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Ne of eS, | AVIDEQSTER: ——s —_ —— 4 == I | peermusic Pe uat-Leonarb “DAVID 10 16 21 26 36 32 48 54 62 43 68 70 76 81 102 96 107 114 120 The Bebo. PIANO -VOCAL- GUITAR Canter Biography After the Love Has Gone Best of Me The Colour of My Love Forever Glory of Love Got to Be Real Hard to Say I’m Sorry Heart to Heart I Have Nothing Look What You’ve Done to Me Love Theme from St. Elmo’s Fire Mornin’ My Grown-Up Christmas List The Only One The Power of the Dream Sajé St. Elmo’s Fire (Man i Talk to Ya Later Tears Are Not Enou; Through the Fire Voices That Care — Wa, it's hard to believe that after all these years I finally got around to putting together a song book. I guess the main reason for the delay was my feeling that no one would really be that interested. I knew my mom woud buy one (she doesn't even play or sing Happy Birthday!), but past that - no guarantees. 1 think it’s safe to say that ‘most of my music has been created within 4 studio swalls with no windows. For 20 ‘years i's kind of felt like I'd slide the finished tapes under the door and they would slide ‘my food back under in rerum. For the longest time I never realized that my music was reaching real people with names, faces and talent oftheir own. ‘My career has taken me into every nook and cranny of this planet. I've led a charmed life and been blessed to have worked with a staggering array of incredible singers, songauiters and musicians. The two things I've found wherever I go is that music rules (big surprise!) and no matter how much people love to party, in the end I think they're soved most by a “love song.” As love songs seem to have the greatest universal appeal it's good news for me because that's the style of music I feel is my best writing. That's also great forall of you out there who surite in that genre too. T'd like to thank Brian Avnet, Ralph Goldman, my sister Jaymes, my wonderful music publishers: Leeds Levy and Ralph Peer for making me “get to this” and to Hal Leonard for “getting this to all of you." Biography visionary producer, gifted arranges and prolific composer, David Foster Frings a rare combination of talent, raste, and dedication to his work. Over the pase two decades he has gone from achievement to achievement, including phenomenal string of hit records and multi-platinum awards In 1994, Foser joined Atlantic Records as Vice President, and 1995 saw the establishment of his ‘own Atlantic-distributed label, 143 Records. Clearly, Foster is a man whose ‘amazing catecr is just hitting its stride. ‘Among his many achievements, Foster is a twelve-time Grammy Award winner {including garering the coveted Producer of the Year award no less than three times), with a remarkable 37 nominations to his credit. In the past several years alone, he has produced or co-produced a string of #1 albums: Natalie Cole “UNFORGETTABLE” (for which he garnered three Grammy Awa: ‘Whitney Houston's “THE BODYGUARD” soundtrack (including the #1 singls “Will Always Love You"); Barbra Streisand’s “BACK TO BROADWAY”; ani ‘Michael Bolton's “TIMELESS: THE CLASSICS.” In addition, he produced pair of smash singles for Celine Dion - “The Power of Love” (#1 for 11 weeks and “When I Fall in Love” (from the #1 SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE” soundtrack album), co-produced Kenny G's top-charting, collection, “BREATHLESS,” at produced All-4-One’s Grammy-winning #1 single, “] Swear.” Most recently, David has been called on by an array of top artists to work on the:= Latest recordings. He co-wrote and co-produced two songs with Madonna, “Yeu! See" and “One More Chance,” for her “SOMETHING TO REMEMBER’ collection. He produced a song for Toni Braxton’ latest album, co-prosis three tracks on Michael Jackson's “HIStory.” and has produced pare of Cel=i= Dion’s new album — including the #1 single (which is featured in the = Up Close & Personal, staring Robert Redtord). He produced All4-Or: ‘Grammy-nominated single, “I Can Love You Like That,” and also produced es tracks on the Carole King tribute album, “TAPESTRY REVISITED” ~ B- ‘Stewart's “So Far Away" and Celine Dion's “(You Make Me Feel Like} AN: Woman.” In addition, Foster and Babyface wrote and co-produced “Ts Power of the Dream’ for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, co-written = Linda Thompson. Foster’ own 143 label has also gotten off to a great start with the release < debut album by The Corrs (a joint release with another Atlantic-di label, Lava Records). Foster produced the album, along with Jim Corr acclaimed Irish sibling quartet. Next up from the label is the debut all 17 year-old vocalist Jordan Hill, who made her premiere last year with the — Foster & Linda Thompson-penned “Remember Me This Way” from the original motion picture soundtrack. MK British Columbia, it quickly became apparent that his talents far surpassed those David Foster began piano lessons at the age of five in his native Victoria, of other children his age. Living up to that early promise, he was enrolled as a student at the University of Washington at the age of 13 and three years later, when offered an opportunity to join the backing band for rock'n'toll legend (Chuck Berry, Foster embarked on his professional performing careet. In 1971, Foster relocated to Los Angeles, and within two years, his group Skylark scored the top ten hit “Wikdflower.” Throughout the early '70s he built a solid reputation as one of the best session keyboard players in the business, pérforming with such superstars as John Lennon, George Harrison, Barbra Streisand, and Rod Stewart. From there, Foster added songwriting and producing to his musical accomplishments. His early production and writing client list included Hall & Cates, Deniece Williams, Carole Bayer Sager, Bor Scaggs, and the A erage White Band. In 1979, he received his first Grammy Award for writing Earth, Wind & Fire’ “After the Love Has Gone.” ‘The 1980s saw Poster branch out even further. He eamed his second Grammy for producing the cast album of the Tony Award- winning Broadway musical Dreamgirls, He ventured into feature films, co-writing the hit single “Love, Look What You've Done to Me with Boe Scaggs for Urban Cowboy, and penning the #1 hit Chicago's “Hard to Say I'm orry,” for the film Summer Lovers David produced “CHICAGO XVI," the bands comeback album, plus “CHICAGO XVI" which has sold more than five million IICAGO XVILL” Foster fera also penned many of Chicago's bi copies to date, as well as the platinum “C and Peter C Jardl to Say including “You're the Inspiration,” “Stay the Night * and “Will You Still Love Me?” In 1984, David earned his third and fourth Grammy Awards for his efforts on behalf of I'm Sor the group: Producer of the Year and Best Instrumental Araangement Accompanying Vocals for “Hard Habit to Break.” Foster’ writing and producing credits expanded to include stich superstars as Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Lionel Richie (19938 deca-platinum “CANT SLOW DOWN”), Neil Diamond (one platinurm album, ewo gold), Dionne Warwick, Kenny Rogers, the Manhattan Transfer, Olivia Newton-John, James Ingram, the Pointer Sisters, Art Garfunkel, Roger Dalttey, Kenny Loggins, Al Jarreau, Richard Marx, and many, matiy others. 7 LF recces aditional achievements include the hit single, “Somewhere,” which he produced for Barbra Streisand’ “BROADWAY ALBUM,” and which eamed him his fifth Grammy. He wrote and produced “Love Theme from St. Elmo’ Fire,” as well as that soundtrack’ #1 single by John Parr, “Man in Motion.” David ako co-penned Peter Ceteras #1 single, “The Glory of Love” (from the film Karate Kid Part ID), which received an Academy Award nomination. Foster bas written andlor produced songs for such films as Footloose, Ghostbusters, Pretty ‘Woman, and Three Men and a Baby, as well as composing numerous film scores. Over the years, Foster has been involved in a variety of projects for Atlantic Records, including a series of solo albums. His self-titled debut solo outing was released in 1986 and featured a duct with Olivia Newton-John entitled “Best of Me.” His second solo album, “THE SYMPHONY SESSIONS composer performing his compositions with the 83- piece Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Highlights catured the included “Winter Games,” specially commissioned for the 1988 Fountain,” a reworked rendition of Foster's Golden Salgary Winter Olympics, and “Water Globe-nominated theme for the Michael J. Fox hit film The Secret of My Success. In lave 1990, Foster released his third solo set, “RIVER OF LOVE.” A number of Davis friends contributed their writing, singing, and/or performing talents to the sessions, including Brian Wilson, Natalie Cole, Bryan Adams, Bruce Homsby, and Mike Reno. The albura included the single, “My Grown-Up Christmas List.” sung by Ms. Cole, ester’ fourth solo alburn, 1991's acclaimed “RECHORDINGS,” was a stunnins collection featuring instrumental versions of Foster's best-loved compositions In the fall of 1993, Interscope Records ~an Atlantic Group company ~ release “DAVID FOSTER: THE CHRISTMAS ALBUM.” The holiday featured the voices of Natalie Cole, Celine Dion, Michael Crawford, Pes Bryson & Roberta Flack, Tom Jones, Johnny Mathis, Vanessa Williams, Bes and Cece Winans, Tammy Wynette, and Wynonna. The album also spares ==: llectice. NBC television network special ofthe same name “Asked what distinguishes his style asa songwriter and producer, Foster #¢7= gravitate toward tugging at heartstrings — and I treat every day in the ===: life-or-death.” Das scat once giving an album he'd produced to his mentor, Quiney es. “I said, ‘A couple of the songs aren't very good and some vocals aren't tut like the rest.’ Quincy replied, ‘What docs it say here? ~ “Produced by David Fosten” How can you put your name on this and then give excuses? That was 15 years ago, and ever since I've tried to do my best every day in the studio. That's my responsibility to the artist, because that record is what they have to live with when I'm on to something els.” Foster maintains residence in Los Angeles, although he still regards his native Canada as home. From the Canadian music and television industries, he bas received four Juno Awards (three for Best Instrumental Artist and one for Producer of the Year) and two Gemini Awands (for Best Variety Programme and for Best Music Composition). In 1994, David was honored by the American Academy of Achievement — receiving the Golden Plate Awand and being inducted into the academy's Library of Living History: David is married to Linda Thompson, who is his frequent musical collaborator and co-writer. They have six children between them ~ David with four daughters and Linda with two sons, Foster's passion for music is only exceeded by his love for his family; in 1991, the Father's Day Council named him Father of the Year. In spite of his busy schedule, Foster also devotes much of his time to charity and fund-raising. He composed (with Bryan Adams), arranged, and produced the Canadian contribution to AMtican famine relief, “Tears Are Not Enough,” performed by fellow Canadian artists including Adams, Joni Mitchell, Neil ‘Young, and Gordon Lightfoot. In 1986, he established the David Foster Foundation to assist families of children. in need of ongan transplants. He hosts the annual David Foster Celebrity Softball Game in Victoria, British Columbia, where such celebrities as Michael J. Fox, Gene Hackman, Michael Bolton, Dudley Moore, Kenny Loggins, Julio Iglesias, Bryan Adams, John Travolta, Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Olivia Newron- John, and Lee Majors have joined together to raise money for the Foundation. In recognition of his humanitarian efforts, Foster received the Onier of Canada in 1988. ‘Among his many credits, David also produced and wrote the music to Linde’s lyrics for “Voices That Care,” the entertainment industry’ salute to U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf, which to date has donated neatly one million dollars to the Red Cross and USO of America = http:/ http:/www.peermusic. com/contemporary/davidfoster him. AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE Words and Music by DAVID FOSTER Recorded by IND & FIRE JAY GRAYDON and BILL CHAMPLIN Slowly F BIA Bbmaj7 For a — while ss F & BbwvF We were love all could do. we would love each oth) - er with = all__ = Z SF ies Sa SS —— young and we and our eyes_ were a live — vo. Love was strong for so long. — Eb6i a — deep in - side we knew our love a nev - er knew that — what was wrong. C7, F BhmiF ® For a while paid no mind. to the past. was-n't right. tried to find — what we had — FE Gm7 GHm7 Fsus2/a, Dm? fn & —— 8 = we knew love would last. Ev - "ry night _______ some- thin’ “il sad-ness was all _ we shared. We were 3 C8sus cI, = oo would in - vite us tobe - gin__—_ the dance,________— | ‘his af . fair would lead our love——_ im - to, —________ BA B To Coda 1 — the ways what used to be-— hap-py was sad, Some - thin’ hap-pened a - long. the way; vyes-ter-day was all we had. Some - thin’ hap-pened a - long \8 | Gtm7 F Amaj7/B Emaj BIDt BH ssl = = Some - thin’ hap-pened a - long—_____the_way and cm? ef And yes = ter - day was all we had. Cm? Fm? Bbm7 BE EB B oh, after the love has gone, _ Eb9sus Eo Abm? Db9sus bo aan en es how could you lead me on__ and not let me stay a - round?_ Ghmaj Abm? Bbm? cmt =" On, Fm? Bbm7 Eb9sus EBS Ee & Ee — 7 af-ter the love_ has gone what used to be right. was wrong. Dbgsus D9 Ho tocol OO Can ove — that’s lost be found? Ghmaj7 BF coxus one & Coda 1 Bolt Bbmaj? & B — hap - pened a = long—— DSS. al Coda FIA Dm? Gm? FO Amaj7/B EB & the ways what used to be hap Gbmaj7 Abm? —-Bbm7 Chmaj9 bm? copa & & i Ebm7 Fm? Bbm? a @ fi oy On, after the love has gone,_ Ebm? Abgsus Abo C#m? Eg a a = what used to be right_ was wrong. Can ‘Repeat and Fade F49sus Bmaj7 cam? Ebm7 : B mG Jove that’s lost be found? __ Ob. BEST OF ME 2's Recorded by DAVID FOSTER Words and Music by DAVID FOSTER, 3 SAVTONJOHN| JEREMY LUBBOCK and RICHARD MARK Moderately ape ete = =e Abm7/Db Bom mai? Chadds) Aba fave gap HH Ge aaIB iat eh omy han te ee pains 2 ee DbjES Asm? Déraust Gh Gost Gh Le er ee a er gave_ enough to. me2__ cape Db ae ie aay ile Abad) Dbjaust 7 i o ow sant oat ee a8 SSS ? = = No one will ev : er touch me, ? Fo Coton) T might have swved— thebestof me for. you. And we'lhave no end- aie = aaa BE 5 aes oS - me mate toy much ne en fe == S| - Es eS] Dosust Fema Bhim? bmi by? a a ie Se 2 fen RE a ai a, eee 2a (aS ee : = a : -— ee i= : | ————< = Ea HS ah Ghaust Ge Gbsus4/D> THE COLOUR OF MY LOVE from the Musical SCREAM 2; Fnally Recorded by 25: NE BION Words and Music by DAVID FOSTER nd ARTHUR JANOW Stowly Db(add9)/Ab Gbmaj7/Bb Db(add9VvAb Gbmaj7/Bb a. ave a 3 Ab(addd) Adim? : = Eg — = SS = SS SSS yee ee Til paint my mood in shades of blue, — paint my soul to be with you. YU draw your arms a-round my waist — then all doubt 1. shall "e - rase.. = SS SSeS = > Ee a “# SS Pe temvo 3 Bbm(add9) Abs Gbmaj7 Fm? Bbm7 a = = Z £ = SSS SSS) FF a ee er ee ee TM sketch your in shad-ed tones, draw your mouth to my Tl paint “the that softly lands on your wind - blown SS 7 SSS SS z g "i F +. 7 = sR Oe Feur Tes ase Mitre by pe Imncrstoal Copwrght Secured Al sigh es Gb/Ab EY || m_n0-chord m Wil trace a Ebm7 Abadd9) Fm7 Bbm? Ey Ba a Ey 24 = to wipe your tears, ‘2 look to calm your fears, tempo Ebm7 Fm? Gbmaj7 Abgsus Ab7 B E "ee FF sil-hou- ete of dark and light while we hold each oth - er, oh, 50 tight, Tl paint a Em? Bom” Ee 7 sun to warm your heart, swear-ing that we'll nev-er_—_ part. 3 Ebm7 Ab7sus AbT Db(add9) Db @ Ea ‘That's the col-our of __ my love. PM paint the truth — & 8 — 5 —— show how I feel, try to make you com-plete-ly real. __ Til use a 3 Ebm7 Fm? Ghmaj? Ab9sus Ab7 B E & £ brush so light and fine to draw you close ‘and make you 3 AbIDS Db cm? mR GbiDb Pil paint a Em] AmT sun to warm your heart, swear-ing that we'll____—mev - er, ever part. 3 a a _@ @ ] my love. TM draw the ‘That's the col-our of EmT Amt 6 7 years all pas-sing by, so much to learn, so much to try. 5 And with this Dm? Em? Dm? Em? ‘our lives will start, —_ swear-ing that we'll nev - 3 1 of-fer what you ean - not bay, = vot-ed love Feadd9)/A G(addoyB i FOREVER Words anel Music by DAVID FOSTER, Originally Recorded by KENNY LOGGINS KENNY LOGGINS and EVA LOGGINS Moderately Gm Cm Bb Ab Bbsus Bb = ea & & & of Ebsus2 Gm7 CTgus cms gE i a and all is said and. done, . while we're here a - Tone, Bb7sus Bb7 Bbsus? BbS Abu B now I can let you know be-cause of all you've Fim7(add4) Hf shown, Tye grown ¢ - nough_ to tell you Bb7sus Bb7 Abmé/Eb Eb GB orB 1 a you'll al- ways be in - side Gm . sR" ca & How man - y roads have. gone by? So man - y words left un - night took a-hold of — my heart and eft me. with no one to spo = ken 1 fol - low, The love 32 ab Absus2 Bbsus hold you. mem - bers b Bbsus Bb os Eb Gm es need -ed__ to be by— your side if, on - ly to that, I lost tothe dark ru al - ways. re - Gm Cm Bb 2 #2 2 for-ev-er in my heart, For-ev-er in. my heart, Gm Cm Bb Ab GB gas ee eS . a #" & 2 #, S. =: a @ Cat Em? Fm revere wil forcevser heresou'll De, be, and e- ven when. I'm ‘and know that_when_ I’m Fm7(add4) Ebsus2/G Ab6 Bt. cong you'll be here. in me you'll be near_ to me, Eb Gm Cm Bb Ab Ebsus2iG Fm? ___#' #88 8 & Absus? Gm7 Tus cms I dreamed that you were gone. I cried out try’ng_ to find_ Fim7(add4) Bb7sus Bb7 ‘Abm6/Eb cb B By B Br — you, T begged the dream to fade a-way and please a= wak = en_ me. bd DS. al Coda oy Bbsus Eb Gm Cm Bb si _ae @ For-ever in_my life, Ab OB cm FO = & me By al-ways thought 1" Td be yours. er Eb/Bb Bb ED/Bb Bb © AbIBb Bb Eb/Bb Bb EDIBb Bb & Rae f & & EE wf AbIBb CyB Cm BbiCCm Gm? Fm7 Gm & i" ie & Ee Ab Ebmaj7iG Absus2 Eb/G Ab £ &§ 8 2 tee Fm? & EbmajZiG Ab = Be Bb & cm Bbsus Absus2 a rag GOT TO BE REAL ‘Originally Recorded by Words and Music by DAVID FOSTER, CHERYL LYNN DAVID PAICH and CHERYL LYNN Mor Fbmai9 Eby D733 fe” we FG cu? Fb vg fe fal ta HB" ney” aes What you think,— Fs Ebmaip | pe ae your love's for Fige ebmai? F/B Ebmaj? om? Ebmaip p72 FIG Gm P6 GLORY OF LOVE Originally Recorded by PETER CETERA Words and Music by DAVID FOSTER, fiom the Movie Karate Kid Parti PETER CETERA and DIANE NINi Slowiy mM in To-night— i's ver- y clear, as we're both stand - ing here, — | FS. cfg 3 Fe @ es there's so man = y- things * a T will al-ways love you,—— Some-times 1 just for - get, say things I might re ~ gret,— ‘You keep me stand- ing tall, you help me through it all,” it breaks my heart to ste you cry, = ing. Tm al + ways strong— when youre be - side me. B/Ab Grguss who would fight dream - ing of. - 9 you're — TU be the he from a cea knight in shin-ing ar a DyF E/A = FR fe a a te We dd it all. We did it all for love. LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO ME Recorded by BOZ SCAGGS Words and Music by BOZ SCAGGS Movie Urban Cowboy and DAVID FOSTER ‘Moderately stow Bm7E Em i BoE Em mc Hope they ney - er end this song.— They might fade. and turn. to stone. ‘This could take. us all night long —— Let’s get era > zy all a - lone. ———— Gm7(add4) 1 looked at the moon. and T felt blue. Hold me clos-er than you'dev - er dare. ba Gm | a Then Tlooked a - gain and -T saw you. ud Close your eyes — and Tl be there. oo Em9 Bm? Ss = Ryes like fi - re in the And af - ter all is said_ and done, — . - [a Bridg-es burn - ing with their light af-ter all, you are— the one. SS st a om7tasds) er" @ Now Tilhave to spend — the whole — night through. And, hon-ey, yes, — Take- ‘Take me up your stairs and through. the — door. ba PI have to spend. it all on me where we don't. carean look what you've done to me._ Nev-er thought I'd fall a-gain_ so you would-n't li Dfdim7 Em7 lead-ing me— to feel — iT Amt CmsiEb GD pr GD a je) fe) in Atl A Bee Ea 7 leg Em7 ook what you've 5, GB a done to me, Nev - er thought. I'd fall a gain_ so Oh, Love, _____________ you would-n’t lie Am? GB ic gi — to me, lead-ing me—_ (0 feel_ this way. ¢ HEE repeat and Fade ' HARD TO SAY I’M SORRY corded by Words and Music by PETER CETERA ‘and DAVID FOSTER Moderately E ACH ByD4 BCE G#/BE Cim CimB FAAE E & Ee = Ef \— = or EB B & a \g al E Gtm7 E = Ey-‘ry-bod-y needs a little time a - wayy— T heard her sayy. B Cim & E-ven lov-ers need a hol - i- day. + from each oth Gtm7 A B Cem oe ia far a-way. fromeach oth er. EB = @ Is hard for me to say I'm sor - ry. cém Fem7 Bsus B E ACE st T just want you to stays Af- ter all__ that we've been BIDE BICE G#/BE Cem CHmB FRIAS EB B Cfm7 BIDE es = & # f = 8 es through, 1 will make it up— to y Pl prom ise to. ACH af - ter all that’s been said CimB FWAE —— the part_ of me— I a ee and done, |—. cant let Bo. Coulé-n't stand to be kept a - ways El To Coda you're just — _—~ BC ‘4m B = i & just for the day; = fromyour bi od Would-n't wan-na be B @ It’s hard for me to say I'm C#m FEm7 EB B AE sta a & Hold 1 real-ly want to tell you I’m sor - Ty. me now cim Fém7 Bsus B gE a EB s.acoaa 1 could ney - er Iet you go ctm Ci FRIAH B BA a ® Ea ial copa & the part_ of me— Ks co BIDE gape a At. ter all that we've_ been through, Twill, make it’ up- DIFe DE in Guitar solo Solo ends DE BIDE EmD AICH Am Fe You're gon-na be_ the luck - y one. Daa. HEART TO HEART 2 Recozdled by eT Words and Music by DAVID FOSTER, < LOGGINS MICHAEL McDONALD and KENNY LOGGINS Am? AmqiD Moderately. af Gtdim7—AmT Amy/D zu GHeim7 Am? Am™D a You aint era One by one, D9 & - 2 and Taint gon-na ie an - we're col leet - ing What you're feel. - in’, there's. area ~ When you can’t___ give love, yougive al-i - 1 wan-na do right, I Pm gon-na do right. I Amn got-ta do right. Do 1 love got-ta do right. T don’t wan-na Om you know T've tried. 1 don’t wan-na say good - bye. E youcan't find _ hon-ey, there comes m9 Bm? Bhmaj? or a our eee eae chance — to touch each one last chance — to touch each Dm corey ¢ Ant oth = e's heart. eae eae Does an - y thing last — for - ev - Bm? Dmg Gis c Am? Bhmaj7 Dmg os —_ May-be we're near — the — can we go on Bbmaj7 @ ES now that we've grown a - part? Well, the on = ly way start heart. ve o << Em F & torn a part? | Taran gaa | need a lit tle more lov — my heart. Em