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Seder Brachos Acharonos Asher Yatzar

The Illustrated Brachos Acharonos A newly designed beau-
poster, beautifully designed for tiful wall poster that
classroom, home and synagogue displays the Bircas Asher
use. Yatzar in large print with
Z100 $11.00 nekudos and an English
translation of the bro-
Z101* (notebeook size is the old
cha. In full color and
laminated. Size 29x23
Z070 $11.00

Traditional Aleph Al Netilas Yadayim

Bais Chart With and Asher Yotzar
Vowels The Al Netilas Yadayim and
Large, heavy, bold aleph Asher Yotzar brachos in
bais letters in traditional beautiful, large letters, to
typeface. Excellent for be used near the hallway
classroom instruction. 34 x wash basin. 23 x 29.
Z060 $7.00
Z150 $13.00

Shehakol and
Borei Nefashos
Alef Bais The Shehakol and Borei
In attractive colors, Nefashos brachos in beau-
featuring the He- tiful, large letters, to be
brew alphabet in used near the school’s
block letters, as well water fountain. 20 x 29.
as the letters in
script with starting Z040 $7.00
points to instruct
correct penmanship.
The numerical value
of each letter is seen
side by side with the Hebrew
letter, as well as vowels for read-
ing instruction. 23 x 55.
Shofar: How
Z140 $ 8.50 And Why
A wall chart which graph-
Z141* ically depicts and explains
the various different
sounds sounded by the
Rashi Script shofar on Rosh Hashanah.
A wall-size chart clearly illus- Excellent for classroom
trating the correct Rashi script. instruction. 23 x 35.
Z180 $ 8.50
Z160 $8.50 Z181*

*Notebook size chart: $10.00 per pack of 50, of 8 ½” x 11” replica of the large chart. Hole-punched for binders.
Individual copies are $0.20 per sheet. All charts are copyright and may not be copied.
Arba’ah Minim - The
A complete listing
of all Sidros of the Four Species
Torah. Beautifully A beautifully illustrated chart
designed 3-color containing the laws of each
poster. 23 x 29. of the Arba’ah Minim, plus
other pertinent information.
Z240 $ 11.00 22 x 35.
Z220 $8.50
Sifrei Tanach
Using the latest techniques in
graphics, this stunning new wall The Judges
poster lists all the 24 books of Ta- A complete listing of
nach and their authors. It is in full all the “Shoftim” and
color and has clear sharp letters. other pertinent in-
Laminated. Size 26x32 formation. 22 x 31.
Z260 $11.00 Z300 $8.50
Z261* Z301*
A complete breakdown of the
“Shisha Sidrei Mishna,” listing
each mesichta in its proper
seder. Beautifully designed in
full color. 23 x 25. The Kings
Z280 $ 11.00 A complete listing
Z281* of all our kings and
other pertinent
22 x 31.
39 Forbidden Labors
Z320 $8.50
of Shabbos
A beautifully illustrated chart
containing a complete listing
of the 39 basic “Forbidden
Labors of Shabbos” and other
pertinent information. 23 x 29.
Z340 $8.50 Muktzeh
Z341* A clearly illustrated
chart outlining, detail-
ing and explaining the
Ani Maamin various categories of
Contains a complete listing “muktzeh” as they
and description of the 13 pertain to Shabbos. An
basic principles of our important aid for the
faith. Illustrated. 23 x 29. classroom. 23 x 35.

Z120 $8.50 Z360 $8.50


*Notebook size chart: $10.00 per pack of 50, of 8 ½” x 11” replica of the large chart. Hole-punched for binders.
Individual copies are $0.20 per sheet. All charts are copyright and may not be copied.
13 Middos Our Sages – Rishonim
From the teachings of Reb Yisroel And Acharonim
Salanter — Thirteen of the most A concise graphically clear and
important virtues a person must systematic wall chart listing major
constantly strive for, are listed on sages who comprise a partial
this large wall-size chart. The teach- listing of our “Rishonim and
er can readily point to a different Acharonim,” from Rav Hai Gaon
middah every day and use it for to Rav Chaim of Brisk. The chart
classroom discussion. 23 x 35. contains names, date of birth and
passing, and the names, wherever
Z420 $8.50 available, of the most famous
Z421* works authored by these sages,
the era in which they lived, and
History other information. A most important reference chart for both
Contains important periods and young and old. Excellent for classroom use. 23 x 35.
dates in Jewish history from crea- Z480 $8.50
tion until the present. A most inval-
uable aid for teachers and a most
important reference chart for stu-
dents. Clear and concise. 22 x 34.
Sample Set Of All Notebook Size Charts
Z440 $8.50
One each of the notebook size charts listed.
Z001 $3.00

The following are available in notebook size only.

Pack of 50 is $10.00 or individual sheets $0.20 per sheet.

Mishkan Mitzvos of Eretz Yisroel

An illustrated chart de- An illustrated chart, describing in
picting the erection of the detail the “mitzvos ha’tlu’yos
Mishkan by the Israelites ba’aretz.” The student can have
in the desert. All articles, at his fingertips a detailed listing
utensils and position of of the mitzvos and laws governing
the items are clearly the produce of our Holy Land.
marked and specified on
the chart.

Korbonos Shofar “Ten”

A chart which systemati-
Fully illustrated chart explaining
cally depicts the break-
the ten messages of the shofar as
down of all Korbonos; the
outlined by Rav Saadiah Gaon.
name of the sacrifice,
Clear and concise.
where it is mentioned in
the Torah, the type of Z201*
animal to be used, the
avodas hakorban, and
more. Excellent for class-
room instruction.
*Notebook size chart: $10.00 per pack of 50, of 8 ½” x 11” replica of the large chart. Hole-punched for binders.
Individual copies are $0.20 per sheet. All charts are copyright and may not be copied.
Aleph Bais Poster Korbonos Hamusafim Poster
Y230 26”x39” $5.00 designed by Rabbi Betzalel Litzman
A large, laminated
wall poster – in full
color – which deline-
ates and illustrates
the Musafim sacrific-
es which were
brought in the Bais
Hamikdash through-
out the year. Helps
clarify a difficult sub-
M319 $9.00
Bulk price: $6.50

“Binyan Kal” Poster

by Rabbi R. Bornstein
A brand new wall poster from Torah Umesorah Publications. Color-
ful and printed on thick, durable laminate stock. This will serve as a
perfect and quick reference for the basics of verb conjugation in
Lashon Hakodesh. Presenting the three (4) zmanim and the ten
shemos haguf in a clear and color-coded style. Visible from a dis-
tance, this is suitable for classes where all kodesh disciplines are
taught – not only dikduk.

Z475 $10.00

Gedolim Posters
by Rabbi Reuven Kaplan
These beautiful large posters consist of dozens of original photographs taken by Rabbi Kaplan. Can be used as
a classroom displays for " ..‫”והיו עיניך רואות‬and of course as Sukkah decorations. 18”x24”.
Z485 series1 ‫ובכן צדיקים יראו וישמחו‬ $10.00
Z485B series 2 ‫מה אהבתי תורתך‬ $10.00

Maasei Avos is a set of 12 unique and colorful posters depicting maamori Chazal from Pirkei Avos. Produced in our own
Publications department, the beautiful 11” x 15” semi-gloss prints can adorn your classroom with subliminal messages in
Torah and middos. Sold only as a set.
Z486 $25.00

A set of 12 beautifully illustrated and pedagogically sound and effective wall-size posters containing
sayings of our Sages. These posters help to stimulate an interest in students toward character im-
provement. Excellent for wall decorations.
Z490 per set $16.50
Z4901 - Z4912 each $2.00

Z4902 Z4910


Z4908 Z4907

Using real-life photos, this poster shows the proper position for the Tefillin Shel Yad and Rosh. A color-coded system makes it easier
to focus on each point in the picture. Possible position and other mistakes are explained in a simple and clear manner on the side of
each picture. Perfect for classroom instruction and shul walls. Poster approved by Harav Hagaon R’ Moshe Sternbuch Shlita

Z910 Shel Yad $ 11.00 Z911 Shel Rosh $ 11.00

Z909 Set of both posters Shel Yad and Shel Rosh $ 20.00

Maps – Series of Three

A new series of three separate maps. One is the ;‫מסעות בני במדבר‬, the second one is the ‫גבולות הארץ‬, the third is the ‫חלוקת‬
‫השבטים‬. More maps are on the way, but these are now available to adorn your classroom walls and to help you in the teaching of ,‫חומש‬
‫ נביא‬and ‘‫היסטורי‬. The maps are beautifully and realistically colored (with the use of NASA satellite imagery), clearly labeled and
detailed. We are making these maps available in three formats: You will probably want to order a combination of formats to enable var-
ied teaching and testing approaches: poster; small color; and small blank, in black and white. Please peruse the table below for order

‫מסעות בני במדבר‬

Poster, size 24” x 32” Z091 $11.00
8.5” x 11”, color, plain stock, pkg. of 50 Z091A $11.00
8.5” x 11”, color, plain stock, single Z091B $0.50
8.5” x 11”, b & w, blank, can be photocopied Z091C $1.25

‫גבולות הארץ‬
Poster, size 24” x 32” Z090 $11.00
8.5” x 11”, color, plain stock, pkg. of 50 Z090A $10.00
8.5” x 11”, color, plain stock, single Z090B $0.50
8.5” x 11”, b & w, blank, can be photocopied Z090C $1.25

‫חלוקת השבטים‬
Poster, size 24” x 32” Z092 $11.00
8.5” x 11”, color, plain stock, pkg. of 50 Z092A $10.00
8.5” x 11”, color, plain stock, single Z092B $0.50
8.5” x 11”, b & w, blank, can be photocopied Z092C $1.25