ham Id ink e was fod enough for you (Sts of Sly) EALLY. Thr awetof you Ris) CHRISTOPHER Bc youre ging ttl Kn this, now? SALLY. (Cresing to sbooe table) No. Not he daca write © te Heat beg hi. And ads what it woud te let ean, | ‘ay be up to mac, but | bve soe pie CHRISTOPHER Wel what then" nif he doe wrt 2 ies re SALLY. ! don't know, Ths wha creme. 15 ly, Ct At toppers to thr gi Alor a other i. Ba fam sare Dongs ty al are on? (4 fac tte door) SCHNEIDER. (Off fee Flea Sly. The pos i ere, CEIRISTOPEIER, (Sot soe) Sh’ bon Seeing am ye oat for SALLY, Come SCHNEIDER. (Entoring ongoing to Ber) There i eter for Sos Te ene you wan, rom England SALLY. fy thane you [SCHNEIDER Jor Trl. (Sebsider band eter 10 Say and Seat Sly stars fo undo ber acages, Seeder ies ap and Secs et Sly ts or ero ese. Them Se pte lee fem ‘Gites sind by. She rat er fae changes) CHRISTOPHER. Whar ee mer? SALLY. Is what I hoi Hes throwing me sr GIRISTOPHER. (ses) Oh, we. SALLY igh re, Wi» weft af za shou how Badly fet beled tes (Say onde Crspber the Pst age Je Feniet Se goer om sth he vtond) Aprende sae Ue ce A Lady Gove Ehaey. He my she wonder She's Sein. A commonit vein. Lays he eter dum) Wel tose Sr wo things ow one ond ewer ay of iniSeOMHER (Gat to Sally ed pang bis arms ered Ser) Ob Sally, Pm ay. SALLY. Cea aft i) es ily CHRISTOPHER. tee» tnd oF ody eter. ‘SALLY, a fd eee 2 Hoody person, rely. Oh, Ch, Twa buay ter. Abeaye te dds whol do GHRISTORHER T wor, Sly SALLE, ow spt hy fe en eee Sort: ways (Cou to feud of cue ‘GieIS-Omes, Howes int sof such) Sly, youl ave © fel Klos, Hell ave to bp oe SALLY" What would be he good? Hed oly ran aay. Leave na ‘irs ew he we pie 0 happen (Jn to Crisapber) Save the baby, Crs fee sul, bese I want Bot ot ‘eee mare ad ca look are GHRISTOPHER: {ifr vecoed) Tl mary yu, Sly. SALLY, (Tums auay and stron pou) Oby Che, what goed wold tat do? Kia? eid «and 4 be 2 rote sort of Tes. Jit a beayed whore GERISTOPHER (og fo be. Shunt) Say for Cae, Sop cling your that You tow youre ot SALLY. (biter) Ye am. Js that. One wh’ fll in ove Sek avin, Bee hes reps and then go exogt. Tha SIL Jae whore anda fool. (Sur f0 77) GinisTOPrIER Say, sep eying SALLY. Te pot oid someone CHRISTOPHER. Wort hie doctor 2 ‘SALLY: No He wa quite shocked when [old Ai Tes mar on 7 (CHRISTOPHER. Then wel get someone, Maybe we should sk Fslen Snel, SALLY. Do you tik sd ow anyone? CHRISTOPHER. She Enows je abo everyting, Pe ales Chongk Yell her (Opens door Sly mows gy Ufo ‘Subtond) Filan Seine! SCHNEIDER. (Off) Ja (CHRISTOPHER. Frulcin Can you come nee? (Comes eck) {el be ll ight, Slly. Tprmbe you. (Seuder els and ‘inert head of couch) SCHNEIDER. You elle for me Herr Ixy? (CHRISTOPHER Yes. We ued your avin Do you want t tll ee Sly? SALLY. Cer back to thon No. You do CHRISTOPHER, Wel, you sx Frileln Schr, ily iin 2 Tide tof oat SCHNEIDER. a? ‘SumisToPrE. Se you ce 'SCHNEIDER. Bur then ths Fer Klaus, he wl come Back and ay he CCHIRISTOPHIER. Wel, you sx he it awfly amos to, You SALLE (tng, coming doo oof couch) eta tal, Se Yo tc eying ih wh Set at fT dont eer wat Yo see i ain. (Tur ay from tem) a SCHNEDER. Ach 9 CHRISTOPHER So you, we wat to get—er—to ge i of {he tay The pot ado you knw sayene? ‘SCHNEIDER. Ye, do. Thre was a young dy Ling bre ence, hd be wet te dor. ‘SALLY. And was alight? SCHNEIDER’ war que ll eh. (Crossing to Sly) T have Fe sdear aad Weploee umber sll T kop i jm ia see ‘hod ever appen spin (Cheitpber sen poufe) SALA" Gr ec oy pa apes te SCHAEIDER, e can alvays tapes. It is ju bad ck. Bat he Inte expensive. ea ceric he ha to ge dat your bea, Wal go kt yor have the risk of child. eon money at cosine SKLLY: Howe mack? SCHNEIDER. For thir other young Indy wat dee ndeed rt CHRISTOPHER. The hundred! SCHNEIDER. We cod make = Hole cheaper, 1 hak, if we ‘gud. Maybe eo hendred and fy CHRSTOPER Tats olan awl lot SALLY. 1 ow tt Bo Tye got do Chris 1 realy tve, (Cress to Seber and tke ber hands} You'd beter ng 9p (he Sco, Fen aad ee ae xn se oe SGNEIDER. Yu ite a come wih you? SALLY. Ob, weal you? Tint woald be marvin. (48 Sever ees to dor, Say follows ber) Lssy === Feat Where shee debe do? thre days, and then You come back ere and rem mb ton {poo mee a orn Tp phen. ego ont an) SALLY. (Crossing to couch and siting om floor i fot of) [Wale area to ber (CERISTOPHER 1b al ri, Sly, know i wi, The other eae ake SALLY. There's meting vo degrading aout at well dane rs roa. Oh, damn! Hn i ii? Al he en Pe Bd and there Eerie cues ky ad ths fo appen tome tsa 0, then you thnk owe hat there's romaing ae nie of You; at you eat have That you must have 15 ke dng ‘uae alte old ler ae tr fer al. CHRISTOPHER. Sly, two Handed aod Aly mark: And he me wil probably ext 2 bt of money, to, Pre seared making 2 tide moe now, fo. If tea help you SALLY. (Twn lo bie) Ob, Chri ou ae a age pay you ack. sea wl, And yu know tik pers you fad beer come wah Well ay you're te father thie lake ber {2 are Hinson. CHRISTOPHER. (Comes tom. of Sally ond sts on couch with rm rund ber.) Yer Sly of cure 1 come vith you. SALLY. Oh, Chris dont now wat Fo wtot yon. (She lng to Citar and be ale er Ball tg) hy dan, thee the bel Ts anyone forme, im ne Tame Zw ee fmjone (Opes the dor, and fos down te page, Critopher snd owes rout to abowe coach) Tlan Scheer, Ut ost ae t anyone Iwo ace» - by ble, Cl, ee CLIVE: (Of) Ho there os thought If come an lec you SALLY. OReturing and crossing tc) We Clie (Coe enters {ei in Bs Tt ri, age, meri, bond ddr) CLIVE Wal allo Chi you sn of gn. (Saks ons) CHRISTOPHER. Ys, re. CLIVE. (Crsing Yo Sly) Pre oer seen your place befor. 1 Showtfcone ndae 3 de wea oe (Preseason enormous bo of ery exons fle) SALLY. Of Clive, how wonder af yw. (lie looks round room) Lock, Chris fom Wat tarbly expe shop of the (CHRISTOPHER, Gooden CLIVE. So this were yo Iie, eh? Js ne am? Say, not ey rand, 2 Cane yon do eer tna thc? SRR te ny eT et egray Faes ‘ribbon off flower box.) ener. 0 CLIVE Oh, sre. Sore CHRISTOPHER: (Denice) Wha the mater with 4? (CLIVE. Wel es nt exactly dene do you i? a CCURISTOPLER. (4 before) 1 thik He very nee. (Sly pus {lowe box on foo) CLIVE Oy are. Sore 1 wat cag any sls 1 Jost ooh maybe somthing 2 Be are Raden Bat olay Say, T bet our soons are bt SALLY. Ob yes hee much beter. Theyre wonder GIVE Where ae they? GMRISTOPHER. Jus cos the ball. {CLIVE (Going to door) Mind Take a fook? (Sil start to gee wi at Coritpbe not to show WS oom) GEISTOPHER. (Stopping in). Weller rather a yj om, CLIVE That's all igh with me. (Sly rpets er gesture) CGEISTOPHER There ae same hing png around twa, that woot want syone tse CLIVE Say wat ae tho? (CHRISTOPHER. Jot sone pero hing. {GLNE, (Siting io go aja) Boy, hats what Piet ok a (CHRISTOPHER. Tm aly sory, be det nk {CLIVE You mean, yx've gt someone i thre? oe ight oat and say 8 flr? Dene eat stout the ath Coenteck er Ii under. (CHRISTOPHER (ign om geste fom Sey) Well shes ‘eaep Jot to CGLVE Rad boy I et she neds i Well, ay, now what have {yar gt inthe way of liquor? (Sly makes om Jor Cloe om ‘auch He ate nof br) SALLY. We've gt sme pn CHRISTOPHE Now tute (Goer to door ad sate) SALLY. im arid wee oto whey. {CLIVE ‘ay, you sed some storer Psd you ina el, (Rises ln move ‘anny Now, lsh wat tee we lng to do? Te been aby mj ll ny, ands diving a nut Tee's 3 tlhe ve herd of oat on the Wane. The Regia Palast Care, (Cones dow 10 ebaoe Sly nd ais ber blr) | tag we ‘Big dive oot therefor doer ‘SALLY. The tee owe CLIVE (Ciena fe Sy ade Chris er Gielsrorrer ob ae te LIVE. Coes into of Corti) tht» pod pas? GaRISTOPHER Te says tard wae {LIVE Ba ye ever be ee? GinisTOP ER smc o expe fr LIVE Well oe. On rely» god ps? Can we ave « fod tne eT ed ey? ERLLY es sous tb ple he CLIVE. On, we me ten Ths rx. Tas he rel hing Wal sia t go SAL Tame ae CLIVE Wy, hat fave you got om? (Sacer ers and ums a ore) SCENGDER Fale aly, can 1 pak 900 2 women, plas? CLIVE. (Crossing to Scheider) That all ght. You speak up. [No secrets fre No sere in fot of Unc Clive, SALLY. Giles} Hive you talked to the—to Ge man, Filia? SCHNEIDER. He says he conse you rit ey. SALLY. Obwaby dake SCHNEIDER, Wales twenty minutes fom bre. 1 ink perspe you shold go ow. SEALLY. Oty ye Il, You get your hat aod et, Frei, and Ti be ready. SCHNEIDER, Jo rin. (Ext) CLIVE. (Cresin Sally) What man ee? SALLY. lee am a man act» jb A sto anion. {CLIVE Ti drive you here, SALLY. I done nk youd eter 1 mean, 1 nota vey big jo ‘CLIVE. te would make them pay you more. (Christopher meer demo conch) SALLY. Look, Clive, avfily awe of yas, bat 1 thk wed ester goby Bs CLIVE! You tke your Indy on ations With you? SALLY. Soin She ves me confidence (CLIVE. (Crossing to Rof Chritpber) Wel, chen, Chis a1 7 sal ys he Alo, an stn heb Ting se along if be watt. CGHRGTOPHER ‘no, al ig HotTve goto goon, foo, an hen Tve pt wo cme Back hee for a a mine, Wy “nee we alms er te Adlon? (Slaps Cl on the aes) GEivE i send my cr back Bere for you. Six otk? Ce slaps Gonpber on te arms) (CHRSTOPFTER Fie Ce ape Cive om the ams) SALLY. That woald be wonderfelAod tank you 20 mach for fee. CLIVE. (Crowe Say ond thes her bond) Wel, grad Hck, Tho ye he jb SALLY. 15, to. (Jars ney) Aca, I hin I 8, EINE. Weil clam toni if yon do And you do wel, ‘hen rel ea ban om ayy, ost Foret all Sober ay, Sora love So lon. Chr you sexy bastard. (Exit) EALLY. (Crome to couch and se) Ob, Ch, {hohe we wee zest pe of Hi GmnSTOMIER. Yer, so dd. You know, e sam exrortnay sod wa fr you. He en ALLY. Bo e's aly wet, relly Perhaps, when th oer, 1m dose my ome vay oop ike to fave 3 realy chm fors lover. Or perp Tend mary i, 2 (Gent ihe cor ie, Tol, You now, Ue cul. CHiMSTOPHEER Sly, do you rely think You could reform aye? ERLLY. Ob, Chis dont, Dos pull me down api. 1 fee suf CHRISTOPHER, (Conse to Did couch and som arm) Fim ory, Sally. And ont worry about reforming people, Yor ‘wee realy ‘SAULY. Took you Cc. Bren Mf you dont mean GHRISTOPHER. Bot I'do, (Rte: and goes up to bed for ber Sows) And wow we'd beter gt pig SALLY Ys, I sppoe an. (Chop bes Sally on wit ber Shea) I oupore we shld pt the Boers in water (She cs phx) They cone sch fT js pt them Inte Bath for tow Then il se if Fun Scher vay, and come bck Tor ny hat. (Gof te dor, and ts o Cistopbr) Tank afer ofering vo mary me. (xt) GRISTOPHTER, (Gli sper bis bond) And hie the an An of thing we wd to male dy oka abou a schol The face of Be And here we goto prove they not. t,o tat You can dae thom (Drops fe slippers) hd then wel pet fonds and pound spent on for diner. Aud drink to meh. Rat ey to tle tne none off matere anyway. (Get «cg tet rom bis foc) And soon, 3 Flin Sider sil, wel Forget he whole thing, And we won't Beene a remember ing owt ie Ee of we (State to put the late in bir mouth Shon Be sop nd ks at te door) Or wel we? curtain, act sean 1 Sen day te. Grvtpier alone, ating om the pou». tna, Fasting pesoyops fea lbh coc has been Mow! tte wndow ond the table othe center of tbe Thome be fargeebair bas Bee aed tthe m of the {ase Thre is anather ehr o ew of the tbe CCRISTOPHER. (Fo hinlf) This awful, obscene snes! 1 teak wo be Bop. Where ha he tine gone to Jtering bl {22h Sethe bod ewe oth papers sig baleen at 7 felecon inthe minors of ary sinning crime-ore, eting oe se Somes amos ver. astead of pening ke 2 ape, Fm ering ew Ike an od ove. Ts place tks of my flere. {Sally comes back tnt tbe oom She ens area Toks ale ted 3) Are you al gh ERLLY. te, Fm all ight rt Goode, aks lta ort, fot ego atom che al ng Pind Chrisp, sb rat Ertan) Hosa yoo creeping prays, Chee? CLIRIETOPLER. Of, thats gene eligi side) Bat you Seow tik Pe go pend ERLLY, (ers o tech nd sting doen too bal fished Sane of patience) If you hae you jot de of Dont them Sp! dyn: You tony, Chi wae wo realy ke would Penme champaene. Sem rely cold champaene. (CHRISTOPHER Tim afraid we have got ay of hat, SALLY. Cine out to hive ene oe wide asks of tI do Thnk ar ed Sapening ike be Where do you nk he wen, Cee? CHRISTOPHER. wonde fhe ise go of on a opium oe SALLY That's gute pone T never toh of tat Oh ea, Te hana Tt of apn Bends and you never cou ely ely ° on them Ad then what happens tomy cee? GiRISTOPHER: Do you rely shin he's gong to do anything Shon ha? SALLY. He says be’ going to pat up all he money fora show {or me Alle ot todo now i Bad the he. Ad then od bon glnB unl he shows ap we don't get my champage, apd 1 4p wr some. Twat some ten, now Te though about CHRISTOPHER Fa bay you some, Hf Ecol, Sly. Bt 900 ow we realy are desperatly bake SALLY. You kom, Cy Ja same ways ee Fi I ad Bad tha Wi. Te at day oro, Te Been sr of elng wht Weald be like to be 2 mother Do yo inom, at pt Tat hee fora tong tine by myst nd held ts lly ear my arm, ta imagined ar tay baby? | fle 3 mat marvel “at of ‘Buco felng fom al the rev of she wel Tian how vould grow op and low afer Pd put to bed at ma, £20 ae and minke lve tty ll mn to pt ancy oar ‘ies and fod CHRISTOPHER, You mean, « baby would be your parpee in iter SALLY. Yes, 1 woud ink of myself at lJ Te must Be ‘ater wonder never to nk of yourl jr of someone es Trappoe ats wint people meas by rlion, Do you it | cull be aman, Chel? T realy rahe ink coal. Al ple and ou, sigig sr of fit sd towel hy a ay To GRisTOPHER Tank yew get eed ol. You's beer jst mary aod fave 3 el SALLY T fee a lot Sth in men. Bien yoo, Chae, 5 ya were tg oat in the sre now and beta ser by (aah hou ke cory io a ayy ef cn, bat Tal eal ees dana {CHRISTOPIER (Causing) Thank yo, aly. SALLY. Moon obi sd secing om st of im) 1d’ ‘mean dat of eons, dating— lent ot presen, Yes mas ‘Bid at Ty wh Pin iets ean now why peopl ay peta ike that sre wrong. They are You ow te whole ‘snes of ving chien teal wong. We 2 snoet weer thing and oop 0 be the res of Sane very read ‘pes and sot of piveged, stead of fr tbat) What a yu ning sot? CcuRIsTOPHER, Wel hats we apes t be The rte RST re sd pec Tia i tas apport be (Goer am) SRE Ot odes 9 Ye spo ep be {Gh ry ple ay Hs oro fo de wh ese nt inte thy srl noe? SSOpAR ey a re Ries and pts a ond fete char y web) BRLLY. wel wy at sane cer tel me? GEmISTOTTER (Cons doo tof feo tom fe) reaped you dite em ATE bid you ie ham when hey fo you? CHRiSTORER. No Say 1 Bak ak well eer qe rt Sing Se ong om Re eur your Ci fin ey fond of you RISTOPLER Tn aed of yu tn Sl SALLY Ay in ie oe? GrusrOMR No, inn nove wih ou. SAELE Tas fly b waned yo ike me fy he St Soc ma at Fn pl gute en ve wit me, Somebow Sater eat pvt be ewe you 0 OE SPE Scene wollte apie Hal xy id, Ce, {ltr csc! Fens SISGDER Crt hr od eos te poe) Tower sceral Faas SREEEET crc el gy tnt pres bof op shout to ot) On, de, | wed Teh Sone fr Fd mi sb ne Jo, ue CGRISTOPHER, So weal, Sly. SATE chy cu Ch, et gn ed om ove by fas (Soler enter SGHINSDER Ii Fun Ladnoer tse you, Fisein, ate Imes anders to Sally igoring Cte) CCHRISTOPAER. His, Navin, NATALIA. ellen Boy, bj ck fom the ebony Have niyo beard he ou Date no been wel SoT ave Se i eyo SALLY. That's very sce of yu, NATALIA. ning) Ob belo, Chinogher. CHRISTOPHER, Heo, Neti NATALIA. (Jo Sly) I bring yo te fw foes SALLY. Oly sank you so oth, Canis foes to Christoper) Ghee Wen yon st down? (Chrisp este foe ‘aa tom poe) NATALIA. Tha you, What plese ht as Bente ater with you? GMITORMER, (anidty) Ob, ow a de shar, eae’ all tad text Ros INAEALTA Where she der? SALLY. fide NATALIA. Be, of core, was nie, Whee, plese, nde? SALLY. don't realy know. in here, mew NATALIA. And who, ly, wae wo at ot fr you? SALLY, The dco. NATALIA. Br yes, 8 war he doctor. 1d nothin wa the ‘windy. What dace yu go 0? SALLY. Of, jut a dacora very apo ooo, Would you ike sae cafe or nyting? NATALIA. Yr, ink ta 1 woul ike sae eae. SALLY. Wil ox ee Cre? (Christer crest dor) NATALIA. isd end comin ttle Tut band gloves dawn) And, Ciraope, you cold stay way for ft 3 de ie, woud be ny fo, ave soar hat Th fo 7 {o Feiakn Bowe, (Sly rises andere tbe) GaRISTOPHIER. Ys of couse (Goes out Sly fers Nala a coarete) NATALIA, No, thank you. (Goes t couch nd sts) Te me, Felt, ewe, have you sen Fe Wendl aly? SALLY. (Jakes cet ad igs i) Note thea ay 3, NATALIA Teome tack om te souny tv dps tere yer Ay He comes to ll on me ht evening. Fl, ik ave oe yu props an ice. SALLY. ob? [NATALIA.T have aways tik of you a2 young Indy who fs 10 con! of hel and have beth dis of yo teem, Tam sory do nt tik 1 que unerstord SALLY. How do yoo me NATALIA fave thik alge dat Chae iota of myst ene, yo wil st ugh 21 yu someting Se sora ee? ERGEY Ro ef coune 1 wont. (Cases to oul and ts) NATALIN Frain Bovsy Fate Wendl os ode vet Mae er len in frit, becuse i all oo fomal Te duce They, ww ge bette a, all ange. He {Brow iets Rowand ue feet. 1 he nee ODE Ln Avda tbe me ene ep or Chad a a EAUEY. Eo wat av pps well oo? BATALI (ses end coer tt of Sl) T wtf know, es if Sea ry fam. Mi paren el me oo Tey ee Tee They holy of me, and they do at cx fr Bem Rad be ret Joh nd thy wh the shoud mary 2 sh fom hove nape wed vo, mys Nw 1 ooo ae Only Fink pole te something of Fer Wend ile tha 1 teen tat paps youd And hat thfore I sell not ory he Yoo will me, pes? SALLY en » bik perbpe thee [NATALIA Wha lee? SALLY. rT dont thik Ica tl you, exe. Rat I dott realy ink bos your Kind T done cal think you ont (tary him~or you a me He ta, pin an RRTALIN T do notte sy so, Cletus Yo couch amd st) Bot hi do oy he pve [ll yl SALLY. Oo, you wo [NATALIA (do ot tink you know me donot think 1 ow teynit ase to er.) ELLY. Dm thee’ nothing to ery aboot. Ries, nest able nd puts lineout Nats goes em crying). hy do. Please Bieter ave sw cg, Pm oe paly weak sl, Shay ore slot anne [NATALIA (eying) Tam sony. 1 id not know dat love fre ke ists ot what the pot Base sd sl, 1s degra, ALLE Yeo T now, I 1s absletelyawfal when i eally iis you Ba you maser pe int realy you mas. Tow tha sods sly coming from me. (Goes to Nata and Bees Ue foo ber) Barwa do yor ink ae Bem the mater with “ SALLY. And macrge St going 10 make any Beer FHS not the ght man [NATALIA You thin, then, eat I must be tong? SALLY. Ye da, [NATALIA think so. too. (Rss, crsing to teen table ond Dif) But um Conte What thre too ith on ie, Bats siden? SALLY. 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