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This workshop would be an effort from the

Faculty of Economics and Administration to
provide support to the college graduates for
their professional growth.

Prepared by: Dr. Komal Khalid
Career management workshop would be an initiative of Faculty of Economics and Administration
that would reflect college’s strong commitment towards supporting and developing students’
career. This workshop will enable students to do a successful transition into their next role (as a
professional). Workshop comprises of nine sections designed to help students think about
themselves, the opportunities available to them, and how best to plan and position their career
development in light of this information.

Workshop Session
This section contain title of sessions and the areas covered under those modules with probable time
duration to cover each session. Design of the workshop is as follows:

Session 01 (Probable duration 02hrs)

How to Choose Right Career Path / Career Launching
a. Personality Test
b. Jobs aligning with personality types (Myer Brigs Type Indicator)

Session 02 (Probable duration 03hrs)

Job Hunting
a. Job Search Checklist
b. Job Search Motivation
c. Identification of Priorities and Needs
d. Strategy creation of job Search
e. Searching for Job Postings and responding to Job Posting
f. Job Search Log creation
g. Identifying References

Session 03 (Probable duration 03hrs)

Cover Letter Writing and Resume Building
a. Importance of cover letter and Resume
b. What sort of changes are required to be made in terms of different jobs and
c. Resume building by students in a specific Pattern). After that university can publish
a graduating book for different organizations in KSA (including the resume and
lists of University graduating students)

Session 04 (Probable duration 02hrs)

Personal Grooming (Creating a Lasting Impression Personal Grooming & Business Etiquette)
a. The first impression
b. Pleasant Smile
c. Dressing
i. Clothes (both Men and Women)
ii. Accessories
iii. Shoes
iv. Hair
d. Body Posture / Body Language
e. Voice tone
f. Good Manners

Session 05 (Probable duration 04hrs)

Marketing plan for yourself
a. Self-Awareness / Reality check
b. Career Objectives
c. Value Propositions
d. Preferences
e. Knowledge / Skill / Ability Checklist
f. Gap Analysis
g. Work Value Inventory
h. Achievement Analysis Exercise
Session 06 (Probable duration 02hrs)
Building Positive Communication Skills
a. Importance of Positive Communication Skills
b. Communication Equation
c. Listening
d. Speaking
e. Writing
f. Positive communication Skills

Session 07 (Probable duration 02hrs)

Effective Presentation Skills
a. Strategy
b. Structure
c. Style
d. Audience
e. 7 P’s of Public Speaking
Session 08 (Probable duration 02hrs)
Interview preparation
a. Dealing with interview stress
b. Purpose of the job interview
c. Several types of interviews
d. How to prepare
e. Questions to ask before the interview
f. Interview do’s & don’ts
g. Things to remember during the interview
h. Possible interview questions
i. The issue of salary
j. What to do after the interview

Session 09 (Depend upon the students make panels of 3 to 4 teachers)

Mock Interviews and Counselling Session
a. Advertise positions (including Job description, job specification)
b. Make a panel of interviewers
c. And conduct interviews of students for those jobs.
d. After the interview session gather all student in a common place and inform them
regarding their general errors and how can they improve it. Also announce those
who get that mock job and why.