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The course covers Civil Engineering Information Systems,

information Engineering and Architectures, Information Strategy,
Enterprise-wide Information Strategy planning, Case tools,
Course Description
Relational Database, Modeling and Normalization, Zachman’s
Framework, Object Oriented Modeling and Design, Data
Warehousing and Data Mining.
Number of Units for Lecture - 2 units
Lecture and Laboratory Laboratory – 1 unit
Prerequisite Fifth year standing
After completing this course, the student must be able to:

1. Deal with strategic issues regarding information

Course Objectives engineering, database modeling, and use of database
management systems.
2. Develop, evaluate and make decisions regarding short
and long term information strategies
1. Civil Engineering Information Systems.
2. Information engineering and Architectures.
1. Information Strategy Plan.
2. Enterprise – Wide Information Strategy Planning: Top-
Down Approaches, Analysis of Goals and Problems, Critical
Success Factor Analysis, Technology Impact Analysis,
Strategic Systems Vision.
Course Outline 3. Case Tools: Matrices, Hierarchies, Process Modeling
Relationship Framework.
4. Relational Database Modeling and Normalization.
5. Zachman’s Framework.
6. Object Oriented Modeling and Design.
7. Database Management Systems: Access and Oracle.
8. Automating Information Discovery: Data Warehousing and
Data Mining
Laboratory Equipment Computers and Special Software’s
1. Paulson, Computer Application in Construction, MC Grew
Hill, 1995.
2. Rumbaugh, et al. Object-Orientation Modeling and Design,
Prentice-Hall, 1991.
Suggested References
3. Date, An Introduction to Database Systems, Addison-
Wasley, 1990.
4. Martin, Information Engineering, Books II and III, Prentice-
Hall, 1990..