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XII Andes Model of the United Nation (ANDESMUN 2017)


Committee: Security Council

Topic: Crisis in Central African Republic. However, by tackling their sources of
Country: The Russian Federation. income and exercising stronger military
deterrence – but also rebuild trust among
the populations of peripheral regions as
Greetings, honorable members of focused the efforts addresses on the
process of disarmament, demobilization,
the Chair and present delegations.
reinsertion and repatriation (DDRR) of the
Receive a warm greeting from our
rebels, has been made but little progress.
President Putin, our Prime Minister and
The need to act in a balanced manner on
our people.
human rights while assisting the security
Resurgent armed groups in Central sector. MINUSCA’s mission was to
African Republic are killing many civilians stabilize the Central African Republic, but
and causing widespread displacement. peacekeepers could not remain forever,
We reject such actions and exhort to all he said, emphasizing the need for
our peers to work as an International
Coalition for the cease of fire. The Russian Federations
recommends, including the effort that
Since the creation of the United
have already done, the political
Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Office in
stabilization and reconciliation process as
the Central African Republic (BINUCA) and it is important to consolidate a not
the Multidimensional Integrated conflicted solutions as many civilians
Stabilization Mission in the Central African suffer. Political solutions must undertake
Republic, the goals of the helping to and add all the efforts of the international
protect civilians, trafficking and by institutions and the Security Council
removing illegal checkpoints to carry out without irrupting the sovereignty of the
the inclusive and effective disarmament, Central African Republic.
demobilization, reintegration and Thank you all.
repatriation (DDRR) of armed groups,
including children formerly associated
with them as the RES 2339 (2017) stablish.