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Charger Type 3757

Handle Type 3765
Travel Case Type 3760
Smart Plug Type 492-5214

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assistance, please call our
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Frankfurter Straße 145
61476 Kronberg/Germany

Charger Type 3757

Handle Type 3765
Travel Case Type 3760
Smart Plug Type 492-5214

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Welcome to Oral-B! ommended by the manufac-
Before operating this toothbrush, please
read these instructions and save this manual turer.
for future reference.
• If the product is dropped, the brush head
IMPORTANT should be replaced before the next use
• Periodically check the entire even if no damage is visible.
• Do not place the charger, smart plug or
product/cords/accessories for charging travel case in water or liquid or
damage. A damaged or non- store where it can fall or be pulled into a
tub or sink. Do not reach for it when fallen
functioning unit should no into water. Unplug immediately.
longer be used. If the product/ • Do not open and dissemble device. For
battery recycling please dispose whole
cords/accessories are dam- device according to local environmental
aged, take it to an Oral-B regulations. Opening the handle will
destroy the appliance and invalidate the
Service Centre. Do not modify warranty.
or repair the product. This may • When unplugging, always hold the power
plug instead of the cord. Do not touch the
cause fire, electric shock or power plug with wet hands. This can
injury. cause an electric shock.
• If you are undergoing treatment for any
• Usage by children under age oral care condition, consult your dental
3 is not recommended. Tooth- professional prior to use.
• This toothbrush is a personal care device
brushes can be used by chil- and is not intended for use on multiple
dren and persons with reduced patients in a dental practice or institution.
• Replace brush (head) every 3 months or
physical, sensory or mental sooner if brush head becomes worn.
capabilities or lack of experi- • Your charging travel case is provided with
a special cord set (smart plug), which has
ence and knowledge, if they an integrated Safety Extra Low Voltage
have been given supervision power supply. Do not exchange or tamper
with any part of it, otherwise there is risk
or instruction concerning use of an electric shock. Only use the special
of the appliance in a safe way cord set provided with your appliance.
and understand the hazards Important Information
involved. • Your Oral-B toothbrush can be used
• Cleaning and maintenance with your smartphone (find details
under «Connecting your toothbrush to
shall not be performed by your Smartphone»).
children. • To avoid electromagnetic interference
• Children shall not play with the and/or compatibility conflicts, deactivate
the radio transmission of your toothbrush
appliance. handle (5) before using it in restricted
• Use this product only for its surroundings, such as aircrafts or spe-
cially marked areas in hospitals.
intended use as described in • Deactivate radio transmission by simul-
taneously pressing the on/off (3) and
this manual. Do not use at- mode button (4) for 2 seconds until the
tachments which are not rec- radio transmission display (7) goes off.
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Follow the same procedure to reactivate Charging and operating information
transmission again. Your toothbrush has a waterproof handle, is
• Persons with pacemakers should electrically safe and designed for use in the
always keep the toothbrush more than bathroom.
six inches (15 centimeters) from the
• To charge the handle (5), place it on the
pacemaker while turned on. Anytime
plugged-in charging unit (9). The charge
you suspect interference is taking
level is indicated on the charge level dis-
place, deactivate the radio transmission
play (8).
of your handle.
The flashing lights indicate that the handle
is charging (picture 1); once it is fully
charged, the lights turn off. A full charge
Description takes about 12 hours and enables up to
1 Brush head 12 days of regular brushing (twice a day,
2 Smart Ring 2 minutes).
3 On/off button Note: At a very low charge level, the lights
4 Brushing mode button might not flash immediately; it can take up
5 Handle to 10 minutes.
6 Brushing mode display • If the battery is running low, a red light is
7 Radio transmission display flashing on the charge level display and
(with Bluetooth® wireless technology) the motor is reducing its speed. Once the
8 Charge level display battery is empty, the motor will stop; it will
9 Charging unit (basic charger and brush need at least a 30-minute charge for one
head compartment with protective usage.
cover) • You can always store the handle on the
10 Smartphone holder plugged-in charging unit to maintain it at
10a Holding brackets full power; a battery overcharge is pre-
10b Lever arm vented by device.
10c Pull tab Note: Store handle at room temperature
10d Suction cup for optimal battery maintenance.
11 Charging travel case (depending on Caution: Do not expose handle to tem-
model) peratures higher than 50 °C.
11a Charge indicator light
11b USB port
11c Smart plug port
11d Inner lid (with smartphone holder) Using your toothbrush
11e Removable inlay Brushing technique
12 Smart plug (depending on model) Wet brush head and apply any kind of tooth-
paste. To avoid splashing, guide the brush
Specifications head to your teeth before switching on the
For voltage specifications refer to the bottom handle (picture 2). Guide the brush head
of the charging unit. slowly from tooth to tooth, spending a few
Noise level: 68 dB (A) seconds on each tooth surface. Start brus-
hing the outsides, then the insides and
finally the chewing surfaces. Brush all four
First use – connecting quadrants of your mouth equally (picture 3).
You may also consult your dentist or dental
and charging hygienist about the right technique for you.
Prior to first use, briefly place the handle (5)
on the plugged-in charging unit (9) to acti- In the first days of using any electric tooth-
vate it. Once the charge level display (8) brush, your gums may bleed slightly. In
illuminates, it is ready for use. general, bleeding should stop after a few
Note: In case battery is empty (no lights days. Should it persist after 2 weeks, please
illuminated on charge level display), charge consult your dentist or dental hygienist.
at least for 30 minutes. If you have sensitive teeth and/or gums,
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Oral-B recommends using the «Sensitive» Note: You can also set/advance the timer
mode (optional in combination with an functionality via Oral-BTM App.
Oral-B «Sensitive» brush head).
Pressure sensor
If you put excessive pressure on your teeth,
Smart Ring features
the Smart Ring (2) will light up in red and the
Your toothbrush is equipped with a Smart
motor speed will be reduced in «Daily
Ring (2) that has various functionalities indi-
Clean», «Pro Clean» and «Sensitive» mode
cated via different colors of light:
(picture 3). Periodically check the operation
White (default)= Operating and visual timer
of the pressure sensor by pressing moder-
light (choose individual color via Oral-BTM
ately on the brush head during use.
app settings)
Red = Pressure sensor light Brushing modes (depending on model)
Blue = Bluetooth® pairing indicator Your toothbrush offers different brushing
modes indicated on the brushing mode dis-
play (6) on your handle («Daily Clean» mode
does not illuminate on the brushing mode
You can choose between «Professional» or
«2-Minute» timer.
«Daily Clean» – Standard mode for daily
The «2-Minute» timer signals with a long mouth cleaning
stuttering sound and a flashing light of the «Pro Clean» – For an extraordinary
Smart Ring (2) that the professionally clean feeling (operated
recommended 2-minute brushing time has with a higher frequency)
been reached. «Sensitive» – Gentle, yet thorough
cleaning for sensitive
The «Professional» timer signals with a short areas
stuttering sound and a flashing light of the «3D White» – Polishing for occasional
Smart Ring at 30-seconds intervals to move or everyday use
to the next quadrant of your mouth (picture «Gum Care» – Gentle massage of gums
3). A long stuttering sound and a flashing «Tongue Clean» – Tongue cleaning for
light indicate the end of the professionally occasional or everyday
recommended 2-minute brushing time. use
When operating the «Tongue Clean» mode,
The timer memorizes the elapsed brushing
we recommend using the «Sensitive» brush
time, even when the handle is briefly swit-
head. You can brush your tongue either with
ched off during brushing. The timer resets if
or without toothpaste. Brush the whole area
pausing longer than 30 seconds, briefly
of your tongue systematically in gentle
pressing the mode button (4) during pause
movements. The recommended brushing
or placing the handle on the plugged-in
time is 20 seconds; indicated with a flashing
light of the Smart Ring.
Note: During the use of special Oral-BTM app
features, the visual timer light may be deacti- Your toothbrush automatically starts in the
vated. mode selected last. To switch to other
modes, successively press the mode button
Timer setup: during use (picture 4). To return from any
Your toothbrush comes with the «Profes- mode back to «Daily Clean» mode, press and
sional» timer activated. To change this, press hold the mode button (4).
and hold the mode button (4) for 2 seconds. Note: You can also set/advance the mode
Toggle between timer selection by pressing functionality via Oral-BTM App.
the on/off button (3). Confirm selection by
pressing the mode button.
• 2 LED’s illuminated indicate «2-Minute» Brush heads
timer Oral-B offers you a variety of different Oral-B
• 4 LED’s illuminated indicate «Professional» brush heads that fit your Oral-B toothbrush
timer handle.
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Our oscillating-rotating brush heads can be tomize your toothbrush settings (for many
used for tooth-by-tooth precision cleaning. more benefits see the Oral-B™ App instruc-
Oral-B CrossAction brush head • Start the Oral-B™ App. The app will guide
Our most advanced brush head. you through the entire Bluetooth pairing
Angled bristles for a precise procedure.
clean. Lifts and powers away Note: Oral-B™ App functionality is limited
plaque. if Bluetooth wireless technology is deacti-
vated on your smartphone (for directions
Oral-B FlossAction brush head please refer to your smartphone’s user
features micropulse bristles manual).
that allow for an outstanding • Any app instructions will be displayed on
plaque removal in the interden- your smartphone.
tal areas. • If Bluetooth wireless technology is
activated on your handle, the Bluetooth
Oral-B 3D White brush head symbol on the radio transmission display
features a special polishing (7) illuminates. Once the handle is paired,
cup to naturally whiten your the Smart Ring (2) flashes briefly.
teeth. Please note that children • Keep your smartphone in close proximity
under 12 years old should not (within 5m distance) when using it with the
use the Oral-B «3D White» brush head. handle. Make sure the smartphone is
safely positioned in a dry place.
Oral-B Sensitive brush head Note: Your smartphone must support
features an extra soft bristle Bluetooth 4.0 (or higher)/Bluetooth Smart
structure that is gentle on teeth in order to pair your handle.
and gums.

Oral-B brush heads feature light blue

Cleaning recommen-
INDICATOR® bristles to help you monitor dations
brush head replacement need. With thor- After brushing, rinse your brush head under
ough brushing, twice a day for two minutes, running water with the handle switched on.
the blue color will fade halfway approxi- Switch off and remove the brush head.
mately within 3 months, indicating the need Clean handle and brush head separately;
to exchange your brush head. If the bristles wipe them dry before reassembling. Unplug
splay before the color recedes, you may the charging unit before cleaning. Brush
exert too much pressure on teeth and gums. head compartment and protective cover are
dishwasher-safe. Basic charger should be
We do not recommend using the Oral-B cleaned with a damp cloth only (picture 5).
«FlossAction» or Oral-B «3D White» brush
head with braces. You may use the Oral-B
«Ortho» brush head, specifically designed to
clean around braces and wires.
Smartphone Holder
• Before each use, make sure mirror, suction
Connecting your cup surface (10d) and holding brackets
toothbrush to your (10a) are always clean and dry (picture
A1). Press your smartphone holder (10)
Smartphone gently, centered at nose level on the mirror.
The Oral-BTM App is available for mobile Then mount the holder by carefully press-
devices running iOS or Android operating ing the lever arm (10b) towards the mirror
systems. It can be downloaded for free from until it snaps in (picture A2).
App Store(SM) or Google Play™. Note: Only affix on mirror to ensure safe
The Oral-B™ App gives you the opportunity and correct conditions. For use in bath-
to chart your brushing progress and cus- room only. Do not use in automobiles.
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• Always make sure the smartphone holder Note: Clean stains on travel case surface
is securely mounted on the mirror before immediately. Store travel case in a clean and
inserting your smartphone. Place your dry place.
smartphone (portrait) sideways in between
the holding brackets (10a) by pressing
against one bracket with your phone and Subject to change without notice.
sliding the other bracket to the side (picture
A2). Follow the same procedure to remove
your phone again. Environmental Notice
• Adjust the overall position for the required
angle by moving the ball joint of the holder Product contains batteries and/or
(picture A3). Instructions for the best angle recyclable electric waste. For
will be given via app. environment protection do not
• Once done, remove your phone from the dispose in household waste, but
holder. Take off the smartphone holder by for recycling take to electric waste collection
flipping the lever arm back and pulling the points provided in your country.
tab carefully (picture A4 1./2.). Affix smart-
phone holder with each use again.
• The smartphone holder should be cleaned
with a damp cloth only. Store in clean and
dry place. If not in use, always remove your Guarantee
smartphone from the holder.
Note: Smartphone width required for usage: We grant 1 year limited guarantee on the
minimum 58mm, maximum 83mm. product commencing on the date of
Caution: Small parts may come off, keep purchase. Within the guarantee period we
out of reach of children. will eliminate, free of charge, any defects in
the appliance resulting from faults in materi-
als or workmanship, either by repairing
Charging Travel Case or replacing the complete appliance as we
• To charge your handle (5) place it on the may choose. This guarantee extends to
pin in the charging travel case (11) and every country where this appliance is sup-
connect it to an electric outlet, using the plied by Braun or its appointed distributor.
extra smart plug (12) provided.
• The flashing light (11a) of the charging This guarantee does not cover: damage due
travel case indicates that the handle is to improper use, normal wear or use, espe-
charging. Once the handle is fully charged cially regarding the brush heads, as well as
the light turns off. A full charge can take defects that have a negligible effect on the
up to 12 hours (picture B1). value or operation of the appliance. The gua-
Note: You may use the USB port (11b) to rantee becomes void if repairs are underta-
charge an electric device while the charg- ken by unauthorised persons and if original
ing travel case is plugged in. The handle Braun parts are not used.
can only be charged with the smart plug
(12)/(11c) not via USB port. This appliance is equipped with a Bluetooth
• The inner lid of the travel case has a Smart approved radio module. Failure to
built-in smartphone holder (11d), which establish a Bluetooth Smart connection to
can hold your smartphone while using specific smart phones is not covered under
(picture B2). Before use, make sure your the device guarantee, unless the Bluetooth
phone fits the stand and keeps stable. radio module of this appliance is damaged.
• The removable inlay (11e) of the travel The Bluetooth devices are warranted by their
case is dishwasher-safe (picture 5). own manufacturers and not by Oral-B. Oral-
The outer case should be cleaned with B does not influence or make any recom-
a damp cloth only. Make sure that travel mendations to device manufacturers, and
case parts are completely dry before reas- therefore Oral-B does not assume any
sembling and toothbrush/brush heads are responsibility for the number of compatible
dry before storing in the travel case. devices with our Bluetooth systems. Oral-B
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reserves the right, without any prior notice, This limited warranty does not apply to (i)
to make any technical modifications or damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse,
changes to system implementation of device neglect, misapplication, or non-P&G prod-
features, interface, and menu structure uct; (ii) damage caused by service per-
changes that are deemed necessary to formed by anyone other than Braun or
ensure that Oral-B systems function reliably. authorized Braun service location; (iii) a
product or part that has been modified with-
To obtain service within the guarantee out the written permission of P&G, and (iv)
period, hand in or send the complete appli- damage arising out of the use of or inability
ance with your sales receipt to an authorised to use the Oral-B Smartphone stand/puck,
Braun Oral-B Service Centre. Smartphone mirror holder, or charging travel
case («Accessories»).
2) Using your smartphone holder
Information The Oral-B Accessories included in the
Bluetooth® radio module package has been designed to provide you
Although all indicated functions on the Blue- with a convenient way to position your smart-
tooth device are supported, Oral-B does not phone while you are using the Oral-B app.
ensure 100% reliability in connection, and Try multiple orientations of your smartphone
feature operation consistency. in the Oral-B smartphone holder prior to use
Operation performance and connection reli- to determine the best positioning of your
ability are direct consequences of each indi- smartphone in the holder. Be sure to try this
vidual Bluetooth device, software version, as in a manner which will not harm your smart-
well as the operating system of those Blue- phone if it falls out of the stand. Do not use
tooth devices and company security regula- in automobiles.
tions implemented on the device.
Oral-B adheres to and strictly implements LIMITATION OF LIABILITY
the Bluetooth standard by which Bluetooth TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE
devices can communicate and function in LAW, IN NO EVENT SHALL P&G ITS
However, if device manufacturers fail to TO YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY FOR ANY
implement this standard, Bluetooth compati- DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL,
bility and features will be further compro- CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY
mised and the user may experience func- OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, OF ANY NATURE
tional and feature-related issues. Please WHATSOEVER, ARISING OUT OF THE USE
note that the software on the Bluetooth OF OR INABILITY TO USE THE ORAL-B
device can significantly affect compatibility ACCESSORIES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT
1) Warranty – Exclusions and Limitations ANY THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS THAT ARE
This limited warranty applies only to the new USED IN OR WITH THE ORAL-B
products manufactured by or for The Procter ACCESSORIES, OR LOSS OF USE OF THE
& Gamble Company, its Affiliates or Subsidi- ORAL-B ACCESSORIES OR ANY THIRD
aries («P&G») that can be identified by the PARTY PRODUCTS THAT ARE USED IN OR
Braun / Oral-B trademark, trade name, or WITH THE ORAL-B ACCESSORIES, EVEN IF
logo affixed thereto. This limited warranty P&G HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE
does not apply to any non-P&G product POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. WITHOUT
including hardware and software. P&G is not LIMITING THE FOREGOING, YOU
liable for any damage to or loss of any pro- UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT P&G HAS
grams, data, or other information stored on NO LIABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE OR
any media contained within the product, or DESTRUCTION TO CONSUMER
any non-P&G product or part not covered by ELECTRONICS DEVICES OR OTHER
this limited warranty. Recovery or reinstalla- PERSONAL PROPERTY THAT ARE
tion of programs, data or other information is CONTAINED ON OR EXTERIOR TO THE
not covered under this limited warranty. ORAL-B ACCESSORIES, OR ANY LOSS OF
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DATA CONTAINED IN THE FOREGOING Manufacturing date code:
DEVICES. IN NO EVENT SHALL ANY To determine the year and month of
RECOVERY AGAINST ORAL-B EXCEED THE manufacture, refer to the production code
ACTUAL PRICE PAID FOR THE PURCHASE located on the type plate of charger and
OF THE PRODUCT. handle. Identify the production code (min.
11 characters long) starting with a letter.
Warranty replacement brush heads
First two digits of the production code refer
Oral-B warranty will be voided if electric
to the year of manufacture. Next two digits
rechargeable handle damage is found to be
refer to the month of manufacture.
attributed to the use of non-Oral-B replace-
Example: «1209» – means the product was
ment brush heads.
manufactured in September of 2012.
Oral-B does not recommend the use of non
Oral-B replacement brush heads. Handle:
First digit of the production code refers
• Oral-B has no control over the quality of
to the year of manufacture. Next two digits
non-Oral-B replacement brush heads.
refer to the month of manufacture.
Therefore, we cannot ensure the cleaning
Example: «209» – means the product was
performance of non-Oral-B replacement
manufactured in September of 2012.
brush heads, as communicated with the
electric rechargeable handle at time of
Device description (Bluetooth LE)
initial purchase.
• Operating Frequency :
• Oral-B cannot ensure a good fit of non-
2,402 MHz ~ 2,480 MHz
Oral-B replacement brush heads.
• Transmitter Power : Below 10 mW/MHz
• Oral-B cannot predict the long-term
• Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ +40°C
effect of non-Oral-B replacement brush
• Operating Voltage : 3.6 VDC
heads on handle wear.
All Oral-B replacement brush heads carry Device description (Proprietary)
the Oral-B logo and meet Oral-B’s high qua- • Operating Frequency :
lity standards. Oral-B does not sell replace- 2,403 MHz ~ 2,452 MHz
ment brush heads or handle parts under any • Transmitter Power : Below 10 mW/MHz
other brand name. • Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ +40°C
• Operating Voltage : 3.6 VDC

Product name: Rechargeable Toothbrush

Warning statement: This device cannot do
any human safety related service because of
frequency interference

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Trouble Shooting
Problem Possible reason Remedy
Handle does 1. Oral-BTM App is turned off. 1. Turn on Oral-BTM App.
not operate 2. Bluetooth interface is not acti- 2. Activate Bluetooth interface on
(properly) with vated on smartphone. smartphone (described in its
Oral-BTM App. 3. Radio transmission is deacti- user manual).
vated on handle; radio transmis- 3. Activate radio transmission by
sion display (7) is turned off. simultaneously pressing on/off
4. Bluetooth connection to smart- (3) and mode button (4) for 2
phone has been lost. seconds until radio transmission
5. Your smartphone does not sup- display (7) turns on.
port Bluetooth 4.0 (or higher)/ 4. Pair handle and smartphone
Bluetooth Smart. again via app settings. Keep
6. Handle on plugged-in charger. your smartphone in close prox-
imity when using it with handle.
5. Your smartphone must support
Bluetooth 4.0 (or higher)/
Bluetooth Smart in order to pair
6. Radio transmission is deacti-
vated while handle is placed on
plugged-in charger.
Reset to factory Original functionality wanted. Press and hold on/off button (3)
settings. for 10 seconds until all indicator
lights double blink simultaneously.

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Handle is not 1. Handle has not been activated. 1. Briefly place handle on
operating (dur- 2. Battery has a very low charge plugged-in charging unit. It may
ing first use). level; no lights illuminate. take up to 10 min., until charge
level display (8) flashes.
2. Charge at least for 30 min.
Handle does 1. Synchronizing with existing 1. Synchronize (existing) handle(s)
not operate SmartGuide failed. (again) via SmartGuide settings
with existing 2. Radio transmission is deacti- in SmartGuide’s battery com-
SmartGuide in vated; radio transmission display partment: Press «h/min» for
household. (7) is turned off. 3 seconds. Turn on handle that
3. SmartGuide is not compatible you want to synchronize. Then
with handle. turn on second handle you want
4. Two handles are already to synchronize. Press «h/min» or
assigned to SmartGuide. «set» to exit synchronization
5. Function is deactivated via App mode.
feature. 2. Activate radio transmission by
simultaneously pressing on/off
(3) and mode button (4) for
2 seconds until radio transmis-
sion display (7) turns on.
3. Handle cannot be used with
existing SmartGuide.
4. You can synchronize a total of
2 handles only. Change handles
via SmartGuide settings (see 1.)
5. During use of special App fea-
tures, transmission to Smart-
Guide may be deactivated. You
can also (de)activate any Smart-
Guide communication via App.
1. Short stutter- 1. «Professional timer» or 1. Set your timer to 2-Minute timer
ing sounds/ «2-Minute timer» activated. (stuttering sounds/flashing light
flashing light 2. Timer has been modified/ after 2 min); or set your timer to
every 30 sec- deactivated via App. Professional timer (stuttering
onds or after sounds/flashing light every
2 minutes. 30 seconds). Follow steps under
2. Handle does «Timer setup».
not operate 2. Use App to change timer set-
any timer. tings or perform factory reset
(see App Trouble Shootings).
Handle does Ambient temperature for charging Recommended ambient tempera-
not charge and is out of valid range (≤ 0 °C and ture for charging is 5 °C to 35 °C.
blinks. ≥ 60 °C).

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