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“The Necklace” Multiple Choice Quiz

2. The main character is portrayed as ________ and __________.

a. pretty, charming b. sad, homely c. simple, polite d. unattractive, obnoxious
3. [she was] born into a family of _________.”
a. farmers b. ministers c. clerks d. teachers
9. Mathilde is irritated and impatient because she does not have _________.
a. an evening dress b. a stylish bonnet c. dancing shoes d. horses and a coach
10. Selflessly, her husband offers her 400 francs, the amount of money he has saved to buy a new ________.
a. tool chest b. hunting rifle c. pool table d. easel and paint set
11. Mathilde says she needs to “have a jewel or gem” to wear to the reception or she will “look like a
pauper.” Her husband suggests wearing ________.
a. a faux fur b. flowers c. bracelets d. bow shaped hair pins
12. What kind of necklace did Mme. Loisel borrowed? (What kind of necklace did Mme. Forestier lend
a. opal b. pearl c. diamond d. heart

15. When it is finally time to go home, Mathilde runs “rapidly down the stairs.” Her husband calls for her to
slow down, but Mathilde dashes quickly into the street because she does not want the wealthy women to see
her _________.
a. shabby wrap b. worn out shoes c. old horse cart d. husband’s overcoat

18. The couple is horrified because they do not know what to do; the replacement necklace costs ___ francs.
a. 1,000 b. 15,000 c. 36,000 d. 120,000

20. The husband uses his inheritance money to buy the replacement necklace. He also takes out several
loans that he is not even sure he will be able to repay. Additionally, the husband works evening and night
jobs. Mathilde also helps repay the loans by __________.
a. firing the maid b. doing housework c. renting a smaller apartment d. all of these

22. After _______ years the loans are finally repaid.

a. five b. ten c. twenty d. thirty
23. the borrowed necklace was made of _______.
a. lead b. tin c. paste d. glass
24. The surprise ending is an example of _________.
a. irony b. foreshadowing c. satire d. metaphor

***KEY*** ***KEY*** ***KEY***

“The Necklace” Multiple Choice Quiz
2. a
3. c
9. a
10. b
11. b
12. c
15. a
18. c
20. d
22. b
23. c
24. a

1. Who is the author of "The Necklace"?

George Ramponneau
Guy de Maupassant
Mathilde Loisel
Henry James
2. 2What is M. Loisel's profession?
He works for the Board of Defense
He works as a bookkeeper
He works as a housekeeper
He works for the Board of Education
1. 8How much money does Mathilde ask to buy a new dress?
40,000 francs
400 francs
40 francs
4,000 francs
2. 9What did M. Loisel want to buy with the money he gives to Mathilde?
A gun
A horse
A telephone
1. 14At what time do M. and Mme. Loisel leave the party?
1 am
4 am
11 pm
2. 15What embarrasses Mme. Loisel as she and her husband leave the party?
Her smeared makeup
Her missing necklace
Her cheap wrap
Her cheap shoes
The necklace that is worn by the main character in the story is an example of...

 A.


 B.


 C.


 D.

All of the above

 How much did the main character pay for the new necklace?
o A.

500 Francs

o B.

2 Francs

o C.

34,000 Francs

o D.

36,000 Francs
 8.
How long was the main character and her husband in debt?

o A.

2 months

o B.

5 years

o C.

About 10 years

o D.

50+ years

3Who does Maupassant say "belong to no caste"?

The poor
The rich

A. Instruction:
1. We __________ along through the woods until we finally found the trail.
2. They sell rugs made by local _________.
3. The _________ of her fingers make knitting look so easy.
4. An abstract is an example of _________ work of art.
5. The crowd let out an _________ cheer.
6. He has a _________ amount of energy.
7. The real amount of Mme. Forestier’s diamond necklace __________ Mme. Loisel
8. The business has _________ due to poor management.
9. Docked the ferry at the _________ to let the passengers off.
10. The aggressive consumer looked at the luxury __________.

Covetously Artisans
Blundered Nimbleness
Exultant stupefied
Inscrutable Tremendous
Quay Faltered

1. A fictious narrative compressed into one unit of time, place and action
a. Novel
b. Short story
c. Drama
d. Poetry
2. ______ is the central or dominating idea in a literary work
a. Theme
b. Plot
c. Conflict
d. Symbolism
3. They are the representation of a human being
a. First person
b. Second person
c. Third person
d. Characters
4. The opposition of persons or forces upon which the action depends in a drama or fiction.
a. Theme
b. Plot
c. Conflict
d. Symbolism
5. The locale and period in which the events occur.
a. Setting
b. Exposition
c. Conflict
d. Climax
6. It is the skeleton or the blueprint of a story.
a. Theme
b. Plot
c. Conflict
d. Symbolism
7. Also known as the stock or the stereotype character
a. Protagonist
b. Flat character
c. Deuterogamist
d. Typical characters