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Pangasinan State University

Lingayen Campus

Mathematics Department

Major Elec 1 - Java Programming

Final EXAM

I. Write user defined functions for the following operations (make sure to accept 2
parameters (integer values): (1) Addition, (2) Subtraction, (3) Division and (4)
Multiplication. (10pts each function)

II. a. Declare and create an array called (5pts)

- moreNumbers, of size 100, containing type short

- prices, of size 11, containing type double

- characters, of size 50, containing type char

- names, of size 80, containing type String

- shoppingList, of size 5, containing type String

b) Complete the table below with a name of each array and the relevant
values (5pts)
array name first index last index
moreNumbers 0 99
prices .

III. Create a complete Java program to demonstrate the user-defined functions created in
Test A. (50pts.)

Prepared by: Jayson Tamayo