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Abby Broadhurst

IB English 11 – Pd. 6
Mr. Jameson
June 6, 2013

Nature’s Memory

I sit here, a silent observer, watching, and waiting, and listening. The wind whistles through the
leaves on the trees, a lullaby greeting my patient ears. A few leaves glide to the ground, joining the green
leaves fallen atop layers of their brethren, now brown and crumbling. Sometimes, when the wind picks
up, my hair blowing across my eyes, the leaves scatter, exposing the forgotten layers lying beneath the
newly laid blanket.
As the wind stirs the leaves, a memory comes to mind. A memory long forgotten, buried under
new experiences, new life. And though this memory was forgotten for a time, I realize that just as the old
brittle leaves make up the ground we walk upon, layers and layers of history, so my memories shape who
I am today. As time passes, fallen leaves are drained of their vibrancy and instead become frail and
delicate, eventually disappearing beneath the bright shades of new life. New seasons bring new change,
and new change brings new memories. Though time may bury memories past, they are never gone
completely, supporting those that come after and building on one another. Like the Earth, we are the
culmination of our memories, lessons learned and mistakes made. Though our memories may fade, they
never leave us completely, instead conducting our present and future selves.

Word Count: 220