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Norwegian Wood Words & Music by John Lennon & Paul McCartney Stowly once had a girl, or should T showed me her room, t 7 Nor - we - gian Wood. asked me to stay and she (old me to sit an - y - |where, told me she worked in the g and start- cd to | laugh, Fm Gm a — _ a feo = I looked a - round and | no - ticed there was- n't a chair, told her 1 did - nt and crawled off 10 sleep in the | bath. + 2 f i freee See be = et f — AIbRighe Reseed Interaional Copia Secured. talked un ~ til 1 lie two fire, au bid - ing my | time, T was a -| lone, drink - ing her wine, this bird had flown, Te Coda® cm F and then she | said: Isnt it 's time for bed”. cm Fr DS. al © Coda Coda ® Cm F