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FMJ Connector

Halliburton’s FMJ connector is a high performance, fully
testable, triple ferrule metal-to-metal seal for use with 1/4-in., 3/8-in., and 1/2-in.
hydraulic control line or I-wire in Halliburton’s SmartWell® intelligent completions.
Its slimline design allows multiple fittings to be connected to each completion
component. The external profile of the FMJ has been minimized, and can be
assembled with the use of a purpose-built torque wrench.
The FMJ connector uses dual redundant metal-to-metal seals which provide
increased reliability over the single jam nut connector design.

»» Ease of assembly on rig floor
»» Fully Testable

»» Slimline design to facilitate assembly and multiple fittings
»» Dual metal sealing
»» Suitable for HP/HT applications

The FMJ connector enables recordable pressure testing between the primary and
tertiary ferrules on the rig floor, in addition to the conventional internal pressure
test. This capability ensures that the connection has been properly installed and
will perform as specified.
The FMJ connector is suitable for high-pressure, high-temperature
environments and can be used with all SmartWell® intelligent completion
equipment. It can also be used for tubing hanger feed-through, and is
compatible with most downhole completion equipment
The FMJ connector has been rigorously qualified with multiple pressure and
thermal cycle testing.
COMPLETION | Level| 2Intelligent
SOLUTIONS CapabilityCompletions
(if applicable)

FMJ Connector Specifications

Size 1/4-in. 3/8-in. 1/2-in.

ΔP Internal 30,000 psi 15,500 psi 15,500 psi

ΔP External 30,000 psi 15,500 psi 15,500 psi

Temperature -4˚F - 428˚F (-20˚C - 220˚C) 70˚F - 392˚F (21.1˚C - 200˚C) 40˚F - 392˚F (4.4˚C - 200˚C)

Ferrule Pull-Out Rating 600 lbs @ 30 ft/lbs torque 1,700 lbs @ 90 ft/lbs torque 1,950 lbs @ 150 ft/lbs torque

External Test Pressure 10,000 psi 10,000 psi 10,000 psi

21,000 psi (gas) / 30,000 psi

Working Pressure 15,000 psi 15,000 psi

Torque Settings All jam nuts 30 ft/lbs All jam nuts 90 ft/lbs All jam nuts 150 ft/lbs

Jam Nut Material Inconel 718 Inconel 718 Inconel 718

Qualification Test Cycles Conducted at 21,000 psi nitrogen Conducted at 15,000 psi nitrogen Conducted at 15,500 psi nitrogen

Qualification Test Temperature -4˚F - 428˚F (-20˚C - 220˚C) 70˚F - 350˚F (21.1˚C - 176.6˚C) 40˚F - 392˚F (4.4˚C - 200˚C)

Service Standard, H2S, CO2 Standard, H2S, CO2 Standard, H2S, CO2

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