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Katrina Young December 15, 2017

Colleen Dagoc
Gabbriel Garcia
Joie Tan
Nica Kho
BA13 F
Title of the Case: Robin Hood
Time Context: December 2017
Perspective: Robin Hood
Central Issue: The rapid growth of the organization and the changing external environmental
Statement of Objectives:
 To maintain discipline among member of the group and quality performed tasks
 To manage the maintenance of the group
Areas of Consideration:
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
 Huge number of  The growing  Robin received  The possibility
members band was an invitation of killing the
 Robin was a strong beginning to from the barons sheriff
leader exceed the food to help release
capacity in the King Richard
forest for future
 Anyone could amnesty
easily join the

Alternative Courses of Action:

1.) The band should have a new recruitment process and proper training provided.
2.) Provide a low-cost strategy in order to properly allocate the finances for the group.
3.) Robin Hood and his band should create a different strategy to generate profit.
Decision Matrix:
Variables 1 2 3
Risks 4 4 5
Costs 1 3 2
Benefits 5 5 5
Ease of Implementation 2 4 3
Total 12 16 15

To ensure that their band will be successful, several courses of action can be taken by them. The
overarching action is to create a strategy such as their recruitment strategy that would be
beneficial to all of them.

It is recommended that Robin Hood and his band should analyze and bring a change to their
internal structure. Once a proper course of action is taken, they can be able to restore power.
Moreover, it is not recommended that they impose fixed transit tax and also to kill the sheriff.
This may bring about unwanted consequences such as the breaking up of unity and the
appointment of a new sheriff soon after, respectively. The band must be cautious about their
plans in order to succeed.