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Tao of Human Design

The Cross of Life and the Nodes

The Cross of Life

In 1992, when I first began to teach Human Design professionally, long before there were all the various synthetic
tools that have been developed over the years in order to make analysis something that is easier for anyone to be
able to do and to be able to grasp, I began with the simplest construct I had that I had been given in my experience.
That construct had a name. It was something that I taught anyone who wanted to go beyond having a reading. It was
called The Cross of Life. And this is not to be confused with Incarnation Cross. It was just a term. And it was a term
that was something that was directly connected to the way in which I was instructed to see the way in which life
itself operates, and to begin to understand the deep, deep nature of what it is to be in a dualistic environment, to be
in a binary vehicle, to be in a life that is dominated by the maia‟s binary construct of “this” and “that.”

The Vertical: The Sun/Earth

There are several things that are interesting. The first thing I‟d like you to think about is that this cross is based on a
kind of vertical and a kind of horizontal. The vertical of this cross is the Sun/Earth binary, the Sun/Earth polarity. If
you look at all the calculations in the rave chart you will see that there are only two calculations that are
automatically repeated and are opposites of each other. In other words, the Sun/Earth is always exactly opposite
each other in the wheel, and the North Node and the South Node are exactly opposite each other in the wheel They
have a very, very unique relationship with each other. As a matter of fact, the way in which the Nodes are calculated,
they represent extremes on the elliptic of the Moon in its relationship to the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. It is
the intersecting of these two lines of geometry that lead to the North Node and the South Node existing as points
that we can calculate. There is this profound relationship between these two binaries. And within the context of my
metaphor, the Sun/Earth represents the vertical binary, the vertical arm of this Cross of Life.

Now, what makes the Sun/Earth so significant is that it represents 70% of our programming. That is, 70% of the
density of the neutrino ocean that we live in is generated millisecond-by millisecond as a by-product of the life and
the fusion that takes place within the Sun. So 70% of our programming, 70% of what we are, the very nature of what
we call “purpose,” is rooted directly in this programming of the Sun to its mirror, to its opposition, the Earth.

The Horizontal: The Nodes

Now, intersecting that line of geometry, intersecting that vertical consciousness stream is the horizontal movement,
this horizontal elliptic of the Nodes— the South Node and the North Node. Now, there is something very specific.
First of all, these are real binaries in the sense that they are very different from each other. That is, the Sun and the
Earth are physical objects that are exactly opposite each other. And the South Node and the North Node are non-
physically objects; these are positions that are exactly opposite each other.

The Sun and the Earth move counterclockwise through the wheel. And in moving counterclockwise through the
wheel, they represent the existential imprinting of life moment-by-moment in the now, this imprinting. The Nodes,
as a position opposition, move clockwise in the wheel. It is only the Nodes that are directly connected to the
precession of the equinox and are connected to the larger cycles themselves.

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