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Helping Pageant Dreams

Come True

An Interview with

Ali Nicole Browning

Miss Illinois Coed Sweetheart
...and her diary from the Coed National Pageant!

5 Pageant
Interview Tips

Plus Pageant
with Theresa Robles
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Pageant Scopes,
Miss Georgean’s Fitness advice,
and so much
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Who will be the grand winner?
Fall Issue 2009
Presented by: Tiara Magazine & *Miss *Mrs. U.S. Beauties Pageant
"Celebrating You... The Modern Woman"
Pipers Banquets Events of Elegance 1295 Butterfield Road Aurora Illinois
Bri'Zan Couture 103 E Washington St. Suite 113 Naperville Illinois 630-428-1414
"Dare To Dream" Holiday Luncheon / Fashion Show
Date: Sunday December 6, 2009 Time: 3pm - 7pm
Tickets: $38.00 person
Reservations and advanced ticket purchase is required.
No tickets will be sold at the door. Deadline is November 25, 2009.
Join us as we unveil Tiara Magazine's first issue.
This event will be an exciting one with door prizes, raffles and a fashion show.
Tickets will be $38.00 per person which will include lunch, fashion show & a Christmas
Gift given to everyone in attendance. We will reserve tables if there is a party of 12.
One participates name will be selected via drawing and 10% of the events proceeds will be
presented to their favorite charity. This event will be presented as a 2 page spread
in the 3rd Tiara Magazine issue to be released early 2010.
The first 100 tickets sold will have their name entered into a special drawing. One winner
will receive a 26 inch HDTV & DVD Home Theater System that they will receive at the event.

For location & more Information

Sponsorships contact U.S. Beauties Pageant
Available. Productions at 312.909.8737 or


Featured On The Cover
Lady Di’s Director’s Corner INE

- 2008
a June

Page 6 - Miss Georgean Cover Models


- 2008

- 2008

- 2008

Welcome to the first Tiara Magazine issue.

e Septe
Ali Nicol

Who will be the Grand Cover Model?

st 2008

- 2008
na july

Page 11 - 5 Pageant Interview Tips

ber -

I’m very excited to be a part of this exciting

r Decem

- 2008

er - 2008

venture as one of their writers. I have been Let our Lady Di show you the way...
- 2009
e March

ary -
i Febru

ry - 2009
na Janua

Page 16 - Interview with Ali Nicole Browning


in this business since 1982 as a pageant

Miss Illinois Coed Sweetheart 2008
coach, pageant director, writer, pageant
judge, publisher, talk & radio host, free
Page 18 - Ali Nicole’s Coed Diaries
A day in the life of a pageant queen!
lance fashion designer and public speaker Page 20 - Pageant Hairdos with Theresa Robles
so I feel qualified to take on this job. You’ll love these hairdos!

I have seen pageantry evolve over the

years. As a national pageant director my-
self, I know what it is like to produce a Editor’s Note Chief Editor - Sherrie Gearheart
pageant competition. I feel pageant direc-
tors don’t get the respect they deserve and I Welcome to Tiara Magazine, the source for comprehensive coverage
hope this changes in time. Without pageant of pageant culture, dedicated to helping
directors, there will not be pageant compe- your pageant dreams come true. As this is-
titions, so hardworking directors should be sue commemorates the first publication of
held to a higher standard by their peers and Tiara Magazine, I wanted to take a moment
contestants. to welcome you to pageantry’s new home.
Coupled with bringing pageant culture to
With each issue I will speak about many you and yours, we also wish to bring to you
facets of the pageant industry that new the ideals that surround the world of pag-
contestants especially need to know, along eantry like the importance of self-esteem,
with providing pageant coaching tips. I hard work, and sense of meaning. As a title-
love questions so please email them to me holder, pageantry coach, pageant judge, and
at competitor, I come from a perspective that
is aware of all aspects of pageantry and I’m
Together we will learn & grow. Lets enjoy really excited to include them all here for you. Whether it’s boys, Mrs.,
the ride!!! plus, or any other kind of pageantry that has your interest, you will find
the most current and relevant articles, information, and advice for fur-
thering your own pageant aspirations. Look out for our upcoming issues
featuring our grand cover model winner, a charity special, and a fashion
In Loving Memory issue. Thank you for being a part of the launch of this publication, and I
look forward to building a lasting relationship with our subscribers.

This first issue of Tiara Magazine is Pageant Hugs,

dedicated in loving memory of my
grandmother, Georgean Wesolaski. You Sherrie Gearheart
were and will always be the world to me. Chief Editor
I am who I am today because of the love, Email:
guidance, and joy you gave me as a child
and throughout my entire life. You are Disclaimer
my biggest inspiration and I love you to The opinions expressed in Tiara Magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the
editor, publishers or their agents. Tiara Magazine cannot assume liability for any
pieces. God bless you grandma. I will
products and services advertised or featured herein. All information and services of-
always miss you. fered are “as is.” Tiara Magazine disclaims and does not assume any liability for any
products or services listed in this publication.
Your loving granddaughter,
No part of Tiara Magazine may be reproduced without the prior written permission
Sherrie Gearheart from Tiara Magazine. Although every effort is made to ensure information is correct
at press time, Tiara Magazine does not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to
any party for any loss or damage caused by errors, omissions, or financial difficulties,
whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.
For further information, email:
~In This Issue ~ Contributers
Publisher - S&A Publishers
Page 5 - 7 Steps To Sensational Singing
by Melisa Sudgen Chief Editor - Sherrie Gearheart
Page 8 - Profiles: Speaking Tips Creative Director - Alan Pangelinan
by Carl Chu
Page 10 - Hairstyling Tips: The Do’s and dont’s Design Team
by Theresa Robles Jennifer M. Lezan
Page 13 - Observations of a Pageant Brother Daisy Garcia
by Jason Browning Neli l Kehaiova

~In EveryIssue ~ Photographer

Alexi Killmer
Page 3 - Directors Corner
with Lady Di Cover Photographer
Page 14 - Pageant Scopes
Tiara What do the stars have in store for you?
Daniel DuVerney

CONTESTS Page 15 - Ask A Judge Office Manager - Bridgette King

Lady Di answers all!
ENTER TODAY!! Page 22 - Fitness by Josh Public Relations Learn from our “Fitness Guru” Jera Anders
Page 24 - Tiara Friends Lee Marchenko
Page 4 - Tiara Cover Models Introducing Plus Teen USA
Page 7 - Miss Georgean Cover Model Contest Featured Writers
Diane Wozniak
“Who will be the grand winner?”
Melissa Sugden
Page 9 - Embarassing Pageant Stories Theresa Robles
Tiara wants to know! Josh Rogers
Page 11 - The Royal Circle Carl Chu
Show off your title today! Jenny M. Lezan
Jason Browning
Page 14 - Birthday Queens Bridgette King
Celebrate your birthday with Tiara
Page 15 - Ask a judge: Pageant moms & contestants Advertising Information
Submit your pageant questions and get answers Phone: (815) 914-8602
Page 30 - Tiara Spotlight Winner Lily Roman
What makes you unique? Deadline: September 31st

Attention: All Title Holders and Pageant Directors!

Tiara Magazine is very excited to announce our Tiara Cover Model program. Title-holders from all across the
country now have the opportunity to promote themselves nationally through our magazine, and absolutely free of

Here’s how it works: A pageant director or title holder make arrangements for the title holder to appear in a
pageant, at a convention, boutique, or at any other related event to promote Tiara Magazine. If you’re a pageant
director, you can set up an appearance at your own pageant. We send you copies of Tiara Magazine, and you send
us a photo of the title-holder signing a copy of Tiara Magazine. Out of all the participants we receive submissions
from, we will pick the person that we think most embodies the Tiara spirit to appear in the next issue.

Winners of the program will receive a half-page section in Tiara Magazine where they will be named Tiara Cover
Model, have a short biography or personal statement, and a photograph of the Tiara Cover Model signing Tiara
Magazine at an event. All other finalists will be featured on our Tiara Cover Model webpage, where they will also
have a short biography or personal statement and a photo. If you’ve ever thought about taking pageantry to the
next level, Tiara can assist you in elevating your career. Get started today and call us at (815) 914-8602 or email at
7 Steps to Sensational Singing
You’ve heard the saying “your body tea with honey and lemon for a sore 5. No Smoking Please
is a temple?” Well, when you’re a throat, and this is great advice…but do Not only is smoking bad for your
your body is your in-
singer be careful with honey or any kind of body, it is also bad for your voice. It
candy or sugar prior to a performance will dry out and damage your lungs
strument! That being said, if you as it can coat your vocal chords and and vocal chords. And it goes with out
wish to be a sensational singer...there create mucus. Not so good for clarity saying, but never do drugs.
are steps that must be taken beyond in your voice.
the rehearsal studio. You must also
take care of your body, your instru- 6. Skip the Clubs and
ment! Sound tricky? It’s really not. 3. Don’t Skip the Cardio Concerts
Most of it is common sense. How- Cardiovascular exercise not only Before a performance, it’s just as
ever, it’s the simple things we often improves your health and the shape of important to protect your ear drums as
times need to be reminded of that your body, it improves your breathing it is anything else! If you can’t hear
are the most important. Here are the capacity. Since your breath is essen- properly, you will not be able to sing
Seven Simple Steps to becoming a tially what is carrying your voice, the properly. Of course, the exception to
Singing Sensation! stronger and deeper that you are able the rule is someone who is deaf or tone
to breathe and sustain that breath, or deaf and must learn to sing with out
even manipulate your breath, the more listening but rather by feeling place-
1. Get Plenty of Beauty Rest agility and versatility you will have as ment in their bodies. Most of us use
When you are tired, so is your voice! a vocalist. our ears as a an indicator as to whether
Aim for at least 8 hours of uninter- or not we are singing in key. Also, if
rupted sleep a night. I know it’s 4. Watch What You Eat you are in a loud concert or nightclub
often easier said than done, but it’s so When I say to watch what you eat, chances are you will need to yell to be
important to give your body the rest I am not suggesting that you diet. heard. Yelling is another big no-no for
and more importantly, the restoration That’s not what it’s about. What it is those vocal chords!
that it needs. about is being aware of what you are
putting into your body and how it will 7. Cool Down and Warm Up
2. Drink Plenty of Water affect the outcome of the sound you Last but certainly not least…before
Room temperature water is best. If produce as a vocalist. For example, every performance you must cool
the water is too warm or too cold, you wouldn’t want to eat a bunch of down and warm up. What I mean by
it will either loosen or tighten your ice cream or any dairy for that mat- cool down is get centered and focused.
vocal chords. It is okay to add a little ter as it will create excess mucus and Do some deep breathing exercises
lemon, but don’t over do it as citrus possibly even congestion. Both would and maybe some visualizations of
can actually damage and dry out the greatly alter your desired sound. In how you wish your performance to
vocal chords if you have too much. It addition be careful with chocolate, go. Find a tranquil and quiet place
is often recommended that you drink pasta, or anything that would dry to relax and close your eyes. Focus
out your throat and/or create excess on the breath entering and leaving
refrain from
mucus. Also, please your body, expanding and contracting
your diaphragm. Next, warm up your
Mel Sugden EVER using any kind of voice. Move your voice up and down
Vocal, Acting, and Pageant Coach numbing agent on your vocal through your range until you feel you chords. Nearly all vocal coaches are ready. Don’t scrutinize or force
and experts agree that using numb- your warm ups, warm ups are simply
ing agents on your throat such as, that…warming up. Enjoy yourself!
Page Design by Daisy Garcia

Chloraseptic, could affect your vo- Really embrace the moment and your
cal chords because you can not feel audience.
if you are straining or damaging them.
Follow these simple steps and you’ll
be well on your way to singing sensa-


e r o f
The winner will be on the cover of Tiara Magazine in 2009!
e c o v
o n th
$100 cash, One hour free of training with Miss Georgean!
i l l be z i n e?
h o w M a ga
W Tiara



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Arkansas & Missouri

Miss & Mrs. US Beauties
2010 State Pageant


Reserve your
local title



Who will be on the cover of Tiara Magazine’s 2009 Winter Issue?

Cindy - April 2008 Kira - May 2008 Emelia - June 2008

Gianina - July 2008 Samantha - August 2008 Ali Nicole - September 2008

Tyler - October 2008 Kalea - November 2008 Taylor - December 2008

Page designed by Jenny Lezan

Orianna - January 2009 Haylei - February 2009 Raylee - March 2009

All pictures provided by contestants

Carl Chu
Carl Chu graduated from Arizona State University with
a degree in business management and earned his Masters
of Business Administration from the University of South
Dakota. He is a second degree Black Belt in Taekwondo,
and competed in national and international tournaments.

Carl is a motivational speaker and conducts leadership

seminars for high schools, colleges and
organizations across the country. At the “Speaking is a powerful communication tool.
age of 19, he published his first book You have the ability to educate and inspire
titled, On Track To Success, which was someone. Giving a good speech or presentation
used at Arizona State University. Two takes hard work and practice. Let us take a
years later, he published his second look at three tips that will help you deliver your
next great speech.”
book, A Step In The Right Direction.

Brought to you by: Carl Chu A successful speech or presentation is a success
Grab your audience’s attention from the start. Use because of preparation. Preparation comes in many
those first few seconds to engage your audience forms. The most common form is rehearsing at
and get them to want more. When I started my home. I prefer to use outlines for a speech when I
speaking business, I wanted to have an opening to practice at home. This helps keep the speech from
my presentation that no one would forget. I start sounding prerecorded. Anytime you know you
every presentation with me running out onto the will be giving a speech, visualize yourself giving
stage or through the audience in a train conductor it. See yourself speaking; hear the crowd, and even
hat and blowing a whistle. Yes, I did say train feel the heat from the lights on your face. If you
conductor hat. A lot of people laugh and point, are able to get access to the room prior to speaking,
but it all ties into my presentation titled, “On go walk through it.
Track to Success”. Use your creativity to think
of something fresh and new to get your audience “A successful speech or
involved. You may need to step out of your com-
fort zone and push your limits. presentation is a success
because of preparation”
When you give a presentation, have passion and
Page designed by Jenny Lezan

I hope these tips help you on your next speech or

excitement about the topic. If you are excited
presentation. Remember, you are able to touch
about it, others will want to listen and they will
many lives when public speaking. Have fun and
get excited too. You can tell when you have had a
the audience will have fun with you.
successful speech, because you will be exhausted
a few hours after it is finished. Show enthusiasm To contact Carl Chu about his books, presentations,
for the topic, and the audience will be hanging leadership workshops, and coaching, visit his website:
onto every word you say. or email him:


email Carl for your first session:!

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Hairstylist ~THERESA ROBLES~
For the last 12 years, Theresa Robles, of with a product consultation to ensure that
Carol Stream, Illinois, has been providing each client is using the product that is
professional styling services with an addi- right for them and their style needs. The-
tional 20 years of salon experience prior resa only uses the very best products and
to becoming licensed. Theresa provides firmly believes that the investment in her
exceptional service to her clients by work- clients is worth it. That’s why they all come
ing from her shop or traveling to her cli- back. Continuing education and product
ents when needed. Theresa offers more awareness is important to Theresa. She
than just salon services. She is very pas- attends many classes each year on style,
sionate about hair and image. Her spe- product, and hair health. She then shares
cialty services range from basic hair cuts, her knowledge with her clients. Looking
to updos, to beauty pageant & bridal forward to the style challenges each day
consultant services. In between, Theresa brings, Theresa loves her profession and
hosts large events which include parties, will continue to style for many years to
color consultations, and a plethora of spa come.
services for the public. Before taking on By: Theresa Robles
Photo by Alexi Killmer any new client, Theresa provides them Email:
Style Tips from Theresa Just because your mother may have used lemon juice
while sunbathing, doesn’t mean you should. Use of lemon juice in
Do For blondes whose hair seems dull and lack luster, try your hair will surely produce sour results. Chemicals in your hair
using clarifying shampoo and let it sit in for 10 minutes, THEN or applied after use of lemon juice may actually cause your hair
cool water. Repeat as needed. Don’t Friends don’t let friends do “home coloring.” Always

Page designed by Jenny Lezan

Do Tired of those fly away hairs? Try using clarifying seek professional services for the application of color. It’s worth
shampoo, THEN USE YOUR OWN SHAMPOO. Next, deep the money to have it done right in the first place. Home coloring
condition for 10 minutes, rinse with cool water and apply a kits are very harsh on your hair.
leave in conditioner. Any professional leave in conditioner
will work.
Don’t It’s recommended that you don’t wash your hair the day
before your scheduled updo. The updo is much easier to style
DoFor added shine, brush your hair with a boar hair brush. without your hair being washed the same day.

Check out Theresa’s Updos on pg. 20

Miss Northern Suburbs
A Miss America Local Organization
Are you the next Miss Illinois?

The Miss Northern Suburbs Pageant is looking for

contestants to compete in Miss, Outstanding Teen,
Pre-Teen, and Princess.
Check out our website:
Executive Directors Kristen Hadap & Robin Ruchti

5 InterviewiTips Lady D
Impressions: We form our spontaneous
impressions of people by the way they
present themselves, physical appearance,
dress, speech, style, and mannerisms.
Research shows that we form
impressions within seconds of meeting

Eye Contact: One of the best tips that I

can give you is to make eye contact with
your judges. Without eye contact, judges
will think you are nervous or shy. Your
eyes have to sparkle when you speak
with the judges. Your eyes carry emotion
and how you feel about certain situations
you may be in, so feel the confidence
and start to show this in interview.
Without self confidence, it will be hard
to win any pageant.

Smile: It is important that while you are

holding eye contact with your judges, “2009 Ultimate Grand, Kaci”
you don’t forget to smile. You have Darling Divas
worked so hard to get to this point so
don’t freeze now. Relax and enjoy your- & Dashing
self. Dons Pageant
“A great pageant experience for Divas & Dons
Hand Gestures: Hand and arm move-
of ALL ages”
ments while speaking shows personal-
ity but too much makes you look like As seen on TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras,
a police officer in the middle of a busy our pageant is fun, fun, FUN!
intersection waving his hands around to Saturday January 23, 2010, Brooklyn, New York
move traffic. Stay focused on your body Age Divisions from babies to adult
language as you speak with the judges. Titles include Ultimate Grand, Grand Supreme,
Mini Supreme, Novice Supreme
Answers: When you answer the judge’s Division & Optional titles
questions make sure you elaborate a bit and much more.
when giving your answer but don’t be Email:
too lengthy as to ramble on. Given the
short question and answer session, the for more information
judges would like to get to know you. join our mailing list on our website
By: Diane Wozniak


Owner Norieta Stephanos
Proud sponser of the beautiful, accomplished, married women of the 2007 Mrs. America

Visit for amazing savings on your

Pageantry Wardrobe! Offering designer name gowns, suits,
and cocktail dresses plus many one of a kind pieces!

Tajari Lester Tiara Royal Circle Juanita Ingram

Directors, titleholders and Mrs. U.S. Beauties

pageant moms:
Jr. Miss Round Lake Area

Karen Zavicar
Be Seen in Tiara Magazine. Annika Churchill

Submit a photo, name, and title to
Mrs. New Mexico US Beauties
2009 & 2010
email for rates as well Little Miss All American
Achievement, Round Lake Beach

Haylei Simpson Melanie Cholka Cynthia Kempen Andrea Hernandez Courtney Reynolds

Majestic Queen of Queens Mrs. Midwest All American Elegant Miss United States All Miss Kalamazoo US Beauties Miss Georgia
America ’s Beautiful Star 2008 Acheivement 2008 American Achievement 2008
2009 U.S. Beauties


All pictures provided by contestants
Ask not what your country can do for you...
Observations of a pageant brother

Article written by: Jason Browning brother of

In a time where industries and
Miss IL Coed Sweetheart 2008 Ali Nicole.
individuals rush to their
government to ask for who is skeptical about pageants and
bailouts and subsidies there is one subscribes to the stereotype that the
group of Americans who instead contestants are dumb would never
go out looking for ways they can say another bad thing about these
make their community and country girls after having one conversation
a better place...Pageant girls. with her.

These young women have My sister has a lifetime ahead of her

resumes overflowing with and so many lives to change. For now
she will have to stick to what she at
charitable works that most such a young age does best, sing. It
people never know they per-
seems so insignificant to see it on pa-
formed. It is one thing to see these
per but, as someone who has seen
good deeds on paper but I’ve
the nursing home residents watch
seen first hand how someone like
with pride and a tear in their eye
my ten year old little sister, Ali, can
as Ali sings to them, they and I both
make an impact in someones life.
their friends and family. Others risk em- have hope for the future in knowing
One of the most notable of her
barassment on a larger scale. Take Miss that there are young women like my
philanthropic activities is her vocal
Teen South Carolina USA 2007 Caitlin sister who will not be asking what
performances at almost every nurs-
Upton for example. She was the brunt can be done for them but instead
ing home within driving distance.
of so many jokes about her answer to what they can do for others.
Pageants turn out a culture of a question in the finals at the nationally
young women who go out televised Miss USA pageant. I took insult
looking for what they can do for to every bad thing said about that girl just
others. The selfless traits found in as if she was my sister.
those girls seem to be hard to find
Just as all contestants do, my sister has
in young people these days. Just
ask those at the nursing homes
made and will make many mistakes on
stage but that is not how she will be
who watched my sister perform.
remembered and hopefully not how Ms.

During competition their works are Upton will be remembered. Those whose
showcased on stage and praise is lives have been impacted by their acts will
rightly given but outside of com- not remember their on stage mistakes but
petition these girls face so much how their life was changed in a significant
Page designed by Jenny Lezan

ridicule. My sister is young and has

not yet experienced this but she will
soon learn to be careful who she
way by these girls. After attending the
Miss IL USA pageant and hearing about
all what Shannon Lersch was able to ac-
tells about her participation in complish in her year as Miss IL, I wished MAGAZINE
pageants. The dumb pageant girl that all could hear about the good she
jokes will soon be coming her way. has done. I have no doubt that anyone
Some are even made fun of by


Page designed by Jenny Lezan

All pictures provided by contestants

Ask a Judge by: Lady Di
I call the judge’s interview a opinion in a matter of seconds and 1.) Where do you live?
mainly remember what you said to 2.) Why did you enter this pageant?
“Quest to Impress.” When
3.) How did you prepare for your
you sit back and think about that impress them during the interview.
you will realize what I mean. You Which brings me to this, the judges 4.) Have you been involved in any
are meeting men and women who questions. In some cases, judges volunteer work?
you don’t know, and within five or will ask questions from the con- 5.) Tell us about yourself?
so minutes, you have to impress testants bio or fact sheet. Judges
them with your answers. Well, this must also follow the criteria of the In the next issue I will post some of
may be easy for a “seasoned vet- pageant system as explained by the your pageant concerns and answer
eran” contestant, but a new con- judges coordinator. Sometimes this them so you can be a better pageant
testant normally dreads this part formula works and other times the contestant!
of the competition, unless they judges will direct questions to the
already have experienced pub- By: Diane Wozniak
contestants that maybe they were
lic speaking skills. There are two instructed not to do, which embar-
types of judges interviews, one
on one and a panel. Personally, I
rasses the pageant director who
has previously mentioned to her Pageant
found that I can impress a panel of contestants that certain questions Moms & Contestants:
judges at the same time, but this won’t be asked. Now you ask, Please email pageant questions
may not hold true for all contes- what questions are normally asked or
tants as I have spoken with many by the judges to the contestants? I concerns to:
who like the one-on-one judges have added sample questions that
approach. Also judges form their you may hear in an interview.

~Now Available~
Official trainer for the following:
Order your
Miss Tennessee USA • Miss Tennessee Teen USA
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INT li N i c o le
o ed
A o is C
I ll i n 0 0 8
s s
Mi theart 2
S wee
One word describes this 10 year old young lady, precious. Ali Nicole is
incredibly wise beyond her years and has an ambitious mind and genuine
heart. Nowadays it is refreshing to see young people trying to make a
difference in their community. Ali Nicole is doing just that, making a difference
and standing by what she believes in. It is great to see this young girl whose
mom had received a flyer in the mail about a competition 6 years ago grow
as a young lady in pageantry. Her mother states that, “even as a young girl
of 4, as she competed in pageants you could see that this was something
she loved and was meant to do”. In my interview with the Miss Illinois Coed
Sweetheart 2008, I was able to see the heart and liveliness of this young girl
that is shown in her passion for volunteer work and helping those less fortu-
nate than herself. This young girl is making it a point to be a great role model
for those around her. Read on to find out more!
Interview & Illustration by: Jennifer M. Lezan
Photos provided by: Susan Browning
TM: So, Ali Nicole where are you really love to get to know all of the and dances and my speeches.
and your family from? girls that are in the pageants with I also work with my coach Miss
Ali: Well, we are from a beautiful me. You get to meet so many new Georgean and listen to everything
small town in West Central Illinois people! I also love learning new she says because she really helps
that used to be called Boonsville. things and at pageants I get to to make me a better competitor.
TM: Do you have any hobbies that experience new things all the time! She helped me most with my 20
you love to do at home when you TM: That sounds amazing! second speech that was about me
are not competing in pageants? Pageants must be incredibly fun, and my home town. I also make
Ali: Yes! I love to dance (aside from but are there ever times that you sure to go to bed
dancing competitively) and I am get nervous or stressed out? early as well because a good
on the basketball team at school! Ali: Definitely, but that is just night’s sleep is always helpful!
I love sports! I also love to sing, go something you can overcome. I I practiced my talent and my
swimming, and play golf. would have to say I get most speeches a full 2 months before
TM: Ok, now I want to move on to nervous right before interviews, but my pageant.
learning more about your recent I always make it through. TM: What are the different events
title win. Can you tell me a little bit TM: Good for you! So, how do you have to prepare for in each
Page designed by Jenny Lezan

about your experience at a state you get ready to compete in a pageant and what is your favorite
and national level pageant and pageant? I know in order to be event?
Florida? a winner there must be something Ali. Well, there are quite a few,
Ali: Well, pageants are just a great you do to be your best!? but the most important ones that I
experience! There are tons of Ali: Of course! I practice ALL needed to do well in to win were:
positive things about them. I the time. I rehearse my songs the personal introduction, the


IN AE l i N ic
C o ed
i n o is 8
s I l l 2 0 0
Mis theart
interview, and the evening gown dad for always being my escort
section. My favorite is the evening TM: So, can you tell our
and getting me to where I needed readers what it feels like to be on the
gown section, though, because I to be on time, my mom for always
love to wear my favorite gowns! cover of Tiara Magazine?
supporting me and giving me the Ali: I feel very excited and honored to
TM: Is there a talent portion as ability to achieve my goals and my
well? And if so, what is your be on the cover of Tiara Magazine!
pageant coach Miss Georgean I have never been on the cover or in
talent? who always made sure I was
Ali: Yes, there is a talent section a magazine before and it is a great
100% prepared for every area of new experience! I find it astounding
and my talent is singing! I have a competition!
voice instructor who works with that so many people are going to
TM: Do you have any tips that you see it and learn about me! I am also
me on choosing music and prepar- would give to young ladies trying
ing my vocals. My last song was thankful for the opportunity!
to compete in a state and national
“Dream to Dream.” level pageant?
TM: Can you tell me a little bit Ali: I would definitely say to
more about your volunteer work? I practice, practice, and practice!
know that is a big part of what you Always listen to your coach
are doing within your reign. because they are there to make
Ali: Oh, yes! Of course! I believe you better, try and go to bed
very much in volunteering! I do early before competitions, be
many different things! I help to yourself, have fun, always tell
ring bells for the Salvation Army, I yourself that you look good, and if
sing at nursing homes, I help raise you don’t win the first time try, try
money for blood drives and Relay again!
for Life, I work with the Children’s TM: How did you feel when you
Miracle Network, I help with writ- won your title?
ing for soldiers overseas, I help Ali: I felt so excited and ecstatic! I
collect shoes for kids in third world was also grateful because I knew
countries and I also collect baskets my hard work had finally paid off!
with food and necessities during TM: What has winning meant to
Christmas time! you?
TM: Wow, that is incredible! You Ali: It means that I represent all the
Page designed by Jenny Lezan

have done so much for your age! Is great state of Illinois and that I can
there anyone that has really helped
you along your journey towards
and will be a great role model for Wanna be featured?
all the young people around me. It Send your info to :
being Miss IL Coed Sweetheart also means that I definitely should
that you would like to thank? always be on my best and most
Ali: Yes, I would like to thank my respectful behavior.


d D i
C o e
T he
Monday, November 24th party and orientation. I sat by a Wednesday, November 26th
First was pageant check-in. (Mom girl in my age division, Miss Kan- I got to sleep in as the
was freaking out cause our room sas, and her name was Allie, too. Modeling Competition was not
was not ready so we had to change We had fun. I got a picture taken until 11:00am. I loved my out-
into my red suit in the bathroom.) with Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, fit! I wore dark denim jeans with
When we got in line I was so glad and Pocahontas at the party. Then it a matching jacket, silver sequin
to see one of my best friends, the was time to really party and dance. tank top, and white tennis shoes. I
IL Teen Queen, Mel. And we soon And there I made friends with Miss loved my silver trimmed black hat.
ran into the other IL Queens. As New York, Miss Maryland, Miss I was not nervous as I waited my
we waited in line a nice man came Georgia, and Miss New Jersey. I turn. I felt confident and strong
around with paperwork for us and got to go swimming that night and when I did my routine on stage. I
visited with us. He encouraged us met Miss Philadelphia Sweetheart. hope I made the top 5!
to have a fun week and if some- We had a blast in the pool.
thing happened when we were per- The optional competitions were go-
forming just keep going. I told him ing on all day. After lunch, Mom
Tuesday, November 25th
about the time on the 4th of July and I went to cheer for my sister
I had been waiting for this day for
when I was singing and they set queens from IL who were
months – A day at Disneyworld.
off some fireworks. I just kept on competing in speech, talent, and
We met the other IL Queens in the
singing but my Dad who was video sportswear modeling.
lobby and of course the moms took
taping jumped and about dropped lots of pictures. Miss IL Preteen
the camera. He said that was a Before each performance or
got us all matching shirts to wear
great story and since it was on tape appearance on stage it is always the
to Disneyworld. We rode the bus
I could tease my Dad about it. As dreaded hair in hot curlers and then
to the park. I spent most of the
we had suspected, he was one of the picking, pulling, and styling. It
day with the other IL Queens, Mel,
the talent judges for the competi- feels like she is pulling my hair out
Sydney, Lynzi and Lynzi’s brother,
tion on Thursday. and with all the hair spray I think,
Joey. The first ride we rode was
“Will my mom every get done
Space Mountain and it was my
I started making new friends right spraying my hair?”
favorite ride of the whole trip. We
away, Miss Kentucky and Miss rode lots of rides and got pictures
Florida. By the time we got thru It was time for my talent. There
with Mickey and Minnie.
with the pageant check-in our room were lots of Sweetheart contestants.
was ready. I was getting nervous as I waited
That day was the Miss IL Preteen,
my turn. The other girls were
Lynzi’s 16th Birthday. We
When we went to Talent practice good. Finally it was my turn. I
celebrated with cake down in the
there was a girl in the sweetheart sang “Dreams to Dream” from “An
lobby and played pool when we got
Page designed by Jenny Lezan

division that was awesome – she American Tail: Fievel Goes West”.
back to the hotel. My mom and I
could do back flips and cartwheels I walked out on the stage with a big
went down to check out the stage
with no hands. I was nervous smile on my face but butterflies in
for modeling. We found out it was
cause I would be competing against my stomach. I concentrated on my
different than I had practiced, so
her. My practice was good but I felt words and facial expressions as my
I thought about how I would have
like she did better. That evening coach had taught me. I felt so re-
to change it up for the competition
my mom and I went to the kick-off lieved when it was over and I knew


The Coed Diaries
Written by: Ali Nicole Browning
Photos provided by: Susan Browning

I had aced my performance. (But I the top 5 girls for most recom-
was so nervous - ooops I mendations. As they called out the
forgot to extend my arm when I other top 5 winners, I was disap-
sang “Come with me, you will pointed that I was not a finalist in
see what I mean!” But the judges the sportswear modeling but I was
didn’t know I forgot.) It was great really disappointed I did not make
to hear my sister queens and it in the top 5 for Talent. I felt like
families in the crowd cheering for I had done my best but only danc-
me as I walked off the stage. ers placed. I have been in lots of
talent contests in the past few years
It was time for rehearsal to learn and understand that I can’t always
our dance routines. The dances are win or place even when I do my
fun and I am going to do awesome! best. It was Thanksgiving Day and
After rehearsal I got to spend the we met my sister queens and their
next hour with Sarah from families at the pool for Thanksgiv-
Maryland. She is lots of fun. ing dinner. We have so much fun
The gift exchange and cookie
party was great! I had lots of fun Time for the Evening Wear
with my new sweetheart friends. competition - that is my favorite. I
I got lots of candy and fun items love my orange dress! I thought
from the girls from all the states. we were going to practice where to
Mom took lots of pictures with walk on stage. But when we got
my friends. For the group picture I there only Bailee, the 2007
learned a new chant for picture National Sweetheart Queen walked
taking. “One, two, six!” You have on the stage to show us what to do
to smile when you say six. and then they brought in the
The hotel had 2 big pools and Judges. I watched where the girls
finally there was time to swim. I in front of me walked on the stage
could get my hair wet! to practice in my mind where I
should walk and figure out what
Thursday, November 27th to do. As I stood waiting my turn
I hate to get up early! Time for the several things my pageant coach
dreaded hair fixing and I had to be told me were running thru my head
down early for the National Awards – walk slowly, float, smile, look
Page designed by Jenny Lezan

Program. I loved my white suit only at the judges, relax myarms

cause my mom made it for me. and hands, be confident, and have
Everyone got a trophy for fun. When I am on stage and
attending. I got a Spirit of competing it is fun and it is easy to
American Trophy for participating smile. And that is exactly what I
in the optional competitions. My did and I felt good about my time
on stage. cont. on page 26
name was called as they named


A Sweet Treat for Your Hair

Twist and Shout

This is a fun hairstyle for an

appearance or fashion inspired
area of competition such as runway, casual, or party wear.

My Little Pony There is nothing more glamorous than a side sweep of

soft curls. This look is perfect for Teen, Miss, and Mrs.

Ponytails are so versatile for

contestants of all ages. Whether
neatly pulled back with a barrette for interview to project a
polished, pulled together look, or elegantly pulled loosely with
Sassy and Flirtatious
soft curls for evening gown, a pony is the new, fresh look for
pageant hair that will help highlight your facial features and
project an air of confidence.


Brought to you by:
Theresa Robles

Cotton Candy

Looking to soften your image in

your interview attire? Simply add
an elegant updo. The best part it
is a real multitasking hairstyle.
You will be able to go from interview, to speech and into
evening gown without the stress of getting your hair to switch
styles and the less you have to worry about the more fun you
will have on your pageant day!
Balloon Swirl
Sheer Elegance

Either of these dramatic up dos will add that extra

touch of drama and glamour you need for the evening
gown competition. You can even personalize this look
by adding a beautiful rhinestone clip for an extra touch
of sparkle.


Captions by: Bridgette King

Photos by: Alexi Killmer
The “SKINNY” on the Importance of a “Fit Body” for Pageant Success
By: Josh Rogers, B.S. Exercise Science; NASM, C.P.T.

Once the competition is over, you are so

tired of killing yourself and depriving your
I hate to be the bearer of bad body that you quit exercising completely,
news, but despite what the media and
advertisers feed to their audiences—there
is no magic pill or diet for the perfect
and your body returns to its old shape even
faster. Josh’s Bio
body. The formula for success is hard work, • Realize that if you want to look and feel
discipline, and safe and effective guidance your best, you have to consider exercise like Josh Rogers is the
by a professional. Sounds pretty simple, food; it is just a necessary part of each day. founder and owner
right? Well, here is some food for thought You know your body better than anyone— of ENERGY
(take it with a grain of salt, but watch the figure out what works best for you and FITNESS by josh,
sodium—LOL!) stick to it! a personal fitness
company located
• Fitness is just as important as any other in Music City
• The most important thing to remember
part of a pageant, perhaps even more so. It USA - Nashville,
is that it is not realistic to be in “competi-
carries over into all other areas of competi- Tennessee.
tion shape” year round. That is why it is
tion. Aside from affecting how you look; important to stay in “good shape” most of
it also affects your confidence, stamina, the year; therefore, you can fine tune and He is a Cum
muscle tone, vocal projection, and your get in GREAT shape without killing your- Laude graduate of
ability to protect yourself from illness. self when competition time draws near. Western Kentucky
University with a Bachelor of Science degree
• If you are going to spend thousands of in Exercise Science. Josh holds a Certified
• When preparing for a pageant physically,
dollars on Personal Training license and a Performance
you have to consider
cloth- Enhancement Specialist certification from the
it like you are prepar-
ing and National Academy of Sports Medicine.
ing for a sport or job.
interview A marathon runner
prepara- wouldn’t go run a He trains an elite clientele, which includes
tion, why marathon without music entertainers and executives, movie stars,
would you preparing, nor would TV personalities, pageant contestants, and
not invest a lawyer go to court many other note-able personalities. Josh is the
some of without preparing for fitness and nutrition coach for the nationally
your time his/her trial. recognized Boot Camp for Beauty Queens,
and effort which aired on the Travel Channel in the
into your spring of 2007. He is also the official trainer
body? You • Most fitness pro-
for the Miss Tennessee USA and Teen USA
simply grams are efficient for
pageants; Miss Georgia USA and Teen USA
can’t go developing and main-
pageants; Miss Nevada USA and Teen USA
halfway taining general health
pageants; Miss Kentucky USA and Teen USA
and expect to win. Give it all 110%!!! and fitness levels;
pageants; Mrs. Tennessee America pageant; and
however, they aren’t quite effective enough
Mrs. Mississippi America pageant.
for maximizing results for “competition
• The most important sacrafice is to make shape.” Body sculpting, which focuses
staying fit a lifetime commitment, not just on overall muscle balance, symmetry, and Rogers has an extensive modeling background,
a month ahead of time. You can’t expect to illusion helps create a more appropriate and which includes fitness, print, runway, music
make a significant change in your physique appealing look for the stage. videos, commercials, and promotional events.
in only a month or two. There is no quick Josh’s expertise has been featured in many
fix or magic pill! national publications. He is also the star and
• When beginning to prepare for a pag-
producer of a new workout DVD entitled,
eant, you should start at least 4-6 months
• If you choose to work out and diet like a “NO EXCUSES!!!”
out, depending on how much you have to
mad woman for a month before your pag- accomplish. Begin by setting goals—be
eant due to your lack of discipline and not honest with yourself about what you can Check it out @
being physically prepared, you risk serious and can’t do. Don’t expect to change over-
illness and injury, as well as burn out. night; we had to learn to crawl before we
could walk, right? (continued on next page)


The “SKINNY” on the Importance of a “Fit Body” for Pageant Success - Continued
• Be willing to make sacrifices, but not so many that you get frustrated and quit or burn
out. Remember, you know yourself and your body better than anyone.

There are five components to a safe and effective fitness program. They include:
1. Nutrition
2. Aerobic Training
3. Resistance Training
4. Supplementation
5. Personal Assistance

I will discuss these components in detail in future articles. Stay tuned and until then…


Inner Thigh Ball Squeeze

Muscles Targeted: Description:
Inner Thighs and 1. Lie on your back with legs in the air and place
exercise ball between thighs.
Adductor Muscles
2. Using your inner thighs—squeeze and release
Equipment Needed: the ball (holding the contraction for 3-5 seconds).
35-55 cm Exercise Ball 3. Perform 15-25 reps.

Ball Wall Squats

Muscles Targeted: 1. Place exercise ball in the lower part of your back
Quadriceps and Glutes against a wall.
2. Push your hips back against the ball/legs hip
width apart.
Equipment Needed:
3. Keeping your weight on your heels, squat down
35-55 cm Exercise Ball 90 degrees (keep your knees behind your toes)...
Perform 15-20 reps.

Kickbacks on the ball

Muscles Targeted: 1. Lie on exercise ball on your stomach in a push-up posi-
Glutes tion.
2. Roll up on the ball until your feet are off the ground
(keep your arms shoulder width apart and extended).
Equipment Needed:
3. Keeping your legs straight and locked out, extended
35-55 cm Exercise Ball your legs up and down (squeezing your gluets)..Perform
15-25 reps.

Order your copy of Josh’s “NO EXCUSES” DVD @


For more information visit
mom encouraged me to audition to become a
Introducing... How I came up plus size model for a designer,
with the idea and Nayda’s of San Francisco.
why I’m doing it From that audition, both my
self-esteem and my plus size
Plus Teen USA Pag- modeling career escalated.
eant and Conference was I later attended Barbizon of
birthed from my low self- San Francisco, became their
esteem and desire to model demo model, won the award
Founded by the multi-talented,
and compete in a pageant for “Best Runway,” and was
plus size model, modeling in-
as a plus size teen, and my hired as an Instructor for
structor, actress, vocalist, cho-
dream of empowering and their teen and plus size divi-
reographer, and pageant winner:
fulfilling the dreams of sion prior to even complet-
Jacqueline Lawrence. Plus Teen
plus size teens in today’s ing my classes and graduat-
USA exemplifies its creator’s
vain society where thin is ing. At the beginning of the new millennium,
passion for modeling, pageantry,
in, and fat is out. Growing I began participating in plus size pageantry
teaching, and encouraging.
up as a plus size teen, the and won and placed in numerous pageants

only full-figured models for plus size women.
Being a plus size teen and adult,
I saw were three African Later, after competing in pageants for
Jacqueline is all too familiar
American women on the women and realizing that as a plus size teen,
with the struggles associated
package of my mom’s “Big how much I wished I could have partici-
with having low self-esteem
Mama” pantyhose. I never pated in modeling and pageantry, I realized
and with not “fitting in” with the
saw plus size women in there must be other teens who would love
look that society deems “accept-
beauty pageants. A slender to model, compete in a pageant exclusively
able.” Even though she was a heavy teenager,
friend of mine in junior high school par- for plus size teens, and participate in a
however, Jacqueline had always been very ac-
ticipated in modeling and pageantry and self-esteem building conference. Thus, Plus
tively involved in gymnastics, drill team, track,
would come to school and teach me the Teen USA Pageant and Conference was
softball, choir, and drama. She even won the
moves she learned. I thought, “I could conceived.
award in her junior high school for “Most Phys-
do this!” Inasmuch as I dreamed of par-
ically Fit.” Therefore, be-
ticipating in modeling and pageantry,
cause few could compete Introducing Plus Teen USA
my size inhibited me from doing so, and
with her athletically, she
I felt unworthy and unaccepted. These During the weekend of October 23-25,
had never been teased by
feelings of unworthiness and unaccep- 2009, Dallas/Ft. Worth will play host to the
her peers for being over-
weight. However, be-
tance perpetuated my bad habits of poor Plus Teen USA 2009
nutrition and overeating, and as a result, Pageant and Conference.
cause of her larger frame,
I became larger and larger as time pro- Young ladies ages 13-19
she constantly put herself
gressed. who wear size 12 and
down and became her own
Years later, in the early eighties, my
bully. up (junior size 13 and
up), will gather together
from all over the United

Their Recognizing the fact that many of our plus size teens struggle with
poor self images and low self-esteem, and are turning to negative
States for fun, friend-
ship, education, and in-
spiration to celebrate
Vision influences such as promiscuity, drugs, alcohol, immodest dressing,
eating disorders, hatred, gangs, violence, and the like, during our themselves in the
Conference, expert speakers will utilize candid approaches to address skin they’re in, while
these, and other issues and concerns of our contestants, in hopes that discovering their full
they will recognize and embrace their inner beauty and be propelled to fulfill their potential from the
destiny. Our aim is to encourage each of our contestants to accept themselves in the inside, out.
skin they are in, so that they can become the best that they can be- fit and fantastic
from the inside, out, showing the world that big girls, like their thinner counterparts,
are an integral part of God’s beautiful creation.


“Promoting Inner Beauty, Self-Acceptance, and Confidence ThatWWW.TIARA
24 TIARA MAGAZINE Permeates Outwardly”
Mona Lisa
Exclusive Fashion From Italy

Be Known.
Specializing in:
Mother of the Bride
Special Occasion
Casual Wear Be Seen.
Prom Dresses

Advertise in

Helping Pageant Dreams Come True

Page Design by Daisy Garcia

For More Information Call:

Model: Jordan King
(815) 914-8602

514 W Lake St
FAX: (630)628-9161 (Lake Mill Plaza) PHONE:(630)628-9744
Addison, IL 60101
r i e s
o e d Dia
he C
Friday, November 28th
visiting with other mothers in the me a little more and I changed my
At rehearsal last night they threw in next room still trying to find out if answer to, “No, the crown on your
another early morning rehearsal. I I should add the hand motions, or head is not as important as what
want to sleep in! But we had to be not. Different mothers were telling is inside.” Another question was
up at rehearsal and downstairs at her first yes and then no.) Just as “What is your favorite color?” I
8:00 AM. There was a reception to 5 of us were walking down the hall answered “My favorite color is
meet the National Director. I found with the 2007 Sweetheart, Bailee, I blue because it’s the color of the
some good cookies and visited with saw my Mom and she told me not pretty sky and the ocean and I just
my friend Reagan from Florida. to use my hands and to do has we got to see and swim in the ocean on
We were welcomed to say our had originally practiced. I had fun my way to the pageant.” As I left
introduction to the National Direc- with Bailee and she joked around the interview, I was upset because
tor. I didn’t want to but my mom and made us all at ease. It was time the one question threw me and
watched how the others did. And to walk in the judge’s room and I I don’t think I answered it right.
then she started freaking out. She was confident and relaxed. I was Now the interview, introduction
noticed that the other girls were the 4th to give my speech. The and evening wear is over. I feel like
waving their hands around and re- first 3 did a good job and as it got I have done my best but still wor-
ally getting into their introductions. closer to my turn I started getting ried about the one question that I
So Mom set out to talk to other nervous. “What am I supposed to stumbled over. The Top 5 optional
mothers about whether or not we say??” But I remembered and felt winners are performing tonight.
should add any hand motions. I I had done my best. Then it was We did one of our production
had practiced just to stand tall with time to step forward for my pivot numbers to open the evening. Then
my hands at my side. We were told turn and I aced it. it was time to head to the pool for
first to add the hand motions and the last time before we check out
Then it was one-on-one with the 5 tomorrow.
then the next person would recom- judges. One of my questions was
mend not using motions. My mom “What was my favorite part of the Saturday, November 29th
was trying to figure out if the rec- pageant?” That was easy – I love Today is the day to find out who
ommendations coming from “Pag- my orange evening gown so I told the next National Sweetheart will
eant Moms” were telling us the him about my dress and how it was be! I want it to be me!! Time to
wrong thing to do to mess me up a size 2 for a teenager and we had fix hair and I am sooo glad this is
with my introduction. Our pageant it altered to my size 12. Another the last day Mom has to do this.
coach recommended adding some question was “Who is my favorite I went down early to practice our
hand movements only if it looked family member and why?” and that opening production number and
natural. We practiced adding a few was easy – I told the judge about hang out with the girls. We open
hand jesters. I did get a nap and my new little cousin, Madison, and the Final pageant with our produc-
had time to relax and watch some how I hope she grows up just like tion number. It was a fun dance.
TV in the afternoon as my inter- me. Another judge asked me “Do I changed into my dress as the
Page designed by Jenny Lezan

view time was in the late afternoon. you have to have a crown on your winners of all the optional contests
4:30 finally came. The judges were head to influence other people?” performed one last time. They
running behind so we waited a long Oh no, what do I say? I was not gave out some other awards. I
time. It was time for the interview sure what she meant. So I an- won the Most Recommendations
and personal introduction. As we swered, “Yes, I could travel all over Award. And then the top 15 were
waited our turn, we were playing with a crown on my head.” And announced. But I was not one of
telephone. (Meanwhile Mom was then she explained the question to them. I am really disappointed
The Coed Diaries
Written by: Ali Nicole Browning
Photos provided by: Susan Browning

but I realize that my interview did

not go as well as I wanted. Two
of my new friends I had made this
week made the top 15, Reagan and B I O Helping Pageant Dreams come True!

Sarah, and I was glad for them and

cheering for them to win. Several Ali Nicole
of the girls around me were really
upset and crying when they did not
is a 10 year old
make the top 15. But I knew I had from Southern Il.
tried my best. All of the contes-
tants gave one final walk across
and is Miss IL.
the stage before the winners were Coed Sweetheart
announced. Hailey Stubenhofer
from Pennsylvania Won! She is a
cute and fun girl! We had a good
time playing in the pool earlier in
the week. Help
The pageant was over and it was time to say good bye to all my new dreams
friends as we checked out of the hotel. We exchanged addresses and SUBSCRIBE
come true. TODAY!!!
phone numbers and said good bye with big hugs. I wonder where our Next
paths will cross again. After we checked out of the hotel and moved issues: $36 One Year
down the street we drove back to watch my sister queens compete. Syd- Makeup
ney, Lynzi and I went to watch Mel in the Miss Teen Pageant. We were and
curious to see if Mel would make the top 15 in the Miss Teen Pageant,
she is so awesome! Waiting for the announcement with my other sister ---------------------
queens, we went wild with screams as her name was called! That eve-
ning Mel’s family, Sydney’s family, and Mom and I enjoyed the evening Name
at Epcot. We have had so much fun all week and I am really going to
miss my sister queens! Address

Page designed by Jenny Lezan

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titles. I’m a former Little Miss Fox Lake, Illinois
Glamour Model, and a former Preteen Miss
Midwest. When I’m not competing in pag-
eants I’m training for power tumbling and
trampoline, which I hold 8 state champion
titles in. When I’m not doing either of those,
I enjoy Scottish Step and modern jazz danc-
ing, training my Scottish terrier, Nessie, and
volunteering at The Chapel.

Photo provided by: Candace Roman

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Child Essence Photography
An Image To Remember for A Lifetime

Alexi resides in Chicago with her loving husband and twin

boys. Alexi’s passion for photography and capturing the
essence of a child can be seen in the works of her gallery.
Her sense of style, lighting, and composition, coupled with
her technical background, allows her to combine photogra-
phy and technology to create a portrait that celebrates your
child’s and family’s unique personalities.

Alexi takes pride in her ability to make each photo session

unique for you and your family. The time she spends getting
to know you before and after your session guarantees your
Page Design by Daisy Garcia

portrait will capture the spirit of your child. Alexi does not
rely on props or forced smiles, but takes the time to get to
know your child through playing, talking, exploring, and just
being silly. It is her patient, caring and relaxed manner that
will ensure your child feels comfortable and shows his or her
inner spirit.
You can visit child essence photography at and at

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