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Course Introduction Module 1 VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage Importance Administrators must have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to build and run a VMware vSphere® environment. You must know how to install and configure VMware ESXi™ hosts and VMware vCenter Server™. You must also know how to manage ESXi hosts and virtual machines with vCenter Server. ymware’ \itware vSphete sal, Contre, Manage “af Learner Objectives (1) By the end of this course, you should be able to meet the following objectives: + Describe the software-defined data center + Deploy an ESXi host and create virtual machines + Describe the vCenter Server architecture + Deploy a vCenter Server instance or VMware vCenter Server™ Appliance™ + Use vCenter Server to manage an ESXi host + Configure and manage vSphere infrastructure with VMware vSphere® Client™ and VMware vSphere® Web Client + Configure virtual networks with vSphere standard switches + Use vSphere distributed switches to improve network scalability + Use vCenter Server to manage various types of storage + Manage virtual machines, templates, clones, and snapshots + Create a vApp + Describe and use the content library ymware ina vpae: a eg, sng “nf Learner Objectives (2) By the end of this course, you should be able to meet the following objectives: Migrate virtual machines with VMware vSphere® vMotion® Use VMware vSphere® Storage vMotion® to migrate virtual machine storage Monitor resource usage and manage resource pools Use VMware vRealize™ Operations Manager™ to identify and solve problems through analytics and alerts Manage VMware vSphere® High Availability and VMware vSphere® Fault Tolerance Use VMware vSphere® Replication™ and VMware vSphere® Data Protection™ to replicate virtual machines and perform data recovery Use vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™ clusters to improve host scalability Use VMware vSphere® Update Manager™ to apply patches and perform upgrades Perform basic troubleshooting of ESXi hosts, virtual machines, and vCenter Server ymware ina vpae: a eg, sng “pf You Are Here Course Introduction Software-Defined Data Center Creating Virtual Machines vCenter Server of 2 Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks 6. Configuring and Managing Virtual Storage vm ware’ 02018 Vite es At eared 7. Virtual Machine Management 8. Resource Management and Monitoring 9. vSphere HA and vSphere Fault Tolerance 10. Host Scalability 11. vSphere Update Manager and Host Maintenance 12. Installing vSphere Components ‘ware phere: aa, Conge, Manage ye Typographical Conventions The following typographical conventions are used in this course. Monospace Filenames, folder names, path names, and command names: Navigate to the vMs folder. Monospace bold What the user types: Enter ipconfig /release. Boldface User interface controls: Click the Configuration tab. Italic Book titles and placeholder variables: + vSphere Virtual Machine Administration + ESXi_host_name ymware’ ‘aware vépher:Istal, Configure, Manage “nf References ui peel 7 ittps:/www. .com/support/pubs/vsphe: vSphere Installation and Setup —. as i a ~esxi-\ “ 1-65 https / vCenter Server and Host Management SieUGENIGESEI VEE Atal . a a H .. . vSphere Virtual Machine Administration "\P*:/ ‘ https / s/vsphere vSphere Networking zesxi-vcenter-server-6-pubs.him! https:/ ‘vsphere esxi-vcenter-server-6-pubs.html https. .vmware.comy ‘vsphere zesxi-vcenter-server-6-pubs.html pera httos:// vSphere Availability DEC aISERSRGR ES SRGaT ari ips x ipport/pl pI vSphere Monitoring and Performance httos:/ ni rver- html vSphere Security vSphere Resource Management vmware \Vhware vSphere: instal, Configure, Manage 02018 Vite es At eared VMware Online Resources VMware vSphere Blog: http://blogs. VMware Communities: htto:// VMware Support: VMware Education: http://) VMware Certifications: VMware Education and Certification Blog: htip:// vmware ‘aware vépher:Istal, Configure, Manage “af VCP-Core Certification Alignment VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage aligns with the VCP-Core certification: The VCP-Core exam blueprint served as the basis for the design of this course. You should use the VCP-Core exam blueprint as a reference when preparing for the test. This course should not be used as the only resource for exam preparation. VMware certification details can be found at vmware. \itware vSphete sal, Contre, Manage “pa VMware Education Overview Your instructor will introduce other Education Services offerings available to you: + Learning Paths + On-Demand Training + VMware Learning Zone + New Certification Framework vmware ina vpae: a eg, sng we