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CASSIA MAGUIRE SUNY Cortland Education Building, Room 1241 Cortland NY 13045 Phone 607- 753 -


SUNY Cortland Education Building, Room 1241 Cortland NY


Phone 607-753-2706 Email


To obtain employment as a teacher in grades 1-6.


Student Teaching, Fourth Grade, Tobyhanna Elementary Center, Tobyhanna, PA September- October 2009

Accepted teaching responsibility for classes in Reading, English, Social Studies, and Spelling. Developed and implemented a map skills unit, requiring students to create a map from the school to their house. Implemented a variety of teaching devices to assist students with special needs and those requiring differentiated instruction. Created two bulletin boards with the students to enhance reading and vocabulary skills. Created and utilized an Anecdotal Record for a student who had behavioral issues. Developed and implemented an IEP.

Student Teaching, Tenth Grade Learning Support Geometry, Pocono Mountain East High School, Mt Pocono, PA October-December 2009

Taught two Geometry classes, as well as provided assistance in an Emotional Support classroom. Developed a four-week chapter unit, incorporating group assignments and hands-on activities. Designed teaching devices and study guides to differentiate instruction and provide extra assistance for those in need. Created a bulletin board with the life skills students to teach time skills. Created a bulletin board with the Geometry class to enhance the concept of angles, and to allow students to express themselves artistically. Participated in numerous IEP meetings.

Classroom Aid in summer school pre-k program, Southern Columbia School, Catawissa, PA June-August 2010

Collaborated with classroom teachers for bulletin boards, arts and crafts, and learning centers while preparing children to enter Kindergarten in the fall. Worked with a non-verbal child to develop the necessary skills to be integrated into the mainstream classroom.

7th and 8th Grade Special Education Language Arts, Communication, and Reading, Southern Columbia Middle School, Catawissa, PA August-December 2010

Administered start of year placement testing. Collaborated with principal and faculty. Developed personal relationships with students. Created and executed lesson plans and units. Previewed standards with teachers and students. Worked with a specific curriculum. Wrote numerous IEP’s and led IEP meetings with faculty and parents.

May 2017 - June 2017

Observed in a fifth-grade classroom at Homer Intermediate School. Participated in student instruction, classroom management and several field trips.

July 2017 - August 2017

Observed in a pre-k summer program at Homer Elementary School. Worked with the teachers and students to create crafts, participate in morning meeting and learn the expectations of a daily school schedule.

September 2017 – Present

Participated in practicum in a second-grade classroom at Homer Elementary. Taught ELA and Math skills centers. Enforced social and behavioral skills. Implemented Running Records with the students. Created word walls. Implemented interventions for a student with an IEP, focusing on fluency, comprehension and behavior.


Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania - December 2009

Bachelor of Science in Education with a dual major in Special and Elementary Education and a concentration in Deaf Education.

SUNY Cortland, Cortland, New York May 2017 – Present

Master’s in Education for grades first through sixth.

Educator Professional Development Training

Project Wet, Project Learning Tree PreK-8 Environmental Education, Project Wild, and Project Wild Aquatic


§ Outstanding Non-Traditional Student at SUNY Cortland enrolled in the accelerated MST program in Childhood Education