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The input member,A, connected to the engine, is variously referred 10 as the impeller, pump or primary; and the output member as the iurbine, runner 0 secondary. When the engine is set in motion with the output shaft at rest, the fluid in the impeller is carried azouind with it by the radial vanes, ‘The fotation of the impeller produces a centripetal acceleration on the fluid it contains, and therefore gives an increase in pressure at the outer periphery of the annulus of fluid compared to its inner radius. This pressure difference causes a flow of fluid from the periphery of the impeller into the turbine, and hence induces a retum flow into the impeller at the inner radius of the annulus (or torus, as it is usually called). Thus, a continuous circulatory flow is set up around the two halves of the torus, as shown in Figure 2. Fig. 2 FLUID FLOW WITHIN A FLUID COUPLING ‘The fluid leaving the impeller has both axial (flow) and tangential (whirl) components of velocity. As the fluid enters the tarbine, its tangential velocity is amested by impingement oa the turbine's stationary blades. The resulting loss in angular momentum of the fluid produces ‘toque on the turbine which will tend to accelerate it io match the speed of the impeller. As the turbine increases in speed, a centripetal pressure head develops radially across it, which 2 t “uonenbo ourqum s_r9]neq wo.y Sunes ‘psonpep ‘9q Aeur drs yursuos Jo suonspuos J0j sonsuamerys poods-onbio 2m2q ou2 “HAIMOH “Sqeousteue Ajainue Sundaes pig & 50 soeruopad ap jopous o1 ajgissod ATipeas 20u #1 IT DIEPERYS PIS =HML TT “uaaysés oy 01 pousmas st prnyy stn 230509, aSueyoxs yeay vw IA paroofar Suisq pmy SujoSo oy) ur zeay stp ‘uorsssuEN op uF dud Feu poplaead uonejnan e se poSuene Crreuton st mol Suyoos sway. -<[oummjapur pounmsns ‘aq dem paads dys pamsap Aue “onjea apes ¢ oy amuesodara pmy ur eseax2m1 Inq op 1H 02 DYN $1 yryM Suydnes a ySnaxp pmy Jo Moy F Samos jeursixe ue Wor SumpLacad Kg “ssonyens Seugqgnu ot 3 poyessued are ssonmuadarsy YBry [EO] YOR Ui “ySya|S VORST ewe Arroedeo eure sonoq & sey fyesaued arojaramp Zupdnoo pry ¥ “Psonpoud zw saxnyeseduiay jroo] ySny ou “Bumdnos oy wi qwiassid st yom Moy wa[nq@m YK Burrow pry jo 1Ng suey Sup Jo 9sme9q “INg LONIUy pny Kq peze1sUa way se sxeadde poyedisstp zomod YT 1 $= (@ -‘) 1 = Suydnos unpen uonedissrp 25K0g * = sdqg ot Bundnoo ain ssaxse “s “dys amp se 01 pamiayat Aqreuonuaauos st “ouqany pur sfjoduet woosspoq aouss]sip poods feuomodasd at, (7%) Eo om ‘otr up-samog aT ao aay 72 'SPU Ft ‘spaads andut o1 indino Jo onex sun Aq Aiduns oats st Sundnoo aip jo KOustoTyo ayy au0}o1OH4, symnbs 29 sXeacqe ‘suonmpuos Aproys ur smut tz pure 47 *sonbuoa yndino pun indus 241. “anbaor Fummusuen six asirym Juydnoo ot unin ABeus jo ssot sXemme st afomn ‘paRTusUER 99 01 anbyor Aue Jo} suiqim: pus zaqjodan oq uIomI0q Isto inur sauaragpp poods e souTg “poRMEsuEN 2q tain E> enbucs ou wip 08 ‘Apamue gse20 [Tim MOU PINE 2p uo ‘oswenbe spaods auqim pun Joyjedun axp Jy -samsoqs0I" ‘SuNqunI Oy) Se DsROLOU! [km Poods ous yp ‘ywEISHO sf InbIOL BUIAUP op JI “SAY “MOLY Pimy Bursearop oy) YsEM sonpes O} Spus1 anbio} jo UOTsSMESURN oy ‘posds indut yuesuED Ww “suojarou| “patiouews Ar2sof> azowi suloced ‘te pur f ‘spoods ourqim pur soypedust ayn se 301 2q punase moy stp 2anpat or spuat auoyaionp pos soypsdur 2p wi pesy amssaad ap ssoddo Fig. 3 FLUID FLOW VECTORS IN IMPELLER OF HYDROKINETIC COUPLI Figure 3 shows an impeller rotor, which may in the general case be radial, axial or mixed flow. It rotates ot angular velocity a and fluid enters with velocity 1, at radius r; and leaves with velocity at radius 7. Each velocity can be divided into a flow component uy (axial, radial or a mixture of both, according to the rotor design) and a tangential or whirl componeat uu, The flow in 2 turbine member is essentéally similar but in the opposite digection, i.e. with entry at ry. Eulet’s turbine equation tells us that the torque exerted by the rotor on the fluid is cqual to the rats of change of the moment of angular momentum of the fluid as it passes through the rotor. ive, Torque = th (unos ~ UniFi) a) Where m = mass flowrate of fluid Applying this to a fluid coupling with purely radial vanes, it may be assumed that the fluid ‘whirl velocity at exit to the impeller, uy. , is equal to the local blade velocity: 1. tne = Ob Fa Likewise, the whirl velocity of fluid leaving the turbine (and thus entering the impeller), ti, Will be equal to the local blade velocity at exit from the turbine: Le. tear = Ger ©. from eqa 1, Driving torque on impeller, T= ri (04 7,7 - a7?) 2] ‘Thus, for a coupling of a given design, running at constant slip: 4 1g puv z suonnbe Bunuiquio> fal Syd p eam (40 091) ants perper om jo zens oup se Area (yim tare mol ay) ‘AnotMosd vaars v jo Buypdnoo e 10y “eI MOUs [lak StsApeuE [LUCISUOUTIP MON [s] dys wrjeuos 1 tore Dow 1 pur g wonenbg on tmoyy sy “Bundnos ou wt pry ain Jo Ausuap ap si “suey oun punose yexsuce Apaeuxoadde SID ‘Sn40} Op JO Rare FEUDS $8019 MO ay Ie OF PoUssap ATYeNsn ome sFundnoo pIn|L 7a) inv d = urn Moy sseur op, smOY piny 03 wonenbs Amunuos ap Aq ‘mon (9) wsnin :dys yurisuoa yo suonspuos sspun “Bur{dnes Jo wHIsop waAtd v.20} ‘sme, wa1y09 S804 Woy =~ Is] P= (, @ - 4) % wa “suornphos Apeans uy :sno) otp punom AuD0]94 AOU] 2tp Jo azenbs 24 uo puodap jTIA (Peay 9U o4p on penbo 9q [TL overs Apeais w Us YoRYMa) MOL) OF aoweISIBar atp WOK “WwOAHAUTY PeRLINSSE St MOLE 24 IT ‘erupt 2up jo-smupes Uram a st“ pes Suydnoo oq Jo Jey qDe> UI pIMy JO SSUI OUP ST ur QIU AA, (rl) (40 - , f0) 4 wr = pest priodiquas aN “ped soy 21p fq paxayjo 2oueistear Moy oy o1 uosEedato9 ur *smiqsm pur 2o(jodur soaueq peat amssaad qersdunuso jou an Uo spusdap ‘iw ‘snion amp puNOR ayes OLS ssear OL “pea “soupes sono oep Aifensy) “uorsusamp Tepes onsusioearyo Aue si 4 aueyn (al powor wd d= spauyep 9q Sous *y ‘woxonf Aqovdyo rpm w + 97%9 TuaIO]]IP Jo SBuydnos zw|WIS KypeomaWIES awdu0s oy Furjdno Jo ozts zejnonzed » o1 agpioods St pue ‘ssojuorsusurtp you st 1 unre} JO}DUTERD w SapNIoUr Y 24mg eka T x aeyp 299 $11 ZT pue TT suorrenbs Suyedi0 (er) apap yon Sy ‘uoronf az2ndno v oa1jop 01 s1 SILL, Iruba Jo waroxyFo09 onbioy exp 01 zouuE TRIaITP ® HE poods indur pue enbsor usaaviag diystoneyas eorsidura ou ssoudxo 0) s9joxd sanuoipne amos, “g00'0 punoie st onyes [ward y suewsoo nt ping yo Tunoure OM puro ‘snz0} oip Jo tsIUL) agepns PUP ape jo soqtuNU ‘axdeys amp wodn spuedap 9 ywnsuOD 94, aUEISUOD ST 9 TuaKIM gaa sty suonpnbe aug 01 Surprooge Ajayeunvordde drys yytas soures 1uaj9yyy902 onbier otf “| amy us uonenba a3 m1 usoys Hardnoo pny jo ad&i ayseq aya 46] ICA PUrNoy $1 IT “dys pue paods Aue ze Zuyjdnos sopmuns Kieouramoas uv jo couenuosied amp roipard oy posn 2q Kea TT uonenbg ‘Buydno> Jo wltsop vast v 403 suonIpuos dis Jo aBuer v Joy kypourdwe peurwoiep woo sey 40 pouo ‘aiojerouy, “dys }uo}SUOS Jo SUERIpUOD JOY “suOISUDLUEP suo SuEIAI UI UITIsop mond = Jo fuydnos pmy & 10y peods wim Aysedeo onbyo} jo uonetmes oun saat snip [| uonenba “Burjdnoo ayp jo udtsep pue Anowoss ain uo spuodep yom —‘uaroulfaca anbioy ig pau —“1UaI9}J509 jpourdas ssoquorsuounp 8 Sty -sruon 2up Jo s91eu0eEP spisine ag qyonsn “Buyfde09 Kp Jo Jorouwlp onstIOISeMYD © SL CT AHURA tr aysquesuosw tod 19 = 2 uso} 21p Ut possard ‘uonuanuoa Aq ‘fyrensn st gy wonenba, Ton) fod » zronbsay, An advantage of using X (or K), as against Cr, is that a graph of K plotted against slip will be the same shape as the graph of input speed vs. slip for constant torauc. 1.3 Matching Fluid Couplings to LC, Engines for Vehicle Traction ‘We have scen that, for a given slip, the torque capacity of a fluid coupling is proportional to the square of the input speed, and that for a given input speed the torque capacity increases roughily as the square root of the slip, If we plot torque vs input specd for over a range of slip conditions we can therefore obtain a family of parabolae of constant slip, all passing through the origin. TORQUE CAPACITY INPUT SPEED Fig. 4 CONSTANT SLIP TORQUE/SPEED PARABOLA. We can now superimpose a typical engine torque/speed curve on this diagram (see Figure 5), It will be seen from Figure 5 that at engine idle speed is a (small) drag tonque transmitted, so that the engine and transmission will never be completely disconnected, unless we put another clutching device in series with the fluid coupling, or possibly if we are prepared to drain the coupling of fluid at idle. This drag torque may cause the vehicle to ‘creep’ forward at idle unless the brakes are applied. [t will certainly preclude the usc of a conventional dog- engagement gearbox, unless an auxiliary clutch is employed to engage the gears. AAs the engine speed is increased from idle, if the wrbine remains stalled, the transmitted torque will follow the § = 7 parabola, until it meets the full load engine torque curve. Thus, as the engine is accelerated, we automatically achieve a smooth and progressive increase in diving torque to the transmission 8 NOLLOVAL FIDIHAA WOd ANTON “D OL GAH. 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The clutch is designed to commence engagement at a speed when the hydrokinetic slip has been reduced to only a few per cent. Thus, although the clutch must transmit the full engine torque when fully engaged, it is not subjected to a high slip speed while engaging, so that the thermal loading is low and a small lining arca can provide adequate life. Under drive take-up conditions the clutch is, of cousse, inoperative. In some cases, 2 hydraulically actuated friction clutch, whose engagement is scheduled by the transmission control system, is used as an altemative to centrifugal actuation, See Figure 32 of Section 3 of these notes. 12 «1 HOLD 40-4907 TVOARINAD HLA ONTTANOD GINA V - HOLIID CINE 6 Fu stsavs (TwoidAl) TSH SNISNE |_ONIVae J4VHS waTIOW ANALG Was. anv oniuyas—— ive L asansi. onisy? — NOLDVaY uval uy ae HOLM, wan SOLLSIALOVUVHD ONITANOD ALLA AO NOSRAVAIVOD 8 Ft ‘sass pa sg “ean poe ‘eo Brn teat — WACUY.LAY OLLANINOUGAH OT sepa ayn Aq porsefar seay am aus adoo on Aressanau st A ooo surSus ur aseaupul apni “ausayoxs Aqjengnar ame saps ap ut wouRdrssip samod pur samod aura 92urg waIsks ZuyOO suISus I~ UI 991A9p IIPM-O1- [HO WE 40 JFULGDTI IY ue ySnonp sun [10 op Suissed Xq payediseyp Apessesd st sopreias aup ut payexausd 4 2yT, ‘pacoydure og or (kusedea peo, poonpar jo 10u WEnoIn) AWoedes [rUNIW remo Jo seyeuq UoNOUY FuyquuD “paonpar Your mt ‘st sop Ou, “SIqER 2yoigs umul ou iuoMaydns o1 ssapsrias se patojduio oq osye Lew sontaap onsuT{aupS SUICMVLAY ILLANIMOWGAH 7 st ten (aren se5n) we =p =(uopenbo aurquna 8 49|Ng] Ui049) 0} Tenbe st zox2vos O41 wo anbi0y eu “2, “anbio zo10e—s tH JO. wont 2g UO <{uo puadap qt. **y “anbuoy indino ata way “wwmnsuad st 2z anbion dur stp Jt Cr+{D- =r OnRt+ +E coms “(U1 aunty aes) wexSemp sorsen om moxy paonpap aq eur drs tpn sate uoneoednynun ‘onbiol yoru Ul Kom ay, “XTTeoUIdmID pourRgo UsEq 2ABY Y J0 13 JO SONIEA 2]qeIIMS 2OU0 “|| uonwnbsy Husn parstpaid oq Avw sourua}tod st pue Surjdnoo prnyy 947 v JO YU 0} TEATS Sk onstinzeseya peedspenbsor indus sit os ‘oornap omourjoupdy wv st kouoauoo onbuoy a], “TI ami wr uous st stusuay> popeyq sastp 2tp $0 swat aamzedued y -uonzea: onbsor ap aptaoid pur wommar jussoxd or Suse uossMEsUEN ap vo wuod quacuaAuOD SEOs O2 PIER, 51 GmyM. “YEYS J0EIs JO IOVS MOTOY ay UE SSuUEIG Ur SUM YRYS SUM BY “URETeIp some, Moy pmy e YM 2—RSF1 “suaAUOS ede 30 sno) 24 nosis YONSIS SS0HD © SMMOYS 11 aMTLy —TaaAuOS enka e pojfe> $1 sotazp SILL ~aurgam: pue soyfaduuy usowzoq “nun otp ss0u38 sun290 wo}D>NdeypMA snbyoy 184) os ‘sonbuor Jorsear pur soffodanr oy) Jo wins oun saaraoas surg ayy EMR posuEsTE €q tivo 11 ‘sxaquiout SaxY! 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The difference between ts and tee, and hence the reactor torque and torque ratio across the unit, will therefore decrease with reducing slip. {tis also clear from Figure 11 that, if uw exceeds uysin the same direction, thea the torque on the reactor will become negative, and a torque reduction across the converter would thus result. The latter occurrence is usually avoided by mounting the reaetor on a sprag clteh, so that, as the torque on the reactor reverses, it is allowed to free-wheel in the same dicection as the impeller and turbine, and thereafter takes no further part in the procedings. The converter is, in this free-wheeling condition, behaving as a fluid coupling, and the input and output torques will be equal. The combined two stage device is then strictly termed a converter coupling, but in common parlance is still called a torque converter. Figure 13 shows a typical torque ratio versus speed ratio characteristic for a converter coupling. The coupling point, at which the reactor starts to free-whcel may, in practice, occur anywhere between about 0.7 and 0,9 speed ratio, depending on the detail design of the blading. The maximum torque ratio, at stall, may be as high as four or five with a simple three clement torgue converter of the type described, but is more usually between two and two three, High stall torgue ratios demand highly curved blades which entail higher losses, and therefore tend to reduce overall efficiency. The design point is the point of maximum efficiency in the conversion mode. Tt corresponds to the condition, shown in Figure 11, where the fluid is able to pass around the flow circuit with the minimum shock and turbulence because the fluid velocity vectors at blade entry and ‘exit are tangential to the blades. Clearly, a particular set of blade angles will only give this sondition at a single specd ratio: as the fluid vectors move away from the design condition, so increasingly high shock losses are incurred at the junctions between the different bladed member, and the efficiency is reduced. Even at the converter’s maximum efficiency, some losses are incurred duc to fluid friction, ‘which increase with the square of the velocity of circulation of fluid, and the-best efficiency is unlikely to be much in excess of 90% in the conversion range. When operating away from the design condition, further shock losses are incurred and the efficiency curve falls away on either side of the maximum efficiency point. Reaction members present the greatest design difficulties because they experience wider ‘variation in flow velocity, and in the direction at which the fluid arrives at entry to the blading. With a canverter-coupling having a moderate stall torque ratio, an efficiency of 90% or so can be obtained for about the top third of the range of speed ratios. If the maximum efficiency point is moved back to obtain higher torque multiplication, there is a resultant drop in efficiency around the 0.8 speed ratio region. Consequently most hydrokinetic fluid drives are designed for best efficiency at the higher speed ratios and with a relatively modest torque multiplication, Additional stepped gear ratios are then employed to extend the range of torque back-up to meet the full range of vehicle tractive requirements. 8 61 SOLLSRIALOVAVHD ONTTANOD-UELYAANOD “1 25 ANIOd |Niiano> olive o33as ro 30 ‘aro on EFFICIENCY = PER CENT oot anrod NoIS30 3.2 Performance Enhancements Many efforts have been made to extend the maximum efficiency region of hydrokinetic drives but, in some cases, the results tend scarcely to justify the additional complication involved. Several attempts have been made to produce adjustable reactor blades, so as to be able to vary the enltance or exit angles. To adjust the maximum efficiency point (design point) in an optimal manner, it is however necessary to aller the angles on nve of the bladed members. Adjustable blades not only complicate design and manufacture, but do not achieve all the desired improvement. Pivoting blades can only obtain part of the necessary design change, which requires a three-cimensional change in shape of the ducts through which the fluid passes It is difficult to achieve a high coupling efficiency as well as high torque multiplication in the same unit. High efficiency is obtained by employing fewer blades and lower rates of fluid circulation, whereas high torque multiplication requires higher rates of flow and blade areas. Thus, in the Lysholm-Smith converter (Figure 14), shree sets of turbine blades and ave sets of reactor blades, are used to obiain a stall torque ratio of Sto 1. A single turbine is insufficient and it is necessay to pass the fluid more than once through the turbine blades. After the fluid has passed through one set of turbine blades, it enters a reaction member whose blades collect the fluid and redirect it so that a further turbine member can develop additional torque. Tn this design, there are six sets of blades, one impeller, two reactors and three sets of turbine blades (See Figure 14). This type of converter does not operate well as a coupling because it is mechanically inconvenient ta allow the reaction members to freewheel and the converter is generally combined with a friction clutch which is locked-up to provide a direct drive at higher engine and vehicle speeds. The two-phase converter-coupling can combine improved efficiency and a higher torque multiplication than a single-phase version but the output torque is still rarely sufficient for all—road operation, and extra gear ratios are usually needed provided in the form of an epicylic gearbox. ‘Where a more modest torque multiplication is adequate, it is more satisfactory to obtain an improvement in efficiency by dividing the reactor into two or more elements which can rotate ‘or frewheel successively as the direction of fluid velocity changes. Thus, as seen in Figure 15, itis possible to divide a reaction member into two parts, each of which is mounted on its own one-way clutch. As the turbine accelerates, the sesultant direction of fluid srriving at the reactor may change by around 130°. By dividing the reactor into two, the first part may freewheel when the fluid direction has changed through say 60°. The fluid then causes the first part of the reactor to freewheel, so that there is litle change in the direction of the fluid passing through it. Only the rear part of the member now redirects the fluid flow, and the Converter acts as though the front part of the member was removed. The efficiency curve of the converter-coupling now shows three peaks, two in the conversion stage and one in the coupling stage, (See Figure 15). ‘The successive freewheeling of the two parts of the reactor Prevents the converter efficiency falling too far after having reached cach ‘design point’ ‘This two-part reactor thus provides two design points before reverting to coupling operation. 20 ONITANOD-NILNAANOD ASVHS-OML V 40 SOLSIHEIDVAYHD AONVINMOMNTA UNV WVHOVEG S ey vouna sn oo, (e182) sepeig vonoeay «9 (gies €) sepere eulain): @ sepeig dung. y w, “L1 ade ui paeorpur se “soysinIo woR[ Jo suoNeUIqUIOD waxayIp uNseTUs Aq paaayype are uopersdo Jo sapour somes aiyy, “¢ Waunjo uonany ayp Bunjoo &q ‘speads poor 19yFIy ye soysg s]O1Y9A URBEL oun auewIETddns on ‘sepreror onaUTYoUPAY v se posn osfe st sauequo9 anbior ay ‘uorssMUSUEN SIYE UL “aouEUUOLad [[PI940 ZeyEUTIS w OxOTIDe 0 soneT geaB jrorueypour paddars yeuonrppe sarmbou suep xoques’ ou pure ‘AUP onsUIZOMDKY ISTE sigeredwoo ¢ 20) ueyp ssa] Sf aueteBueLe snp qua vonvoydamer onbior einunxear ou, NOISSIWSNVUL . 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