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S.No. Description Value/Details


i Make Siemens
ii Model LIC/LR/LB
iii. Country of origin Czech/Germany
iv. Standard maintained 61439-4-5
Sandwich (riser,Feeder) Air
v. Construction type
insualted(Lighitng )
vi Busbar materials Copper
vii Number of conductors 3P+N
viii. Neutral to phase conductor ratio 100%
ix. Nominal voltage 415 V
x. Rated operational voltage 4125 V
xi Rated insulation voltage 1000 V/690V
xii Rated impulse withstand voltage 255 kA
xiii Rated frequency 50 Hz
xiv Rated Current at 40 deg. C ambient As per Rating
xv Minimum rated surge capacity (KA) at 0.1 sec. 255 kA
xvi Inherent short circuit capacity (KA) at 0.1 sec. upto 150kA
xvii Rated short time withstand current (KA) at 1 sec. 25-250 kA
xviii Short circuit withstand 150 kA
min./max./24-hour average
xix Maximum ambient temperature –5/+40/35 °C

xx Temperature rise 49 deg C

xxi Busbar insulation Epoxy/Mylar
xxii Enclosure types Aluminium
xxiii Clamping system Vertical & Spring Hanger
xxiv Degree of protection IP 54
xxv Earthing system TPN+PE
xxvi Busbar cross section (mmXmm) As per Rating
Testing data :
i Heat run test Comply
ii High voltage test Comply
iii. Insulation resistance test using 1.1 kV megger Comply
iv. Impedance Test Comply
S.No. Description Value/Details

v. Climatic Test Comply

Tap off boxes :
i MCCB Types Comply
ii Degree of protection IP54
iii. Operation side One Side
iv. Door interlocking mechanism Front End , Rotary handle
v. Type of Plug-in boxes Plug-In
vi Installation height As per Design
vii Enclosure types Steel