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Who is who in the queue? ‘These people are queueing up for the bus. Jt is thirey minutes late and they are getting fed up! Read the descriptions and write the natnes in next to the right number. ‘My name is Lana Smith. Tam quite short and T have got short curly black hair. Tam wearing o yellow T-shirt and blue jeans. My shoes are black \ with a small heel. 2m going shopping for some new clothes, \ my nane is Lou Grnt. Tam short. ve gota large nose anda moustache Tima it bald ontop Em wearing awhite shirt witha red tie. My froeers are ba ‘My name is Jacquie Dean. T'm OK with waiting for the bus ~ it's not too bad, Tve got short ginger hair and T'™m wearing my red lipstick. My T= ~ | shirt is pink and my trousers are turquoise. Fm reading my newspaper. Tm called Lorna. Im pretty angry about having to wait! Im quite tall with curly black hair. Em wearing a green dress and light green shoes. T've got ry pearl necklace on as Fm going to meet my friend for lunch, 1) Whe is hoping to get a job? 'm Joe Black. I'm going for a job interview and I'm going to be latel Tm uite short and I've got short black hair. I'm wearing a brown overcoat and my brown bowler hat. 2} Whois going to meet a fiend? aiwotstenate stot! Jack este ad Tm ity My hl- hat hres of is grey. My shint is turquoise and my trousers are grey. I'm angry! 4) Who is with a family member? ‘My name is Micky and I'm with my Mum. She is reading her poper. T'm * wearing my white T-shirt and blue jeans. 'm the youngest person in this $ queue. 5) Whois going to buy some new cothes? 6} Who sees the bus? Tm Jim Jackson, I've got curly blond hair, My shirt is pink and my ‘Wiedicxtetinciaae nen: ‘trousers are blue. Iam so bored that Tam sleeping! queue? Tm Jerome LeBon. Im not at all happy! The bus is latel Tm wearing an ‘orange jumper and green trousers. My trainers are yellow. Oh, at last, here comes the bus! 8) Whois second inthe queue?