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Copic Color Chart - Ciao

Blacks & Grays E B V R Y G

0 E000 B000 V000 R000 Y000 G000
Colorless Blender Pale Fruit Pink Pale Porcelain Blue Pale Heath Cherry White Pale Lemon Pale Green

100 E00 B00 V01 R00 Y00 G00

Black Skin White Frost Blue Heath Pinkish White Barium Yellow Jade Green

E02 B02 V04 R02 Y02 G02

Fruit Pink Robin's Egg Blue Lilac Flesh Canary Yellow Spectrum Green
C-0 E04 B05 V05 R05 Y06 G05
Cool Gray No.0 Lipstick Natural Process Blue Marigold Salmon Red Yellow Emerald Green

C-1 E08 B12 V06 R11 Y08 G07

Cool Gray No.1 Brown Ice Blue Lavender Pale Cherry Pink Acid Yellow Nile Green

C-2 E11 B18 V09 R14 Y11 G14

Cool Gray No.2 Bareley Beige Lapis Lazuli Violet Light Rouge Pale Yellow Apple Green

C-3 E15 B23 V12 R17 Y15 G17

Cool Gray No.3 Dark Suntan Phthalo Blue Pale Lilac Lipstick Orange Cadmium Yellow Forest Green

C-5 E18 B24 V15 R20 Y17 G21

Cool Gray No.5 Copper Sky Mallow Blush Golden Yellow Lime Green

C-7 E21 B28 V17 R22 Y21 G28

Cool Gray No.7 Baby Skin Pink Royal Blue Amethyst Light Prawn Buttercup Yellow Ocean Green

E25 B29 V91 R27 Y28 G29

Caribe Cocoa Ultramarine Pale Grape Cadmium Red Lionet Gold Pine Tree Green
W-0 E29 B32 V95 R29 Y35 G82
Warm Gray No.0 Burnt Umber Pale Blue Light Grape Lipstick Red Maize Spring Dim Green

W-1 E31 B39 R32 Y38 G85

Warm Gray No.1 Brick Beige Prussian Blue Peach Honey Verdigris
W-2 E33 B45 BV000 R35 G94
Warm Gray No.2 Sand Smoky Blue Iridescent Mauve Coral Grayish Olive

W-3 E35 B60 BV00 R37 YR000 G99

Warm Gray No.3 Chamois Pale Blue Gray Mauve Shadow Carmine Silk Olive

W-5 E37 B63 BV02 R46 YR00

Warm Gray No.5 Sepia Light Hydrangea Prune Strong Red Powder Pink

W-7 E40 B93 BV04 R59 YR02

Warm Gray No.7 Brick White Light Crockery Blue Blue Berry Cardinal Light Orange

Copic is a registered trademark of Too Marker Corporation, Japan. Copyright © 2010 Imagination International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Copic Color Chart - Ciao (cont.)
E (continued) B (continued) BV (continued) R (continued) YR (continued) YG
E41 B95 BV08 R81 YR04 YG00
Pearl White Light Grayish Cobalt Blue Violet Rose Pink Chrome Orange Mimosa Yellow

E43 B97 BV13 R85 YR07 YG03

Dull Ivory Night Blue Hydrangea Blue Rose Red Cadmium Orange Yellow Green

E47 B99 BV17 YR15 YG06

Dark Brown Agate Deep Reddish Blue Pumpkin Yellow Yellowish Green
E49 BV23 RV000 YR16 YG09
Dark Bark Grayish Lavender Pale Purple Apricot Lettuce Green
E50 BG000 BV25 RV02 YR20 YG11
Egg Shell Pale Aqua Grayish Violet Sugared Almond Pink Yellowish Shade Mignonette

E51 BG01 BV29 RV04 YR23 YG17

Milky White Aqua Blue Slate Shock Pink Yellow Ochre Grass Green

E53 BG05 BV31 RV06 YR31 YG23

Raw Silk Holiday Blue Pale Lavender Cerise Light Reddish Yellow New Leaf

E57 BG09 RV10 YR61 YG41

Light Walnut Blue Green Pale Pink Yellowish Skin Pink Pale Green

E59 BG10 RV13 YR68 YG63

Walnut Cool Shadow Tender Pink Orange Pea Green

E71 BG13 RV14 YG67

Champagne Mint Green Begonia Pink Moss

E77 BG15 RV21 YG91

Maroon Aqua Light Pink Putty

E79 BG23 RV23 YG95

Cashew Coral Sea Pure Pink Pale Olive

E93 BG34 RV29

Tea Rose Horizon Green Crimson

E95 BG49 RV34

Flesh Pink Duck Blue Dark Pink

BG72 RV42
Ice Ocean Salmon Pink

BG93 RV69
Green Gray Peony

BG96 RV95
Bush Baby Blossoms

Copic is a registered trademark of Too Marker Corporation, Japan. Copyright © 2010 Imagination International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.